Second Start

A New Sev

The following day Severus headed down to breakfast early knowing Lily would do the same. She always was an early riser. He had managed to ignore Potter so far, not that the arrogant toerag had made much attempt to get to know him, but he preferred it that way. Before drifting off to a peaceful slumber Severus had heard Potter talking to one of their dorm mates, Martin, about having a whole box of pranks he purchased from a muggle joke shop that he wanted to try out. He really hoped Martin didn't end up replacing Black as Potters second in command, the last thing Severus wanted was another gang of Marauders.

Entering the Great Hall Severus found Lily already at her table eating breakfast. "Morning," Severus said cheerfully.

"Hi Sev, care to join me."

"For a moment I suppose." Severus sat down next to Lily, but decided not to eat, he would eat with his own house mates; he didn't want to ostracize himself from his own house. "So, how's life as a Gryffindor."

She giggled as she pulled her hair into a pony tail. "Oh, not bad. How's Ravenclaw?"

"Well enough, I suppose. I'm sharing a room with five other guys including some git named Potter who was up half the night talking about muggle pranks."

"Well, if he's in Ravenclaw I'm sure he won't allow it to interfere with his studies." She said then taking a small bite of her toast.

"Somehow I doubt that, anyway, I wonder what classes we'll have together." Severus asked, and in all honestly wasn't sure. He may have lived this part of his life once before, but that doesn't mean he would remember every single detail.

"I don't know." Lily replied after taking a drink of her pumpkin juice. "I know one of our prefects said we won't have any classes today but that there is an orientation that's to take place in the library at two".

"Yes, there is. We should sit together, don't you think?" Severus asked.

"Of course, Sev."

"Great, well I should get to my own table." Severus stood from the bench, but before heading over to his own table he placed another soft kiss on Lily's cheek. "See you at two." And he walked away leaving his best friend, once again, blushing.

"I saw that." Lily looked up to see her roommate Mary, sit down across from her.

"Oh, um, hi Mary."

"Are you dating him?" The brunette asked sitting down across from her housemate.

"No, um not really. He-he's my best friend."

Mary laughed. "Sure, whatever you say."

Just as Severus sat at his own table he was, unfortunately joined by Potter, as well as Martin Abbott and Jason Diggory.

"I'm sure you father will understand." Jason said as the three boys sat just opposite of Severus. "I mean it's not like you're in Slytherin or anything."

Severus refrained from rolling his eyes.

"That's true." Potter agreed as he scooped a spoonful of fruit onto his plate. "I think my mum will be okay with it, she was in Gryffindor, but she said the hat considered Ravenclaw."

"See, it's not so bad." Jason continued. "You know all my family's been in Huffelpuff, but I know they won't care I'm in Ravenclaw. My older brother Amos has been calling me a smarty-pants since I was five, so I'm sure he wasn't at all surprised with my sorting."

The three boys laughed, ever Severus gave small chuckle, which of course Potter noticed.

"You're Severus, right?" James asked.

"I am, and you're…Potter?" He had to sound ignorant; none of them had been formally introduced to each other after all.

"That's my surname, but you can call me James." Severus simply nodded. "Are you a muggleborn? I don't recall seeing you at any wizarding functions before?"

Potters question suddenly brought back the memory of being asked his blood status by his Slytherin housemates. He had lied, and said his father was dead, and that his mother was a Prince which was a well known pureblood line. It pacified their curiosity, at least for a while, eventually the truth came out and the repercussions were very unpleasant. This time he would not hide who he was. "No, my father is a muggle my mother a witch."

"Cool. So, Severus, like quidditch?" Potter asked before shoving a bit of eggs into his mouth.

"It's okay, I suppose." In truth Severus truly did enjoy quidditch, or he enjoyed watching Slytherin win, then again he was no longer a Slytherin.

"Martin and I were talking about trying out third year. Rumor is that four of the team members will be graduating by then."

The four boys continued light conversation over breakfast, Potter doing most of the talking. Once Professor Flintwick handed out their timetable Severus decided to head to the library, he needed to write his mother.

Sirius Black was beside himself. He was positive he wouldn't go to Slytherin. "Well, mother and father will be pleased." He said softly as he poked at his eggs with his fork.

"You really need to snap out of it." Narcissa said as she sat down next to her pouting cousin. "Besides I don't know why you would have expected otherwise, you're a Black, Sirius."

"But I'm not like everyone else. I don't buy into that pure-blood crap!" He yelled his first clenched in anger.

"Calm down, Siri." She said placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I know you don't, and that's fine, and you know perfectly well I don't agree with it half the time either, I'm just not as…vocal as you are about it."

This caused Sirius to give a slight smile. Narcissa was the one of the few people in his family he could talk to about his beliefs. "We'll always be there for each other, right Cissy?" His grey eyes pleaded with his cousin's blue.

"Of course we will. We're family, and family is always there for each other, no matter what."

Peter Pettigrew wrote his parents about his sorting as he worked through his breakfast. He didn't know how they would react, but the more he thought about it he really didn't care. His father was an Auror, a Captain in fact, he and his mother had both been in Gryffindor. He knew he could never live up to his father's reputation. Peter was meek and quiet and just wanted people to like him, to be accepted. He would never be the warrior his father was, but then again he really didn't want to.

Peter had always been a little socially awkward, never good at making friends, not real friends anyway. Surprisingly there was this girl in his house, Emily Powell. She was a muggleborn and worried no one would accept her, that her magic wouldn't be as good as everyone else's, she was afraid of failure. She had confided this to Peter, who in return found himself reassuring the girl that she would do just fine and that they would get through it together.

Remus Lupin was a werewolf and had been since the tender age of six. He had been utterly shocked at receiving an invitation to Hogwarts despite his condition. There had been arrangements made for him to spend full moons in a house called the Shrieking Shack and if anyone asked about his absence he would simply say he had always been rather sickly and would sometimes be require to stay overnight in the hospital wing. He hadn't made any friends yet, he was actually rather worried about that, he didn't want to make friends and then have them dump him when they found out what he was. No it would be easier if he just lead a quiet life of solitude.

He had talked a bit with this pretty red-headed girl in his house named Lily; he thought she seemed nice enough. She had even suggested they get a study group together along with her Ravenclaw friend. He figured it couldn't hurt to at least do that, besides who wants to be alone all the time anyway. He wouldn't call them friends, but he supposed having a few acquaintances couldn't hurt.

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