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Graceland 101

Chapter 2: Birthdays

Mike’s POV

I woke up early the next morning to get ready to go running. Of course my cell phone was out and headphones were plugged in for a Spanish lesson. BD soon comes up to run alongside me for company. He does that every morning. So BD always gets the same greeting ” Hey Buddy.” Today is my 25 the birthday. Let’s see what my roommates have in store for me later. Seconds after that I head back to the house.

End of POV

Charlie, Paige, and the guys were already downstairs sitting on the couch so he greeted them ” Good Morning” while he grabs a water bottle then goes up to his room for a quick bath. They are struggling to remember what is so important about that day. Mike is fully dressed for work now. He heads back to the kitchen to sit at the island.

Soon Mike decides to make himself some breakfast to eat. It looks like they did that without him. Mike sits down at the table eating with a cup of coffee to drink feeling a little offended. Later on when he’s finished with everything that he used puts it in the sink and washes his dishes.

He takes one last quick trip up to his room for his cell phone, badge, gun, and keys. All of them mention their goodbyes to each other and follow him out the door like they are going to work that day. Mike finally leaves for work alone that morning. Everyone else returns to the house after he pulls out of the driveway for his mission. All of a sudden Paige remembers out of the blue that it is Mike’s birthday.

Chaos erupts like a volcano at Graceland. Each of them hid both gifts and party decorations in their closets for weeks without him even knowing about it. The party theme is super heroes because Batman is his favorite one. Paige leaves the house for a drive. She meets up with Abby at the store to pick out a cake for him together.

Moments after that he pulls up at the Bureau for a meeting that morning. When his meeting is done with is C O. Bello gave him a call to help him with training his guys. This takes a good two or three hour’s straight that day. Come on Bello let me go please go home, he whined. Michael can you stop talking please because you are getting on my last nerve. Today is my birthday at least you can let me go home early.

Over at Graceland where the house at this point is very set up. Balloons, cups, streamers, plates, napkins, gift table, and cake table. Lunch time came around at 12:00 pm. everyone else that was home ate and relaxed. As for Mikey who is still the only one outside. They brought something to eat from a fast food restaurant.

Mikey who is now ready for a long run down the beach. Within minutes they are still working just at his house. The team right now is relaxing together. Minutes after that the mission runs really late into the evening. He still has to pass back by the bureau for a debriefing session with his supervisor.

A pot of sauce is being warmed up on the stove. The table is set and ready to go. Minutes after that Abby pull up in the driveway with the cake. Jakes opens the door for her to come in the house.One very important agent is missing the birthday boy. They waited for him a lot longer then he thought they should have. Mike made his grand entrance . I thought that you guys forgot my birthday, he told them. No, what would make you think that we are your family, the team asked. You didn’t wish me Happy Birthday this morning at breakfast, he replied.

Dinner is promptly served at 6:00 pm. Everyone sat down at the table dishing out their food to eat. A conversion is going on during mealtime. They ate like one big happy family together. Minutes after that all of them put the dirty dishes in the sink.

Party time started directly after that so the cake came out again. They sang Happy Birthday to him. Seconds later the cake is cut in seven ways and passed around the group. A few minutes after he opened his presents. In a heartbeat the kitchen and family room areas were cleaned .

Abby grabbed her things to leave that night mentioning her goodnights to everyone. He stayed in the house to see her off. The team headed out to the beach with a cooler full of beers to drink. Mike gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. Thank you for being here him, Mike told her. Your welcome I wouldn’t miss this or forget it for anything in the world, she replied.

Moments after that he joins the team at the bonfire. There is a few left over beers in the cooler. He takes one for himself and sits down where there’s an empty. All of them enjoyed the sunset together drinking and talking. Johnny admitted we got you and good.

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