Black Son

All over the world

A couple of weeks had past now, since Bruce had leapt off in the middle of the night with the location of the different kinds of Kryptonium in his pocket. He leapt in long jumps through the air, clearing great distances with every leap. With every mile, he was able to leap further, sometimes it felt like he could actually fly. It felt like true freedom. But even in his joy and happiness, he still wondered if he should let Alfred know that he was fine.

He was jumping over fields in Kansas by now, and decided to stop in the small city of Smallville. There had been signs of an excess of Kryptonium, crashing in this area, some years after his arrival. It was certainly worth a look. He enjoyed hospitality from the Kent family and their baby girl, Clarice. "If it had been a boy we would've named him Clark."

"That's a nice name." Bruce said. "Mind if I borrow it? You know, whenever I need a secret identity." he continued with a playful smile on his face. "How old is she now?" He asked as he watched her play.

"She'll turn two next month." Jonathan proudly stated.

"Then she must've been born around the time of that big meteor shower that hit this town?" The Kents got nervous at this statement, but Bruce decided to push a little further anyways. "I was hoping to see some of the crash sites."

"Not much to see." Jonathan answered bluntly. "The holes were filled and everyone is trying to forget that day ever happened," he continued with a grim look on his face, never taking his eyes off Clarice.

"Who's up for desert?" Martha asked, in an obvious attempt to lighten the mood. It was clear to Bruce that this was a painful subject, so he decided to let it rest. As he tried to gather more information in the town, later on he also learned why the subject was such a painful one. He learned that the meteor shower had been a tragic day where quite some people had lost their lives or lost loved ones. Bruce visited some of the crash sites, but they were all closed up and there was no green Kryptonium to be found.

He was about to give up when he stumbled upon some glowing blue rock. He used his communicator for mobile scans and found it to be Kryptonium. He didn't get sick when he approached though. "Best not to take any chances." He mumbled as he turned around and leapt in the air. To his surprise, he only stumbled and went down flat on his face. And it hurt. "What happened?" He tried again. Nothing. He looked back at the blue rock. He tried focusing, but heard nothing of the overwhelming noise he was constantly blocking out. Then he squinted his eyes, but no fiery beams shot out of them. "Interesting." he mumbled, picking up the rock and puting it in a special lead container he had brought. The moment he closed the box the noise came rushing back in. He fell to his knees, unprepared for the return of his powered up senses. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to cancel them out again. "Very interesting," he repeated. He would do good to send this to Alfred and Brainiac for testing. But not without keeping a piece for himself.

After sending the package off, Bruce kept going. For one year he kept leaping around the American continent, expanding his limits until felt certain that he could cross the ocean by leaping and swimming. From time to time he left a little message for Alfred, telling him he was fine and keeping him updated of his progress. He had learned by now the blue Kryptonium canceled out the effects of the other colors he encountered. After going berserk, and leveling a part of the rainforest when he encountered a red piece, he decided to send the pieces home, before testing the effects on himself. Brainiac and Alfred kept updating him with information. He heard how his mother had escaped Arkham, killing more people on the way out, and that she had now disappeared into the city. That was also the night when the nightmares returned. Dreams about bullets sparking of and lasers burning flesh flashed before Bruce's eyes. But this time it was safe, he couldn't hurt anyone as long as he kept the blue Kryptonium close.

He finally crossed the ocean to Europe. He kept honing his strength there, both with and without his powers, and kept training his developing skills. His invulnerability and strength were first put to a real test as he had a collision with some bulls in Madrid. In France he learned he could see through solid objects when he visited the Louvres. While traveling through Belgium he learned that he could blow with the force of a small hurricane when he saved fifteen people from a burning building. Stopping a bank robbery in Switzerland showed him how to use his strength to reach extreme speeds. But however hard he tried he still could not focus his hearing. He could turn it off, but there was no way to understand anything when he was hearing everything.

By the time he was fifteen, he moved on to Asia. He had heard about several masters there, trained in ancient martial arts. They were known to use meditation to hone their human skills to peak levels. Bruce found himself visiting martial artist after martial artist. While wearing his blue Kryptonium bracelet he trained in several forms of martial arts, but he never felt like he was being taught good enough. Every time he said he was looking for the strongest, best, and most disciplined teacher to teach him, everyone just answered: "Teacher finds you." And then, after months of training and searching, a teacher finally found him as he was training in the mountains of Tibet without his bracelet.

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