Black Son

Demon Training

Bruce was juggling giant boulders, when a group of ninjas, dressed in all black, came out of nowhere. At first he kept them off easily, tossing them aside like rag dolls. But then, a young female figure, dressed in red, arrived. Somehow she was able to counter his strength with swift dodges and by redirecting his punches. She countered his speed with amazing reflexes. She wasn't expecting his super breath though. With one burst she got hit back into the snow, but she was quickly able to counter even this by using his own power against him. With right positioning, she made him create an avalanche with his own breath so that Bruce buried himself. Bruce tried to punch his way out, but he was disoriented, not recognizing up from down after tumbling around in the snow. Then he tried to fire his lasers but the cold stopped him from focusing. Soon he grew numb and lost consciousness. If only he had been stronger.

When Bruce woke up, he was lying on a hard bed, the scent of incense overwhelming his senses. He jumped up looking around. The red ninja that beat him earlier was sitting next to his bed. He took a moment to focus on her. She had taken her mask of and she was beautiful, with long dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. "You're awake," she said with a smile.

Bruce regained his composure and lunged towards her throwing a fist in her direction. She easily caught it and pushed him back. "How did you?" Bruce asked, looking first at her, then at his fist.

The girl held up his blue Kryptonium bracelet. "This, seems to take your special abilities away."

Bruce tried to grab the bracelet, but the girl flicked it out of his reach. "How do you know about that?" He asked.

The girl shrugged. "We've been watching you. A teenage billionaire doesn't really blend in you know, Bruce."

Bruce reacted shocked "Who are you?"

The girls composure changed, her back straightened, and her chin raised. "My name is Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, leader of the league of shadows."

Bruce was eyeing any way of escape by now. "So what do you want from me? Money?"

"It's not my place to discuss. I'll let my father know that you've awakened." She bowed down her head and left the room. A guard came in, holding his bracelet clearly visible as a warning not to try anything. With no other option, Bruce waited, until an older looking man walked in. He seemed to exude authority from his very presence. His dark gray hair was carefully combed back over his head, and the shots of white running through the sides gave him a distinguished and wise look. He looked at Bruce with green, glowing eyes, that reminded him a little too much of the glow of Kryptonium. Those eyes seemed to cut straight through his flesh and bones, seeing into his very soul.

"Young Bruce," the man said in a warm voice. "I'm so glad to see you're all right." He took the bracelet and dismissed the guard. "There wont be any need for this now, will there?" He said in a provocative tone as he threw the bracelet in a lead chest.

The moment the chest slammed close, Bruce jumped out of the bed, toward the man. To his surprise the man didn't even move to dodge his attack. He simply reached out and with a swift gesture of his hand redirected the boy into a wall. Bruce emerged from the hole his body had created and shook off the rubble. He focused, two beams shot from his eyes toward his opponent. They never hit their target though. Before Bruce could see what had happened the man was next to him pushing back Bruce's head and turning the boy away. Bruce tried to turn and break free, but somehow he couldn't. He was slammed hard to the floor. He relaxed his muscles. "Is this why they call you the demons head?" Bruce asked. "Due to your great strength?"

"Impressive." Ra's answered, as he released the boy. "You understand the meaning of my name."

"I picked up some languages as I traveled the world. Arabic was one of them." The boy said, clearing the rubble from his face. "So how are you so strong?"

The older man just frowned. "Strength is no replacement for skill."

"Are you saying that I'm unskilled?" Bruce asked a little insulted.

"I'm saying that you're untrained. But the fact that you're still alive proves that I see potential. You've been honing your powers, but they are not what you need. When you rely on them, they will betray you." He grabbed into the chest to take the bracelet. "I see you realized this already," he continued as he studied the bracelet. "But still, you aren't trained."

"I never found the best master." Bruce stated. "But," he continued as he stood up. "It seems that he, found me." He clasped his hands together and bowed in front of Ra's Al Ghul, just like a student would in front of his master.

"Why do you seek the best master, boy?" The demon asked.

Bruce remained in his bowing position. "So I could become a force for justice."

Ra's smiled. "Come, my boy," he said opening his arms in a welcoming gesture. "I have a lot to teach you."

Bruce was given his bracelet back with the specific instruction not to take it off for two whole years. In this time there was to be no communication with the outside world. Bruce felt determined to learn all he could, so he followed the instructions given to him. Ra's started out with sending him to several monasteries, way up in the mountains, to learn specialized forms of armed and unarmed combat. He even spent a whole month learning several meditation techniques, without being allowed to speak a single word. Then he started training with Talia, and Bruce was surprised to see how quickly he surpassed her. But even after he had grown past her level of skill, they kept spending evenings in training together. They worked so hard together, that they achieved perfect synchronization. Talia even convinced him to take of his bracelet so they could work on some of his powers together. It wasn't long before their mutual respect grew into love.

The days were different from those training sessions though. Now that he was able to go toe to toe with the strongest members of the league, he was taken in by Ra's himself as his personal pupil. This led to a vigorous training regimen of sword fighting, stealth skills, hand to hand combat, traditional weapons training, fighting and military strategy training and advanced meditation. By the time the two years were done, Bruce had grown to a strong and insightful young man, even without his powers.

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