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Ice Cream

- A hot summer day. What does that mean? Ice cream time! Person B makes some home-made ice creams™. Person A and B enjoy the ice cream while relaxing outside.

It was the hottest part of the year in London. As soon as July began, a massive heat wave struck summer. Both fae and human were overwhelmed by the dramatic climb in temperature. The traffic came to no end and the beaches were filled with families. There were no clouds in the sky and it was left a beautiful endless shade of blue. The heat kept many visitors away so it was a rather quiet day.

Chise Hatori was currently tending to the gardens to make sure none of the plants were dry. After finding them to her satisfaction, Chise discarded her apron and sat down in the grass. Part of her wished to visit the beach but the other part of her just wanted to stay home and relax. She bought a swim suit long ago but Chise just didn’t feel like going out. It was probably going to be crowded, anyway.

She heard someone plop down beside her and Chise turned to see who it was. Ruth was laying beside her in his usual dog form and was panting. She observed his long, black coat and gave her familiar a look.

She asked, “Isn’t being a dog hotter?”

“Not really.” He replied. “I find panting cools me down more. Are you doing okay, Chise?”

She wiped the sweat off of her forehead and tugged at the collar of her shirt. She wasn’t used to this heat but she had no choice. Chise was trying to endure it the best she could. Even though the summer was beautiful, it got too hot sometimes. She’d take the opportunity to leave the house whenever it was the right temperature. Today was different with this heatwave.

She said, “Yeah. I just need something to cool off.”

Ruth’s response was to sink into her shadow and let out a relived noise at the cool feeling. Chise rolled her eyes at his lack of help and laid back in the grass. She had no idea how Elias was managing wherever he was. He’d been gone all morning to attend something important and left Chise a note on the fridge. She was worried that he was going to overheat in that robe of his in this type of weather.

All you do is think about him while he’s gone, you know.

Chise decided to ignore Ruth’s voice in the back of her head. All she wished was for a cloud in the sky, a cup of fresh lemonade, or a bowl of ice cream. Either of them would cool her down right now. If she overheated, everyone in the house would be worried to bits. She had to do something to cool off or Elias would be signing her deathbed.

She suddenly got up and went inside the house using the backdoor. Ruth slipped out of her shadow and followed her in. They found the Silky pouring some lemonade out of a pitcher into two glass cups. When she saw the two heading in, she quickly stuck it back in the fridge and handed Ruth and Chise their cups. The teenager gave Silky a smile as she took a swig of her glass. Ruth gulped it all down in one go.

Once finished, Chise gave hers back to Silky and bowed. It was soon returned after Silver took Ruth’s cup and placed them in the sink. She was about to wash them until Chise poked her shoulder and she turned around. Her eyes and posture were attentive as always. Apparently, she was just as hot as them and didn’t have her usual hat on. The last time Ruth saw her like that was when she gave him a bath as a dog.

Chise asked, “Silky? Would you mind if we borrowed the kitchen for a bit? I want to make something.”

Her blue eyes wandered over the two for a few seconds before she bowed again. She dismissed herself through the door and grabbed a broom on her way out. Ruth watched as Chise suddenly went through the cupboard and started grabbing ingredients. He didn’t recognize what they were for and he watched his familiar with a confused expression.

He asked, “Chise? What are you making?”

“Ice cream!” She exclaimed. She had everything laid out on the counter and was currently searching for a bowl. Ruth eyed the bottles with interest and watched as Chise set a medium-sized bowl down with four eggs. She double-checked she had all of the ingredients before starting to prepare a batch. She hesitated when she turned to the bowl and reluctantly used some of the magic and froze it. Ruth was watching her cautiously.

He said, “I didn’t know you can make ice cream. Be careful with the magic, too, Chise.”

“I know, I know.” She waved her hand.

Ruth happened to notice she had some cocoa powder to the side and felt himself getting excited. She knew that his favorite flavor was chocolate, despite being part dog and all. It didn’t affect him so long as he was a human when consuming it. While Chise went through the process of tempering and warming milk, she looked up to the ceiling in thought.

“I wonder what flavor Elias likes?” She wondered. Ruth shrugged.

“I’m not sure. Ainsworth seems like a strawberry type of person, though.”

Chise shrugged it off and continued to cook the ice cream base. It was a shame that he wasn’t home. She could’ve asked him what he liked and would’ve made a batch special for him. Chise decided to play it safe and just make some extra vanilla. Just in case Silky wanted some, too. She knew they had some chocolate and strawberry syrup somewhere...

As soon as Chise was using magic for the final step, they heard the front door open. The redhead turned around at the sudden noise and ended up freezing the cocoa powder instead of the ice cream. Ruth panicked and nudged her arm down before she froze anything else. Her green eyes were eying the now-frozen cocoa powder in surprise. Had she...really done that?

Elias soon walked in after and noticed Silky wasn’t in the kitchen. He seemed to have removed his robe when he first walked on and was wearing only his black vest. He turned around and noticed all of the ingredients and bowls on the counter. His eyes then rested onto Chise, Ruth, and then to what they were currently looking at. A frozen bottle of cocoa powder was stuck to the counter. He stepped forward and observed it without a word.

“Chise did it,” Ruth stated bluntly. The redhead nudged his side rather angrily. She turned back to her teacher and gulped at the thought of him scolding her. She rubbed the back of her head nervously.

“I’m sorry, Elias. It was an accident!”

His eyes looked up at her and she could tell he wasn’t mad. He replied, “I’m sure it was.”

He then summoned a bit of fire to melt the bottle and grabbed it off from the counter. He returned it back into the cabinet and turned back to Chise. Ruth looked disappointed that he took the powder away but Chise was sweating. She couldn’t tell if it was because she was scared or just hot.

Elias said, “You really need to be careful, Chise. You could’ve frozen apart of yourself if you’d have aimed closer.”

Ruth’s eyes widened when he realized that the magus was right. The cocoa powder had been right in front of Chise when she froze it. If she had aimed a little downwards, her hand could have been frozen. Ruth silently scolded himself for not preventing it sooner. Chise gave him a pat on the shoulder before quickly freezing the ice cream. Once satisfied with how it turned out, she turned back to Elias.

“Do you like ice cream, Elias?”

“I haven’t tried it.” He said. “I hear about it a lot at the marketplace. Is it any good?”

“Depends on what you like.” Chise replied. “There’s all sorts of different flavors you can try. I only have chocolate and vanilla right now, but you can always add syrup if you want strawberry.”

She scooped some chocolate ice cream out from the second bowl and placed it in a smaller one. She handed it to Ruth, who grabbed it out of her hands and started eating it right away. He made a satisfied noise and gave Chise a thumbs up. She returned it and scooped some vanilla into another one. She then offered it to Elias, who hesitated before taking it.

“Ah,” His pupils curved. “It’s cold. How refreshing.”

“Just wait until you eat it!” Chise grinned. She leaned over and added some strawberry syrup to his. Afterwards she made her own bowl and stuck to plain vanilla. Chise led the two outside with her so they could sit in the grass and enjoy it outside. Elias sat next to her while Ruth was on her other side.

When Elias took a bite, he shut his mouth and observed the bowl. Chise gave him a worried look when it occurred to her that he may not like it. Perhaps it was the syrup?

She asked, “Is it okay?”

“Oh, yes.” Elias nodded. “It tastes good. I’m just wondering why I hadn’t tried this earlier.”

Chise gave him a smile as she started to laugh. Elias let out an amused sound before he dug back into the ice cream and took a couple more bites. They heard something thump down beside them and Chise turned around. She saw Ruth laying in the grass and was currently slamming his fist down on the ground repeatedly.

“Brain freeze?” Chise asked amusingly. Ruth didn’t look up to acknowledge her as he continued to grip the grass in his palm. Elias was eying him curiously until he felt something come into his hand. When he looked down, he saw that Chise was entwining their fingers together. She quickly looked away from him and blushed.

She was about to remove her hand until Elias stopped her. He held hers firmly and gave her a squeeze. The redhead looked surprised but smiled afterwards and squeezed back. It felt nice to have a cold touch once in awhile.

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