Domestic Robinthorn

Grocery Shopping

- Person A making a grocery list for person B. Person A writes a small note of how much they love person B each time. It never fails to make B smile.

“Chise, come on. We’re heading to the marketplace today.”

Chise Hatori looked up from her desk and found her teacher standing in the doorway. He was in his human facade and wore a neutral expression. It had been awhile since she’s seen him in this form. He had a long nose, blue eyes, and had stiff but styled blonde hair. His clothes were still the same, minus his robe and his old necklace. Chise looked down at all the papers and utensils on her desk and looked back up at him. The expression on her face said it all.

Elias dismissed it with a wave. He said, “You can leave it for now. Besides, you aren’t supposed to be using notes.”

Without another word her teacher disappeared into the hallway. Chise felt quite a bit of pressure and started fumbling with her papers. She messily piled them up and did her best to organize her pencils before following him. Elias was currently at the front door and was bidding Silky goodbye. She didn’t understand why he was in such a hurry. Maybe he was avoiding Simon? He hadn’t given him his prescription for the day.

Ruth, whom had been following her from behind, easily slipped into her shadow. The redhead sighed in relief of her familiar’s company and caught up with Elias. Silky held the door open for her and bid the two goodbye. The last thing Chise heard was the sound of the door shutting before she joined Elias on the trail into town. His pace slowed down for her and Chise gave him a grateful look. She took a moment to catch her breath.

“Is there something important, Elias?” Chise asked. “You left the house in a hurry.”

Elias looked at her and shook his head. He said, “I just needed to gather some things for our lesson today. You have the list, right?”

“You mean the one you asked me to make a week ago?” She teased. “Yeah, right here.”

She took the slip of paper out from her pocket and handed it to him. Chise had been keeping it in there for awhile now because she never knew when they were going to go shopping again. Elias was pretty unpredictable and she was thankful she saved it. He took the slip from her and slid it into his own pocket.

At the time, Elias told her to write some things down that she wanted from the market or needed. She wrote down some herbs and supplies for her elixirs. The day they met, Elias bought Chise from the auction house for 500 million pounds($658 million). There was no denying that he was wealthy and could purchase practically anything. Yet, when given the opportunity to get what she wanted, Chise couldn’t come up with anything. She had everything she could possibly have needed. A family, friends, a hu-


She looked up and noticed that Elias was giving her a look. She hadn’t been paying attention. She tried to hide her embarrassment by brushing her hair back.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. What did you need, Elias?” She asked.

“I was wondering if you wanted to make any stops besides the market,” He repeated. “Maybe some lunch? Whatever you’d prefer.”

“O-Oh.” Chise thought about it for a moment. “Yeah, I’d like that. Do you know anyplace good?”

She dined at a restaurant before with Alice, but that wasn’t in the best area of town. It’d be interesting to stop at someplace else and finally witness Elias eating in his human glamour. She knew Ruth would pig out at the chance of food. Chise was just more curious on seeing how he reacted to some things as a partial human. Could he feel the same things she did?

“We’ll see.” Was all he said.

When the two arrived in the marketplace, they were immediately overwhelmed by the crowds. They happened to stop by at rush hour, which wasn’t really good for anyone. Elias held onto Chise’s hand the whole way and led her through the people with ease. Ruth got out of her shadow and used his human form to make sure she didn’t fall behind. Inside the market, it was much more calmer and had less people. Chise sighed in relief and felt a bit cold when Elias let go of her hand.

“Alright,” He grabbed the paper out from his pocket and unfolded it. “First, we need-”

He suddenly stopped. He was staring at the paper with a bit of a surprised expression and Chise eyed Elias with worry. Did she write something she wasn’t supposed to? All that was listed was food and such. As far as she knew, anyway.

Chise started, “Eli-”

“I’m fine.” He quickly shook his head. “Sorry about that, Chise. Could you fetch the milk and fruit for me? I’ll take care of the supplies in the meantime. Meet me back here when you’re done.”

He turned on his heel and disappeared from their sight rather quickly. Chise blinked in confusion and looked over to Ruth, who was sharing the same look as her. The two of them soon shrugged it off and made their way to the back of the store. They had no idea what got Elias worked up but it wasn’t anything too serious. He was just like that sometimes.

“I hope I didn’t upset him.” Chise commented. Her and Ruth had been picking out apples and oranges when she suddenly said it. Ruth knew it had been on her mind since her and Elias departed. He threw together a couple of avocados in a bag and leaned over the cart to face her.

He said, “I’m sure you didn’t, Chise. Maybe he just forgot something.”

Chise thought about it and nodded without saying anything. It was possible that he just realized something about the list. It wasn’t like him to suddenly rush out of her sight without addressing her about what the problem was. She hoped he would feel better when they saw each other again.

She and Ruth were almost done gathering the food on their list. All they needed to do was weigh their bags and meet up with Elias. They’d do grocery trips once a week and gather food for Silky to prepare. This was also the time that Chise would get anything else that she needed and the occasional candy or two. Elias usually didn’t come with her and Ruth. He’d often give them the money to buy everything and would go off doing other things. So Chise wasn’t ashamed to admit that she was happy he came.

While Ruth was measuring the weight of the apples, he turned to Chise and asked, “What did you write on that list, anyway? It’s got to be something else besides necessities.”

“I didn’t write anything else!” Chise defended. “And even if I did want something, I’d just sneak it in like usual.”

Ruth eyed her for a moment or two. He dropped the bag of apples into their cart without a word and motioned for her to go down the aisle. The redhead was confused at his sudden silence but shrugged it off afterwards. She made her way back to the front of the store and to the spot where Elias said he’d meet her. She spotted him rather quickly. He had his own basket in his hand and was looking at the list wearily. Chise felt her pace quicken and she got Elias’ attention.

“Chise.” Elias walked over to her, not even glancing at the basket. “Did you get everything?”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “Did you?”

“Yes...” He took a glance at the supplies. He then pressed a hand on her back and started leading her over to the registers. He said, “Come on, let’s get going.”

Despite the casual tone of his voice, Chise could tell something was wrong. She couldn’t bring herself to ask about it so she just stood in line with him in silence. Ruth gave the two of them a concerned look and seemed a bit worried that they were holding back from each other again. Sometimes he just wished the two would be a bit more honest with themselves and each other.

“So where are we eating, Elias?”

“I was planning on grabbing something from a deli and eating outside. What did you think?”

“Sure.” Chise smiled. “With these groceries, I wouldn’t want anything too big. I’m sure Silky will make a big dinner, anyways.”

Elias gave her a nod and led them through the Leadenhall Market. The three of them stopped at a nearby deli, grabbed some food, and had Ruth snag them a table outside. Chise sat across from Elias and Ruth took the chair next to her. He made no hesitation to shove half of the sandwich in his mouth, earning an eye roll from Chise and nothing from Elias.

Elias, in the midst of eating his food, suddenly sat back in the chair and took a look around. He watched the people walking around before turning back to the two in front of him. Ruth had finished his food and was currently sneaking some off from Chise’s plate. She swatted him with her fork and defended her food. The whole sight was something Elias hadn’t seen before.

He asked, “Chise?”

“Yes, Elias?” She asked. He pulled the piece of paper out from his pocket again and unfolded it. Chise felt nervous when he suddenly handed the list over to her. She took it and gave him a confused look.

Elias motioned to the paper. He asked, “Did you mean to write this?”

When Ruth peered over her shoulder to look, he let out a surprised noise. He quickly turned away from her and started wiping his mouth with a napkin. Chise looked for herself and found scribbles at the bottom of the list. Half of the words were crossed out and they were spread unevenly on the page. Her green eyes widened while she read through the doodles.

He’s really nice to me
I feel he’s the only one that wants me
I need to tell him soon
That I love him

Chise felt her heartbeat suddenly stop. She must have wrote that late at night when she was thinking about him. A bead of sweat came down her forehead and she looked back at Elias. He was giving her a patient look and she felt a warm feeling grow in her stomach. Her fingers grew numb and it felt like her arms gave out.

She said, “I...”

Ruth nudged her. Chise put the list down on the table and tried to think of a way to get out of the situation.

“-It was about someone else.”

Elias’ eyes widened and Ruth gave Chise a look that could kill. The redhead started to fumble with her words and she didn’t notice the emotionless expression on Elias’ face. When Ruth looked over, he recognized the expression all too well. It was a face you made when you were hurt or betrayed, but decided to keep it from showing.

Elias asked, “There’s someone else?”

“N-NO!” Chise waved her hands in front of her. “Not like that, Elias! I just...”

She looked up at him and swallowed hard. His blue eyes were locked with her green ones and she could sense a bit of despair in his look. She sighed and covered her face so she wouldn’t have to look at him. This was embarrassing.

She said, “I-It was about you. I was lying. I’m sorry...”

Elias said nothing as he stared at her. She rested her head on the table and Ruth patted her back reassuringly. He looked back at the magus and motioned for him to get Chise’s attention. Elias hesitated a bit before leaning over to the table to remove her hands from her eyes. His thumb went over her wrist ever-so-lightly and he could see the faint tears starting to form in Chise’s eyes.

He was breathless. He took Chise’s hands into his own and observed them. Ruth watched the two in silence and felt the tension gather. After a few minutes of Elias giving Chise a soothing rub, he finally spoke.

He said, “I love you, too.”

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