Take My Breath Away

Chapter 3

Blaine walked slowly back down the hallway, hoping to put off what he knew was inevitable. He finally pushed open the doors and walked back into the Prom, trying hard to ignore the stares people gave him as he walked past them. All he wanted to do was find Kurt who would maybe be sympathetic enough to agree to leaving.

He passed by Tina and Mike, Mike trying hard not to laugh and Tina giving him a look that said "What the crap?"

She's probably glad now that I wasn't her Prom date, he laughed inwardly. Though he was joking, in reality he was right. As Tina watched him pass by, she was glad that Blaine had chosen Kurt over her.

Blaine may be the better kisser, she thought to herself. But Mike is definitely better looking, especially right now... She turned to look back at her handsome man as Blaine continued on his search for his love.

Seconds later, he found himself staring at the dumbfounded face of his boyfriend.

"Oh my dear God," Kurt exclaimed, raising his hand to cover his gaping mouth. Blaine knew what he must be thinking. Who is this wild, bushy haired man and what did he do with my slick, stylish boyfriend? Blaine just raised his eyebrows as if to say "Well? What do you think?"

Brittany suddenly came up behind Kurt and took one look at Blaine, then turned to Kurt and said, "Don't make fun of the new kid with the bad fro. It's hair bullying."

"That's not a new kid," Kurt replied, not taking his eyes off of Blaine. "That's Blaine without hair gel."

"Is it really that bad?" Blaine asked, his shoulders drooping as he looked back and forth at Kurt and Brittany.

"Yeah, you're Mr. Broccoli head-" she started to reply, but Kurt cut her off.

"It's not that bad!" he exclaimed with a light laugh.

"Yeah, it is," she said, looking down, not wanting to look at Blaine's crazy hair. "It's really bad. And you've made your point. I abused my powers as president. But to help save the Prom and to keep people from turning to stone when they look at you, I'll give you special permission to wear hair gel. Immediately."

Thank God! he thought with a sigh of relief.

Principal Figgins suddenly spoke into a mic, telling everyone to quiet down. It was time for the announcement of Prom King and Queen.

"I'll be right back," Blaine said with a relieved smile. He turned to head back to the bathroom, but Kurt stopped him.

"Don't you dare!" Kurt said, following after him. Blaine turned back to him and he continued. "I love finally getting to see the real you. The man without the product. And I want everyone here to know just how proud I am of my brave, handsome, bushy-haired boyfriend." Kurt gave him a loving smile, which Blaine instantly returned.

I knew I made the right choice, he smiled to himself.

"Come on, Borat," Kurt teased as he grabbed his hand and pulled him back over towards the stage.

Principal Figgins announced the nominees for Prom King and Queen and they all lined up on the small stage. Figgins suddenly called out to Kurt, inviting him up onto the stage to crown this year's winners since he was the Prom Queen last year. A scared expression crossed his face, but Blaine just gave him an encouraging pat on his back and whispered, "You can do it."

Blaine watched as Kurt went up onstage, crowning Finn as the new Prom King.

"Go Finn!" Blaine cheered with the rest of the crowd as Kurt put the crown on his head.

Next was the Prom Queen.

"And the winner for Prom Queen is..." Principal Figgins said into the microphone as he opened the envelope in his hands. He exhaled deeply as he read the name on the card. "Students, for the second year in a row we have Prom anarchy. Receiving the majority of write-in votes, I would like to velcome on the stage..."

Blaine looked at Kurt and saw the scared expression that was plastered there. This was exactly what had happened to him last year, people writing him in as a candidate and causing him to win the title Prom Queen. It had hurt him deeply, and there he was, standing up on that stage, more scared than he had ever been in his entire life, not knowing if the student body was cruel enough to do that to him again.

"Miss Rachel Berry," Figgins finally announced. The room was dead silent and everyone turned to stare at her. She looked so shocked, standing there in her beautiful, long peach gown. Then people started clapping, starting slowly but quickly growing louder and faster. She slowly made her way up onto the stage, where Blaine watched his beloved beam as he crowned one of his best friends.

"McKinley Titans," Figgins announced. "Bow down to your new leaders!" A tremendous roar emanated from the crowd. Soon, Finn and Rachel moved down for their first dance as the new King and Queen. Blaine quickly found Kurt and pulled him out to dance as Quinn and Santana started to sing Take My Breath Away.

"May I have this dance?" Blaine asked him, holding out his hand to him.

"I would be honored," he smiled, taking the hand and letting Blaine lead him out onto the dance floor. Kurt placed his hands gently on Blaine's shoulders and Blaine put his on Kurt's waist. Blaine stared lovingly into Kurt's eyes.

"I love you so much, Kurt Hummel," he sighed.

"I love you more, Blaine Anderson," he smiled, leaning down and giving him a light kiss. When they broke away and Blaine opened his eyes, a flash of black caught his eye and he looked over to where Tina was dancing with Mike. He watched with a smile as Mike leaned down and kissed Tina. When they broke away, Tina looked over at Blaine and smiled. He gave her a small nod and a smile as well.

Looks like everything worked out in the end, he smiled as he looked back at Kurt.

Sudden gasps filled the room and they both looked towards the stage to see Quinn standing.

"It's a Prom miracle," they heard Sam exclaim. Everyone cheered for her as she stood and sang with Santana. Soon, Blaine turned his attention back to Kurt.

"You are my Prom miracle, Kurt," Blaine whispered tenderly in his ear. "There is no one that I could ever love more than I love you." And then he kissed him, softly yet passionately, knowing that no matter what the future held or what obstacles life may try to throw their way, that he would never stop loving Kurt.

"I love you, Kurt," he whispered. "You take my breath away."

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