Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen

The water swirled and bubbled around Blaine as he plunged under the water. His eyes quickly adjusted to being underwater as he searched for Kurt, his heart pounding desperately as he prayed that he was not too late.

His eyes finally spotted the dark form of Kurt's body being carried away by the river's strong current. Blaine pushed himself into the heavy current, keeping his eyes trained on Kurt's drifting body. As he got closer, he noticed that Kurt's body seemed very limp. He wasn't fighting the current at all.

Please be alright, Blaine silently begged as he swam to Kurt's body. He grabbed Kurt's arm, pulling Kurt back to him. The fact that Kurt wasn't resisting his touch worried him even more. But there wasn't time to check Kurt's condition. The river was dragging them further and further along, the current controlling their movements. Blaine securely wrapped his arms around Kurt and then let himself sink down enough that he was able to reach the river's floor. The second his feet scraped against the ground, Blaine pushed off with all of his might, shooting them back up to the surface.

Blaine gasped for breath as he broke through the water. He struggled to keep him and Kurt afloat with just one free arm as he desperately looked around for the river's bank. As he was looking, he spotted a large rock sticking out of the water that they were quickly approaching. Without a second thought, Blaine reached out and grabbed it as the river tried to carry them onward.

The strong current tried to rip Blaine's grip from the rock, but he held on tight, using all the strength he had left in his body to pull himself and Kurt up onto the rock. Blaine rolled onto his back, greedily gasping for breath and coughing up small spurts of water. He laid there for a couple of seconds, closing his eyes as he soaked in the warmth of the sun on his skin.

"Kurt!" he suddenly exclaimed, his eyes shooting open. Blaine quickly rolled over and sat up, going to Kurt's body. He gently turned Kurt's body over to find the pale boy unresponsive. He quickly pressed his ear to Kurt's chest, praying that he would find a heart beat.

There was none.

"No! No! No!" Blaine started to panic. "I can't lose you now!" He quickly placed his hands over Kurt's chest and started doing compressions. He quickly check again for a heart beat, but still finding none, he continued the compressions, alternating between doing that and trying to breath air into his lungs.

"Come on, Kurt!" Blaine begged. "Please, just stay with me!" He brought his lips to Kurt's again, breathing air into his lungs, and this time, he got a result.

Kurt's eyes flew open and he started to cough violently, spewing up the water that had been trapped in his lungs. Blaine gently patted his back as Kurt bent over and continued to spew up water. After a couple of minutes, Kurt's coughing subsided and he fell back onto his back, closing his eyes as he focused on how to breath properly again.

Blaine waited patiently for a few minutes as the rising and falling of Kurt's chest became more natural before speaking.

"How do you feel?" he asked softly. Kurt's eyes flew open, panic filling them as he recognized Blaine's voice. His eyes fell on Blaine and a mixture of emotions flashed through them. His eyes almost seemed to soften slightly as Kurt opened his mouth as if to say something, but he stopped as another voice called out over the water.

"Kurt? Blaine?" Jeff's voice sounded panicked and worried. Blaine broke eye contact with Kurt as he looked over to the shore and called back to Jeff.

"We're over here!" he said, waving his arm at Jeff. Kurt turned his head slightly to seem the blond running down the bank towards them.

"If we jump out a bit, we should be able to clear the heavier current," Blaine suddenly commented, making Kurt turn back to him. "Do you think you'll be able to do that? Otherwise we may be stuck out here for a while." A light smile twinkled in Blaine's eyes as he made the comment, making Kurt almost warm up to him.

"Y-Yeah, I think I can," Kurt nodded slowly. Blaine swiftly got to his feet and then extended a hand to Kurt to help him up. Blaine was momentarily surprised when Kurt actually accepted his help and slid his hand into his. Blaine carefully helped Kurt to his feet, quickly supporting him as Kurt's knees nearly buckled beneath him.

"Here, lean on me," Blaine told him, wrapping his arm around Kurt's waist. "I've got you."

Kurt was surprised by Blaine's kind actions towards him, even though only moments earlier Kurt had been rude and snarky to him.

"We'll jump on three, okay?" Blaine said, looking at Kurt. Kurt, finding himself momentarily voiceless, just nodded.

"Alright," Blaine smiled. "One. Two. Three!" Together they pushed off the rock and jumped back into the cold water. Blaine kept his hold on Kurt as they slowly made their way back to the shore, slowly fighting against the not-as-heavy current.

"Kurt, are you okay?" Jeff asked as they got to the shore, coming over to support Kurt from the other side.

"He got caught under the current," Blaine explained for him, helping him ease down onto a rock out of the water. "He got a bit of water in his lungs, but I think that he's going to be okay. Probably just in a bit of shock still." Jeff turned to Kurt with wide eyes.

"You are so lucky to be alive then!" he exclaimed. "Very few people ever survive getting caught under that current! The only people I've ever seen get out of it were Blaine and Ja-" He quickly clamped his mouth shut as he caught a glance from Blaine.

"I'm going to go get the towels," Blaine said quietly, quickly moving away and heading back up the riverside towards where they had left the towels.

Kurt and Jeff watched him go, confusion quickly filling Kurt's head. Why had Blaine reacted like that? Whose name was Jeff about to say? And, most importantly, why did Blaine save him?

Kurt had been so angry at Blaine when he had dove into the water that he had let his anger cloud his judgement. He dove deeper and farther than he had expected, unintentionally landing himself in the middle of the river where the heavy current quickly picked him up and carried him away. He struggled to find control as his body was swept along, but failed. He started to panic as he realized that he could drown if he didn't get back up to the surface and in his panicked state, he didn't see the large boulder jutting up from the ground until it was too late. The force of the current slammed him into the rock, knocking all of the air from his lungs. His head also slammed against the rock, making dark spots start to fill his vision. It did not take long for the darkness to consume him completely.

Kurt thought for sure that he was dead. He felt so warm, feeling heat and light on his face. He could have almost sworn that he saw his mother holding out her hand to him. But the vision of her suddenly disappeared as his quickly eyes shot open. He coughed violently, ejecting the water that had filled his lungs. He greedily gasped for air, taking in as much as he could as he laid back down. He started to feel his body relaxing again until he started to talk.

"How do you feel?" Blaine's voice broke through his tranquility. Kurt's eyes flew open, panic filling them as he recognized Blaine's voice. He initially wanted to react with anger, but as his eyes fell on Blaine, his breath momentarily caught in his throat. Blaine's hair was wet, water dripping off the dark curls. Confusion quickly took over as he tried to figure out why Blaine's hair would be wet and then realization dawned on him. Blaine had saved him.

His eyes softened slightly as he looked at Blaine. He opened his mouth to thank Blaine, but was cut off as Jeff's voice called out to them. Blaine looked away from Kurt to call out and wave to Jeff, and as he did so, Kurt couldn't help but notice Blaine's bare chest and how beautiful it looked glistening with water. He quickly turned his head away to look at Jeff so that Blaine wouldn't catch him staring.

He tried to ignore the fact that Blaine was so attractive. He especially tried to ignore the fact that Blaine had a very nice, toned body that felt very nice pressed against his as Blaine helped support him and lead him back to the shore. He tried to ignore how nice it felt to have Blaine's arm around his waist, or how gentle Blaine was being with him. He tried to ignore these new feelings he was having for Blaine.

But so far, he wasn't having much luck.

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