A Highly Valued Employee

Chapter 9

Harmony and Fred were again seated together, at the same table, in the Wolfram and Hart Cafeteria. This time they both drank blood from large porcelain mugs.

Fred told her, "I've been thinking about what you said; that there won't be any night classes for vampires, in Sunnydale. Well, I was talking to some of the vampires there, and they told me that there will be."

"There will?"

"Oh sure. The vampires are gonna stop living in the conditions, that they told me about in Sunnydale. They're gonna stop hiding in crypts, caves or sewers; or hiding in their family's basements. They'll live in real homes, have real jobs, pay taxes, and they'll be highly respected members of the Community."

"Highly respected?"

"Yes. They'll run the Town Government, and being alive in Sunnydale, will be a temporary condition, just like it is here at Wolfram and Hart; and when Sunnydale High School students become undead, they'll transfer to the night classes, and they'll graduate, as vampires with diplomas."

"Then there will be a diploma for Dawn, after all."

Now Anya entered the Cafeteria. Tonight she was fully clothed, in a suitable, bright red business dress. The inverted human bone cross still dangled between her breasts. The shrunken heads remained on her belt.

Every man in the Cafeteria gagged and shuddered.

Anya came over to Harmony and Fred, who also gasped and shuddered for a moment.

Harmony said, "I see you're still using your demonic powers Anya."

The men stopped gagging and shuddering.

Anya told them, "Well you don't think I'd actually walk into Vampire Central, without all the mystical powers I have at my disposal, do you?"

Fred laughed, "I did every day, 'til I got vamped. You really are a wus Anyanka."

Fred gasped and shuddered again, for a moment.

Anya said. "I'm a wus? This entire Dimension is dying from Wussyism. There's this big Holiday Game coming up. The Gladiators versus the Warriors. Everyone says they're gonna massacre each other. But guess what? They're not real gladiators or real warriors. Those are the names of football teams; and when they call it a 'massacre', it's a figure of speech. Nobody's going to die! What's the point of having a holiday, if nobody's gonna die?"

Fred said. "Good question."

"Now I remember" Anya reminisced, "back in the Demon Realm, when I attended ole' Beelzebub High. All our team sports were genuine massacres. Then when the game was over, one of the losing team's cheerleaders always got hanged, from the winning team's goal post."

Harmony said, "When I was a cheerleader, at Sunnydale High, more than half of us got vamped. We knew the danger, but we cheered, and waved those pom-poms anyway. The guys called us pussy not wussy."

Fred told Anya, "When we were in Sunnydale, a cheerleader from the losing team was hanging from the Sunnydale goal post. It looks like your local High School Sports, are gonna become the way you'd like them to be. Who knows? You might even be hired as the Coach."

Anya told her, "I've already put in my application."

"Another thing Anya." Fred asked, "I'm wondering. What gives you the power to move between dimensions?"

"This Gem of Amara." She touched a large green gemstone, in the center of the inverted cross.

Fred told her, "I'd like to take a look at it, up in the Lab."

"Forget it. I take this off, and my power's gone. Then I'm vampire feed, and I won't be able to complete my vengeance task."

Harmony repeated, "Vengeance task?"

Anya said, "I came here to speak to Mr. Wesley Wyndham-Price, who just happens to be metamorphing into a vampire at the moment, and will be unavailable, for some time to come."

Fred smiled, "That was the result of a lover's quarrel he had, with the sweetest gal undead, at Wolfram and Hart; who happily, did not forget to suck on a lozenge first."

Anya told them, "The reason I'm here, is that I know who the next Slayer is, and I know where she's hiding."

Harmony asked, "Dawn Summers? Right?"

"Yes, and you don't have all that much time, before she receives her empowerment."

"Well where is she?"

Anya told her, "She has been granted Sanctuary, in the Salvation Chapel, by the Missionary to the Vampires; your former classmate and fellow pom-pom waving pussy."


"That's right Harmony. I can't use my demonic powers, in the presence of the Cross, or the Word of God, spoken in faith."

Harmony said, "And we won't violate any Holy Sanctuary."

"I need Dawn here! She's bait. There are things I have to settle with the Witch, Willow Rosenberg. I want Dawn brought here, so Willow will come looking for her, in a place which has no Holy Sanctuary; so I can use my powers to destroy the Witch."

Fred said, "Destroy Willow? I've heard that she's extremely dangerous."

"So am I!" Anya told them, "I am granting the wish, of Sunnydale County, Assistant District Attorney, Marjorie Spencer. She's another Wussy; too afraid of Willow, to seek indictments for the flaying murder of Warren Mears, and the murder of Mr. Rack.

"Willow Rosenberg hasn't spent one day in jail for either crime. Granting this wish, also allows me to take revenge, for her burning down the Sunnydale Magic Shop, of which I was the Manager!"

"I see." Fred told her, "This is a matter of personal revenge."

Anya raised her voice in a demonic howl that shook the walls of the Cafeteria.

"I am seeking justice!"

Harmony and Fred both gasped and shuddered again.

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