My Best Friend and Guardian


Just a few drabbles of Fran Bow Dagenhart spending time with her friend, Itward. Takes place after the game. (AU. Itward/Fran slightly hinted, but strictly platonic. A Fran Bow fanfic.)

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My Dance Partner

A tall, lean figure made his way gracefully along the tiled texture of the floor. A dark red robe encircled his skeletal body. Several opals and lockets were lined along the interior of his suit that complimented his long top hat. He wore customary gentleman’s shoes that were specially fitted for his large feet. A smaller pair of brown boots were currently standing on top of his as he led the smaller figure around the room.

Fran Bow Dagenhart holds onto his skeletal hand firmly. She looks up at the 7" man and watches his yellow eyes and slit pupils. They were locked with hers but he took a moment to close them and hum under his breath. Sharp teeth were lined along the end of his skull but she felt no fear around him. His grip on her was gentle and he had his other hand respectfully on her back. He was the creature of the night. He was her most faithful friend, Itward.

Her black cat is sitting across the room licking his paws. He was her best friend that she was sure to never leave her side. His name was Mr. Midnight. She once went through a long journey to get him back after he was taken from her. All because her parents were murdered by the cruel creature that was the Prince of Darkness. Remor.

Fran’s boot accidentally slips off from Itward’s shoe. She trips him for a moment but he quickly regains his posture. He looks down at his friend and finds she is flustered. She tries to murmur an apology to him but stops when she feels the skeleton clutch at her hand. She looks up and find he is smiling at her with his skull tilted.

“It’s alright,” He assures her. “Soon enough you won’t need to be on my feet anymore, Fran.”

“I’m still sorry!” She spits out. “This is my first time dancing and waltzing....I think I just need more practice.”

Itward chuckles and continues moving with Fran along the room. She asked him once day to teach her how to dance. It was a promise he had given her at the time and he was just now going through with it. They needed a big empty room with plenty of time, which they have now.

He taught himself how to dance. Itward enjoys finding hobbies from merely exploring and experimenting around. He found he likes baking, gardening, and solving puzzles and equations. Dancing came to Itward instantly and he found to enjoy the traditional way with classical music. He was just a gentleman at heart, he supposed.

Itward swoops Fran and spins her around. He takes her back towards him and continues waltzing around the room. She laughs and tries to fix her hair.

“Itward!” She exclaims. “Do that again! That was fun.”

“Oh?” He asks. “You mean this?”

He moves Fran off from his shoes and spins her around with his finger. She laughs again and tries to spin herself. She ends up getting dizzy and has to hold up a hand to stop Itward from going forward. Mr. Midnight walks over to Fran and she picks him up to pet his long, black coat. Itward places his hands behind his back and watches his friend rather patiently.

He asks, “Did you enjoy that, my dear?”

She nods and slowly stops giggling. She sets Mr. Midnight back down and moves her own hands behind her back. Fran leans back and forth on her boots and is giving Itward a curious look. He catches onto this and mimicks her movements to humor her. The two of them share a silent moment of glee. It was such a refreshing part of her her life to be able to do this with someone.

Fran smiles and says, “Itward, you dance really well. Do you ever waltz with the other children?”

“I’m afraid not.” Itward closes his eyes. “Only with you, Fran. I don’t think any of the other kids would dance with me. Some are artistc, yes, but you are the only one that asked me to teach you.”

Mr. Midnight comes over and rubs himself on Fran’s stockings. He nuzzles her side with his head and chuckles. His deep voice sounds rather soothing.

“You dance very well, too, Fran. For your first time and all, you were really in rhythm.”

Fran picks him up again and hugs him to her chest. She exclaims, “Thank you, kitty!”

Itward watches the two hug quietly. He had done so much to reunite Fran with her kitty. His actions went unnoticed in the end, but he wouldn’t forget everything he had done. It was proof to himself of how much he had missed Fran after all these years. The skeleton was a guardian to all of the mentally ill children, her included. It shouldn’t be too odd to find himself wanting to accompany them.

“Now, then.” He clasps his hands together. “Do you want to try the shuffle?”

Fran sets down Mr. Midnight. She asks, “The shuffle? Sounds fun!”

Itward leans down and offers a hand out to her politely. She takes it rather happily and feels him place her back on his shoes. Mr. Midnight hops off from Fran’s shoulder and climbs onto Itward. He takes a seat on the side of his top hat and watches Fran position herself. Itward takes a polite bow and starts leading them around the room.

He spends the rest of their time instructing Fran on new forms of dancing as well as various moves. Fran Bow has a smile plastered on her face the whole time. It was so much fun to see Itward act so properly and to learn how to dance. She should really do this with him more often!

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