Forbidden Child

Chapter 02

Chapter 02 – Forbidden Child…

By Vixenkiba

and caught between two flames. A World of Warcraft Story~

Chapter 02 – Unwelcome strangers

His tail swept slowly but excited from the right to the left. Two hairy ears turned around towards incoming sounds, keen for even the smallest squeak. He made no noise; he held his breath; he was hidden in the shadows. The darkness was his territory.

Being the child of two druids had its advantages. His mother was a swift and talented cat and his father a mighty bear. He was in training to master both forms, yet felt more at home prowling through forests and cities like a stray cat, stealing and sneaking up from behind. For he was still a child, his body hadn't yet learned to take on the form of the animal body completely, but he was second to no cat on the world and a master in his techniques.

The guards were all really gone now; he had caused a ruckus when a guard had seen him when he asked the children in the prison for evidence. He had taken this opportunity to take on two quests at the same time; saving the children from Orgrimmar but also important, searching for the Draenei child, who, he knew almost sure, was held in Thunder Bluff. He had asked the children if they had maybe seen her in this city. Then the guards had seen him and he had led them outside, only to disappear into the shadows once again so he could free the children from the now unprotected prison. Outside, the Alliance had arrived, which gave him a bigger chance to finish this task with success. He would only have to sneak in again, to open the doors with the keys he had stolen from those idiot guards and led the children out safely while the Alliance kept the Horde busy. Easy as that. But in dismay he noticed the prisons were empty now.

This could only mean the guards had thrown the children in the Ragefire Chasm.


The child must be somewhere, Mai... Do what you must, and stop her my daughter.

"I will do my best, father," Mai whispered back. On the top of her Gryphon she had a clear overview of the whole area of Mulgore. She drove her mount in circles around Thunder Bluff, where her people had invaded the Tauren for the last lost child. Her father whispered her what happened in the city, since Mai wasn't allowed to go anywhere near the city, for it was far too dangerous.

Please be careful, the child was raised by the Tauren. She proved herself to be quite strong indeed, and even though you're a talented Sorceress as my own daughter, you do need to watch out.

"Don't worry, father! I trained my defenses well; my ice moves are pretty stable lately."

Just as she said that she saw a small figure drop down from the high Mesa Thunder Bluff was built on. It looked like the person was falling and would die from the impact when she would touch the ground, but as she watched and rushed forward, the small person seemed to summon a mount. Somehow she managed her mount to break the fall with his long feet, scratching in the stony and muddy walls with its long and sharp nails. The mount landed hard on the ground, but didn't seem to even feel it. Instantly, he rushed forward.

"I found the girl, father, she is on the back of a big and fast mount. She seems to be heading south, towards the gate of the Barrens. I'm following her and I'll try to stop her!"

Wait. Mai! But Mai was focusing on her new target and not trained in focusing on two important things at the same time. She didn't hear her father as she flew down on her Gryphon. She didn't know that auxiliary forces had arrived for the Tauren and that there was no one reaching for her now. She stood alone in this.

The Draenei girl had already noticed her presence and that only drove her mount to run faster. The Gryphon flapped its mighty wings to keep up with it and hovered next to her.

"Hey there, Draenei!" Mai waved from her mount. She didn't know if the girl could understand the common language. "Do you speak the common language?"

If looks could kill, Mai would be dead now, for the Draenei glared immensely mad at her. "I speak it enough to make myself clear: GET. LOST!" Her mount dashed forward.

"Wait, I didn't mean it like that!" Mai shouted at her, reaching out for her with her hand. Suddenly, flames whirled around her fingers and released a fireball which left an impact on the place where the girls mount had just ran. "Oops…"

She didn't know how the Draenei's mount could go on like this, but her Gryphon could hardly keep up with her. She had to drive the beast to its fullest to fill the gap between her and the girl, but her mount was unstoppable. They reached the Barrens, a barren wasteland. Now Mai also noticed where the girl was heading and she almost couldn't believe it. Why was an Alliance girl who they tried to save heading toward the capital city of the enemy? What should she do?


The children were driven in a corner by a horde of bloodthirsty Troggs. They screamed and yelled at them, swaying their blunt but deadly weapons at them. A girl stood in front of them and tried to back the creatures off together with her wolf. She was glad she had been able to summon him, for those guards had taken away all their precious weapons and gear.

"Damnit bro, why didn't you tame a friggin' beast yet? We could've really used that extra help now, ey!"

The smaller boy beside her remained silent. While his aim with guns was near perfect, he hadn't succeeded in taming or summoning a beast ever. Now, without his own gun, he was pretty much useless.

The bigger girl sighed. "Everyone! Listen to me! Use whatever spell ya know, it's fine if it at least backs these creeps off! We can do this!" She was the oldest in the whole group and a born leader. The children were a problem though.

"Ilicia, I.. I don't know any spells.. I haven't learned any one at school yet."

"I don't know what to do.."

"I'm scared!"

Some of the children did succeed in startling the troggs, and that's when Ilicia and her wolf could strike. It took a while, and she was getting tired, but slowly they were gaining advantage. She wasn't concerned about those troggs at all. She was afraid this would get the attention of a bigger mob though, for this was the deep prison of the enemies city. Sure those weak troggs wouldn't be all. And as she feared, a bigger mob came rushing into the scene. She focused on the target and charged at the beast together with her wolf, only a blunt weapon in hand. The children followed her example and released small fires and lights from their hands. A rain of what seemed like fireflies and lightbolls showered down on the leader, but he didn't seem to feel it at all. Now this scared Ilicia. She was a hunter, not some warrior or rogue who could more easily take on such a target, nor was her pet a defender. She begged the good Gods for help.

Faster than the eye could see, two claws sliced open the back of the leader Trogg. A child disappeared into the shadows, only to appear again in front of the creature, this time clawing open his face. The bleeding trogg screamed and yelled for help, but his weak servants backed off from this horrible sight.

"I take it I came just in time, miss..." a soft voice purred.

"You…" was the only thing Ilicia could answer.

With a few stabs, the boy put the Troggs unconscious. "Just like that." He licked the blood from his claws.

"Ya're that boy from some time ago." Ilicia sank on her knees, suddenly feeling the exhaustion all over her body.

"Don't let your guard down yet, miss. More will be incoming soon, I can sense that. I managed to steal some of your gear though, since it'll probably come in handy."

The girl was handed over a bow with eagles on the side, handcrafted by the best bowman in the city. The brother's eyes also began to shine as he saw his own gun with the gear. With 100 bullets on him, he would last for some time.

"What is this place?" Ilicia asked.

The boy, still focused on the tunnel which led deeper into the cave, answered he didn't exactly know. He looked over the ridge of the path they were standing on now. Lava bubbled far down below them, it seemed like the entire floor was filled with a lake of lava. Here and there were eruptions, sprouting hot lava bolls in the air, which cooled when they fell on the floor. All the activity made the caves being filled in an orange gleam.

"They say below Orgrimmar lies the Ragefire Chasm, so this must be it. Sometimes they throw people in it they don't trust, like you. I bet they threw you in because your people just arrived in the city and are now fighting the Horde."

"They really came! We're saved now!" The children jubilated and danced in circles around each other. Ilicia let them be. She saw the worried look on the newcomer's face. "Ya didn't tell us everything you know."

The boy remained silent, but looked as if thinking if he should tell her or not. Her brother stood by her side and watched the tunnels close. "It strikes me as rather suspect…" he whispered softly, in himself. All the commotion should've made more monsters go out to get them, but then where were they?

The boy with the cat ears finally spoke. "They say even the people of Orgrimmar are a bit afraid of the things going on in this cave. It's pretty huge and I've heard the Burning Blade is residing here, planning to take over the city and the whole of Durotar. We need to get away of here quickly, if these people are our enemy now."

They heard noise in the distance.

"They're coming" Ilicia's brother said.

Ilicia turned around frightened and shouted to the children. "Prepare yourselves!" It was the only thing they could do, if they couldn't get away from here.


Manitti prepared a huge mass-heal. The other healers around him took his example too and started to heal more people at the same time. The Alliance were with many, but they fought in the Horde's capital city. They had known the Alliance would attack and had prepared for this.

"I don't get it, Resula!" Manitti shouted through the noise of yelling people. "Why don't we just hand over what they want, then we wouldn't need to fight like this!"

"First, the leaders think that'll make us look weak!" Resula replied while dodging incoming attacks. "Second, the Alliance could also ask us so nicely with lots of pretty-pleases because they were doing wrong after all, but they don't!"

"But… All this fighting puts them in danger."

"You softie! I know you're only thinking about your Draenei girl. Stop it! It was you who raised her and taught her, right? She was raised by Tauren! That at least makes her strong!"

Manitti heard a scream which came to him as very familiar. But it was so far away. He searched the sky. In a flash he saw two guards holding two smaller creatures. "It can't be…"

An Alliance warrior charged him, his weapon in both hands, ready to knock him out. Manitti saw it too late.

But the warrior was blocked. "That is no behaviour for the healer leader here, Mani!"

"Vixen!" Manitti gasped, continuing his healing.

"Now go!" Vixen yelled, striking back at the warrior. "I know what you were looking at. Save her if you must, but remember the consequences."

While Manitti flew in the direction the guards had gone to, Resula asked "What consequences?"

Vixen sighed. "The child should better go with those other Alliance kids. This brings us trouble."

Manitti flew as hard as he could. The Ragefire Chasm was prohibited area for those not of Orgrimmar. "Please let her be safe…" The sight of when they had found the child frozen in ice came up in his mind. "Makaa…"

She would have to leave the Horde.


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