Domestic Robinthorn

Waiting For Him

- Person A is working late. They come home to person B sleeping on the couch with 3 empty cups of coffee close to them. Person B was waiting for person A to come home.

The sound of the leaves being raked by the cold wind was deafening. It disguised the sounds of the animals rustling in nearby bushes as well as the hooting of owls. Two aspects that, when given on a cold and dark night, would be utterly eerie. The raking sounds they made resonated far in the deep forest around them. The dark was home to many dangerous creatures, after all. They are what gave the realistic vibe of ancient England.

A window was open half way in the den of the Ainsworth household. In front of it lay a teenager who stared outside at the scene rather longingly. In her hands was a cup of coffee that had been long overdue from the cold. The steam that once escaped the hole in the lid diminished when another draft came by. Chise held the blanket around her closer and shivered. Her low temperature came obvious to the company that had been laying at her feet.

Ruth wrapped his long body around her and did his best to provide her with his warmth. His long coat could only give so much. She had been waiting like this for several hours now. She was awaiting the return of one of the most dangerous creatures the fae land had known. The arrival of the last of his kind, Pilum Murialis. To her, however, he was her loved fiance.

“He’s going to come back.”

Chise turned at the sound of her familiar’s voice. Ruth’s red eyes were looking at her intently. Her hand shook as she took another sip of the coffee and she rubbed her eyes. Caffeine was the only thing fueling her enough to be awake at this hour. She waited exactly like this yesterday night. A feeling of sadness washed over her when she gazed out the window again.

“3 days, Ruth. He’s been gone for 3 days.” Her voice cracked.

Elias left one morning with a note on the fridge. It said he was going to be away and he didn’t know when he was going to return. Chise didn’t think much of it on the first day. On the second day, however, she started to worry. Every minute she’d be checking outside the door and waiting right next to it every night for his return. Much like she was doing right now.

“You know he can take care of himself.” Ruth rested his head in her lap. “In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him hurt. Except that time where you ate at his arm but he regenerated it back.”

His consolation didn’t help her. Chise stared down at her cup of coffee and took one last swig. It’s obvious that it wasn’t helping. She had bags under her eyes and her body was completely limp. At any moment she was going to pass out and Ruth was prepared for it. She had been trying to stay up all night waiting for him but they both knew that it wouldn’t work for her human body. She needed sleep at some point.

Chise was drinking more coffee than usual. Her hands tingled and her heartbeat was going a lot more faster than it should. It wasn’t something good for her because her body would be more exposed to absorbing more magic. Ruth was sure to tell Silky that, if she asked for anymore, to make it decaf. The redhead would object to it but her familiar knew what was best for her. And waiting for her monster fiance to return for three days to an end was notgood for her health.

Ruth rolled his eyes. “I get it. You miss him. But you really need to sleep. He’ll probably come back in the morning and you two can settle it out then. For now, you need to get to bed.”

Chise crossed her arms stubbornly. She said, “I’m not moving.”

“Then at least rest your eyes. For me.”

The redhead looked at the dog and noticed the expression he wore. It looked very caring and wasn’t something she’d see him with often. He always was such a stubborn big brother to her. Chise gave into his demands and set the cup of coffee down on the table next to the couch. She wrapped the blanket around her shoulder and laid down on the decorative pillow silently.

Ruth watched her close her eyes and didn’t relax until he heard her steady her breathing. She was out in only 2 minutes. The dog turned his head and sighed. It just proved to show what extent she’d put herself through for him. He was glad they admitted to each other but they were still ways from being honest with one another. He sometimes felt like a match maker when he urged them closer.

He turned his attention now to the front door. Where on Earth could Elias have disappeared to? It wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to leave but it certainly was odd that he’d been gone for so long. Part of him wanted to scold the creature as soon as he returned, but Ruth knew better.

The clock rang through the house. Ruth awoke with a start on the edge of the couch and checked the time. It read 3 A.M. He turned to his familiar sleeping next to him and noticed that she was still deep in slumber. Ruth felt relieved and rested his head down on the cushions. He must have fallen asleep staring at the door. Apart of him regretted not sneaking some coffee from Chise. Her staying up these past few days resulted in him joining her. He must’ve not noticed the sleep he was losing through it all.

A sudden click made the dog’s ears perk up. The knob on the front door twisted and slowly opened. The creaking sound of it was dragged yet made to sound subtle. A moment after, a pair of white eyes met with Ruth’s red ones. He immediately relaxed when he saw the shadow step inside and close the door behind him. Elias looked the same as usual and it seemed that nothing had changed since he left. This only brought more questions to Ruth about his whereabouts.

Elias hung his robe up and dusted the cold off from him. He turned around and stopped in his tracks when he saw Ruth again. The dog realized that the whole situation must have been quite a sight. He was laying on the end of the couch next to his familiar, whom was snuggled in a blanket right next to an open window. Three empty coffee cups sat on the table beside them as well as a couple of stains from them. It probably wasn’t something Elias had seen before.

“Where have you been?” Ruth asked.

Elias stepped forward and took the cups of coffee off from the table. He inspected them for a moments before he addressed Ruth’s question. He said, “Business.”

“You know what I mean.”

He didn’t get a response. Elias brought the three cups into the kitchen with him and discarded them all in the trash. He went back into the room and paused to take a look at Chise. The bags were still under her eyes and she looked paler than usual. He crouched down to place a gloved hand to her forehead. His pupils widened in surprise.

“She’s freezing. What on Earth has she been doing?”

Ruth took a moment to feel her skin. Elias wasn’t exaggerating. The mere touch of her felt as if you were touching an ice pack. The blankets around her apparently hadn’t been much help, nor had Ruth’s coat. The familiar automatically felt guilty and hung his head down in shame. He should have done more for Chise when he could have instead of letting her wait and worry. He watched Elias get up and shut the window behind her. The cold draft that was once in the room was now gone.

He said, “She’s been waiting for you, Ainsworth. Chise hasn’t been taking care of herself since you’ve left. It’s been...a long 3 days.”

Elias wrapped his arms around her sleeping figure and picked the redhead up with ease. Her body’s response was to naturally curl up in his touch. He wrapped the green blanket fully around her and took a seat on the couch. He rested Chise in his lap and was holding her as close to his body as he could. Ruth could tell that he was warming her like he had before, except closer. The dog took a seat next to him and watched the two silently.

Chise’s hand suddenly rose and reached out for Elias’. He gave it to her and felt her fingers entwine with his gloved ones. Her touch was cold but he was unaffected by it. Chise nestled her head on his vest and laid a small kiss on the side of his skull. Ruth was unsure if she was doing it out of impulse or was just half awake. She didn’t move after that and answered the two males’ question.

“Where have you been, Elias?” Ruth asked.

He tightened his grip on Chise’s hand. His white pupils didn’t address Ruth but landed on his fiance in his arms instead. He started rubbing her hand to try and warm her touch.

“It was for her cure.” He answered.

Ruth let out a relieved yet amused sound. Chise had many situations and thoughts running through her mind while he was gone. Ridiculous ideas that weren’t sensible at all, even though they seemed so at the time. He had no idea why, but it relieved Ruth to know that Elias only left to try and find her cure. Perhaps Chise’s suspicions had rubbed off on him and he was starting to believe them as well. It was stupid of him to do so and he felt the need to bring it up.

“She thinks of the most ridiculous things while you’re gone.” Ruth shook his head. “At one point, she thought you were cheating.”

“Cheating?” Elias inquired.

He exaggerated his arms. “It’s when one lover goes off and has a romantic affair with another. Usually behind the other lover’s back.”

Elias tilted his skull. He looked down at Chise curiously but she was fast asleep. It wasn’t like her to doubt him like that. She never worried about others before and it was obvious she trusted Elias dearly. She gave him her own life to hold in his hands ever since they had gotten closer. He’d guarded it closely to prove himself faithful to her. The idea of him going for another when he had already chosen a mate was completely out of the question.

His silence wasn’t very assuring to Ruth, though. The dog leaned over to him and gave him a worried look. Elias noticed it right away and snorted.

“My kind are monogamous,” He informed. “I would never do such a thing. Nothing ever to her.”

Ruth gave him a pleased nod. “-As I thought. You should really take care of her, though. She wouldn’t let me do anything for her so long as you were gone.”

He bows his head. “...She really worries about you. When you’re not here, she’ll put herself through Hell until you come back. She loves you.”

Elias takes his words in and hums. He ushered the blanket over her shoulder and held her closer to his chest. Ruth was unsure if what he said affected anything but he was glad to get it off his chest. Elias really needed to be aware of the things she does when he isn’t here. How much he means to her when he isn’t within her reach. It was something Chise herself should tell him.

Ruth jumped off the couch and started heading towards the stairs. He turned around and said, “I’ll be in Chise’s bed. Be sure to keep her warm and if you need to spend the night with her, I’m fine with that.”

His footsteps climbing up the stairs was the last thing Elias heard. He watched as the dog’s tail disappeared into the second floor. He turned back to the sleeping girl held in his arms and pulled her closer. She was still cold but was doing better than she had been before. He couldn’t say that he was proud of what she had done but it made his insides flutter knowing that she cared him about so much. Elias got off from the couch and gently laid her back down on the cushions. He was about to leave until he felt Chise pull on his arm.

Tired green eyes met with his. She muttered, “Please...don’t leave...”

He leaned down and nuzzled her head. “I’ll be back. I promise.”

Her grip on him loosened and he took this chance to pull away. He walked down the hallway into the bathroom and turned the light on. Elias went to start the water and took off his glove to feel the temperature. Not too hot but warmer than usual. He dried his hand and added some healing herbs into the water. He stirred them around before turning out from the bathroom and going back into the den.

Chise was still on the couch. She was supporting her body with one arm and was rubbing underneath her left eye. As soon as she saw her fiance step into the room, the redhead immediately got up and ran to him. She embraced him as they usually did and she squeezed his body close. Elias placed a hand to her back and couldn’t help but notice that she was colder.

She mumbled, “I...mi...y..”

“Come on.” He picked her up bridal style. “I drew a bath for you, Chise.”

She was still groggy but understood. She gave Elias a warm smile and rested her head on the end of his skull sleepily. Elias tightened his grip on her and he led her into the bathroom. He set her down on the tilted floor and watched as she took a step towards the tub. Chise stared down into the water before she dipped a hand in to test it. An inescapable moan came from her throat soon after.

“Make sure to soak yourself completely.” Elias started to head out of the room. “I’ll be in the-”


He turned around and saw the yearning look on her face. She looked...sad. Her green eyes were expressionless when she took a step forward and extended her arm out. Elias eyed her confusingly before he placed his hand into her own. She smiled at their contact and squeezed his hand happily.

She asked, “Can you stay in here while I bathe?”

He saw no harm in it. Elias had seen her naked the day he bought her, after all. But that was only because she really needed a bath at the time. He nodded his skull and felt something in his heart leap when she grinned. She wrapped her arms around him again before she turned around and started to peel off her clothes. Elias immediately shut the door behind them and locked it.

Her demand couldn’t have been out of desire. Maybe she just yearned for his prolonged company? He couldn’t quite blame her. That trip had taken a day more than he intended it to be. When Chise was completely naked, she took a step into the bath and sighed happily at the contact of warm water. Elias took a seat on the closed toilet and watched his fiance sink into the water.

Chise was beautiful. He said it before but he’d say it again. Her red hair was getting longer over the years and her body was starting to develop wonderfully. When he bought her she was all thin and bones and clearly was deprived of sleep. Elias was thankful she took care of herself when she needed to and he was quite pleased with her progress.

She observed the herbs in the bath and closed her eyes to rest on the back of the tub. Things were silent between them until she suddenly turned around to face Elias. He’d been watching her the whole time intently. He leaned forward with his gloved hands clasped and rested his elbows on his knees. It reminded her of how he sat on the couch when he first explained to her what a Slay Vega was.

“Where did you go?”

Her sorrowful tone made Elias regret ever leaving. He tugged at his collar and replied, “I went to find more about your cure. I’m close to knowing what I need, at least.”

Chise was pleased with his response but he could tell she was still sad. Was that because he hadn’t been there? Was she lonely like he had been when she left him? If that were the case, no wonder she was so cold. He’d been in the same position when Chise left him temporarily.

“I missed you...”

She realized what she said and quickly dunked her head underwater so she wouldn’t have to face him. Elias made no move of protest to get her. He probably knew that she couldn’t hold her breath for too long. After a minute, the urge to breathe became too overwhelming so Chise surfaced and looked at him. Elias was still in the position he had been when she was underwater. A blush came onto her face and she turned away.

“Is that so?” Elias asked. “I was lonely when I left. I suppose that means I missed you, too?”

Her blush deepened. She wasn’t flustered at all but was just....very longing. A part of her wanted to jump out from the bath and hug him to bits while the other part of her wished he was in there with her. She missed him ever since he set foot out the house and had images of them doing these things while he was gone. Things she wouldn’t mention but would come up when she was alone in her room thinking about him again.

“Did you really think I would cheat?”

Chise’s head snapped towards him at the sudden question. Things started to click and she suddenly realized how he knew about that. She closed her eyes and scolded. Ruth!

Don’t drag me into this.

She took a breath to steady herself and looked back at him. Elias was looking at her with amusement. She twirled her hair in her finger and bit her lip. It was a dumb thing she doubted for only an hour before she talked herself through it. She couldn’t deny that the insecurity was there, though.

“I didn’t think you would...” She looked away from him. “I just worry, is all.”

“Well, you shouldn’t. We are married, you know.”

He leaned down next to the bath tub and rested his arms on the edge. Chise looked over at him and couldn’t help but smile. His assurance to her was so endearing and it made her feel ridiculous for ever doubting him. Maybe her worrying only came from how handsome he was and she neglected to remember that the fae knew of their matrimony far before she did.

She leaned towards him and placed a kiss on his skull. Elias’ eyes widened when she pulled back shyly. Chise went back to bathing herself and left a rather stunned Elias to stand there on his knees and stare at her. His gloved hand went over the area she kissed and he felt tingly. It may be a guilty of him to say this but he secretly wished she’d give him more kisses.

Chise finished rinsing her auburn hair and looked over at him. It looked like he was frozen in place. She couldn’t help but giggle. She leaned forward again and started placing more kisses on his skull. Each one left a temporary wet imprint in its place. Elias leaned forward at the affection and curved his pupils delightedly. Chise caught onto this and refrained the urge to squeal.

“Aww, how adorable!”

The two of them looked over and found Ariel watching them with her arms crossed. She was a small, fairy-like creature whose appearance was rather distinct and hard to describe. Chise pulled away from Elias and concealed herself in the water so she wouldn’t comment on her nudity. Ariel hummed rather happily as she flew around the two.

“What are you doing here?” Elias asked. He sounded annoyed.

“I’m just checking up on our Robin!” Ariel casually replied. “She’s been so cold ever since her Thorn left. But now that I see you’re back...everything is fine, isn’t it?”

“Yes, so shoo.”

Ariel stuck her tongue out at Elias and flew in front of Chise. She eyed the girl up and down and a mischievous smile soon came to her face. Ariel flew towards the redhead and laid a small kiss on the end of her nose. Chise’s green eyes widened and she leaned back at the sudden gesture. Ariel turned over to Thorn and gave him a wink. Elias didn’t look too happy at this.

“Um...Ariel?” She rubbed her arm and looked away. “I’m kind of busy here, so-”

“Oh, I know! You and Thorn are finally acting more as a wedded couple. Can’t say that I’m not jealous-”

Elias gave her a glare. ”Out."

Ariel huffed but obeyed, nonetheless. She disappeared within thin air and left the two alone again. Chise felt a bit guilty on letting herself be kissed. The fae did it to her a lot but it had never happened in front of Elias. And judging by his reaction...he didn’t seem to like it too much. She actually felt relieved that he cared and a bit selfish that she enjoyed his jealousy. There’s that nagging feeling again...

“I’m sorry about that, Chise.” Elias leaned over the tub. “Ariels can be an annoyance, sometimes.”

“Hey, Elias.” She turned to him. “Why do the fae...kiss me?”

His response was casual, which worried Chise. He said, “Since you are a rare Slay Vega, the fae are more attracted to you. For many types of fae, Slay Vegas are often more desirable than natural mates.”

She tilted her head curiously. “Then why haven’t know? Tried to-”

“They know you belong to me.” He kissed her cheek. “And I would much prefer it that way.”

His words made her heart flutter. Chise leaned forward to kiss his skull again and held the sides of it with her hands. Elias enjoyed the affection once more. Chise couldn’t help but notice that his hand was on her shoulder and that he was rubbing the side of her arm soothingly. Her skin was no longer cold but was now extremely hot. Which was probably because of a few factors but it was good progress, nonetheless.

The redhead leaned back in the bath and scooted towards the edge. She reached out for him and asked, “Join me?”

Elias squeezed her hand and went to unbutton his vest. He didn’t hesitate to rid his attire and throw his clothes into the pile on the floor. He stepped into the tub with her and took a look at his beautiful bride. Her eyes were now filled with a profound happiness he hadn’t seen before. She scooted towards Elias and wrapped her arms around his neck to nuzzle his collarbone. He placed his hands on her back and rested his skull on her shoulder.

He bathed with her for the rest of the morning. He was reunited with his Robin. His beautiful, beautiful bride.

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