Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

"Sir, we found this man at your house, demanding to see you."

Burt looked up from the paperwork on his desk to see Mike standing in his doorway, holding a dust-covered man roughly by the arm.

"What does he want?" Burt asked, eyeing the man warily. He wore a smug look on his face as he watched Burt, which greatly unsettled him. Burt quickly turned his gaze away, looking back down at his paperwork again instead. "I'm very busy."

"Still looking for your son?" the man spoke up suddenly, his words as smug as his face. Burt's head snapped back up in alarm at his words.

"What do you know of my son?" Burt snapped, standing up and looking more closely at the man. His hair was coifed up in a style that would almost be like how Kurt would style his own hair. His green eyes shone with a cockiness that radiated through his body. It was his clothes that caught Burt's attention the most. There, stitched into the bottom corner of his shirt, was a small emblem of a bird. A warbler.

"You're one of them!" Burt exclaimed, pointing at the symbol. "What have you done with my son? Where is he?"

"If you will allow me to get it, in my pocket is a letter from our leader," the man spoke calmly, unphased by Burt's outburst. "In it is our list of demands. If you should ever wish to see your son alive again, I suggest that you comply with all of them."

Burt nodded and the man slowly reached into his shirt's inner pocket, quickly pulling out an envelope. Burt quickly stepped forward and snatched it out of the man's hand.

It read:

Governor Hummel,

By now you know that we have your son. If you ever want to see him alive again, I suggest that you heed our demands.

At sundown two nights from now, you will arrive at the location on the map that will be provided to you by the messenger, Sebastian. There, you will hand over $500, 000 in gold coins to us in exchange for the safe return of your son. Give Sebastian your decision and let him go free. If you do not release him or if he is followed, your son will be executed and I will personally send you his head. Make your choices wisely, Governor. They will mean the difference between life and death.

Sincerely yours,

Instead of a name printed at the bottom, all there was was that same emblem of the warbler bird imprinted onto the page.

Burt looked up at Mike as he crunched the letter up in his fist.

"Let him go," he said, not looking at the man.

"But, Sir-" Mike started to protest.

"Do it!" Burt snapped, turning to look at Sebastian. "And tell your leader that I will see him in two days."

"Wise choice," Sebastian grinned as Mike reluctantly let him go. "Here is your map. Now please don't go and try something stupid. Kurt really does have such a pretty head. I'd hate for him to lose it." And with one final smirk, Sebastian turned and walked out of the room.

Burt felt his skin go cold as he thought about his poor son, who was being held by monsters like Sebastian. He had to get him out of there, that was obvious, but he also couldn't let these outlaws get away with this.

"Mike," Burt said, turning back to the man and handing him the map. "Find out where this is and scout out the area. As soon as I get my son back, I want those bandits, dead or alive."

"Yes, Sir," Mike nodded, turning to leave and follow his orders.

"Oh and Mike?" Burt called out after him, making him stop and turn back slightly.

"Put a tail on that man, Sebastian," Burt said steadily. "In case things go sour at the trade off, I want to know where those cowards are hiding. So I want your best man on the job."

Mike smiled at the comment.

"If you want the best tracker, then I know exactly who to send," Mike grinned. "Sebastian won't know what hit him."

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