A Highly Valued Employee

Chapter 10

Inside the office, in the back of Salvation Chapel, Cordelia and Dawn had been joined by Willow Rosenberg. The red haired, green-eyed woman spoke in a sobbing voice.

"Oh Dawny! I am so sorry! I really did try to help, but Anya destroyed all my wiccan materials, and books; so I couldn't do a thing, to stop them from turning you into this grotesque creature."

"Willow." Cordelia spoke pointedly. "You couldn't do a thing, because you were trying to fight Satanic forces, by using Satanic powers; and 'How can Satan drive out Satan'?"

"But that's the only way I know Cordelia."

The vampire Evangelist told her, "You should 'Draw near to God, and He'll draw near to you. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.'"

Dawn said, "I don't think that Cordelia and I are all that grotesque, Willow. Do you Cordelia?"

"No. I think I'm a deadly beauty, and so are you Dawn. Even more."

Dawn displayed her fangs and teased.

"I think I'd like to add Willow to our beautiful sisterhood, so she'll see how wrong she is."

Willow told them, "That won't be necessary."

Now a man stood in the office doorway.

Cordelia said, "Xander?" She smiled, "I heard that my former boyfriend is one of us now."

Xander stood there, looking very uneasy.

He said, "Three of my favorite women, together, and dangerous, and I'm not sure if you're angry with me."

Cordelia said, "There's no reason to be. Dawn said that you were hungry, but you refused to kill her."

Dawn said, "You're still a good person, and the same old Xander as always. You're still someone who I know I can trust."

He said, "Thank you for saying that Dawnster. Listen. Dawn can't stay here any more. Anya's been to Wolfram and Hart. She's told them that she's here. She wants them to make sure she stays dead. Permanently."

Cordelia told them all, "This Chapel is a Holy Sanctuary. If they plan to do evil, they can't enter. Every one of them knows that. As long as Dawn stays within these walls, she can't be harmed."

Dawn said, "I don't want to stay within these walls."

Willow said, "Dawn?"

The girl asked, "Since when does the Slayer hide, while her friends protect her? It was always the other way around with Buffy. That's how it will be with me."

Cordelia asked, "Are you the Slayer Dawn? Have you become empowered?"

"I'm not sure. Let's find out!"

Dawn got up out of her seat and stamped out of the office.

Her voice shouted angrily. "Xander! Are you coming?"

Xander hurried out the doorway.

Cordelia then told the red haired witch, "Now as I was saying Willow; you should 'Put on the full armor of God, so you can resist all the attacks of the Evil One; and take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.'"

Willow put her hands over her ears and growled. Cordelia heard a distinct crackling sound, like electric sparks, come from the fingers, of the former class nerd.

Willow jumped up, and hurried out of the office.

Cordelia was now alone. She picked up her phone, dialed, and waited for someone to answer. Then she spoke.

"Good evening Harmony. This is Cordy. Listen carefully. The Lord needs your help tonight. Yeah you Harmony. Believe it or not. I find it hard to believe myself.

"Tell me, have you repented of your sexual promiscuity, and are you only drinking animals' blood? I didn't think so. Listen. The Lord needs someone at Wolfram and Hart, to stand in the gap for Him tonight, and you're the one who's available."

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