Domestic Robinthorn

Spring Cleaning

- It’s raining. Person A and B stay at home to do some spring cleaning. They put on some music and work, soft rain noises still hearable. Every now and then, they stop for a small kiss.

There was a soft, ongoing sound of the rhythm of raindrops. They landed on the windows, the roof...even the sound of them hitting the pavement outside was audible. The house secluded from the busy rush of England nights was completely silent. Inside of it was 18 year old Chise Hatori, who was currently at her desk studying yet another recipe for a potion. She and Elias had just finished their tutoring session only an hour ago.

Chise tapped her pencil against her cheek in thought. She leaned down to scribble the rest of her notes. She glanced through them a final time and smiled. Finally done! The redhead quickly tucked them under the desk, making sure it was out of anyone’s view. If Elias saw that she was taking notes again, he’d burn them and probably limit the books to only their sessions. That was the last thing she needed when studying.

“It’s really gloomy outside.” Ruth suddenly commented. The black dog had been sitting on her bed and staring out of the window thoughtfully. Chise turned around and admired the scene for herself.

“So long as a storm doesn’t kick in, I’m fine.”

She turned around and started collecting her books. She organized them by subject and piled them to the side. She was about to take off her boots until she heard a couple of quiet knocks on the door. If they had been any lower, she probably wouldn’t have heard them. Chise quickly picked up the rest of the papers and concealed them behind her back just in case it was Elias.

“Come in!” She granted.

The Silky peered into the door before she suddenly stepped inside. She was in her usual pink working clothes and had her hat on like always. Chise noticed that in her hands was a broom, a dustpan, and some furniture polish. The brownie took a step forward and suddenly ushered the items into Chise’s arms. The redhead held them in confusion and looked up at her. Silky’s stare was very hard to read.

“Um...” The teen tilted her head. “Do you...need help cleaning, Silky?”

She held up her hand and gave Chise a “sorta-sorta” type of gesture. She gave her a quick bow before she suddenly exited the room and left the redhead there to stand in silence. Chise turned to her familiar on the bed and gave him a hopeful look. The dog jumped off from the pillows and sniffed the cleaning tools thoroughly.

“I didn’t want you to sniff them!” Chise batted his nose away. “I was wondering if you wanted to help me?”

“If Silky wanted to give me a task, she would have done so.” Ruth snorted. “-I think she wants you to help out on the spring cleaning.”

That’s right. It was around spring time and that probably explained why Silky had been busier than ever. Chise felt some guilt come to her stomach so she quickly threw the papers to the side and exited her room. She came downstairs and found Elias doing something in front of the grand clock.

When Chise got a closer look, she noticed that he had something in his gloved hand and was leaning over to see the top of the clock. He was tall enough that he only needed to crane his neck to see it. His hand was in a swaying motion and Chise felt the pieces of the puzzle click together. Was he...dusting? That’d probably explain why he was looking in an area that probably hasn’t seen daylight in months.

“What did Silky give you?” The redhead asked with a knowing look.

Elias looked over at her and noticed that she had an armful worth of cleaning utensils. He leaned down from the clock and showed her his other arm. He was holding quite a few things himself. Chise held a hand in front of her mouth to refrain a giggle. It really was odd that Silky asked Elias to help out as well.

“A duster, some window cleaner, and a sponge.” His white eyes met with hers. “You?”

“She gave me some furniture polish and a broom with a dustpan.” Chise showed him. “I guess she needed our help today, huh?”

“It would appear so.” Elias looked around “...Is Ruth not helping you?”

Chise turned back in the direction of the stairs and glared. “-He’s being a little difficult right now.”

“If you’re interested, the coffee table could use some polishing.”

The redhead looked over at the table and realized he was right. She didn’t hesitate to start getting to work. She gathered a couple of cloths and polished the table as best as she could. Elias wrapped up his job with the grandfather clock until he moved his way to the window in front of the table. Chise watched him reach the tip of the window with ease and clean it exceptionally.

He isn’t the Silky, that’s for sure. But, then again.....she wasn’t, either. Chise noticed the poor job she did on the coffee table and groaned. A sense of perfectionism came to her and she tried again on the job. This time it turned out adequate and that was all she needed. The redhead grabbed the broom to start sweeping until she noticed the sound of the rain was louder than it had been before.

Chise turned to the window and watched the raindrops pour down heavily. She said, “’s raining cats and dogs out there.”

“Ah, yes.” Elias dusted the photos on the walls. “It’s rumored there’s going to be a storm, but as far as I can sense, it’s only some heavy rain. Do not be frightened, Chise.”

“I’m not!” She offended, blushing. “It’s just...really noisy.”

“Then perhaps you’d like some music?”

Without warning, Elias took a step over at the radio that set on the mantle shelf. He turned it on and adjusted it to a station that played some calm music. It wasn’t anything too classical for her taste. Chise even found herself humming along to it while she swept on the hardwood floors. Her hips slowly moved to the tempo and the rest of her body followed suit.

Elias noticed this and was staring at her in the background. He suddenly swooped down and nuzzled the top of her head. He walked over to the fireplace and continued dusting it like nothing happened. Chise rubbed her hair and stood there in shock for a moment or two. Things started registering and a flustered smile came onto her face.

“Ah...” She tried to hide her blush. “Elias, why did you kiss me?”

“When you’re acting as adorable as you are, Chise, I just couldn’t help it.”

She looked bashful. He took this chance to nuzzle her head again and turn back to the fireplace. Even with his back turned was Chise able to recognize the smugness of his posture. She placed her fists on her hips and eyed his back playfully. Did he think he could do something so suave and get away with it? Not if she could help it, that’s for sure.

Chise leaned forward and laid a quick kiss on his lower back. This caught Elias completely off guard. When he turned back, he found Chise across the room sweeping and humming. She glanced up at him and gave Elias a flirtatious wink. This was when the inhuman monster knew that their little, silent war began. A new game of whoever can catch the other one off guard the most.

And he was delighted to play along.

Whenever she’d brush past him, he’d feel either a quick embrace or a kiss placed on his back. If he were the one to pass by Chise, he’d brush his skull against her cheek or give her a quick squeeze on the shoulder. The display of affection, for both of them, resulted in hilarious responses. Chise wasn’t quite used to being kissed by him nor was he used to being kissed by her. Their immediate reactions were to either hide themselves or just stand there.

Eventually, they had to move to the next room. Elias and Chise kept up the charade. In the hallways, in the attic, and even in the library. It was starting to grow hard to catch the other off guard when their eyes were always locked on one another. And the time they’d turn around, it was all too easy to listen for the other’s steps past the music playing on the radio.

The redhead rubbed her chin in thought. She was wiping down the counters in the kitchen when the thought occurred to her. How on Earth could she catch Elias off guard without touching him? He was a type of creature that feared little to nothing. She had been lucky to catch him off guard today as it is. A sudden idea came to her and she smiled.

“I love you, Elias.”

His silence told Chise that she succeeded. At least, that was until he actually replied.

“I love you more, Chise.”

Damn his debonair attitude! She lowered her head when nothing else came to her mind. Elias continued on with what he was doing and the competition was no longer in the air. It seemed that, instead, they came to an understand or just simply tied. Normally she’d be fine with this and would give up by now.

But when she turned around and saw Elias still staring at her...her heart longed. Not for him, she already had him, but for something new. Maybe this was the right time to be playful with him? After all, they were wed. It shouldn’t be out of the ordinary to act coy every once in awhile. He’d done it before, after all. What with the biting her shoulder some nights.

She hummed lightly and asked, “Are you sure you do?”

The monster was a bit lost. “Of course. I don’t ever lie.”

Chise walked across the kitchen and started cleaning next to him. Elias watched her intently and slowly resumed what he was doing before, except now he had his pupils locked on her. The redhead continued humming and simply kept up with the chores. Elias didn’t relax until a few minutes after when she hadn’t tried anything.

Elias leaned down to reach something and Chise quickly went forward. She puckered her lips to lay a kiss to the side of his skull. Instead of coming into contact with it, she felt pure air. Chise opened her eyes and noticed that he immediately stood up straight. He dodged her kiss!

She huffed at her failed attempt but continued cleaning. Elias hesitated before he resumed his and tried to keep a distance between them. The redhead had none of that and was immediately back by his side again. When he looked down at her, he saw that she had her arms extended and was silently asking for a hug. She even had her trademarked puppy eyes on again.

“I know the game you’re playing.”

“Whhaaat?” Chise asked innocently. “No game! I just want a hug from you.”

Elias set aside his sponge and gave her a knowing glance. The redhead blushed and wiggled her fingers around. She leaned on her tiptoes to come to his chest level. He still didn’t budge.

“Lean down so I can kiss you!” She stomped her boot angrily.


“Elias! Please?”

He shook his skull.

“I love you?”

“You’ve tried this one before, Chise.”

She wasn’t pleased on where this was going. She crossed her arms and soon returned back to scrubbing down their stove. Elias watched behind her with amusement. She was so adorable at times like these. He rather liked this sudden playful nature in her. He could have given her the pleasure of a kiss, yes, but now it was his turn to play with her. There should be no harm in it.

Quietly, he crept out of the kitchen and started making his way to the stairs. He waited until he heard Chise’s boots tap on the floor behind him. He continued on his way and only stopped when he heard her voice call for him.

“Elias? Where are you going?”

He turned around and saw a distressed face on Chise. Did she think he was leaving her? He felt a bit guilty but it went as fast as it came.

“To clean the windows in your room. You aren’t occupying it right now, yes?”

“Well, no, but you might see the notes-”


Chise placed her hand over her mouth in shock. Elias took in what she said and quickly made his way up the stairs. The redhead followed him closely and extended an arm out to stop him. He was already up and in her room by the time she came into the hallway. She staggered into her room and found Elias looking around with a finger tapping his jaw.

“Hmm...” He mused. “Where would my apprentice keep her notes?”

He turned back to her and found Chise standing in the doorway with a panicked look. She gave him a sheepish grin and simply waved the thought off.

“D-Don’t be ridiculous, Elias! I was just joking with you...”

He didn’t buy it. The monster opened the drawer to her desk and quickly glanced through what was in it. A bead of sweat came down Chise’s forehead and she watched him nervously. His white pupils locked with her green eyes as she quietly shut it and looked back around. When she was out of his sight, she quickly slipped the notes underneath her mattress. The sound of it plopping down caught Elias’ attention.

He asked, “What did you do?”

She stood up straight. “Nothing!”

Elias walked over to the side she was standing on and Chise immediately sat on the bed. She used her legs to cover the space that the notes were hiding in. Elias was about to motion the mattress upwards until Chise used her weight to hold it down. It was obvious that Elias could easily overpower this and just flip her off from the bed, but he decided not to.

He looked up and noticed that the two of them were only inches apart. He was leaning down so his pupils were able to look straight into Chise’s eyes. She leaned back on the bed and tried her best not to appear nervous. She patted the end of his skull awkwardly and smiled.

“There’s nothing in here, Elias. Let’s go back downstairs and-”

“It’s under here, isn’t it?”

He lifted the end of the mattress up and found a small stack of papers shoved inside. He took them and observed them silently. Chise bit her lip and cringed when she saw him burn them. Elias let go of the mattress and stood up straight to dust his gloves off. Chise crossed her arms stubbornly.

“You know, it’s really hard to study without notes.”

“You should be able to retain the information from the book itself.” Elias leaned down. “If I was able to conjure magic by only the spells I read, then you can, too.”

Chise’s eyes widened. They were close again. This time, his skull was only one inch from her lips. She couldn’t help but to lean forward and lay a soft and gentle kiss on his skull. Elias tilted his skull at first but soon recognized she was actually endearing about this kiss. He went on his knees and rested his skull on her shoulder silently.

He said, “You are my smart robin, Chise. Notes are fine to make temporarily, but long term usage deteriorates the information. Paraphrasing and all.”

She rested her head on top of his skull and muttered, “You do have a point...”

The mood settled in the room suddenly turned serious. For their behavior and little game earlier, Elias decided he wouldn’t have this. He moved his skull upwards from her shoulder and wanted to make a bold yet hesitant move. He used the ends of his teeth to nibble on her ear. Her result was to die for.


He nibbled some more.


Even more. Chise laughed and tried to swat him away but he only leaned in further. He pulled away when he felt a tear come down her eye a few minutes after. He looked at her worriedly but only found that she was smiling and clutching her sides. She wiped the tears off from her eyes and looked at him. She suddenly sat back up and hugged him tightly.

She said, “Thank you, and I’m sorry...”


“Playing with you.” She looked away shyly. “It was out of nowhere to do, and-”

“Don’t apologize!” Elias replied. “I enjoy you being playful. I find it’s....attractive, in a way.”

Chise gave him a surprised look. She asked, “You think so?”

“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have played back.”

His serious tone made the redhead smile dumbly. He acted like such a dog, sometimes. And that was saying a lot as it is. About both Elias and Ruth, she supposed. Chise went forward and was about to give him another kiss until they heard something tap the wall. The two of them turned and found the Silky in the doorway giving them a rather displeased look. Her arms were crossed as well, which was never a good sign.

“I’m sorry, Silky!” Chise went bashful. “ see-”

“The living room, kitchen, and basement are cleaned.” Elias said. “Thank you for your help, Silver.”

She gave them both a nod and dismissed herself down the stairs. Chise turned to him and felt embarrassed for overreacting. Elias only leaned forward and nuzzled the end of his skull on her mouth. He hoisted himself up beside her and sat down on the bed himself. Chise clung onto his arm and rested her cheek on the side of it.

“I think I like spring cleaning.”

Elias placed his hand over hers and chuckled. “That makes two of us.”

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