Domestic Robinthorn


- Person B’s white shirt ends up in the wrong section of the dirty clothes for the washer, sorted by person A. Their white shirt is now a colored mess. Person A apologizes deeply, even though person B isn’t mad at all. Person B cannot help but wonder how he fell in love with this dork

It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon. The house was generously filled with sunlight and a warm atmosphere that radiated from the open windows. Chise Hatori quietly hummed as she carried a laundry basket up the stairs. Normally she’d have sung doing tasks like these but she was rather weary of doing so nowadays. She couldn’t risk setting anyone under another spell after what happened with Elias. Chise decided to settle on humming one of her favorite tunes under her breath since then.

Clasped in her hands was one of the laundry baskets Silky gave her. Chise felt the brownie was doing so much around the house that she decided to help her with the laundry for the week. It took a lot of protesting and convincing, but Chise managed to get a silent “ok” from her. The redhead had plenty of free time after her lessons so she decided to gather everything she could and make it into a couple of loads.

Silky taught her how to do basic household chores, like cooking and cleaning. It was a bit contradicting of the brownie to do so but Chise assumed she had her reasons. A couple of nights ago when she was in the bath, Aerial told her that it was because a “good wife should know how to treat her husband”.

Chise’s reply, of course, was rushed and defensive. According to the fae, her and Elias were already wed. She’d have to ask him about that sometime.

“Ruth!” Chise called. “Come and help me!”

She heard the pitter patter of Ruth’s steps before he was immediately at her side. Sighing, Chise handed him the basket in her hands and turned to go into Elias’ room. Ruth quickly morphed into a human and he followed behind her closely. The magus wasn’t there, much to Chise’s relief. She couldn’t imagine touching his clothes in front of him without being flustered.

She threw his shirts and pants into the basket before motioning for Ruth to leave the room. She made a stop into her bedroom and collected all the dirty laundry from there. Her familiar was watching her carefully.

He asked, “You’re doing the laundry?”

“Yep,” She replied.

Chise threw a pair of dirty socks into the basket. Ruth eyed the laundry in his hands and turned back to Chise. His eyes traveled over the two and he shook his head. He followed the redhead down the stairs and observed the way she was moving. It was rather satisfied and quick. Why she’d do something like this was out of the ordinary. He was having a hard time reading her lately and he wasn’t quite sure why.

The redhead make a quick turn into a room down the hallway. The door she went in was usually closed by the Silky during the day. Ruth saw a pair of machines in there that he could only assume was for washing the laundry. He also saw a bucket tucked into the corner with sponges and various shampoos inside. He shivered at the memory of Silky giving him a bath in that thing.

Chise took the basket from his hands and dumped half of the laundry into one of the machines. She pressed a few buttons before adding some detergent and closing the lid. The sound of the machine kicking on a few seconds after startled Ruth. It sounded like it was scrubbing the clothes in water. He tilted his head curiously after.

“That’s it?” He asked. “You set the clothes in and it just washes it for you?”

“Mhm.” Chise nodded.

She pushed the basket aside and walked out of the room. Ruth gave a second glance to the machine before following her. She seemed to be looking around on the floor for any loose laundry. She picked up a couple of socks and tucked them into her arm. Ruth sniffed out anymore laundry to help her. Him scrunching up his nose was all Chise needed to see to know she missed any. Thankfully, they only missed a couple of pairs of socks and a shirt.

After adding it to the pile, Chise took a seat on the couch in the living room and let out an exhausted sigh. Ruth took a seat next to her and rolled into a ball. The redhead pet his black coat before glancing around the room and out of the window. She watched various neighbors fly around and laugh. It truly was a beautiful, peaceful day.

Grinning, Chise said, “Now we wait.”

Ruth lifted his head. He asked, “For how long?”

The redhead shrugged. “It takes awhile to do laundry. I’d say in about half an hour at the most. After that’s done, we set it in the dryer to get all of the water off.”

“Hmm.” The dog closed his eyes. “Sounds dull. No wonder it’s a household task. I wonder how the Silky manages doing that everyday.”

Chise nodded. She was truly thankful they had Silky to do all of the chores and cook for them. It’d be tedious to repeat it everyday and Chise had no idea how the brownie managed it all. She supposed there was a reason silkies were in charge of things like these. Humans found activities like that rather tedious but Silver seemed to find them amusing.


Ruth jumped at the loud noise and nearly leapt to the ceiling in surprise. Chise stood up straight once she heard it and made her way to the laundry room. Her familiar followed closely behind her and watched the redhead struggle with the lid. It soon unlocked and she lifted it up. While she gathered the wet clothes, Ruth heard her gasp.

“What!?” He exclaimed. “Did you hurt yourself?”

“No....” Chise bit her lip. “It’s worse....”

She turned around and held up a shirt. Ruth sniffed it and recognized the scent of lavender. He inspected it and found that it was pink. Which was rather odd because no one in the house wore such a color. He turned to Chise to ask what the fuss was until he realized it. The collar, the buttons, the length....

It was one of Elias’ white shirts. It must have turned pink during the load. Chise gripped it in her hands and stared at it in silence. She accidentally sorted that one with the colors instead of the whites. Ruth sensed she was feeling a bit of despair and he nuzzled her side to comfort her.

“Hey,” He said. “Don’t panic. Maybe pink is Ainsworth’s color?”

His attempt at a joke fell flat. Chise gave him a glare and made the dog back off. She turned back to the shirt and closed her eyes tightly. Ruth saw a tear fall from her eye and something in his stomach fell. He rushed back to her side and heard Chise refraining a whimper. Sad thoughts clouded her mind and Ruth didn’t like any of them. She turned to her familiar and he saw her green eyes were rather damp.

She said, “I messed up. I only did the laundry to help Silky but instead I made things worse....How could I have done that?”

“It’s not your fault!” Ruth defended. “It was just an accident. I’m sure she will understand if you just tell her. I’m sure she’ll fix it, too.”

The redhead turned back to the shirt. She said, “But I feel bad! This is my mistake and I should be the one to fix it. I just need to figure out how to fix this...”

Ruth sighed. This would be the part where Chise insists on doing things herself instead of asking for help when needed. Many of her friends, including himself and Elias, keep telling her that she shouldn’t do things by herself all the time. It only causes harm and stress on her body. He’d assume with all the scolding she’s received for things like this, Chise would learn. But his familiar was stubborn and he’d just to have to live with it.

Besides. He didn’t know how to get rid of color-bleeding stains, either. So the best he can do was follow her around and help in any way he could.

Chise gathered herself and suddenly stood. She walked out of the room muttering something about white distilled vinegar and swearing at herself. Ruth wasn’t liking the pressure she was putting on for a mistake. The redhead rounded a corner into the hallway and almost fell over when she bumped into someone. When Chise looked up, she immediately concealed the shirt behind her back.

She stuttered, “E-Elias! I’m sorry!”

The magus took a step back in surprise. His tall, lean frame was rather hard to knock over. He gathered himself before looking at his apprentice in surprise. He rubbed the front of his skull in pain. Chise felt immediate guilt of hurting him. She was about to apologize again until Elias suddenly removed his hand.

He said, “It’s quite alright, Chise. What are you in a hurry for? Are you heading somewhere?”

Chise shook her head. She said, “I’m just looking for white vinegar. Do you know where any are?”

“I’m afraid I don’t,” Elias replied. “What may you be needing that for? Silky is usually in charge of tasks like those.”

The redhead bit her lip at the guilt. Ruth noticed her lack of honesty and he sighed. He nudged Chise’s side and motioned to Elias with his head. She got the message quickly and shook her head in return. The magus was looking over to the two rather lost. Ruth stepped behind her and eyed the shirt.

They say honesty is the best policy, He told her. You should inform him before you tell Silky. Just in case she isn’t able to fix it, that is.

"I’m sure she can! Chise muttered to him.

When Ruth gave her a look, the teen sighed. She knew he’d be bothering her about it until she confessed to someone. It was an embarrassing mistake to make and she just wished he understood that. If it were her shirt, Chise would have had no problem telling Silver. She just felt really bad that it was Elias’ she messed up on...

Elias heard the whispering between the two and leaned forward in concern. He asked, “Chi-”


He stepped back in surprise at Chise’s sudden outburst. He didn’t catch any of that and gave her a look. The redhead took a breath before revealing the shirt behind her and looking way from him. Ruth watched as the sorcerer observed his shirt and realized the problem. Instead of being outraged like Chise assumed he’d be, Elias just leaned back and said nothing.

At the lack of a reply, Chise turned back to him in confusion. He exhaled rather sharply and she heard him chatter the back of his teeth gently. She understood this odd gesture from him. Something inside her fumed and she turned red.

“I’m feeling really bad about this and you’re laughing!?” She exclaimed.

Elias noticed the angry tone of hers and immediately ceased. He placed a gloved hand over his skull and let out a couple of chuckles. Ruth seemed a bit lost at what was happening.

“I just find it rather funny,” Elias replied. “-Of how adorable you are, Chise.”

Her breath hitched in her throat. She wanted to be mad and retort something back to him, but she found nothing to say. She didn’t find her mistake in any way humorous like he did. Then again, she didn’t quite understand his sense of humor. Chise turned away in embarrassment at his compliment. The magus took a step in front of her and took the shirt out from her hands.

He continued, “This reminds me of the time Silky glued those googly eyes to my cloth. You remember that, Chise?”

The redhead laughed at the memory. Silky had drawn a face on Elias’ cloth and attached a pair of googly eyes to it. When he wore it, Chise nearly died of laughter at the time. Elias had been so concerned about her that he made the eyes move so much she nearly lost it. Ruth got quite a holler out of it, too. Elias was a bit upset about it when he found out afterwards but Silky didn’t get scolded for it. It was a rather good memory she’d think about from time to time.

Wiping a tear from her eye, Chise nodded. She said, “Yeah, I do remember that. But what Silky did wasn’t a mistake. That shirt in your hands was my wrong doing. I accidentally sorted your shirt into the colored pile...”

“No matter.” Elias handed it back to her. “Just give it to Silver and she’ll fix it. I’m sure she’ll understand it was an honest mistake. She isn’t an angry type of brownie, you know.”

Chise smiled at his reassurance. She was relieved he wasn’t upset about it like she pictured. The situation went much better than she expected. Maybe she should stop worrying about things like these and just confess to her mistakes. She’d be sure to pay more attention when sorting from now on, though.

Leaning down, Elias ran a hand through her short hair. She closed her eyes at the contact and found she was leaning into his hand. Elias let out an amused noise and inwardly smiled. She was utterly adorable.

He said, “You making a fuss out of this is too endearing, Chise. I want you to understand that I wouldn’t ever be angry at something like this. Mistakes happen and just know that clothes are replaceable. You, however, are not.”

A warm, soothing feeling spread through her body. Chise couldn’t help but lean forward and wrap her arms around Elias’ frame. Sometimes, she thought that he was too good for her. A monster that was feared by many, both fae and human, just called her adorable. He was such a softie in his own way and the redhead loved that about him. Maybe he was just soft for her and her only.

Squeezing his back, Chise inhaled deeply. She would never get tired of his musky scent. It was such a pleasurable feeling that gave her a sense of need. One she wouldn’t act on for a long time, but was something she enjoyed whenever they made close contact. Elias wrapped an arm behind her back and gave her a squeeze in return.

Ruth, whom had been in the background, let out a satisfied noise. It was about time those two were more honest with each other.

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