Forbidden Child

Chapter 01

Chapter 01 - Forbidden Child...

by *vixenkiba

...and unwelcome. A World of Warcraft Story~

Chapter 01 - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

~Clap, clap clap~

The sound of her hooves was high and soft, it was a small person passing by. For the Tauren it was very easily recognizable and many knew without looking that it was her. They were used to it by now.

"Hey, Little Hooves!""Fawn, where are you going now huh? On your way to spy for the enemy?""Betrayer!"

And she was used to this by now as well. Many of the Tauren children she had to train with acted like that towards her. By now, she knew that if she would go against their rash comments she would only receive more of it at a later time. Some of the parents nervously commanded their children to stop, and they gave them a soft scolding. It was as if she must not know the children were being corrected for their behavior, like the parents thought the same as their children.

She did understand their detachment a little, for she was standing out pretty much; For starters, she wasn't of their race. She had the face of an elf, slightly ribbed horns, a slender body with the hairy legs like a Taurens, but with smaller hooves. Overall, she looked like a Draenei. And Draenei were all but welcome here.

In a land where war reigns between two sides, races must choose the side they want to fight for. The Tauren fought for the Horde, together with Orcs, Trolls, Undead Forsaken and the Blood Elves, where the Draenei on the other hand were with the Alliance, which also consisted of Humans, Night Elves, Gnomes and Dwarves. This is what she was taught together with all the other children here in Mulgore, the land of the Tauren.

"Little Fawn, oi!"She pulled the sash which held her sword higher on her shoulder, ignoring the screaming from behind."Hey! Are you deaf?"She didn't want this. Couldn't they leave her just alone for a minute?"Hey, Ma-"In a flash, she pulled her sword out of its scabbard and turned around. "For Elune's sake, can't people just leave me ALONE for a…!"

A startled Tauren boy stood in front of her, older than she was. He laid his big, sturdy hand on her sword and slowly pushed it down. "Come now, don't tell me you didn't recognize my voice? You know we've got training in just a moment, right? But you still weren't there, so I went to search for you."They were in Thunder Bluff, the capital city of the Tauren. It was located high on a Mesa in Mulgore, so that it was protected from attacks from the ground.The young Tauren's name was Cevil and he was one of the few in the city who actually acted nice to her, just like some of the elder Tauren who knew about the situation, the leader Cairne Bloodhoof, and of course Manitti. Cevil came from the Sunwalkers, an order of Tauren Paladins, and was trained in the ways of the Light. Together with him, she was in training to become a Protector.

"Ah, I'm sorry Cevil. I think I kind of… forgot we have training now", she muttered while looking away from Cevil. He frowned. "I guess the only reason you 'forgot' is because you don't want to face those ugly and dumb kids again. Oh come on, they're too young to even understand! You must stand above this!"

Cevil took her hand and started walking. But, she thought, it wasn't easy to hear all those comments, even if they came from the mouth of some ignorant kids. What was bothering her was that if those kids were ignorant, this must mean they were talking after their parents.


"You're still letting them train together?"Corna was upset. Her son, a heroic paladin of the horde, was still cooperating with that Draenei girl. She was also mad at Manitti, because that stupid cow thought he could keep her in Mulgore forever and let her just grow up like that. What reasoning was there? Only because he was such a good healer and such good friends with the leader and Moonglade, did he think he could do everything he wanted?

"Hrunn, sooner or later there will be problems with that alliance kid. It's better for our son if he stopped meeting and training with her as soon as possible."Hrunn sighed as he watched out of the window and muttered to himself "Where has all the kindness gone in this world… Once we were willing to take up orphans, regardless of the race. All the trust is gone since the war, in times in which we should rely on each other."His son trained there outside happily with his Draenei friend. They were of equal strength and that made both of them stronger and provoked them both to become better. His wife, of course, wasn't speaking all nonsense. Some Alliance kids were caught some days ago and brought to the Orgrimmar prison, for spying on Horde territory. They weren't killed, but he was sure the Alliance would be planning to raid Orgrimmar very soon to get them back. They would probably not come here, in Thunder Bluff, because they didn't know there also was an Alliance child here. At least, he hoped they didn't.

"All men are hopeless!"Hrunn, lost in thought, was brought back to Azeroth by the voice of his wife."Yes, you heard me! All you can do is think, but you never act! And you thinking so much and not being able to do two things at the same time doesn't help very much with that! Now, get ready, we should travel to Orgrimmar!"Hrunn smiled and followed Corna "Yes, my sun." He would settle this subject later.


Manitti was in charge for the Healer group in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar. They expected a large group of Alliance to be coming to the city soon to get back some children, from which the guards had thought that they were spying on them. It probably wouldn't come to a fight, but they would have to teach these dumbasses a lesson so they would watch their children better the next time.Resula, a female Goblin priest, was standing next to Manitti, and they were chitchatting about useless things to fill the time. Suddenly, the subject of the orphan child came into the conversation, because Resula seemed to have heard some news. "I heard from the guards that they had tried to catch an exceptional child, although I do not believe them.""What is it, has it anything to do with her?" Manitti asked, suddenly frightened."Yes, and no. No because it wasn't her. They say that it was a Night Elf child. Can you believe it? A Night Elf child! We haven't seen a single one of them in our whole lives!"

It was common knowledge in the world of Azeroth that the Night Elves could become very old, much older than any of them could become, but that they were not immortal anymore because of their own mistake. That's why it was said they had started to bring their children in the world once again, so their race wouldn't disappear. But no one of their age had seen such a child before. They probably kept them in secret until they looked mature.

Manitti also looked at Resula in disbelief. "That's what I tell ya!" Resula continued. "And the elf child was seen in the prison, with some other children. Can you imagine, a child slipping through the guards? Anyways, after he or she got away the guards asked the children with the most basic words they knew from their language, what the child wanted from them. And they said he was looking for a Draenei child somewhere in the Horde cities!"

Manitti was scared. What if they had found out the Draenei that kid was looking for was actually located in Thunder Bluff? Some of the people of Moonglade knew about it, but also had promised to keep silent. There were only druids in Moonglade, so did this mean... that the child was a druid child? If that was so, he could have seen the girl, seven years ago when she was brought to Moonglade by Manitti.

"May I ask you, Manitti. Why have you never discussed the matter of the child with the Alliance itself? You can come in contact with them easily, via the Night Elves of Moonglade."Manitti looked deeply in Resula's eyes and spoke "I swore to her I would take care of the child if her good friend Luziella couldn't take care of her. It was the last thing she asked of me before she died. If the Alliance knew of her, they would have taken her away immediately. She can make that choice for herself, when she is grown up."Resula frowned. "You know there sticks a huge danger to doing so?""Yes.", answered Manitti, with confidence in his voice."Resula, could you do me a favor? Could you please take over the lead so I can go to Thunder Bluff, now that there probably is a Night Elf spy on the loose? I've got to warn some people.""I don't think so my friend. For there comes a huge bunch of enemies."

Resula pointed his finger to a large flock of what seemed like birds in the distance. "Alliance."

And they didn't look like they wanted to have a nice chitchat.


The Tauren in Thunder Bluff stood rooted in astonishment and fear. Right in front of them stood a group of around forty heavily geared Alliance.

"We've heard of something occurring in this city and we're not very pleased about it."The Paladin who had spoken stepped forward. It didn't look like you could mess with him, for he had a face like thunder and had his sword ready in hand.

"It seems like you're keeping a Draenei child here?"

Muttering could be heard from the crowd of Tauren, not knowing what to say or to do, until a child shot his mouth off. "She's a betrayer!" The parent tried to hush the child, to no avail. It was already said. The other children backed it up, they were too young to understand the situation."She looks like an Allie!""She's not from here!""She's spying for the Alliance and tells them all our secrets!"All the childs now yelled through each other even though their parents panicky tried to stop them.

"ENOUGH!" yelled the Paladin. "Bring me the child!""What in Elune's name is going on here?"The leader of the Tauren, Cairne Bloodhoof, came walking towards the alliance through the crowd. He glared angrily at the Paladin and the rest of the enemy. "I hope you did not come to fight, for we won't show any mercy to you, standing on OUR ground."

"And I sure hope for you, Cairne Bloodhoof, that we can settle this nice and easily, for I don't see many fighters around here. Where could they be now, in Orgrimmar, perhaps?"

The Tauren stood in the minority, if this had to come to a fight they would surely lose. Almost all skilled fighters were sent to Orgrimmar where they thought the Alliance would move to."You see, Cairne, we got a tip some days ago. There might be a Draenei girl on the loose here, in this city." The Paladin pointed at the children. "Those children have just confirmed it for us."

Cairne was sweating and struggling. One girl stood facing his Tauren race. If he wouldn't hand over the girl, it would result in a fight and they would lose. This girl, even though she grew up with the Tauren, really was a Draenei and belonged to the Alliance, and even his folk thought of it that way. One girl was not a reason to put the whole city in danger. Cairne only didn't believe that this would be over soon, even when they handed her over.

"Bring the girl."

A few minutes later the struggling Draenei was brought in the middle of the crowd by a few Tauren guards. "What's happening? What are you doing? LET. ME. GO!"

When she saw the Alliance, she stopped struggling immediately, for she almost never came in touch with them. They were so different from what she was used to. The Paladin human scared the hell out of her and when he stepped closer she screamed and struggled backwards. She looked at the people in front of her, who she had been calling enemy for all those years. Did they think she would just move to the other side? How could they think she would leave Manitti and the others like that?In the crowd of the Alliance stood mature Draenei, who looked at the girl with curiosity and interest. One female made a step toward her and reached her hand. "Come little girl. You don't have to be afraid. You can live with your own folk now."Her voice was foreign, not at all like the Taura'he speech of the Tauren. They didn't have the right to decide where she had to live, or to call them 'her own' folk! Her mind filled with rage.

"If you come with us, girl, we won't harm any of the people here", spoke the Paladin. "Do as we say, and come with us, to where you really belong. You are a Draenei and you need to grow up with the Alliance, or you will have many problems in the future."

"You have no right to decide for me…" she muttered as she stood up, leaning on her sword. It was true that she didn't feel at home here. Almost everyone bullied her, or talked bad of her. But still…

"Why is it…" she spoke, her eyes fixed on the ground, "that everybody thinks…" She stood up right now and faced the Paladin. "they can interfere with MY life!"Her eyes were filled with rage and one could read the pain from her expression.The Paladin stretched out his hand to grab her arm, but this was a mistake.

Heaving her sword with both hands while jumping backwards she yelled at everybody who could hear it.


Her sword crushed the stone and dirt, sending a shockwave all around her which sent the dust flying. Everybody backed off and this was her only chance. She ran towards the edge of the city and jumped into the deep, calling her mount while falling. When the dust had settled down, she was gone.

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