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- It’s Sunday. Which means relaxing all the day. Person B pulls up some old classical games. They end up doing some UNO and Monopoly. Person B is more competitive than Person A thought and they end up having an intense duel of what was supposed to be a casual game.

For some reason, Sunday was the slowest day of the week for Chise. She had little plans and often found herself having nothing to do. Elias never went to church(he hated the place)and Chise decided there wasn’t much of a point going without him. They had very few prescriptions to hand out on Sundays and it left the redhead with nothing to do. She studied to pass the time but often found herself bored to no end. She wanted to go out into the garden but it had been raining all day.

Chise Hatori sighed as she sat in front of the window. She was watching the water droplets drag across the window. Ruth was laying on her lap and observing the weather for himself. He didn’t like rainy days because he couldn’t chase the birds or the wool insects. Thankfully it wasn’t a storm today, just a long period of rain. Chise would be hiding under her bed right now if she heard any thunder.

Elias walked into the room and found his apprentice sitting in front of the window. He said, “Watching the weather pass by, aren’t we?”

Chise turned at the sound of his voice and watched Elias grab his robe off from the rack. It was usually a sign of him heading out, but instead he kindled a fire. He then went over and sat in his chair. Ruth got up from Chise’s lap and laid right next to the fire, bathing in the warmth. Chise giggled and decided to join him. She sat next to him by the fire and petted his long, furry coat. The Silky came in a few minutes after and gave Chise a cup filled with hot chocolate.

“Thank you, Silky.” Chise took it with a smile and she bowed in return. She left another cup beside Ruth and went back into the kitchen to retrieve Elias’ cup of tea. He gave the brownie a nod before she disappeared upstairs. Chise assumed she was cleaning as per usual. When she looked down in her cup, she saw mini marshmallows placed at the top.

Ruth turned into his human form and didn’t hesitate to drink it. A moment after he let out a pained noise and started fanning down his tongue. Chise laughed.

“It’s called hot chocolate for a reason, Ruth.”

Her familiar gave Chise an annoyed look. He continued sipping the hot chocolate anyway and Chise suddenly got an idea. She set her cup down on the table and ran up the stairs. Elias turned to Ruth and was about to ask where she was going until they heard her come back down. In one of Chise’s hands was a stack of cards and in the other was a rectangular box. The back of the cards read three words: ”UNO“.

She asked, “Elias, have you played any board games before?”

“I have played some that you probably aren’t familiar with.” He replied.

The redhead looked up and noticed that both Ruth and Elias were eying the items in her hands. She smiled and sat down in front of the table. Ruth decided to follow suit and sat next to her. He watched as she placed the cards in her hands and tried to shuffle them. When she found she was being watched, Chise started to fumble with the cards and more than half of them fell to the ground.

Ruth started to guffaw. He held his arms around his stomach and couldn’t contain himself. Chise hid her blush and exclaimed, “S-Stop laughing, Ruth!”

She bent down and started gathering the cards until she found a gloved hand helping her. When she looked up, she saw Elias gathering the rest of them and placed them back on the table. Without a word he took the ones from her hands and separated them, setting the cards in his hands much like she did. He continued to shuffle them both swiftly and professionally until the whole pile was done.

Chise’s eyes widened in surprise. She said, “I didn’t know you knew how to shuffle, Elias.”

“I hadn’t for the longest time.” He sat across from her. “When the church wanted me to partake in a game of theirs, I watched Simon deal cards and I decided to try. Quite impressive if I’d say so myself.”

He slid the now-shuffled pile of cards towards the redhead. Chise noticed that the two of them were giving her a patient look and she suddenly realized that they wanted to play. She gathered the cards and started dealing them, 7 cards each. Once they had their share, Chise began to explain.

“Okay, so, UNO is a pretty easy game once you get the hang of it. There are four different colors: blue, yellow, green, and red. They have numbers on them from 1 to 0. Your goal is to get rid of many cards as possible.”

She picked up a card from the deck, which was a blue 7. She showed it to them and said, “We’re going to start with this card. What you want to play is a card that is either blue or has the number 7. If you don’t have either, you keep drawing cards from the pile until you do. When you only have one card left, you have to say ‘uno’. When you run out of cards, you win.”

Elias held up a draw four card and asked, “What’s this?”

Chise took it from him and said, “These are special cards. If it has a +4 or a +2, the person after you must draw that many cards from the pile. If you play one of these, you get to choose the new color. If you get a card that has a circle with a line going through it, you get to skip the next person’s turn. If you have a reversed arrow, then the order changes. Let’s say we’re going clockwise and you play that card. We now go counterclockwise.”

She looked at the two males at the table. They looked a little lost but she knew that they’d catch on after a round or two. She returned the card back to Elias and set down the blue 7. She said, “Here, I’ll go first.”

She played a blue 3 and motioned for Ruth to play a card. When he set down a red 4, Chise sighed. She knew there would be something like this. She said, “Either a 3 or a blue card, Ruth.”

“How am I supposed to know!?” He took back the card. “I’ve never played this game before. It seems like something children would play.”

“Not necessarily,” Chise replied and watched him place down a blue 0. Elias suddenly lifted the cloth over his skull and browsed through his cards. Chise was about to ask him why he did that until he suddenly played a blue skip card. She was a bit surprised at his sudden understanding but said nothing. Ruth stared at Chise until he realized it was his turn. He looked completely lost.

“What? How does that work?”

“He skipped my turn,” She explained. “Now it’s yours. Either play a blue card or lay down another skip one.”

Ruth, feeling a bit protective over Chise, played a blue reverse card so she’d have her turn. She browsed through hers and set down another blue card. Elias played a Draw 4 card and said, “Red.”

“Draw 4 cards, Ruth.” Chise instructed. Ruth scowled but took 4 cards from the pile and played a red card. They spent the next few rounds with Chise tutoring Ruth on the game and Elias playing silently but impressively. He seemed to have all the special cards on him and made Ruth draw around 12 cards. Safe to say, the familiar wasn’t the biggest fan on the game now and he had only Elias to thank for that.


Chise looked up and found Elias holding a single card in his gloved hand. She blinked a few moments to take the sight in and leaned forward. She was so busy instructing Ruth that she hadn’t noticed his cards were diminishing. She was really impressed.

She looked up at him and asked, “How do you play so well, Elias? I thought you didn’t know how to play.”

“I didn’t until you told me how.” He lifted his skull. “I’m only as good as my teacher, I suppose.”

Chise blushed and took a look at the cards in her hand. She looked up at Elias and tried to see through his cloth. His eyes were completely concealed so she couldn’t see if he was nervous or not. Or did he have a poker face underneath? She hesitated before changing the color to yellow. Almost immediately after she did was when Elias put down his last card and sat back up. It was a yellow 0.

Ruth’s jaw dropped open and he looked down at his own hand in frustration. He had about 30 cards. He threw them down on the table and stubbornly crossed his arms. He refused to look at the magus and instead had his focus on the cup of hot chocolate. Chise leaned to him and patted his back in consolation.

She said, “It’s okay, Ruth. I lost, too.”

“So I suppose that means I won?” Elias lifted his cloth. He gathered the cards that were on the table and started to neatly stack them again. He even went through the trouble of shuffling them again and Chise watched him with wide eyes. He did everything so professionally. She began to wonder if he did these kinds of things before. Did he bet on games? Play blackjack? Gamble? Strip poker?

Chise felt herself blush at the last thought and hid her face. She heard Elias ask her, “Do you want to play again, Chise?”

“Y-Yeah.” She rubbed her cheek. “I’ll play another game. How about you, Ruth?”

“I’d rather not.” He replied, walking around Elias and giving him a dirty look. The magus didn’t seem to notice as he split the pile and dealt the cards between him and Chise. Again, he placed the cloth over his face and Chise decided to ask. She set down her cards for a moment and leaned forward.

She asked, “Why don’t you show your face, Elias?”

He looked up at her and simply shrugged. He said, “When I used to play cards, I noticed that the people around me were uneasy and often made poor choices. I guess the lack of seeing me gave them a sense to play their cards without second thoughts. That’s how I won plenty of times.”

“Oh.” Chise picked her cards back up. That was actually real smart. It was probably his form of a poker face...Even though he only had one expression. Chise started the game and felt Ruth nuzzle her back. She heard him say, I can peek at his cards if you’d like.

The redhead turned to him and immediately shook her head. Ruth shrugged in response and laid down behind her. Chise wanted to beat Elias fair and square. If she had her focus on her cards and watched what he was doing carefully, she’d be able to have the upper hand. There was no way he could beat her at a human game.

Yet....she felt uneasy. She gave a glance back to Ruth and he got the message. Quietly, he crept up to Elias’ side and tried to take a peek at his cards. What he got instead was a flash of fire and he stepped back in surprise. Elias had burned the card that was within his sight. It still worried him that the man was able to summon fire in an instant.

“My mistake.” Elias remarked, giving Ruth a glance. The dog backed off and returned to Chise’s side, bowing his head as an apology. Chise simply blinked in surprise and steadied herself for the very short game ahead.


Elias, once again, had one card in his hand. Chise looked down at hers and saw that she only had three. She had no special cards but only one that applied to the last one that was drawn. She sighed and played it and watched as he finished his hand within the blink of an eye. She gathered the rest of the cards and did a fairly poor job on shuffling them. Compared to Elias, that is.

Chise sighed. “I still don’t get how you understood the game so easily. And you beat me twice.”

“It wasn’t a very hard concept,” Elias replied. “You lay down the cards according to colors and numbers. You change the colors to your common one, make your opponents draw when they are low, and reverse the order only when you notice the person after has less cards. I just skipped you for the fun of it, Chise.”

Chise stared at him. How was he able to throw together a strategy just like that? Granted, she was a little upset he skipped her turn just to play with her, but it was all endearing. He truly was incredible when it came to many things. She just had to add cards to the list was all. She stacked the cards together once more and stood.

She was about to head into her room until she felt Elias grab her hand. When she turned around, she noticed that in his other hand was the board game she brought.

He asked, “Can we play this one, too? I promise I won’t try very hard.”

The redhead smiled and placed the cards back down on the table. When she took the box from Elias, she noticed the bold words on the front. It read: ”MONOPOLY“. She bit her lip and felt a bit queazy. She hoped their soon-to-be marriage wouldn’t be affected by this...

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