Domestic Robinthorn

Eating Out

- It’s the third day in a row that they’re eating frozen pizza. Person A complains to person B. Person B gets pissed and tells person A to cook themselves if “They’re so done with seeing pizza on their plate,”. Person A takes up the offer and cooks themselves. They end up with burned food created by chef person A. Person A apologizes and takes out person B for a dinner date as an apology.

Confident green eyes met with red ones in a mirror set atop a desk. Their gaze was broken when the redhead turned back to her figure. She gave an expressive but brief twirl and stopped. Her eyes traveled the ends of her dress before she turned on her heel and looked to the dog laying on her bed. Chise gave him a nervous smile and an awkward curtsy.

“What do you think...?”

The dog eyed her from her red hair down to the sneakers she wore. Chise was wearing a casual blue dress with a sewn flower pattern at the ends. She had a blue headband to correspond the dress. She wore her necklace and ring as per usual. Her sneakers were her usual white ones and Ruth pondered on why she hadn’t chose to wear her black boots instead. He dismissed it almost immediately when he saw Chise give him a smile.

He said, “You look wonderful. I’m sure he will think so, too.”

The blush she wore at his statement confirmed Ruth’s suspicions. For some weird reason, Elias offered Chise a night out to a restaurant. His invitation was out of the blue and, if Ruth remembered correctly, threw his familiar off guard. She accepted only naturally and the first thing she decided to do was find the right outfit to wear. Why Chise would spend 15 minutes observing herself in front of the mirror left Ruth clueless. Isabel never did such a thing.

“May I ask why you’re dolled up, by the way?” Ruth tilted his head. “It’s just dinner. I’m sure he would have told you if it was a special occasion.”

Chise didn’t give him an immediate response. She took her time fixing up her hair in the mirror before she addressed his question. She sounded quite defensive which was the final confirmation for Ruth’s thoughts.

She said, “Alice bought me this dress when we went shopping awhile ago. I’ve just found something to wear it for.”

If he were in his human form, Ruth would be wearing a smug smile. He hopped off of the bed and circled around Chise like a big brother would. He ended his spectating and sat down on the floor. He looked rather satisfied but his next tone was troubled. He bowed his head so he wouldn’t have to make eye contact.

He said, “Just make sure you’re careful, Chise. The last time I didn’t come with you somewhere, you nearly died. I don’t want that happening again.”

Chise bent down to ruffle his hair. A giggle escaped her throat and Ruth turned back to her. His scowl only made the redhead laugh more. He opened his mouth to defend himself until Chise held up a hand to stop him.

“You have nothing to worry about, Ruth. Before you came along, Elias was the one protecting me. If he didn’t do a good job, I wouldn’t be standing here right now.”

Ruth took her words into consideration and sighed. She had a point. When he and Chise became familiars, he received her memories and watched ones with her and Elias. Within two days of meeting the magus was she manipulated by other creatures and had a knife held to her throat. Ruth was thankful Elias saved her then, but he was sure that Chise needing a familiar was rather necessary. She’d be in more trouble otherwise.

The two were interrupted by the Silky suddenly coming into the room. She gave Ruth an acknowledging nod before turning to Chise and looking her up-and-down. The redhead got a bit flustered and hid her hands behind her back shyly. Silky paid no mind to it as she adjusted Chise’s headband and slipped a note into her hand.

Chise was about to open it until Silky suddenly swatted her hand away. She looked up and found the brownie shaking her head. The redhead was a little bit lost.


“I think she wants you to open it after dinner.” Ruth stated.

Silky turned over to him and gave him a thankful look. Chise let out an ‘oh’ and quickly tucked the note out of sight. She had no idea what might be on it. Silky ever so rarely left her any notes. The last time she did, she kicked Chise out of the house to go shopping with some money. Not that she wasn’t thankful, but Silky was hard to read sometimes.

The brownie dismissed herself from the room and nearly bumped into Elias coming in. The magus excused himself from her and squeezed into the room. He was in his human facade but had not made any differences to his appearance like Chise did. Elias stood in the doorway for a moment and eyed Chise. The redhead tried to hide her blush as she took a step back nervously.

“Beautiful as always, Chise.”

The sudden compliment took her back. He hadn’t called her that before. And ‘always’!? Did that mean he thought she was beautiful all the time? Chise steadied her breath and tried to stop from reddening further. Maybe she was just overthinking it and he was just being polite. Yes, that must be it.

“Are you ready?” Elias asked. Chise looked up at him and gave him a nod. She wasn’t quite ready mentally but there was no point on keeping him waiting. Elias gave her a smile.

“Good. I’ll be waiting for you at the door. And Ruth, make sure the Silky has company. I think she missed us the last time we were gone.”

The magus took a hold of her hand and led Chise out of the door and down the stairs. Ruth followed closely behind them and felt a bit of guilt in his stomach. It worsened when he watched his familiar walk out of the door with Elias’ hand on her back. Ruth sat down a foot away from the door and watched it in silence. He didn’t move.

It was a rather selfish feeling, but his canine instincts gave him a sense of dread at the lack of her company. She was in good hands around Elias but Ruth was like her brother. It was his only sense of human emotion for him to be protective of Chise. He and Elias had a few things in common. They both cared for Chise and were well aware of her reckless decisions sometimes. But they loved her anyway.

Silky suddenly came to Ruth’s side and gave him a scratch on the head. Ruth’s tail naturally wagged at the contact and he let out a satisfied noise. He had to remind himself he wasn’t alone.

Elias and Chise were walking in the direction of the woods. They’d been holding hands ever since they stepped foot out of the house. It was normal for them to do so and didn’t have much meaning to anyone around them. For Chise, it just reminded her of the new life she was living and that she now had someone to cling onto. She assumed it meant nothing more for Elias. For some reason, her heart sunk.

“I forgot to ask. Where are we going to eat, Elias?”

“The Rules restaurant.” He casually replied. Chise scrunched up her nose at the reply. She hadn’t heard of THAT place before.


“You’ll see.” Elias happily mused, grabbing Chise by the waist and tucking her next to him. Chise was at a loss for words until she saw him summon his cane and start chanting his usual spell for teleportation. Again, the redhead scolded herself for thinking it was more than he meant it to be. Thorns encircled the two of them as well as a blue aura. Darkness then came.

Within a second later of teleporting did Chise open her eyes and saw that they were in a different location. Chise looked around and marveled at all of the shops and tables around them. It looked like a gigantic mall or a shopping outlet. Lights decorated the interior and made it even more beautiful than she presumed. A man bumped into Chise’s side and that’s when she felt Elias usher her to the side of the sidewalk.

Still marveling at all the people around them, she turned to her fiance. Elias looked calm but she could tell that he was a bit overwhelmed by the crowds. Her grip on him tightened when she felt another person brush past her. This must be a busy part of London.

She asked, “Where are we, Elias?”

“Covent garden.” He replied. “It has all sorts of shops, museums, and local theatres. I’m surprised you haven’t been here before.”

Me too, She thought. The two continued on without a word until they reached one of the restaurants. To Chise, it seemed like it was placed to the side. Elias greeted the doorman and the man stepped to the side and tipped his hat to the couple. The redhead was completely speechless as she gave him a polite wave. She was a bit unsure how to greet people here. When she turned around and saw the interior, she was at a loss for words.

The walls were lined with nothing but framed artwork and several tables in front of them were filled with adults. They were all sipping through wine glasses and Chise watched as waiters rushed around in formal attire. Chise made out a couple of small statues and busts that sat on mantles separating parts of the restaurant. She realized how thankful she was to herself for dressing up for this.

Elias fetched their table while Chise looked around in awe. Apparently he had booked a table for them a week in advance. The waiter led the two to their table, which happened to be in a corner and away from the other diners. Chise sighed in relief as she took a seat and nervously placed a napkin in her lap. Elias looked like he was stifling a laugh.

“Any beverages?” The waiter politely asked. He had a notepad held in his hand and was looking at the two rather patiently.

“I’ll have a glass of black velvet and my girl here will have some fresh mint tea.” Elias stated rather calmly.

Chise felt her heart skip a beat. His speech was so smooth and...HIS girl? Had he referenced to her like that before? She knew Elias’ knowledge on her favor of tea but it still surprised her to hear him order for her. She felt a bit embarrassed, actually.

When the waiter excused himself and said he’d be back, Elias picked up the menu and was browsing through it. He felt Chise’s green eyes on him and he looked up to find the redhead staring at him. Chise seemed to have caught herself and quickly looked away. They were sitting next to some rather...peculiar art. She never really understood artistic expression.

“I’m guessing you have some questions, Chise?”

She looked over and found Elias with his menu down. His blue eyes looked at her intently and Chise felt herself blush. Was it that obvious...?

“Yeah...” She looked around. “What is this place? A 5 star restaurant?”

“Not exactly,” Elias replied. “The Rules is London’s oldest restaurant. It was established in 1798.”

“Is it older than you?” Chise blurted out. She caught her question and slapped a hand over her mouth in embarrassment. She was about to apologize until she heard Elias chuckle.

“No, actually. It isn’t. But it is known for having several famous figures here. Charles Dickens, H.G. Wells, and John Galsworthy to name a few. The art around us is said to be a historical depiction of England. They serve traditional London food here. It isn’t the most famous restaurant in the country. This place does have generous reviews, though.”

Chise took in his words as she looked around once more. She admired the detail in the interior decorating and didn’t mind that it was one of the more classy restaurants. She picked up her menu and browsed through the selections. She coughed in surprise.

"Elias! The courses here are over €20 each and the starters are €12!”

“Ah,” The magus commented in realization. “I forgot to say. You can order whatever you’d like, Chise.”

That didn’t exactly answer my question... Chise sighed. The wine Elias ordered was a whopping €16.95. She can’t say she was surprised, though. He was surprisingly wealthy. Buying her from the auction house costed far more than everything on this menu combined. Chise decided to actually browse the menu and ignore the prices.

In the midst of deciding on what she wanted, the waiter came back and gave them their drinks. Chise looked at her tea in surprise. It looked almost too beautiful to drink. Elias didn’t hesitate on sipping from his poured wine glass and wiped his mouth. The waiter grabbed his notepad once more and looked at the two eagerly.

“Have you two decided on your courses?”

Elias looked over to Chise but she was too busy looking through the menu. The magus shrugged and looked to the water. He said, “We’ll both take a Dorset Crab Salad to start and I’ll have the Saddle of Rabbit.”

The waiter wrote that all down before turning to Chise. The teenager noticed he was looking at her and she quickly corrected her posture. She said, “I’ll take t-the Stuffed Breast of English Rose Veal...”

He wrote down her order swiftly before dismissing himself from the two and walking away. Chise watched Elias take a swig of the black velvet. She never saw him as the drinking type of person. Then again, he said he’d only have one glass. He probably wasn’t a big drinker. Chise couldn’t quite imagine a drunk Elias, either.

“Is there an occasion?” She suddenly asked. Elias looked up at her and gave a warm smile. She couldn’t help but return it.

“No, but I thought it was a good apology for what I’ve done. I did things out of impulse when I shouldn’t have. I hope this makes up for it?”

Chise took a sip of her mint tea and tried to recall any things he’d done recently. Elias must be referring to awhile back. She should be the one buying him dinner as an apology for everything she’s done. Elias usually acted after thinking and was careful about his choices. He’d only left her only once to who-knows-where while she’s left him plenty of times out of nothing but recklessness.

The redhead closed her eyes and savored the taste of the tea. Its quality was nothing she experienced before. She set down the cup and gave Elias a smile.

She said, “You have nothing to apologize for, Elias. I’m sure this dinner will be nice. I’ve never been to place like this before.”

Elias took another swig of wine. He replied, “I have. I visited The Ledbury on an account of business before. While I don’t favor the place, the food is rather high quality. I haven’t dined anywhere else besides these types. You should take me sometime.”

Chise blushed at the suggestion. Picturing him in a low-class restaurant just didn’t seem natural. But judging by his feelings here...he probably would enjoy it better. The redhead looked up at him and gave him a nod. A blush was spread on her cheeks but she actually didn’t mind it. Elias gave his fiance a smile and he set his glass back down on the table.

“You know, it’s funny. People would consider something like this a date.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

“Like....a romantic arrangement between a couple.”

“Doesn’t that mean we’re on one, then?”

Chise felt herself turn red again. She placed a hand in front of her face as she continued finishing the rest of her dinner. The food was high quality and she didn’t want the meal to end. The starter Elias ordered for them was probably the best salad she’s tasted. Granted, the portions they received were awfully small, but that’s how rich restaurants went. She didn’t understand it herself but she was thankful nonetheless.

Chise wiped her mouth with the napkin and set it atop the plate. She suddenly remembered the note Silky gave her before the date and tried to smoothly slip it out from her pocket. She unfolded it underneath the table and read it as best as she could.

“Order the Lemon Fool. You won’t regret it.”

She tilted her head at the suggestion. Was it a dessert? Silky had good taste, so the redhead decided to trust her word and quickly glanced back at the menu. It was in the ”Puddings & Cheese" portion, so she could only assume it was a type of sweet. Elias watched her put the menu back.

He asked, “Still hungry, Chise?”

She shook her head. “No. I just decided on what dessert I want.”

The magus didn’t question it any further. Their waiter soon came back and collected their dishes. When he asked if they wanted any dessert, Chise quickly ordered Silky’s suggestion and the two of them waited a bit longer for it. Elias’ portions tonight had been much smaller than hers. Was Silky suggesting it for her or him? She was going to believe her judgement either way.

“Did you enjoy the food?” He suddenly asked. Chise looked up at him and gave him another nod.

“Yeah. It was really good. I’m glad we didn’t bring Ruth because he’d pig out and embarrass us.”

Elias let out a small laugh. He was soon interrupted by the waiter coming back and placing their dessert in the center of the table. He then slid the bill over to Elias, who paid no mind to it. Two spoons were placed beside the cup of Lemon Fool. It looked like some sort of sundae to Chise. There were some blueberries in it and she could make out the sight of citrus marmalade.

Intrigued, Chise leaned forward and grabbed one of the spoons. She took a taste and let out an involuntary “mmm”. Elias seemed curious and grabbed the other spoon. He took a portion of the dessert and tried it for himself. He took another large bite and Chise followed suit. The two of them finished it in less than a minute.

Chise was still munching on some blueberries while she watched Elias glance through the bill. No emotions came to his pupils as he set the piece of paper down and looked at the redhead in front of him. He observed her for a moment and smiled. He suddenly leaned forward and grazed his thumb on her chin.

Chise was about to ask why he did so until Elias pulled back. He sat back in his chair and licked something off of his glove. A blush came to Chise when she realized what he just did. She quickly checked if anything else was on her face. Elias gave her a rather smug smile.

“That was delicious. Good choice, Chise.”

“Yeah...” She looked away from him. “It was really good. Thank you, Elias.”

He stood from his chair and offered his hand out to Chise. She didn’t hesitate when she grabbed it and let him lead her back to the front. Elias took a few minutes paying for their meal before he ushered Chise back out the door. The redhead took one last glance to the restaurant behind them before she and Elias walked back out on the sidewalks.

It was rather late. Chise and Elias were walking down the trail that led to their house. The sound of crickets chirping around them and the feeling of the cool air gave Chise a sense of peace. Her stomach was full and she experienced something she never had before. It wasn’t their first date, technically, but it was the first official one.

Chise rubbed her arm rather shyly. She said, “Thank you for tonight, Elias. Really.”

“Don’t thank me,” He replied. “You deserved a dinner like that. I’m guessing you’ve never done it before?”

She shook her head. Elias gave her an amused glance and looked to their house in the distance. Chise realized how close they were to ending the night and she felt a sudden thought come across her. She looked back at Elias and noticed that he was still in his human glamour. A nervous feeling came to her chest.



“Have you ever kissed in your human form?”

Elias suddenly stopped in his tracks. Chise noticed it off the bat and stopped as well. Hearing his lack of response, Chise bit her lip nervously. Had she said something she wasn’t supposed to?

“I haven’t.” Elias finally said. He turned to her and gave her a small smile. He asked, “Would you like one, Chise?”

Her heart beat quickened at his suggestion. She replied, “I....Just thought it’d be appropriate. To thank you for the dinner and all.”

“Oh?” He tilted his head. “Well, you don’t need to do that. I suppose a kiss wouldn’t hurt, though.”

Chise took a deep breath before going on her tiptoes and leaning into Elias’ chest. He took this as a sign to lean down for her and he did so. A second after he felt Chise’s lips lock with his. He was taken aback at the sudden contact but returned the kiss. He pressed his lips against hers gently.

Their kiss only ended when Chise’s feet started to hurt. She soon went back down on her heel and looked up at Elias. For this first time she saw him actually blush. He cleared his throat when he realized Chise wasn’t there anymore. Elias straightened himself and started walking back to the house. He heard her footsteps right behind his and something in his chest warmed him.

He murmured, “Damn...”

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