Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Burt Hummel shifted anxiously as he stood on the train station platform, waiting for his son to arrive. The train was late, which worried him greatly. What if something had happened? Try as he might, Burt couldn't shake the uneasy feeling that resided in the pit of his stomach.

"There it is, Sir," one of his guards, a guy by the name of Mike, if he remembered correctly, said, pointing off into the distance. On the horizon, there was a small black speck that was quickly growing in size as it neared. Burt let out a deep sigh of relief. Soon his son would be here. He would be safe.

Burt smiled, thinking about the surprise news that he had to tell Kurt. He couldn't wait to see Kurt's reaction.

Yet, as the train drew closer, Burt just couldn't shake that ominous foreboding feeling. He silently prayed that he was just being paranoid.

Kurt is fine, he told himself. He's fine. There's no need to worry.

Burt's heart pounded as the train slowed to a stop before them. The doors slowly opened and people started to pour out of the train, chatting animatedly. Burt caught snippets of their conversations as they passed by, one word sticking out each time.


"Mike," Burt said, turning to the man beside him. "Go find Puck, Sam, and my son."

"Yes, Sir," Mike nodded his head before moving forward against the crowd flowing off of the train. He quickly disappeared from sight as he entered the train, leaving Burt to wait anxiously for his return. And return he did, but with only two people.

Puck was being supported between Mike and Sam as they moved towards Burt, a trail of dried blood running down the side of his head. Burt's heart nearly stopped at the sight of the blood and the lack of sight of his son.

"Where is he?" Burt demanded once they were close enough to hear him. "Where's my son?"

Puck and Sam hung their heads shamefully, remaining silent.

"Answer me!" Burt nearly yelled.

Sam slowly raised his head, his sorrowful eyes meeting Burt's angry ones.

"They took him," Sam answered mournfully. "They took him and we couldn't stop them. We failed you." Sam let his head drop again.

"Who took him?" Burt cried, panic rising in him. "Who took my son?"

Puck and Sam exchanged a small glance and this time it was Puck who answered.

"The Warblers."

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