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Just a bunch of requested drabbles on what domestic life would be like for Elias Ainsworth and Hatori Chise, but with a little more. (Elias/Chise. The Ancient Magus' Bride/Mahou Tsukai no Yome.)

Romance / Fantasy
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The Domestic OTP AU Prompts were made by ocprompts-andsuch on Tumblr. Keep in mind these are drabbles and are not serious/complete stories. Thank you!

- Person A gets the flu. Person B stays away from work and takes care of them. Person A tells them to not lay next them, they might catch the flu too. Person B does it anyways, giving person A loads of affection.

Sunlight poured from the window above Chise’s bed. The once dark room was now enclosed in beautiful strands of light. Ruth awoke to the sound of the robins outside tweeting as per usual. He opened his snout to let out a rather dragged on yawn. He then nudged his familiar beside him, who sat up straight in her bed and stretched. Chise heard a few popping sounds come from her sore body and she let out a satisfied noise. She turned to the black dog laying on her bed, who was currently eying the birds outside.

“Morning, Ruth.”

“Good morning, Chise.”

The redhead stood from her bed and slipped on her pink, fuzzy slippers. Chise quickly ushered Ruth out of the room to change in her usual attire. The hot summer rid any ideas of her sweater, so Chise quickly slid on a white t-shirt and headed out of the room. Ruth was motioning her to go downstairs so they could fetch breakfast Silky usually made every morning. When the two went into the kitchen and found on trace of the brownie, they knew something was up.

“I wonder where she went?” Chise thought aloud. “It’s not like her to leave the house. And have you seen Elias?”

Ruth shook his head. The teenager took one of the fruits off from the counter and searched the rest of the house. She found no trace of the magus nor Silver. A feeling of worry suddenly came to Chise and she started to panic. She was always afraid that this day would come! How she’d wake up and see that her new family abandoned her, just like her father and her mother did...

“Chise,” Ruth snapped her out of it. “Don’t start thinking about that. We still haven’t checked Ainsworth’s room.”

“Why would he be in there?” Chise asked. “I know he sleeps in sometimes, but he’s always awake before I am.”

“Just check.” Ruth rolled his eyes. “He would have left a note for you otherwise.”

Chise took Ruth’s words into consideration and made her way back upstairs. She found the door to Elias’ room closed, which wasn’t really out of the ordinary. She knocked a couple of times and found no answer. Chise held her breath and slowly opened the door, gazing into the dark room. All that illuminated it was a spot between the blinds. Chise could make out the shape of a horn from the light. She sighed in relief. Thank God he wasn’t gone.

She stepped near the bed and placed a hand forward. Her fingers grazed Elias’ back and Chise felt him tense. When he said nothing, Chise poked his back. She asked, “Elias?”




“Elias? Are you okay?”


She felt his skull rise and Chise immediately withdrew her hand. Ruth went to the other side of the bed and morphed into his human form. He then pulled the blinds up, revealing a pajama-dressed Elias. He was currently looking around the room, as if he were lost. When his eyes traveled onto Chise, Elias relaxed. He realized his situation and sunk back into the pillow. It reminded her of a child wanting to sleep in on a school day.

He said, “I’ll be out there in a minute.”

Chise gave Ruth a shrug and they both left the room. Chise decided to leave his door ajar and made her way downstairs behind Ruth. When they were halfway down, they recognized the smell of bacon. Ruth then hurried his way into the kitchen and found the Silky cooking breakfast. She was currently standing in front of the pan and had ingredients laid out on the counter beside her, almost as if she was never gone. Chise went next to the brownie and bowed politely.

Chise asked, “Where were you this morning, Silky?”

Silky simply pointed over to the counter and said nothing. Chise turned around and found a basket full of herbs. She recognized the sight of fresh ginger root but everything else came to a blank. When the redhead’s eyes wandered over to Elias’ robe in the background, she tensed. He still wasn’t down there with them. It only took him a few minutes to get dressed in the morning. This was really odd.

Chise looked over and saw Ruth hovering next to the Silky. He was currently staring at the bacon below, making sure he wasn’t in the danger zone. The redhead giggled and made her way back upstairs quietly. The door was how she left it and when she peeked in, Chise saw that Elias was still in bed. She opened the door further and quickly went to his side.

“Elias, is something wrong? You’re usually up and ready.”

Elias didn’t move, but his eyes went over to Chise and he stared at her for a few seconds. He cleared his throat and looked back at the headboard in front of him. She couldn’t see anything wrong with him physically. His skull was still intact, his horns were fine, and his eyes didn’t have any emotion. If anything, they just looked drained.

ELias replied, “I’m fine, Chise. I think I just came down with an indisposition, is all. ”

Chise tilted her head and found herself curious. She asked, “Your kind gets sick, Elias?”

Elias suddenly sat up in bed and turned to her. Due to their height difference, he easily towered over her. Even when they were sitting. His pajamas were just an ordinary pair of a shirt and pants that you’d often catch a human wearing. Chise wasn’t used to seeing him with them on. She realized that he was slouching over and his posture wasn’t as formal as it was before. His jaw also moved slowly when he spoke. Maybe he really did have something.

“I have no idea, to be honest.” Elias replied. “The last time I came down with an ailment was...quite awhile ago. It must be a recurring thing, I suppose.”

That’s probably why Silky was gathering herbs, Chise thought to herself. Elias suddenly laid back in bed and rested his skull on the pillow. Despite their physical differences, Chise really wanted to help him. She had no plans for the day and studying without her teacher wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it was before. She really cared about him and, since he’s done everything for her, it’d only be fair if she helped treat him while he was ill.

Chise ran a hand along his horn and started caressing the ends. Elias sat up when she did so and his pupils curved. She knew he enjoyed the occasional touch to his horns. From the years that she’s known Elias, she knew that he really liked to be rubbed. She smiled when she saw him nestle back into the bed and relax. A true sign that he trusted her and cherished her touch.

She said, “I’ll help you in any way I can, Elias. Is there something I can do? Something I can make for you?”

His pupils didn’t change. He replied, “Silky usually goes out and gathers herbs to make her usual remedies. She knows when anyone in the household is feeling ill.”

Chise fell silent as she continued to caress his horn. She moved her hand over to his other one and made her way to the other side of the bed. She crawled over Elias and laid down beside him, continuing to rub him while she did so.

She asked, “Anything else I can do?”

Elias’ eyes locked with hers when she asked that question. Something flickered through his eyes and he suddenly sat up, scooping Chise with him. The redhead blushed at the sudden contact and took a moment to gather herself. He was currently cradling her in his arms and he took the blanket off of them. Chise wasn’t ashamed to admit that they’d been in this position before. He made a blanket fortress around them and told her ghost stories all night once.

Elias nuzzled the top of her head with his skull. He replied, “At times like these, I feel really cold. When I have you in my arms, you help warm me. So this will help, yes?”

“I suppose.” Chise sat up in his lap. Elias wrapped his arms around her and spread his legs so she had enough room. Chise felt a burning feeling come into her chest at the close contact. It was even worse when he leaned down and gave her a “kiss” on the cheek. She buried her head into his chest so she could hide the blush that was coming. Elias stroked her hair while she did so.

“Maybe you could teach me a bit about human illness?” He suggested. “I know plenty about it anatomically, but I don’t know how humans feel when they’re sick.”

He rested his skull on top of her head and added, “If you’re going to be in here with me for awhile, the least we could do is get my lesson done.”

Chise looked up at him and smiled. She had no plans to leave and would stay all day in bed with him if she could. She decided to take advantage of this and suddenly laid back. She immediately felt Elias’ arm wrap around her back and supported her upwards. He didn’t seem like he’d let go of her and Chise didn’t want him to.

She explained, “Well, when humans get sick, we’re cold, too. That’s probably why our common illness is called a ‘cold’. Our temperature rises but our body feels like it’s freezing. Sometimes it’ll feel like we’re overheating.”

“Really?” Elias asked. She nodded.

“Then our nose runs and our throat feels scratchy. We have to blow our nose every 5 minutes, so we constantly need tissues. If it’s really bad, our nose and throat will start to burn. It isn’t very pleasant.”

Elias gripped her small hand and started rubbing her thumb. Chise smiled at the soothing gesture and watched his large hand treat hers with so much care. He asked, “Have you been sick, Chise?”

“I was sick a couple of times growing up.” She placed a finger to her chin at the memory. “But they weren’t bad. I once got the flu and had to stay in bed for a week. Being sick just slows you down and makes you really tired.”

The door suddenly opened and the two’s heads snapped towards it. Silky was standing in the door and was holding a couple of plates with breakfast on them. The redhead was about to get up to retrieve hers until Silky stepped forward. She motioned for Chise to stay and quickly got a tray. She set the plates atop of it and handed it to Chise with a bow. Silky grabbed one of the cups off from the tray and handed it to Elias without a word.

He grabbed it from her and recognized the medicine. He said, “Thank you, Silver.”

Silky gave them both a bow and left the room. Chise didn’t hesitate to dig into the breakfast and Elias watched her wordlessly. He quickly gulped down the medicine and set it back on the tray. While he watched his fiance eat her breakfast in his lap in bed, Elias nuzzled the top of her head.

He said, “I think I’m feeling better already.”

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