A Highly Valued Employee

Chapter 11

A few minutes after 2 AM, the Executives Offices' Lobby at Wolfram and Hart was empty, except for Harmony, who was seated at the reception desk.

The door to Wesley's Office opened. Fred stepped out, and shut the door behind herself. She smoothed out her lab coat, and came over to Harmony with a dreamy smile on her face.

She spoke quietly. "Mr. Wyndham-Price, has just awakened undead, in the arms of a passionate, naked angel. He and I remain engaged."

Harmony sighed. "Oh Fred, I just can't think of anything, more beautiful than that."

"He's still kind of groggy, so he won't be performing any of his managerial duties, until tomorrow night."

Harmony chuckled. "Oh I understand that, girl."

An elevator's doors opened, and Anya stepped out into the Lobby. She came over to Harmony and Fred.

Harmony told her, "I'm sorry Anya, but Mr. Wyndham-Price will be unavailable for any meetings, until tomorrow night."

She said, "Fuck Mr. Wyndham-Price!"

Fred smiled, "Oh I just did. I do regularly. That's why he's unavailable"

Fred shuddered.

Anya said, "I've been hearing about you Harmony. I hear you like to fuck guys while you're vamping them."

"I used to, before I received Salvation. Then it depended on the guy. If I did like a guy enough to fuck him, I tried to make his final moments, as pleasant as possible, for both of us."

"Harmony!" Anya demanded, "Did you fuck Xander while you were killing him?"

"No. We remained fully clothed, and the only penetration that occurred, were my fangs in his neck; but I did hold him in a very tight embrace, and I did feel him getting sexually aroused."

Harmony shuddered again.

She told Anya, "I was comforting him, at a stressful time."

Anya told her, "I didn't want him 'comforted'! I didn't want his final moment to be pleasant! I wanted him to suffer! For all eternity! That isn't the way I would have fulfilled your wish!"

Harmony said, "Then what a lucky guy he is, to have died in my arms."

Anyanka once more raised her voice in a bellowing howl that caused the lobby to shake. "I am a demon, who wreaks vengeance upon unfaithful men, and upon their whores!"

Harmony told her, "Only if someone other than you wishes for it Anyanka; and I haven't heard any complaints from Xander, and neither has she."

Anya looked at Fred. "You?"

"Um-hm." She smirked. "Just like Harmony said. He was a lot of fun to play with."

"But you just became engaged."

"True. Wesley is the only one who I truly love. There is no one I really want other than him; but now that I've become a vampire, it's made me a very bad girl."

Anyanka shouted, "You both know what I can do! Remember what happened to the two dozen Fraternity Guys!"

Harmony said, "If you rip our hearts out, they've already stopped beating."

Fred smirked again. "Now that Wesley's a vampire, he'll be a very bad boy himself; so if you want to get even with me, he'll be glad to have you upside down, naked and halfway to happyland."

She and Harmony shuddered again.

Harmony said, "Just like you were with my ex-boyfriend Spike, Anya."

Anya then stepped away from Harmony and Fred, went down the Corridor, and was gone from their sight.

Another elevator's doors opened. Xander, Willow and Dawn stepped out into the Lobby, where they stood under the bright glare of the fluorescent lights embedded in the ceiling.

Harmony said, "Willow?"

She stood up, got out from behind her desk, and approached her former classmate with outspread arms.

"It's so good to see you again, after all this time!"

The red haired woman pointed her finger at the blonde vampire.

"Stand back Harmony! I'm sure you know what I can do to you!"

Harmony halted.

"Xander here says that you can flay me alive. We could use someone with your talents here at Wolfram and Hart. Pay's good."

There was an echoing shout, along the corridor. Anya hurried along the corridor, and ran back into the Lobby. She stood facing Dawn, Willow and Xander.

She called out, "So hail! Hail! The Buffy Gang's all here. Just where we want you."

Dawn growled, "And you're where I want you."

Buffy's sister exposed her fangs.

Anya spoke calmly. "Now Dawny. There's no reason for there to be bad feelings, between you and I. You know I'm a vengeance demon; and I am compelled to fulfill all vengeful wishes that come my way, regardless of my personal feelings. I thought you understood."

Dawn took a menacing step closer to Anya.

"Understand this!"

The Vengeance Demon said, "You brought it on yourself Dawn. I was granting your wish."

"My wish?"

"Yes. While you and Buffy were having a sisterly spat, I distinctly heard you tell her,

"'I wish some demon would chop your head off.'"

Willow said, "Dawn?"

"I didn't mean it, and she shouldn't have been eavesdropping!"

Anya announced, "I hope this will serve as a lesson for all of you. 'Be careful what you wish for.'"

Dawn told her, "I wish that a vampire would kill you Anya, and make sure you stay dead. Permanently!"

"I have other wishes to grant first Dawny. I've been asked to make Willow pay, for the murders of Warren Mears, and Mr. Rack. This will also include punishment for her burning down my place of business."

Willow said, "And there are a lot of things you have to pay for Anya. This year you turned one guy into a giant worm, and another one into a spineless pig; and don't forget those two dozen Frat Guys, whose hearts got ripped out; and who knows how many more!"

Anya declared, "The vengeance I grant is this: The Witch will burn!"

Harmony shouted, "Not in here Anya! You're not starting any conflagrations inside this building! If you want to burn her, take her outside!"

Dawn said, "And while we're there, let's set Anya on fire too!"

Anya warned, "I still have my full powers Dawn. If you attack me, I'll be unable to avoid dismembering you."

Willow pointed her finger at Anya, and said, "Power-drain!"

The Vengeance Demon asked, "What're you doing?"

Willow told her, "I'm using my wiccan magic, to drain you of all your demonic powers."

Anya sneered. "Your magic isn't working."

The Amara Gemstone, on the inverted cross between Anya's breasts, began to glow. Her face displayed demonic features; pale white, with large, throbbing veins.

She said, "You've already cast a protection spell around Dawn, and that's drained all your power. It'll take at least 24 hours, before you get recharged."

The fluorescent lights embedded in the ceiling dimmed. Willow's entire body began to glow, radiating light to the entire Lobby.

Willow told Anya, "Less time than that. I'm recharging now."

Blue sparks crackled between the Witch's fingers.

Anya's gemstone glowed brighter. Everyone began to shudder.

Anya declared, "Willow Rosenberg! Prepare to be the one, whose skin is flayed off, along with all your friends, standing here with you!"

Willow said, "Tonight Anyanka, your own heart will be the one that gets ripped out, as will those of your friends standing here!"

Now Harmony howled. "Enough of this Satanic Power!"

Everyone halted and looked at Harmony, who stood illuminated in Willow's witch's light.

Harmony said, "I just got a call from Cordelia, and she told me what to do."

She spoke calmly. "In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask God the Father Almighty, to send forth the Holy Spirit, and cast out every demon here!

"In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen."

Willow stopped glowing. The fluorescent lights came back on.

The three shrunken heads of the Charmed Ones, dropped off of Anya's belt, bounced on the floor and rolled to the side. Her gemstone had lost its glow. Her features were human again.

Anya asked, "Harmony? What'd you do? My power's gone."

Willow said, "And so is mine. We're both now back to being nothing more than ordinary human beings."

Anya said, "But I still have this power!"

She grabbed the inverted cross, and turned it right side up.

Dawn, Xander and Fred cringed and shielded their eyes.

Harmony did not. She stepped up to Anya and grabbed the cross.

"It is faith in God," Harmony told her, "that gives His Power to the upright Cross, but you don't have the faith."

She pulled the human knucklebone chain up over Anya's head. The cross fell inverted again. Dawn, Xander and Fred stopped cringing and shielding their eyes.

She handed the inverted cross to Fred saying, "Now you can check it out in the Lab."

Fred put the cross in her pocket.

Then Harmony shouted, "Now you can take this outside! Look at the sign ladies! This Building is a Violence Restricted Zone; and in this Lobby, only I have the authority to kill anyone at my discretion!"

Harmony displayed her fangs. "So take this outside!"

Dawn spoke. "I see the sign; but I'm not an employee of Wolfram and Hart, so you can't fire me!"

Then with a growl, Dawn lunged at Anya, with her fangs extended.

Xander reached out with both hands, grabbed Dawn by her shoulders, and held her back.

"It's okay Dawn." He told her, "You don't have to do this. Their powers are gone. The Law will be able to take care of them now."

Anya repeated, "The Law?"

Willow said, "That's right Anyanka. You're heart's not popping out from between your boobs, and my skin's not peeling off; so it looks like you and I are gonna be doing hard time in the Big House, for the remainder of our natural lives, without any possibility of parole."

"Fuck that!" Anya said, "I'm asking for the immediate death penalty, without any appeal."

"Won't be possible." The disempowered witch told her. "Death penalty's been declared Unconstitutional; 'cause it's 'Cruel and unusual punishment'."

"Oh!" Anya howled. "I've had enough of this Wussyism! One of you vampires kill me now!"

Dawn took a step toward her. Xander continued to hold her back.

"No Dawn!" Harmony said, "We can't let them become vampires. They'll have access to supernatural powers again."

With a growl, Dawn broke away from Xander. She pounced on Anya, with her fangs extended. With her new vampiric strength, she grabbed the now powerless woman's shoulders in an unbreakable grip, and chomped into her neck.

Anya squealed. Dawn began to feed.

Anya called out, "Xander!"

He said, "Sorry Anya. I still love you, but I've had enough of this, and you do deserve it."

Anyanka began growing weaker, and sank to her knees, with Dawn still gripping her, as she continued to suck the blood from her sister's killer.

Anya called out in a weakening voice, "But I have to wreak...vengeance...on Willow! The D.A...wished...for it!"

Harmony said, "Oh I can take care of that."

Then she turned, grinned happily, and spread her arms wide.

"This is great Willow! Now we can finally be friends!"

Harmony pounced on Willow, with her fangs extended, gripped her tight, and gave her a firm, clamping chomp in the neck. Willow screamed, as Harmony began to feed.

The blonde vampire felt the once powerful red haired witch dying, as easily as any other young woman she'd killed.

Harmony thought, If her boyfriend hadn't knocked me away last time, I'd have finished vamping her then, and none of these problems would be happening now.

She and Willow collapsed to the floor, beside Dawn and Anya.

Xander and Fred stood watching the two vampires, crouching over the Witch and the Vengeance Demon; sucking the blood out of the two women, who lay dying on the polished floor.

Then Dawn rose up to a squat, above the body of Anya, who lay sprawled on her back, with two deep puncture wounds in her neck.

The door to Wesley's office opened, and Wesley stepped out into the Lobby, dressed in his usual suit and tie.

Harmony rose up to a squat, above the body of Willow.

Wesley looked at the two dead women on the floor, and the four undead people around them.

He said, "Dawn? Xander?"

Xander told him, "If there are any more lists of potential slayers, Mr. Wyndham-Price, you can call off the search. The new Slayer has received her empowerment."

The Wolfram and Hart Executive asked, "What has happened here?"

Harmony, who remained in a squat beside Willow, told him, "The new Slayer's in Town Wes, and she has a pair of fangs, instead of sharp wooden stakes; and she has just used them to help me disarm these two weapons of mass destruction; who were about to turn Wolfram and Hart Headquarters, into a massive pile of smoldering rubble."

Fred said, "Just to play it safe, I think you ought to put Anyanka's head on display in the Trophy Room. Willow's too; just to play it safe."

Harmony said, "I'm not sure if Dawn really is the new Slayer, but if she is, she's on our side, so we won't have to make her permanently dead."

The blonde vampire knelt down again, and resumed feeding off Willow.

Now Wesley spoke. "Fred. Could you please get me a bottle of blood from the Cafeteria? I'm very hungry, and I don't know if we have anyone on the staff, who is still alive, for me to feed from."

Harmony again raised her head.

"Just come on over here Wes." she told him.

Harmony rose back up to a squat. She lifted Willow's limp body up to a sitting position.

Then she said, "Take a few sips. Willow's still got a little life left in her."

Wesley came over to Harmony. He squatted down, and began to feed off Willow.

He said, "Thank you for sharing, Harmony."

She got to her feet.

Then she said, "Just the right thing to do Wes.”

An elevator's doors opened. Dawn headed for the elevator, stepping over the body of Anya and around Wesley who continued feeding off Willow. She stepped inside the elevator. Xander joined her, and its doors closed.

Fred spoke. "Before we behead these two, I think we ought to photograph them naked. Then along with my picture and Dawn's, we'll have a full dozen photos, to put in the next 'Dead Nudies' Calendar."

Now Harmony said, "Fred. I'd like to forget about you and I being very bad girls this weekend. Instead of that, I'd like to invite you and Wesley to join me at Church on Sunday night."

The researcher said, "Thank you Harmony. We'll be there. Who could possibly need to be born again, more than an undead airhead?"

Harmony told her, "And all of God's people who've got fangs, will say 'Amen' sister Winifred."

Then Harmony moved back behind her desk, sat down and sang softly.

"Jesus loves all the Vam-pi-res!

All the Vampires in the world!

While we stalk, and pounce and bite,

We're all precious in His sight!-

Jesus loves all the Vampires in the world!"

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