Second Start

Eillen's Secret

The first week at Spinners End ended simple enough. Severus had spent most of his time with Lily, or at least he did until she went off on holiday. Tobias accepted the job offer as manager and was to officially start that coming Monday. Severus' parents in general had seemed much happier, so much in fact, he often would wake up to sounds in the middle of the night of his parents copulating. He was sure to be scarred for life. That had never happened in his first life time, at least not that he recalled. After the second time of being so rudely awoken by the sound of his mother screaming out profanities and calling his father name, he made the practical decision to put a silencing charm around his own room, which would permanently block all noise except for a knock on his door.

Severus had several well thought-out plans for the improvement of his family and their home, one which included "convincing" his father into going to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA); however, to his surprise, Tobias Snape had not had a drink since they had been reunited. Tobias was suddenly "cured" of his alcoholism. He had gotten better before, at least temporarily, but in the end, he always fell back into his old ways.

One Saturday afternoon, with nothing else to do Severus found himself wandering towards the park by his house, the same park where he had first told Lily that she was a witch. The tall, black-haired boy sat down in the shade under a large elm tree, and closing his eyes, he allowed the summer breeze to sweep softly across his face. Severus could never remember feeling so at peace. Relaxed, he lay himself down on the soft grass and soon fell asleep. When he woke, hours had passed, and it was nearly dusk.

Severus picked a few random wild flowers that were growing around the base of the tree and gathered them in a bunch; he then headed home, planning on giving them to his mother. Just as he reached the front porch, a loud CRASH resounded from inside. Dropping the flowers to the ground, he quickly pulled his wand from his pocket and rushed through the front door. Not knowing if it was an intruder or possibly a drunken Tobias, he cautiously made his way inside.

What his eyes beheld when he stepped into the sitting room was not a drunken father or a robber. In fact, it was the last- the very last- thing he had ever thought he would see: his mother and father on the couch in a rather compromising position. A broken vase lay shattered on the floor besides the couch; it had been accidentally knocked from the side table by Tobias, who had kicked it with his foot in the mist of enthusiastically pleasuring his wife.

"Oh. My. Lord," Severus shuttered at the horrific sight.

His parents were so wrapped up in their activity that thankfully they didn't even notice Severus had come into the house; so quietly but quickly, he left the house, trying to get the horrific image of his parents shagging on the living room sofa out of his head. It had been awful enough having to hear them in the act, but to see it…

He unconsciously shivered and at the moment was seriously considering oblivating the image from his mind.

Severus decided to go for a rather long walk and returned over an hour later; thankfully when he arrived home, this parents were both dressed and sitting on the couch watching television. Now a large part of Severus wanted to forget the entire thing and simply pretend it never happened, but then again, if he didn't address the issue of his parents' blatant disregard for propriety, he may end up witnessing such acts again.

So standing just to the left of the television, Severus cleared his throat, capturing his parents' attention.

"I apologize for interrupting your…entertainment; however, I believe there is something we need to discuss."

Eileen and Tobias looked at each other and then back at their son, a small snicker escaping both of their mouths. "What is it with you and talking like you're middle-aged?" Tobias asked.

Severus refrained from rolling his eyes. "I believe the topic we need to discuss is of a…mature nature."

They laughed at him again. "Okay, Severus. What is it you want to talk about?"

Severus cleared his throat and stood as tall as his twelve-year-old frame would allow him. "A little over an hour an ago I came home to…well, when I reached the front porch, I heard a crash, and so I instantly rushed inside, only to be greeted with the sight of you two…in a compromising position on the couch."

Eileen blushed fiercely, whereas Tobias just let out a loud burst of laugher. "Sorry, son, but you're not the first person to walk in on their parents shagging."

"I'm sure; however, if you two could please keep such activity isolated to your bedroom, or at least participate in it when I am not in the vicinity, it would be very much appreciated."

"Well, Severus, when we started the activity, you were not anywhere near the vicinity," Tobias pointed out as he leaned back against the couch, wrapping his arm around his wife, pulling her close and then sweetly kissing the top of her head. Eileen smiled happily as she placed her head on her husband's shoulder.

As much as he hated to admit it his father had a valid point. "Fair point," was all Severus said then quickly heading to his own bedroom.

He supposed he should be happy that his parents, particularly his father, were behaving so lovingly with each other, but still, they could at least be discreet about it. They did have a child in the house, after all.

Later that evening, around eleven, he found himself unable to sleep and headed downstairs for a cup of tea. He was surprised to see his mother at the kitchen table having one herself.

"Oh, hi, sweetie." Eileen smiled at her son.

"Hello, Mother," Severus replied as he headed over to the counter, pulling a mug from the cabinet and pouring himself a cup of tea from the pot his mother had already made.

"Severus," Eileen chuckled. "Why in the world have you been calling me Mother?"

"Do you prefer another title? Do you wish me to call you Eileen?" he asked, sitting down in the chair besides her.

"I most certainly do not. I want you to call me Mum like you always have."

"Oh, of course. I apologize."

Eileen simply shook her head and took a sip of her tea. She couldn't understand why her son was all of a sudden acting so proper. She knew he was a bright boy; he had always used terms and vocabulary above his average age, but recently he had been spouting words and phrases she wouldn't even use. Eileen looked across the table at her son, who she could never remember looking so carefree and happy. He really was a wonderful boy, but then she had always known that. Unfortunately, she had failed not to mention it to him nearly as often as she should have.

"Severus, I want to apologize for…well, you father and I should have gone to our bedroom." A slight blush tinted her cheeks at the memory of their impetuous little romp on the sitting room couch.

"Yes, well, thank you. It is nice to see you and Father more…friendly with each other. In fact, he seems to have been in an extraordinary mood ever since I returned from school."

Eileen said nothing, but gave a sly smirk before taking another sip of her tea. Severus, however, knew that look; he had displayed the same one on many occasions himself. She was hiding something.

"Moth…Mum, did you do something to Father?"

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about." Eileen took a final sip of her tea, finishing it off.

"Oh, I think you do. I know that look. Now, what did you do to him? Was it a spell, a Enlightenment Spell, perhaps?" he asked curiously, very interested in his mother's methods.

Taking a deep breath, Eileen confessed her deed to her son. "No, a potion. One I invented."

Severus grinned. "Really, what does it do?" he asked, taking a sip of his tea.

Eileen bit her bottom lip as she laughed in her throat. "It causes anything with alcohol in it to taste like urine."

After a brief moment of shock at his mother's pure genius, he burst out laughing. It was a full minute before he was finally able to compose himself. It really was genius, but he always knew his mother had such talent, she just rarely expressed it.

"How long did it take for him to stop trying to drink alcohol?"

"A couple weeks." She giggled at the memory of the first time he took a sip of pee-tasting beer.

"Did he ask you if you had anything to do with it?" Severus knew his father couldn't put a candle to his or his mother's intelligence, but he was no dummy, either.

"He did, a few days into it. I simply said I had no idea what he was talking about, and he hasn't brought it up since."

"That's great, Mum. Completely brilliant. Now tell me, what made you decide to do it?"

Severus was intrigued. She had never cared to use magic to change Tobias before, not that Severus hadn't suggested it, so why now?

"Oh, Severus." A smile adorned her lips. "You should have seen his reaction when I told him you had been excelled a year in your classes. It had been so long since I had seen him so excited about something. I have wanted to see that part of my husband again for years, and when I did…well, I couldn't bring myself to let him go back to the way he was."

"Well, I think you did the right thing." It was a very Slytherin thing to do, and it made Severus quite proud to see his mother use her cunning to better her life.

"Me, too." Eileen rose from the table, put her cup in the sink, gave her son a kiss on the head, and went bed.

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