Behind Unseeing Eyes


Kyuubi has been able to heal almost every wound that Naruto has ever received, but even the all powerful demon can't heal everything. Blind!Naruto Rewrite of Sightless Eyes

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Chapter One

Chapter One

It was apparent to twelve year old Uzumaki Naruto that his entire village was filled to the brim with idiots. He hadn't ever truly thought that he would get away with his plan, even with the backing of the Hokage and yet, here he was. The newly minted genin couldn't help but snicker for this was the greatest prank he'd ever pulled and most hadn't even noticed what he had done. They probably wouldn't even notice for awhile to come, either.

Today would spell the end of one side of his masterpiece and begin the hardest challenge of his life: fitting in and keeping his most guarded secret just that; a secret.

Naruto smirked as he sat in his usual seat next to Uchiha Sasuke, the biggest prick in the world. He could feel the intense stares of his fellow classmates as they attempted to figure out exactly how he'd managed to pass the exam; as far as they were aware he had failed like always. Naruto himself would never tell them how he'd done it. So what if Mizuki had tricked him into stealing that scroll? The Hokage had honored the promise that Mizuki had made and he had graduated. If he had happened to learn a technique that could be used as a replacement for the Bunshin, well, that was just a fortunate coincidence in the long run.

Naruto sometimes loved the more devious side of the Hokage. When said devious side wasn't being used on him that is; which, now that the blond thought about it, was far more often than he would have liked. The rather unfortunate side effect of being one of the closest people to the aging leader, Naruto thought smugly.

It wasn't easy, pretending that he was normal, especially when he had only vague memories of what normal had been like (if he had ever really been normal). While the Hokage had tried his best to help him, this wasn't really anything that the man had experienced before. It was supposed to be impossible for him to ever be injured more than a few days at most. That was the common opinion and for the longest time, it seemed that it was true for the most part.

So when his eyes had never healed no one had known what to do. Medics were sworn to secrecy and eventually they began to think that his sight had returned to him when the Kyuubi had regenerated the eyeballs. However the nerve that connected them to his brain had never been fixed, leaving Naruto forever blind at the young age of four.

The Kyuubi, while having done a wonderful job healing his injuries in the past, had never been required to heal his host from such intricate damage. Unfortunately, that meant that the fox had no idea how to reconnect the right nerves and that left Naruto with eyes that would never again show him the world.

It was his most guarded secret. For if the council ever found out then he would be barred from ever becoming a shinobi of Konoha. His dreams would be tarnished and Naruto would never be able to gain the recognition that he been fighting for his entire life.

He would be powerless.

The Hokage had been determined to not let that happen. The secret became S-Ranked and the Medics had been banned from messing with his eyes ever again. Naruto had steadily been taught how to live without the sense of sight by the Hokage and could now easily pass for someone who could see. Reading was done carefully. Using chakra on the tips of his fingers, Naruto could read the words on the paper as the chakra took their form. Writing was done with much more precision as his hands would carefully make the shapes he saw in his head from the chakra. The forms would always turn out perfect when using the jutsu that he and the Hokage had created: a pulse of chakra that took the form of whatever it hit.

His handwriting was much better than it had been when he could see and by the age of six, it was like Naruto had been blind all his life, and Naruto couldn't have been more proud of his accomplishment. With this practice, he would be able to fool them all. And with that practice, Naruto had done just that.

Not even Iruka-sensei had guessed about his lack of eye sight. While he knew about the mask of ignorance Naruto put up to protect himself from the villagers, the teacher had never even guessed what Naruto had intended by hiding his personality: the cover-up of his disability. It was only logical that if they saw Naruto acting a bit 'odd', once it came out that he was pretending to be something he wasn't, those suspicious of him would easily attribute that oddity to his mask and they would never think that he was hiding yet another secret underneath everything.

Taijutsu was hard to learn without sight and Genjutsu nigh was impossible, leaving Ninjutsu as his best techniques. If Naruto had shown that he was intelligent and could easily comprehend the subjects, well, it would call into question how he was unable to complete the practical side of the subjects. Surely someone who was fairly intelligent would easily be able to learn all the materials? Another thing that his mask covered for him; since he was apparently 'stupid' then of course he would be behind in all the subjects and not just two out of three.

It was for this reason that Naruto would have to hide. The fact that he was effectively pranking the entire village at the same time was only a bonus.

Naruto was dragged from his thoughts as a loud screech directed at him tore at his sensitive ears. "NARUTO! I want to sit next to Sasuke-kun, so move!" Oh great, the banshee had arrived.

'Fucking banshee, go bark at another tree because I don't care,' Naruto growled to himself but for the sake of his sanity he only ignored her. He no longer needed to hide who he was (thank the lord as he might have gone insane if he'd had to act like that any longer) and Naruto could feel the smirk on his face spreading. Well then, what need did he have to pretend to like the pink haired banshee anymore? He wasn't even sure what prompted him to start the charade that he liked her in the first place. It certainly hadn't helped him in the long run.

In fact, he distinctly remembered quite a few instances where the pretense had gained him more abuse than anything else. While that abuse had been useful in cementing the fact that he was a moron as he kept going back to her, he'd gained more than his fair share of hatred for her quick to anger personality. What kind of girl treated someone who acted like they worshiped the ground she walked one with violence? Freaking ingrate.

The graduating genin merely stared at the silent and most definitely not hyper and absolutely not smiling boy. It was like a complete personality change from what he had been only yesterday! To say that the gathered class was confused would be but an understatement. They were completely lost by this drastic change and weren't sure what to do with the less than cheerful blond. Only one of the gathered genin seemed to have any idea of what was happening in that moment.

"Troublesome. Finally decided to act like yourself, eh, Naruto?" Shikamaru asked, his head not once leaving its place against the desk. Naruto wasn't all surprised that the Nara had already figured everything out. Shikamaru just seemed to know things that he shouldn't; a trait that made him more than a tad uneasy at times. The Hokage had assured him that it was a Nara trait in general and that he shouldn't worry about it so Naruto brushed his classmate's easy knowledge of his mask aside.

"Why bother anymore? No one ever noticed, not even Iruka-sensei! I mean, come on, it wasn't that hard!" Naruto whined, still rather put out by the lack of comprehension of his prank. Really, and this was supposed to be a ninja village? If the ANBU weren't around, Naruto would fear for Konoha's safety. They obviously would never be able to find a spy in their mists without the elite group of ninja (The best example being the now imprisoned Mizuki, a spy that had been teaching their children for goodness sake and it still took a genin to figure him out for the traitor he was).

"Eh, what did you expect?" Shikamaru sighed from his makeshift pillow (i.e. his arms). "If they didn't figure it out after the first time you failed the exam, then it was likely that they'd never get a clue. Everyone knows that the only reason you fail is because of the Bunshin. It's not that hard to figure out when you take into account that to get to the Ninjutsu part of the test, you have to have seventy percent on the other portions of the exam."

Naruto watched in amusement as all of the other graduates smacked their heads into their respective desks. "Me thinks they feel a might bit stupid," snickered the blond. Really, it was their own faults for being unobservant little spoiled brats. Shikamaru snorted before returning to his nap.

Uchiha Sasuke had his attention focused on only the dobe and the dobe alone. His thoughts were filled with memories and a new meaning to them. "I was only joking." That had been the dobe's favorite response when he had done something wrong. And come to think about it, he had never used that excuse when doing the Bunshin. 'How in the world did I miss that? Aren't I supposed to be the prodigy here? How was Shikamaru, of all people, able to notice and not me?' This didn't sit well with the last Uchiha. He was the one who was supposed to be the rookie of the year, not Shikamaru. If he could be fooled so easily then how was he ever going to be beat his brother?

Anger and dread coursed through his veins. A failure. He was a failure. He had already failed in his goal of being the best there was and now the newly minted genin wasn't sure what to do. How did one come back from such a striking blow to their pride?

"Quiet down now, everyone! It's about time to assign teams!" Iruka called over the excited talking of the new genin. Instantly, they were all quiet, much to the teachers' surprise. It usually took much more to get them all quiet. Then again, they were undoubtedly excited about the promise of graduation and beginning their careers as ninja. Iruka almost wanted to be there when they learned of the second exam.

Well, almost.

"Team 1: Hakumi Mendo, Kinsumo Ami, and Kamimo Konku. Team 2: Kumo Hami-" Naruto tuned the scared teacher out, not really caring about the other teams as he probably wouldn't see that much of them once he was assigned his own team. Hopefully, it would have neither the Uchiha nor the Haruno (her parents were second rate ninja that had stood by while they watched the villagers attack him).

"Team 7: Uzumaki Naruto," Naruto's head snapped to attention at his name. Finally he would know who would be the ones that he would eventually come to see as family (at least, the Sandaime had been sure that was what was going to happen. Naruto was still a bit skeptic on that point). "Haruno Sakura." Right, make that more than a bit skeptic. There was no way in hell that the banshee would be anything more than an acquaintance to him. "And Uchiha Sasuke" It was official: life had it out for him. He'd been hoping to never have to see either of these two again and yet now he was cursed with their ever constant presence. Oh joy, Naruto thought with a grimace.

"Why do I have to be on a team with Naruto-baka?" whined Sakura. Naruto felt like it should have been the other way around as clearly, he was the one that had been slighted when the teams had been picked. He nodded at the sympathetic grimace both Shikamaru and Kiba sent his way. At least there was someone here that understood the severe injustice of this all.

Maybe, though, just maybe he would be able to gain an ally in at least one of his teammates. It wouldn't be hard to mold his chakra in the form that Sasuke's took. And all Uchiha's looked similar (and Naruto had seen enough of them before he'd lost his eyesight) so unless one looked closely, they would never know that it wasn't Sasuke. And they wouldn't look nearly as closely as an enemy would so Naruto felt confident that he could get away with this. In the future, though, Naruto would have to get Sasuke's description from someone because this wouldn't be nearly as effective against enemy ninja as it would a poorly trained genin fangirls.

There was also the fact that this wasn't the Henge exactly but it was close enough that Naruto had easily been able to use it to fool the teachers over the years and it wasn't like he could do the actual jutsu…he just wasn't able to see the characteristic of a person's face and body, rendering the jutsu useless to him; which was still going to be a problem that he would have to rectify in the future. However, that was a problem for another time; right now he had to make up his mind as to what he was going to do.

Decision made, Naruto decided to share his plan with the annoying bastard. "Hey, teme," Naruto whispered, getting Sasuke's attention. "I say as soon as the bell for lunch rings, we make a break for it. I can distract her, while you run."

"Why would you care?" Sasuke eyed the blonde in suspicion and Naruto could practically feel the gaze. Not the first time he wondered what the Uchiha really looked like. Surely he wasn't an exact carbon copy of his clan? Everyone had a least a few characteristics that were unique to themselves…well, it didn't really matter, did it? Naruto would never find out the answer to that question so it wasn't worth sparing any thought to it, was it?

"Because you're my new teammate and I should get into the habit of helping you escape the females of your fan clubs. As for the males, you're on your own there." Naruto hissed back, he could feel the glares of all of the fangirls on his back. Thankfully, there were no fanboys in this class or else Naruto wouldn't be able to hide his disturbed face because really, while he had no problem with homosexuals in the long run, over obsessive fans of any gender generally creeped him the hell out. Besides, Naruto thought to himself as he began molding the chakra necessary for this as the Uchiha made his decision; it would suck if you kept up the animosity against me when we're a team. If Naruto helped him now, Sasuke would be more inclined to take Naruto's side in an argument that Sakura's.

"I can live with that." The Uchiha was not too proud to turn down help from someone who could get him away from his terrifying fan club. Really, who was that obsessed with one person that much? Because that was what it was, an obsession. There was no kind words for stalking a boy who wasn't even a genin yet.

He did, however, know what Naruto was doing and he appreciated it. He would have done something similar if he was stuck on a team with two people who hated him. The feeling of failure he'd gained dissipated as he began wondering if there was another motive for Naruto to have for approaching him with this offer, but he pushed such thoughts aside for now. He would need to be ready to move when the class ended or else this would probably fail before it began.

And kami help him if it failed an those piranhas managed to sink their claws into him.

Iruka had just finished the team announcements when the bell rang, signaling it was time for lunch. In a flash Naruto replaced both himself and Sasuke with two Kage Bunshins' making sure one Henged as a young Uchiha. Said clone made a run for it, so as not to leave time for the fangirls to realize if any of his features weren't the exact replica of their quarry.

The real Naruto and Sasuke had quickly made their way up to the school roof, the only place they were sure that no one would accidently stumble on and ruin their distraction. It didn't take them long to break through the roof exit and barricade the door before sighing in relief at their successful (so far) escape.

"Nice job for a dobe." Naruto narrowed his eyes at the comment, vaguely noting that Sasuke had moved over by what Naruto thought was one of the benches. He wasn't sure, it was harder to tell object apart than it was to tell people apart by their chakra. He was getting better at it though and had managed to find a pencil he'd dropped last week. That was a large improvement from not being able to find his backpack while it was in front of him.

He absently wondered if size had anything to do with. The larger it was the more chakra it would take to find. Maybe he should train himself with the smaller objects for a while? He'd figure it out later, when he had more time to speculate on the subject.

"I had believed we'd established that that was actually an act. I'm not really that stupid but it was easier and more fun, to act like I was." Naruto replied while making sure that he was 'looking' right where Sasuke was supposed to be. It would look odd if he didn't.

Sometimes Naruto thought the best thing about being blind was that his eyes didn't carry the same milky cover as most blind people did. Kurama had made sure of that once he had realized the potential problems that could come from Naruto being blind.

"Yeah but why would you go through all that trouble just to pretend to be someone you weren't? What could have possibly motivated you to act like an idiot and get the lowest grades possible without failing?" Sasuke asked as he absently noted that this was more than he usually spoke in a month. The blonde seemed to be an acceptation to that general rule, apparently. Or Sasuke just really, really wanted answers; either way worked for him.

"There's an easy answer to that: I did it for practice. If we're sent on infiltration missions, we need to be able to act like completely different people to fool the enemy we're infiltrating. What better way to practice than in your own village where people are supposed to know you?" Naruto could almost imagine the gape on the stoic Uchiha's face. The other newly minted genin had probably been expecting a completely different answer.

"You really aren't a dobe." Sasuke said in contemplation. Even knowing that before they had left the classroom, years of thinking the blood a talentless moron weren't that easily cast aside. "Why can't you do Bunshin no Jutsu, then?" For all that the blond had usually said 'I'm just kidding' when failing to do a jutsu, the Bunshin had never received such an answer and the blonds' clones were truly pathetic looking. The newfound knowledge that the blond was actually skilled made this fact even more confusing than it had been before.

"I've got too much damn chakra. For me to even have a slim chance of ever performing that jutsu correctly I would need perfect chakra control and I don't have perfect chakra control at this point in time which makes it impossible for me to do the Bunshin." Naruto answered, feeling Sasuke's chakra signature move he concentrated on making his eyes follow Sasuke's movement, as if he was watching the Uchiha. It wasn't that hard to do and Sasuke didn't say anything, so Naruto assumed the other hadn't noticed his eyes moving only a second after Sasuke himself had moved.

"What about your Taijutsu? It's not really the Academy's style, is it?" Sasuke turned to look in the blonde's eyes, daring him to lie.

"Not all orphans have the privilege of living in the orphanage." Naruto replied dryly. He could feel the challenging look from the other turn into a surprised one. "And that's all you really need to know about it."

Sasuke was about to say something, probably going to protest Naruto's short answer, but the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch break. Naruto quickly formed a hand sign, releasing the Kage Bunshin and nearly yelped as his head pounded. Memories came flooding back to him of the past half hour they'd spent running from rather crazed fangirls. "Man, those girls are terrifying." Naruto muttered, walking back down the stairs the classroom.

"You have no idea." Sasuke shuddered, images of many, many fangirls chasing him all over the village flashing to the front of him mind. Why did those girls think chasing him would get him to go out with them in the first place? All it really did was make him even more intent on never being caught by them. It was a wonder that they had ever managed to get this far into the academy with that kind of willful blindness to their own faults. Even Haruno and Yamanaka knew better than to pursue him in suck a fashion and they were rather hopeless when it came to him.

As they entered the classroom to wait for their new sensei, Sasuke pondered what he had learned about the blonde. They knew he wasn't a hyperactive idiot but he also knew that the blond had secrets that he hadn't shared. Not that Sasuke was all that surprised considering he hadn't been on the blonds' team all that long but it still stirred his curiosity.

Naruto on the other hand was wondering if he told the spoilt Uchiha too much. Sure he hadn't really said anything incriminating and he hadn't really gone into detail as to why his Taijutsu was so different from the Academy style but all it would take for the Uchiha to know why was to go digging into the Orphanage documents to see that he hadn't lived there since he was really young. A little more digging around and Sasuke could easily figure out all of Naruto's secrets and the new genin didn't know if he trusted his soon to be teammate enough for him to know that much about him yet.

He didn't know if he would ever trust his new team enough for them to know and that was a depressing thought. Genin teams were supposed to be your second and sometimes, first, family. The fact that he might never be able to trust any of them didn't bode well for the rest of his life in this village.

Sakura was unnerved as they sat there for three hours in complete silence waiting for their sensei to show up. It was even worse with Naruto no longer acting and that just added to the situation. Sakura wasn't sure if she liked this Naruto or not and that just managed to confuse her even more since she was always wishing the hyperactive blonde would be a little more serious and now that it had happened, she was wishing for him to go back to normal. Not to mention that hearing that 'normal' for the blond was all just an act for years was unnerving, to say the least. In short, Sakura had no idea what to think about her new teammate anymore.

Finally Naruto moved. Standing up, Naruto went over to the chalk board and picked up a chalk eraser. Weighing it in his hand for a minute, the blond smirked viciously and gained the attention of his two other teammates.. Tying a long piece of string to it, the blonde slid open the door just enough to fit the chalk eraser in. Moving over to the ceiling Naruto tied the string to a small hook that was used for the plants they had once had in the class. Studying his work, Naruto made a few unseen modifications until he hoped down and studied his work in satisfaction.

"What did you do?" Sakura asked, wanting to know what that was about. Sasuke was also looking at the blonde for an answer. Neither received one.

Naruto smirked and shrugged. They would know soon enough and Naruto didn't really want to give away the surprise. Also, locating that hook had taken some real effort and the blond didn't trust himself to speak without a slight pant in his voice and he didn't want to have to explain that he had needed to use chakra to find the hook.

Locating smaller objects had always been hard for him but Naruto found that it was becoming easier the more he used it and the older that he got. The pulses of chakra Naruto used to get around and locate objects that lacked their own chakra had been a stroke of genius on his part but it wasn't always easy to concentrate together enough to find smaller objects. Maybe once they were started on chakra control exercises by their jounin sensei it would become easier? Naruto shrugged to himself and settled down to wait for said sensei to finally make an appearance. He would have an answer eventually and it wasn't as if he couldn't get by with what he did already if it came down to it.

Only a few minutes later, a tall man with a large amount of chakra in him right eye walked into the room where the genin waited for him. Naruto raised an eyebrow at the white chakra that surrounded the man and the tainted red that was in his right eye. Why'd he have that much chakra in an eye and why was it such a different color from the man's other chakra? Maybe it was from a doujutsu; Naruto had heard that they required a large amount of chakra to even work and if so, it could account for the difference in color as well.

Somehow, he doubted it. If this was who he thought it was, then the color likely from the eye itself.

As the door slid open the eraser smacked the man in the head, causing him to curse before it swung forward and then backwards again, although this time with more force, smacking the jounin in the left eye. Naruto snickered as the poor man cursed even louder. That had worked out so much better than he had though it would! Really, he had just wanted to see how well the man would be able to detect such a rudimentary trap. That the man had actually failed to see it made Naruto want to preen with both pride and facepalm at the man's complacency.

"My first impression is: I hate you." The man growled, holding a hand to his eye. Naruto doubted this very much as the jounin's chakra was fluctuating in a way that Naruto knew he was holding back laughter. The genin's low opinion of him raised and Naruto knew that the man wouldn't make the same mistake twice. That would mean that if Naruto wanted to prank him in the future, it would take much more effort. 'Well, at least I won't end up predictable,' he thought with relish.

Sakura turned to Naruto in confusion. While that had been a rather tame prank considering what Naruto usually did there was something that was bothering her about it… "How'd you know that he was going to be that tall?" she finally asked. It wasn't strange for Naruto to use the knowledge he had on other classmates and teachers to tailor pranks to them but as far as she knew, the blond had never met this man before an therefore shouldn't have been able to tell how tall he was.

The blonde only smiled at her. "All the other jounin were, so why not him as well?" It was complete bullshit on his part as Naruto was well aware of who would be teaching them. After all, if he was on a team with the last Uchiha who else would their sensei possibly be other than the only person left in the village with the Sharingan? Not to mention the fact that the man had been standing in the hall for the last three hours and it had been easy to figure out the man's height because of it.

Sharingan no Kakashi interrupted their conversation with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "Meet me on the roof and we'll begin." The man said before his chakra flared and he vanished. Well, someone didn't do well with being ignored.

Naruto sighed and waited for Sasuke and Sakura to leave the room before opening a window, focusing chakra to his hands, and climbing up the outside wall to the roof. Once on the roof, Naruto took a seat on a nearby bench and watched as both Sakura and Sasuke came through the door and proceed to stare at the blond. Naruto just smirked and waved at them; ignoring the look he felt his new sensei give him. Naruto was well aware that he shouldn't have been able to do that but well, he had experimented with chakra as a child and if he learned how to climb walls like a gecko, than that was just a plus for him but Kakashi didn't need to know that.

Unknown to the blond, Kakashi was well aware of Gecko-san. Naruto didn't need to know that Inu, the ANBU who watched over him as a child, and Hatake Kakashi were the same people just yet. Maybe Kakashi would tell him one day or maybe Naruto would make the connection himself but until then, Kakashi was find letting Naruto think that Kakashi was trying to figure out how Naruto had managed to learn that particular skill.

At least he knew that tree climbing exercises were going to be interesting should the team manage to pass. Breaking Naruto of the habit to use both his hands and feet was going to be fun. The white haired man fought back the urge to cackle evilly. His new students eyed him wearily.

"Now that we're all here, why don't we introduce ourselves? I'll go first. My name in Hatake Kakashi. I like things and I dislike things. I have many hobbies. Dreams for the future? I don't think I'll tell you. Now you, Blondie." The genin glared at the man, well aware that they had learned absolutely nothing about him. Naruto also didn't appreciate being called blondie but Kakashi just ignored the rather intense glare coming from sky blue eyes.

Naruto scowled at the jounin before sighing. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I like ramen, plants, and pranks. I dislike people who judge others and people that don't bother to get to know a person before assuming that they know everything about them. My hobbies include playing pranks and training. My dream is to become the Hokage." He would have just answered that it wasn't any of their business what he was like but Naruto was rather certain that would be detrimental to his goal of getting along with his new team.

And he wasn't sure he wanted to test the evil aura that was radiating from the white chakra'd man. It was taking all his will power not to scream 'pervert!' and flee from the building's roof.

On second thought, the reactions of his new team and sensei just might be worth it…

"Pinkie," Kakashi said after a moment of silence, unknowingly keep Naruto from carrying out his plan. For some reason, Kakashi thought as the attention turned to the girl of the team, he felt like he had dodged a bullet… Maybe he was imagining things?

Sakura glared at her teacher for the nickname. "My name is Haruno Sakura and I like well, a certain someone and I dislike well, I guess nothing really." Once upon a time the answer would have been 'Naruto' but she really couldn't say that she disliked him when she wasn't even certain what he was really like, could she? "My hobbies are, um, ah, yeah, anyway my dream is um, ah…" It did not go unnoticed that she had glanced at Sasuke during certain parts of her introduction.

'Oh great, a fangirl. Just what I always wanted.' Kakashi thought sarcastically. "The Brooding one, it's your turn."

Sasuke glanced at his sensei. Well if his sensei didn't have to tell him anything, why did he? "My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I like to train." He said nothing more and after a few minutes, Kakashi seemed to realize that he wasn't going to. 'Whoever said that children are cute should be stabbed.' Kakashi though as he studied his soon to be charges. As if the council would let him fail the team that had Uchiha Sasuke on it. 'Repeatedly. And then maybe burned alive.'

Kakashi sighed. This was going to be one fun test tomorrow. Oh well, just because he knew that there was no way that he'd be allowed to fail them didn't mean that they needed to know that. There was no way that he was going to let the council, especially the Civilian Council, take away all of his fun. "Meet me at training ground seven tomorrow and make sure that you don't eat."

"Why?" Sakura asked, while Naruto promised himself that he was going to eat anyways. Even if it was just to be contrary.

"Because tomorrow is the final test to become a genin!" Kakashi gave the group a smile. Or Naruto assumed he did from his tone of voice. Vaguely he wondered what his sensei looked like. Then he discarded that thought because it wasn't worth wondering about. The man probably looked like some kind of masked freak anyways. Maybe he would even had gravity defying hair to add to the ridiculousness of the look that was forming in his mind. Naruto snorted. As if.

Oh if he only knew…

"But I thought we were already genin!" Sakura exclaimed, obviously annoyed at the thought of another test. What was the point of the 'you're all adults know' speech their former sensei had given them if they hadn't truly graduated yet?!

"Nope. Out of all genin that graduated taking the test, only 33% will actually pass on to become genin." Kakashi's tone was gleeful, as if he enjoyed telling them the bad news. With that, his chakra flared again and vanished, leaving his new team to glare at the spot he'd once occupied.

Oh how much fun he was going to have with this group. Kakashi, in the safety of his home, let out a gleeful cackle.

ing here ...
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Madelein: I am not far in the story but its great so far ,hope it works out in the end.,the wolves are sweet

Jessica: I absolutely loved the story, super cute and binge worthy❤️

Legs1: Very different and loved it!

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