Chapter 10

Chapter Ten

Burt Hummel could not stop his hands from shaking. Whether it was from fear or anger, he wasn't really sure. He was angry at those filthy bandits, the Warblers, for kidnapping his son, doing who knows what to him. At the same time, he was afraid of what they could be doing to him. He didn't like the look in that one bandit's eyes, Sebastian, when he talked about Kurt. There was lust and desire flaming through them.

I swear to God, if he touches even a hair on my son's head, Burt growled to himself. I will kill him.

"Sir, the rendezvous is just up ahead," Mike's voice broke through his thoughts. Burt looked over at him and nodded, spurring his horse over closer to him.

"Are the men all in place?" Burt asked, referring to the men assigned to ambush the bandits once they got his son back.

"Yes, Sir," Mike nodded. "I sent them out last night. They should be ready and waiting in position as we speak. Actually, we should be meeting up with Karofsky soon..." Karofsky was the head of the muscle team, which Burt used when dealing with especially dangerous criminals that they wished to detain.

As they passed over the next dune, they were able to see the canyons where the map would lead them to. They were to make the exchange at the entrance to the canyon. The bandits probably thought that they would be able to make a quick get away by escaping through the canyons, but little did they know that Burt would already have men waiting in there for them. Burt couldn't help but smile with pleasure as he thought about how shocked and surprised those bandits' faces would look when they realized that they had no way out.

But that smile quickly faded as they passed over one of the final dunes. There, sitting in the middle of the sand, were his men, all six of them, trussed up and gagged. Mike quickly spurred ahead, dropping down off his horse and pulling the gag from Karofsky's mouth.

"What happened?" he asked as Burt quickly drew his horse up beside them. Karofsky looked down in shame.

"We were out numbered," he told them. "They ambushed our ambush. And now they're waiting for you by the canyon." Burt's eyes flashed with anger as he looked towards the canyon. He quickly rode up to the top of the last dune and stared off at the canyon. There, lying at the entrance, was a body.

"Kurt!" Burt yelled, quickly spurring his horse forward. He could hear the horses of his men quickly following behind him. The body on the ground was so still.

Please, be okay, Burt pleaded, never taking his eyes off the still form. That is, he didn't until the arrows rained down in front of them, stopping them cold. Burt looked up to see many dark forms spread across the upper ledges of the canyon, all holding nocked bows that were trained on them.

"You broke your word," a voice called out, echoing against the canyon walls loudly. Burt's eyes immediately shot up to the man the voice had come from. His dark hair was slicked back, accentuating the black mask secured across his eyes. He stood slightly apart from the other men, his arms crossed unhappily over his chest.

"How did I break my word?" Burt called back defiantly. "There was no agreeance that I could not bring my men with me, or send them ahead of me to secure the grounds."

"I don't care about your petty excuse for an ambush," the man smirked. "Do you take us for fools? Falling for something like that? But no, that is not what I'm referring to. That," he pointed down at the body lying on the ground. "Is what I'm talking about. You were warned what would happen if Sebastian was followed."

"Tina!" Burt heard Mike exclaimed from beside him. "What did you do to her?"

"Why don't you see for yourself?" the man laughed, gesturing at the body again. Without a second thought, Mike quickly spurred forward, towards the body. Burt cautiously followed, his eyes watching the bandits warily.

Mike quickly jumped down off his horse, carefully pulling the sac that had hid their identity off of the person's head to reveal an Asian woman with long, dark hair. Her hands were bound roughly in front of her and a gag was tied tightly against her lips. Her eyes were closed and she did not move, even when Mike gently moved her head onto his lap.

"Tina!" Mike cried, pulling the gag from her mouth. "Tina, please, Baby, wake up!" Burt could hear the tears cracking in Mike's voice.

"She's not dead," the bandit said nonchalantly, as if he could care less. Burt turned away from Mike and Tina to look up at him.

"Where's my son?!" he growled, clenching his hands into fists at his sides. A part of him was relieved that the body hadn't been Kurt, but, at the same time, he was worried about where Kurt was then.

The bandit smiled and turned away, snapping his fingers at someone out of sight, and suddenly, Kurt was being lead out into his line of sight.

"Kurt!" Burt called out, his heart nearly breaking when he saw his son being handled so roughly by these men. If Kurt had wanted to try to look at his father or at least call out to him, he wouldn't be able to as they had blindfolded him as well gagged him. He struggled against his captors, but to no avail. The bandit, whom Burt had now summarized was most likely their leader, grabbed Kurt's hands, which were tied in front of him, and pulled him to his side.

"Here he is, still alive and breathing!" the leader laughed, his hand encircling the back of Kurt's neck, making him flinch. Burt could feel the anger boiling in his chest as he watched the bandit's actions.

"Don't touch him!" Burt yelled at him. All that did was make the bandit smile.

"Where's the money, Hummel?" the man asked, not letting go of his hold on Kurt. Burt growled unhappily, but signaled one of his men over, who carried the sack of gold coins. He had never thought that he would actually have to turn the money over to them, but he would do whatever he had to to get Kurt back.

"Here it is," he said, holding up the sac. "Now give me my son back!"

"You're in no position to be making demands," the man laughed. "Now put the sac in that bucket by the wall. Burt looked over to see that there was indeed at bucket by the wall, attached to a long rope that dropped down from the ledge that the bandits were standing on.

"No, give me my son first," Burt argued, gripping the sac tightly.

"Again, you're in no position to be making demands," the bandit growled, suddenly squeezing Kurt's neck and making him omit a strangled cry through the gag. Burt's heart seized up in his chest as he quickly slid off his horse and dropped the sac into the bucket. The man smiled, lightening his grip on Kurt's neck once Burt did so.

"Now, was that so hard?" he grinned as the bucket was drawn up to them. Once the bucket reached them, the bandit stuck his hand into the bag, and clutched a handful of coins, a satisfied grin flickering across his lips as he let the coins slip through his fingers and fall back into the sac.

"There, you have your money," Burt stated. "Now give me back my son!"

"I am a man of my word," the bandit nodded, looking back down at Burt again. He swiftly pulled out a knife, moving it carefully towards Kurt's bound hands, when he suddenly stopped and moved it up to Kurt's throat instead.

"What are you doing?!" Burt roared.

"Like I said," the bandit grinned. "I am a man of my word. I warned you of what would happen if Sebastian was followed. Foolish move, Governor. It cost you your son." The bandit suddenly drew the knife along Kurt's neck, making crimson blood stream down his skin. Burt was barely able to distinguish that it was his own voice screaming as the bandit let go of Kurt and let him slump lifelessly to the ground.

The bandit looked at the red liquid dripping from his knife and grinned. He then chucked the blade down at Burt, the weapon sinking into the ground a few feet in front of him.

"His blood is on your hands, Hummel," the bandit declared. "I'd suggest that you think twice the next time that you try to mess with us." He started to turn away but then stopped and turned back to look down at Burt again.

"And you know what?" he grinned suddenly. "Since you thought to try to ambush us, I won't even give you consolidation of having your son's body. Good luck searching the rivers!"

And with that, he turned away, the bandits near him quickly moving in to pick up Kurt's lifeless body and take it away.

"I will find you!" Burt screamed at the now empty ledge. "I will find you and I will kill you!"

The bandit suddenly appeared on the ledge again, crouching down near the edge to peer down at him.

"Good luck with that!" he chuckled, waving his hand in a taunting manner before he disappeared again for the last time.

No, Burt decided coldly, his heart lacing over with ice. Not for the last time. I will find him. And I will make him pay.

A flash of light in his eyes made Burt look at the object glinting on the ground. The dagger. Burt quickly moved over to it and grasped the handle in his hand, swiftly pulling it out of the ground and staring at the sand covered blood sticking to the blade.

I swear on the blood of my son that I will find you, he glanced up at the empty ledge again. I will find you and I will kill you.

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