A Highly Valued Employee

Chapter 2


In his windbreaker jacket and Levis, Xander felt very under-dressed, while seated beside the large, mahogany desk, in the expensively furnished Office, of Wesley Wyndham-Price; surrounded by expensive works of art that hung on the dark paneled walls. The picture window behind Wesley faced out across the lights of the nocturnal City.

Xander thought, I look like some lowlife. I knew I should have put on a suit and tie. Is that what the well-dressed bearer, of a decapitated Slayer’s head, should wear?

Buffy’s head was set on Wesley’s desk. The Wolfram and Hart executive sat in his plush seat, staring at the head, with his hand up to his mouth, looking deeply troubled. Then he lowered his hand.

He told Xander, “While I’m satisfied that such a powerful opponent as she, has finally been eliminated, I take no pleasure in her death. I was appointed by the Council, to be Buffy’s second Watcher. She never really needed any Watcher. However, Wolfram and Hart pays a much better salary, than the Watchers Council could possibly afford.”

Xander said, “Then, as a former Watcher, I’m sure you know that Buffy wasn’t the last of the Slayers.”

“Indeed. There are many potential slayers out there, one of whom will receive her empowerment, within the next two weeks. I have no idea who they are, or who she will be.”

“I do.” Xander told him, “Right after Buffy’s dismemberment, when everyone was in a panic, Anya had me slip out of Sunnydale unnoticed, but not empty handed.”

He reached in his shirt pocket, and took out a sheet of folded paper. He opened it, and handed the sheet to Wesley.

“Here are the names and addresses of every potential slayer known.”

Wesley perused the page:


Lucy Camden...............Glen Oak, California.

Lorelai Gilmore......Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

Rory Gilmore.........Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

Paige Halliwell......San Francisco, California.

Phoebe Halliwell.....San Francisco, California.

Piper Halliwell......San Francisco, California.

Valerie Malone.......Beverly Hills, California.

Veronica Mars..............Neptune, California.

Donna Martin.........Beverly Hills, California.

Sabrina Spellman.........Boston, Massachusetts.

Kelly Taylor.........Beverly Hills, California.

“Eleven potential slayers? Mostly local, California girls.”

“Those are all the names on the list in Buffy’s computer.”

“This is an invaluable service to us Xander.”

“Anya told me to tell you, that you still have two entire weeks to send vampires to kill them all.”

“No. Not all. Anya will receive the entire 1 million-dollar reward that Wolfram and Hart placed on the Slayer’s head. Tell her that we will keep an eye on them all, until the next Slayer is empowered, then only she will die. We want no more violence than is necessary.”

Wesley spoke into the intercom on his desk.

“Harmony. Will you come in here for a moment, please.”

Then he said, “You are also deserving of compensation Xander.”


Harmony entered the office.

“Yes Wes?”

“Xander has been an invaluable help to this Organization, Harmony. He has brought us the names of every potential Slayer, while there’s still time to make sure, that the actual Slayer will be eliminated as a threat, before she becomes empowered.”

Harmony came over to the desk, took the list from Wesley and looked over the names and addresses on the page.

“The Halliwell sisters?” She asked, “The ‘Charmed Ones’?”

“That’s right.” Wesley nodded. “The three witches who have the Power of Three, and vanquish demons by dressing sexy and chanting.”

Harmony said, “We’ve never had to deal with them before.” She asked, “Who are these three in New England? Are they witches too?”

Xander told them. “I asked Sunnydale’s own most powerful witch, my life long friend Willow Rosenberg, about them. She said that Sabrina Spellman is a witch, but she’s a lightweight.”

“What about these women named Gilmore?”

“We had to check them out by computer. They’re a mother and daughter. The daughter Rory is attending Yale. Her mother Lorelai runs an Inn. They don’t seem to have any experience dealing with vampires, or anything supernatural.

“This Veronica Mars is a teenage, amateur detective. Kind of a local Nancy Drew; and that Lucy Camden is a Preacher’s kid. That’s all we know.”

Harmony said, “I know a Valerie Malone, who owns a nightclub in Beverly Hills. The ‘Peachpit After/Dark’. You can forget about her. She’s a number one scam artist, and worse than a lot of demons I know. There’s no way that girl’s a righteous Slayer.”

“Perhaps.” Wesley said, “Maybe I was premature about waiting to see which one is empowered. If these eight women, who we’ve never heard of, are all on the same list as the Charmed Ones, then we shouldn’t take the chance of allowing any of them to live.”

“What do you know!” Harmony said, “You really have done good Xander. This list is more valuable than any trophy head.”

Wesley told her, “And I agree that he is deserving of generous compensation.”

Harmony grinned, “So do I.”

Xander said, “As long as immortality is not part of the reward.”

Harmony stood beside Xander and put her hand on his shoulder. She felt him stiffen.

She asked, “Are you done here Wes?”

“I believe so; so take this trophy head to Preservation, and ask them to prepare it for prominent display in the Trophy Room.”

“Right away Boss.”

“And please take Xander on a tour of our facilities.”


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