Black Son


"The day has come, young Bruce. There is not much left to teach you." Ra's said to the the young man kneeling in front of him. "From now on, you will be a force of justice in the league of shadows."

What Ra's did not realise, was that in the two years he had been trained, Bruce had gathered quite some information about the league. Enough to know their brand of justice wasn't the justice he was looking for. Bruce stood up from his kneeling position. "The same justice you gave the business man in Shanghai last year? Or those oil miners in Southern Australia? That's no justice, that's murder!"

Ra's sighed. "You weren't supposed to know that yet. You aren't ready to see the sacrifices needed for justice. Sacrifices that could've saved your fathers life."

"Don't even mention my father." Bruce snapped, before taking a deep breath to calm himself. "I appreciate the training, but I think I'll have to find my own justice."

"Do you think it will be that easy to leave?" Ra's said, expanding his chest, and towering over Bruce.

As he looked Ra's in the eyes, Bruce grabbed the bracelet and shoved it in the lead laced bag that Talia had given him. "Yes." He simply answered as he started to float upward until he was on eye height with the demon.

Ra's hid the fury building up in his chest pretty well. But Bruce could see his temples pulsing. "Men, get him!" On Ra's command, dozens of assassins appeared from the shadows all over the room.

Bruce stayed motionless in the air, never breaking away from the death stare Ra's was giving him. When a barrage of arrows and shuriken flew his way he didn't even flinch as they bounced of his skin. After a couple of seconds, he took a deep breath and blew all his opponents out of the room, until only Ra's remained. Not even blinking, Ra's drew his longsword. "Do you think your powers will save you, Bruce?" He asked as he lunged forward.

Faster than the eye could observe, Bruce's hand moved and he caught the blade between his fingertips. "No." He said as he snapped his fingers breaking the blade clean in half. "My training will."

"We'll see about that." Ra's answered as he grabbed a device in his coat. "How will you fight if you can't hear, or focus?"

Ra's pushed a button, and for a second Bruce was back in the cave of solitude for the first time, overwhelmed by the screeching bats. This time however, he closed his eyes calmly. He cleared his mind, as he had done so many times in meditation, and drove back the sound from his mind. He opened his eyes, unfazed by Ra's' little gizmo. He slowly floated closer to his former master, now his enemy, and simply took the device out of his hand and crushed it in his fist. "Any more tricks?" Bruce asked. Ra's stayed calm on the outside, but with his now fully trained hearing, Bruce noticed his heart racing as he took on a fighting stance. Bruce just shook his head at him. "You can only use my power against me if I actually attack you. Otherwise there's nothing you can do."

Ra's sighed and relaxed his muscles. "I know. I thought you that, in fact. But you should know I wasn't planning to beat you. I was simply trying to stall you."

Bruce raised an eyebrow. "Stall me for what?"

"For your biggest weakness to arrive." Ra's said with a grin.

That moment Talia walked in. "What is going on here?"

"He is betraying the league." Ra's said pointing at Bruce.

Bruce looked at Talia. "I'm leaving to pursue justice. I would love it if you would come with me."

Talia stood in the middle between her father and her love. She hesitated a moment.

"Talia, don't you dare." Her father yelled.

Talia looked away from her father and ran to Bruce, jumping into his arms and planting her lips on his. When she pulled away she whispered in Bruce's ear. "I'm sorry, beloved." Then Bruce fell to the floor, writhing in pain.

When Bruce looked up at his love he saw a look of regret in her eyes as she held up a green piece of Kryptonium. "How?... Why?" was all he could mutter.

Thalia couldn't look him in the eye. "You told me, remember."

Bruce did remember, it was the night they shared their first kiss.

"And as for the why. There is only one straight path to justice, Bruce." Talia continued as she went to stand next to her father. "And it is with the league. We'll make you see that, my beloved."

Bruce was taken aback with the source of the Kryptonium, but not completely taken by surprise. While he was lying on the floor in apparent pain, he had taken the bracelet back out of his pocket. This was one trick that he hadn't even told Talia. Now he just had to wait for the right opportunity. Two guards came in and Ra's gave them instructions to carry Bruce to a cell, and to keep the rock close to him. When they were far enough down the hall, Bruce flexed his muscles and threw his two bodyguards into each other. Before they could recuperate, he put them out of order with a couple of quick chops to the neck. He kicked away the Kryptonium down the hall, and before anyone could react he put away the bracelet and with one swift jump he flew through the roof. Once he had reached a safe distance, he took a moment to look back at the place that had thought him so much. He could hear people asking Ra's and Talia if they should pursue him. Ra's declined. He knew it was too late to catch Bruce now. He did state however, that there would be another time. As he turned away, Bruce could even hear the tears, running down Talias cheeks and hit the floor. As he wiped a tear from his own eyes, he realised that this was the one time, he wished his super hearing was still inaccurate.

Bruce flew off to Gotham. Breaking the sound barrier for the first time. He smiled. He was ready now. He scanned the area around Wayne Manor with his very recently discovered enhanced vision. His powers had really leaped in two years, even though he barely used them. When all seemed clear, he landed in front of the door and knocked it loud. He used his see-through-vision to see if Alfred was coming. When he could see him he knocked again. "Yes, yes. I heard you the first time." He heard Alfred yell. The door opened. "What is it?" Alfred stated just before he stared into Bruce's face with a dumbstruck expression on his own. "Master Bruce," he said, tears forming in his eye.

Bruce couldn't hold back a tear himself. "I'm home Alfred." He said as he took his long lost friend in his arms. "And I'm not leaving again, anytime soon."

"How did you get here?" Alfred asked while he looked his young master up and down from head to toe.

"I flew." Bruce said.

Alfred frowned. "But Brainiac hasn't seen any activity in your bank accounts for two years now. How did you get a ticket?"

Bruce smiled and stepped back. "No, Alfred. I FLEW," he said as he started floating up from the ground. "On my own, Alfred."

"My God." The butler said as he covered his mouth in astonishment. "It seems that we have a lot to talk about."

"Yes indeed, my old friend. A lot to talk, and a lot to plan." Bruce said as he put an arm around Alfed's shoulder. "We need to work on this whole justice thing. I might need to wear a mask."

The butler cringed. "Couldn't you just wear glasses?"

Bruce laughed. "I really doubt that would work Alfred. I'll need something dark, something that would inspire fear. I'm thinking bat themed."

"Don't you hate those creatures?" Alfred closed the doors behind them, still trying to wrap his head around the whole situation.

"I did, but hearing them again makes me feel..." Bruce paused and took a deep breath "home."

Alfred smiled. "One bat themed super hero costume, coming up." he answered with a sarcastic sigh. "And it's still good to have you home sir."

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