Second Start

Severus the Stud

Severus' new clothing just happened to arrive the same day Lela informed him that the shampoo she had ordered had come in. He was instructed to take the pink bottle which was labeled Garden Essence and go shower.

"This isn't going to make me smell like a flower, is it?" He would rather shave his head bald then go around smelling like perfume.

Lela gave a small chuckle. "No Severus, it won't, now go."

As instructed Severus headed to the showers, twenty minutes later he was sitting in a chair in the middle of the common room, a rather large audience circled around him as Lela cut and styled his hair.

"Now, Severus, I'm going to cut a lot off, your hair is down to your shoulders right now and it's simply not manageable that way, at least not for an eleven year old boy." A few snickers could be heard, mostly from girls.

"That's fine, just not too short." It was after all tradition for wizards of ancient pureblood lineage to grow their hair long, one of the few wizarding traditions his mother was allowed to bestow on her son.

A half an hour later Lela had removed over five inches of hair, styled it and then dried it using a drying charm.

"God Snape, you look like a completely different person." Potter abruptly pointed out. The boy had no tact.

"Thanks Potter." He said rolling his eyes. "Can someone hand me a mirror?" Lela summoned a mirror and handed it to Severus.

His reaction?

"Bloody hell." Severus ran his fingers though his neck length silky, soft hair. Potter was right; he did look like another person. "Lela," Severus put down the mirror and turned to the miracle worker in question, "I don't know how to thank you."

"Just spread the word around". She said with a smile.

"Done." Severus then reached into his pocket and handed Lela the monies promised.

Peter was enjoying being a Huffelpuff. He had found a good friend in Emily and had even joined the chess club, at his friend's insistence. To his surprise his parents did not react as horribly to the news of his sorting as he had expected. They were still a bit disappointed but in the end they knew that if that was where the hat placed him then that was where he belonged. He was actually glad he had found a friend, it had always been hard for Peter to make friends, more often than not he tended to be used by people, and Peter just wanted to be accepted. It had seemed that finally, at Hogwarts, he was able to come into his own.

Remus had experienced his first full moon in the Shrieking Shack. Only Lily had asked him where he had gone. She truly was a kind-hearted person. He had joined her and her friend Severus a couple of times in the library. He thought Severus seemed like decent bloke, quiet but nice. It was obvious the boy had a crush on Lily, not that Remus could blame him, and she was a very pretty girl.

James Potter was getting along well in Ravenclaw. He had made some friends and had already pulled off some minor pranks. He had been worried that no one in his house would have a sense of humor and be too focused on greeting straight O,s too have any fun. Thankfully they seem to be all for pranking, as long as it didn't interrupt with their study time. Jason was right helpful when it came tactics, and Martin was more of the look out. He had asked Severus if he wanted to join in on letting off a stink bomb in the Slytherin girl's lavatory. He had simply called them immature and walked off. He really was a bit of a spoil sport.

He did receive a letter from his parents saying that though they were surprised he was not in Gryffindor, they were not at all upset and in fact his mother was quite impressed and commented that she always knew he was clever and that others would have noticed it sooner as well if he had spent more time reading and less on quidditch and pranks.

Sirius Black had taken Severus advice and attempted to make some friends in his own house. He had found a few students in his year and the year above him that did not buy into pure blood ideologies. Jack Eversaw, a second year, was a half-blood, his parents were actually originally from Canada but moved to England just before he was born. Apparently in Canada there are very few pureblood families, and so he had never really had to deal with the issue of blood supremacy until he came to Hogwarts.

Then there was Boris Sebolden, his mother is Russian muggle-born his father a half-blood, he was rather surprised by his sorting in that his father had been in Huffelpuff. Boris did enjoy quidditch so that was something Sirius and he could talk about, but that was about it. Then there was Ana Littleton, a tiny little thing that most wouldn't even think was eleven yet. She was actually the first person in her family ever to be placed in Slytherin; normally they had gone to Huffelpuff or Ravenclaw, with on occasional Gryffindor here and there. She was a bit of a book-worm, spending most of her day in the library, but she was a good conversationalist and he didn't mind studying with her from time to time.

Sirius had met up with Severus a few times since their talk in the owlery, normally in the library; once he found the tall Ravenclaw strolling around the Black Lake and decided to let him know how he was doing.

"Hey there Severus."

The boy gave the Slytherin a curious look. "Hello… Sirius." It felt so weird calling the mutt by his first name.

"I took your advice you know. I found a few people in my house that share my beliefs."

Severus gave a tiny grin, "That's good to hear." It was almost unbelievable to see Black struggling to find friends. He along with Potter were two of the most popular guys in school. Then again Sirius was always more popular with the girls, and that didn't even start until about his third year.

The morning after the extreme hair makeover, Severus pulled a new pair of trousers, black polo shirt, boxers, socks, his Dragon Hide boots (he had splurged a bit on those), and his new cloak and headed into the boys lavatory. Severus had never felt more attractive than he did at that moment. Yes his nose was still much too large and his teeth crooked and yellow, but those could be fixed as well if he really wanted to. With his new clothes and hair he would admit he looked quite attractive. In fact he even got a few wolf whistles on his was out of the common room.

Entering the Great Hall, and as he did every morning, he made his way over to Lily. She had been reading her Transfiguration book and did not see him come up to her.

"Good morning." Lily put her book down and smiled at the sound of her best friend's voice, however when she turned towards him her simple smile turned to a look of complete shock.

"Sev you-you look…amazing." She managed to stutter.

"Thank you." Severus gave his love a quick good morning kiss on the cheek before sitting down besides her.

"You cut your hair?" She said running her fingers through his soft locks. Severus closed his eyes at her touch.

"Actually Lela Hicks did it, so if you know anyone whose looking for someone to cut their hair, she's the one to go to."

"I'll keep that in mind. You got new threads too I see." Severus laughed at the use of the muggle term 'threads'.

"Yes, I did. It's seems that my grandmother left me some money when she passed." He decided not to go into details concerning the amount and so forth, at least not yet.

"Well, that's nice. You do look really good Sev." Severus noticed a small blush creep to her cheeks.

Lily wasn't the only one who noticed his new look, and Severus, for the first time in his life found himself the center of attention, good attention.

"Look at the hot first year." A third year Gryffindor said as to her group of friends as they passed him in the corridor.

"Severus the Stud." Another girl in his own house said.

Any eleven-year-old boy would have not been able to control the blush that would have surly found its way to his face at the sudden mass of attention, but Severus was no ordinary eleven year old and in fact had a mind close to thirty-nine. Instead he found himself walking confidently down the corridors, a proud smirk on his young face. An aura of confidence surrounded the boy and no one was more surprised by this then himself, well maybe Lily.

Lily had always felt sorry for her best friend. His father was a drunk who took his frustration out on his wife and son. His mother, though once a powerful witch, had succumbed to the degradation of her muggle husband and rarely practiced her magic anymore. They had little income and lived in a rundown home in a lower-middle class part of town. If she was completely honest she would have to admit that the original reason she had become friends with Severus was out of pity, however that quickly changed once she got to know the shy boy. He was amazingly brilliant, especially concerning Potions. Before they had even come to Hogwarts she would spend hours listening to his stories on potions and spells and wizarding customs.

Ever since they arrived at Hogwarts however, and since that first kiss she had begun to think of him in a much different way. On the other hand she was pretty sure her parents would have had a coronary had then known she had already received her first kiss, she was only eleven after all. Though she knew her sister had gotten her first when she was only ten by some kid named Vernon, or so she claimed. Lily had actually never met the boy and part of her wondered if she made the whole thing up for attention.

Months had gone by and it was now nearing the Christmas holiday. Severus had naturally planned to stay at Hogwarts, and had informed his mother of it. She wrote back saying she understood and would be sending his Christmas present along by owl later on. Lily would be going, she knew her parents would have a fit if she even suggested otherwise, plus she was really starting to miss her parents and sister.

It was the day before Christmas break and Professor Slughorn, McGonagall, Flintwick and Dumbledore were gathered in the Headmaster's office to discuss the amazing talents of one of their first year students.

"I have never seen a child his age produce such high quality potions." Slughorn stated."I decided to give him a fourth year potion just to see if he could do it?"

"I am assuming he made it correctly." Dumbledore asked.

Slughorn chuckled his large belly bouncing as it did. "Correctly, Albus, he made it equally if not better then my own. I'm telling you, the boy is a prodigy."

"I agree." Professor Flintwick added. "I too have tested the boy and have seen him perform Charms some of my fifth and sixth years have trouble with."

Albus nodded in understanding. It was true he had seen young Mr. Snape perform magic most advanced for an eleven year old, and he was indeed impressed. There was no doubt the boy was powerful, very powerful. With a war impending, having such skills on the light side would defiantly be an advantage.

"What about you Minerva, what do you think?" Albus asked the only teacher in the room who had not yet spoke up.

"The boy is no doubt gifted. Transfiguration, as you know, is a rather difficult subject, but it seems to come so naturally to him. I have asked him to perform a few spells above his skill level and he did them perfectly and without hesitation. I would defiantly recommend he be moved up a year minimum."

Albus nodded as he ran his fingers through his long, white, beard. "I have always been reluctant to advance children and normally encourage extra lessons and such. After all socialization is very important at this age and I would hate for Mr. Snape to be taking classes with children who are emotionally as well as physically more advanced than he."

"That is understandable." McGonagall stated, "but young Mr. Snape does seem quite mature for his age, perhaps it wouldn't be an issue."

"Yes, perhaps you are right. I will speak to Mr. Snape myself and see what he thinks of the idea and go from there."

Severus and Lily had plans to meet in the Library after dinner, however as the young-in-bodied former spy enjoyed his tuna casserole, Professor Flintwick asked Severus if he could join him in the Headmasters office after he finished and it wasn't as if he could refuse. He wasn't exactly sure what the Headmaster wanted to speak with him about but he knew he hadn't done anything wrong, well unless he had somehow found out he was responsible for helping Potter charm Lucius Malfoy's hair Gryffindor colors, but he doubted that. Severus normally didn't partake in Potter's immature pranks, though when he heard James and Jason talking about doing something to Malfoy, he couldn't resist.

After he finished eating he went over to the Gryffindor table and informed Lily that he had to meet with the Headmaster. Lily of course said she understood and said she would be there until eight if he was able to get away in time.

Severus had been given the password to the office, lemon drops, no surprise there. When he entered the office he found not just his head of house and Dumbledore but McGonagall and Slughorn as well.

"Ah, Mr. Snape, please have a seat." Dumbledore grinned at the youth his eyes twinkling as he motioned to the chairs in front of his desk.

"Is something wrong, sir?" Severus asked as he took a seat.

"No, not at all my boy. Actually we are here because some of your teachers have commented on your skills in their class.

"Oh." Severus had of course been holding back his abilities, well usually, as powerful as he was it was sometimes difficult to mask his magical prowess.

"We were concerned you might be a little…well, bored in some of your current classes." Minerva spoke up.

That was a serious understatement.

"Do you feel unchallenged in your classes Mr. Snape?" Dumbledore asked.

"Um, well yes sir, but I-I didn't want to sound stuck up or anything so I just stayed quiet." Severus had been working hard on trying to sound like the typical eleven year old. Sometimes it proved more difficult then he thought it should, then again Severus was pretty sure that even was he actually was eleven he hadn't acted like it.

"That's very humble of you." Albus said with a chuckle. "However it would probably be best if we accelerated your work a bit."

"You mean like extra homework?"

"In some subjects yes, however in Charms, Transfiguration, and Potions we would like you to start taking classes designed for the second years."

Severus felt like laughing. He could take classes with the seventh years and still be board out of his mind. Severus was a brilliant wizard, and had actually tested at genius levels when he was in school during his first childhood-not that anyone cared to excel his education then-so why now? Was it because he was in Ravenclaw and not Slytherin? Was it his new look or sense of self confidence?

"Would that be possible? I don't know when exactly the second year classes are, but would any of my other classes over lap?" Severus asked.

"That's a very good question?" Albus chuckled. "Transfiguration for second years is normally when your morning free period is on Tuesday and Thursdays so there is no problem there, as for Potions and charms, you will continue to go to class with the other first years but will be given second year curriculum and assignments. At the end of the year your teachers will assess where you are and if we feel it prudent, when next term comes around we may be inclined to schedule you with the third years. That is if you are agreeable to the change?"

Severus looked over at the three other teachers in the room, all of who where brimming with anticipation hoping to aid in the education of this prodigy.

"That's fine with me."

"Excellent. When you come back from holiday you will begin with your new schedule." Albus said. Severus simply nodded. "Before you go, may I ask, is there any other subjects you feel unchallenged in?"

He badly wanted to say all of them, but felt that would probably not be the wisest. "Well, Defense Against the Dark Arts." Which was a complete understatement, he knew he could teach that class better than the current professor, whose strong Russian accent made it difficult to even understand her at times.

Albus' eyes brightened even more than normal. To have the boys power focused on defense could be extremely beneficial. "I'll talk to Professor Sveteski and see what she thinks."

It was only seven when the meeting had finished so Severus headed to the library to tell Lily the news. When he arrived however he did not find her alone but with Potter. He had said something to her, which made her giggle. Severus let out a low growl, balling his fists so tight his nails began to cut into his skin. No, he would not let him take her. Not this time! Taking a deep breath he approached them.

"What are you doing James?" He asked his voice was even but James and Lily could see the tension surrounding him.

"Just talking Severus". James said. He knew Lily was his Severus girl, everyone knew that, even if they weren't officially together, he also knew that he was very, very protective of her. "Lily was telling me how you 'accidently' once turned her sister's cereal into a bowel of flies."

Severus grinned at the memory. "Oh yes, that was rather humorous."

"Well, I better get going. See you later Severus, Lily." The messy-haired boy then turned and left the library.

"So, what did the Headmaster want?" Lily asked her friend as he sat down besides her.

"To skip me ahead a year in a few of my subjects," He said plainly.

Lily reaction however was anything but plain. "Oh Sev that's wonderful." She said wrapping her arms around him. Severus quickly hugged back, reluctant to release her.

"My Lily." He whispered softly in her ear. Lily closed her eyes snuggling her head into his neck. He placed a soft kiss on the top of her head before running his fingers through her hair. "You'll always be my Lily, you know?"

"And you'll always be my Sev."

Severus felt his heart swell. He had a very good feeling that this time around things would turn out very different when it came to his relationship with his beloved. Very different.

Severus walked Lily to the carriages the day the students left for holiday. He told her he would miss her terribly and then handed her the gift he had gotten her. Lily placed the small package wrapped in crimson paper into her rucksack, she had given him his before they left the castle. "Write me, okay." He said kissing her softly on the cheek.

"I promise." And for the first time Lily kissed Severus back, and not on the cheek, but the lips.

"Th-thank you." Was all Severus managed to say, more than surprised by the gesture.

"Just returning the favor." She smiled before climbing onto the carriage.

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