Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?


Laura Bishop
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"Oh Blaine it's amazing here! I can totally picture our lives here when we go to college," Kurt gushed over the phone to Blaine, who was currently sitting in the senior common room at Dalton Academy.

"I'm glad you're having a good time in New York baby. I miss you though," Blaine said, sounding as if he was slightly breathless and Kurt could hear a little scuffle going on down the phone.

Kurt chuckled softly, knowing well that Blaine would have pouted when he said that, "I miss you too Blaine. I'm glad I'm only here for a few days. And is that Wes trying to make you concentrate on Warbler practice?"

Blaine laughed at his words, "Oh you know Wes too well. He wants me to pay attention to his demonstration of the two-step we always do in our performances. And Kurt, I'm glad you're home soon. I miss seeing your face... Wes, stop trying to get my phone!"

Kurt listened to his boyfriend bicker with his friend while observing the life of New York around him. He was standing in the shadows, outside the hotel the New Directions were staying in for Nationals. He had escaped all the drama of trying to write a song. He had told Finn he was going to call Blaine then quickly ran from the room. Mr Schue had gone to fill in some paperwork and after they had run around the city, singing songs about New York, it was time for work. Of course fights had started out; mainly between Rachel and Santana. Kurt had wanted to escape and missed the sound of his boyfriend's voice so decided to call him. To Kurt's surprise, his call to Blaine was suddenly disconnected. He guessed Wes had succeeded in stealing the phone from Blaine. Kurt laughed to himself as he pictured Wes overpowering Blaine and demanding his attention, causing Blaine's sad puppy eyes and pout. Kurt pressed redial; knowing that was a fifty percent chance Blaine would pick up his phone. It went straight to voicemail; suggesting that Wes had turned the phone off.

Kurt sighed before deciding to leave a message, "Hey Blaine it's me. I guess Wes succeeded in taking your phone as you hung up on me. I had better be getting back to the New Directions. Who knows what they have got up to without me there? I might be missing Rachel and Santana have a cat fight. Anyway I miss you and I..."

Kurt had been about to tell Blaine that he loved him before realising that they hadn't said it yet and he didn't want to say it on a voicemail for the first time; plus his attention had been drawn to two men walking quickly towards him that seemed to have their eyes directed on him. Kurt gulped and his voice faltered, praying that it was just his imagination; that they would just walk past him.

"And I can't wait to see you when I get home, hopefully with a Nationals trophy," Kurt continued, although he could tell his voice sounded slightly higher and breathless; his eyes watching the men, "I'll see you in a few days time. I'll also come and visit the guys at Dalton. I can tell Wes off for being the reason I'm not talking to you right now. I've missed them, but not as much as I miss you. You're my number one and I... oh my god!"

The two men had reached Kurt and without warning, one of the men had grabbed Kurt by the arm and dragged him quickly into the alley by the hotel. None of the people passing seemed to witness this encounter, either because they ignored it or because the other man was blocking Kurt from view as he towered over him. The other man grabbed Kurt as well as he tried to break free, as they dragged him deeper into the alley. Kurt was terrified. He didn't know who these men were or where they were talking him or what they were going to do.

"Let me go! Help!" He screamed out, hoping to attract attention.

The two men tightened their grip on Kurt and continued to drag him deeper in the alley away from help; despite Kurt's desperate attempts to get free.

Kurt was nearly in tears trying to get free, "Let me go! Help! Help! Somebody please..."

Kurt suddenly felt a blow to his temple and a hand cover his mouth to stop him screaming. He felt his body being hoisted into the air by the men, meaning they were now carrying him instead of dragging him through the alley. Kurt fought as hard as he could against his eyes closing, hoping someone would see him. He felt his body fall limp as his breathing deteriorated due to the hand over his mouth; plus the blow to the head was making him want to close his eyes and sleep. Kurt felt his hand go limp and felt something slip his hand, watching as his iPhone smashed on the streets of New York. He hoped that someone would find it or Blaine would get that voicemail and get help. As Kurt's world darkened, his last thoughts were of this boyfriend and whether he would get the chance to tell him he loved him.


Blaine was furious Wes had hung up on his boyfriend and confiscated his phone. He had glared at Wes for the remainder of the Warbler practice. At the end, Wes gave him his phone and started giving him a lecture. Blaine, however, wasn't listening and was concentrating on turning his phone on. He waited for it to load. When it did, he saw he had a voicemail from Kurt.

"Oh has Kurt left you a voicemail? Put it on speaker so we can hear Kurt rant at me," Wes said, smiling at his friend.

Blaine rolled his eyes as all the Warblers gathered round but he did what Wes said, wanting to hear Kurt tell Wes off, and pressed play.

The voicemail started, "Hey Blaine it's me. I guess Wes succeeded in taking your phone as you hung up on me. I had better be getting back to the New Directions. Who knows what they have got up to without me there? I might be missing Rachel and Santana have a cat fight. Anyway I miss you and I..."

Blaine chuckled slightly and wondered why Kurt had paused; had his boyfriend been about to say the 'L' word?

The voicemail continued, "And I can't wait to see you when I get home, hopefully with a Nationals trophy," Kurt continued, although it seemed that his voice sounded slightly higher and breathless, "I'll see you in a few days time. I'll also come and visit the guys at Dalton. I can tell Wes off for being the reason I'm not talking to you right now. I've missed them, but not as much as I miss you. You're my number one and I... oh my god!"

Blaine was panicking now. Kurt's voice had been getting pitchier as he continued to speak. The Warblers smiled at Kurt's Dalton comment but all looked worried. Blaine caught David's eye and they both shared a look of concern. When he heard his boyfriend cry out, "Oh my God!" Blaine had leapt to his feet and was staring at the phone, willing Kurt to talk and be okay.

"Let me go! Help!" came Kurt's voice out of the phone.

Blaine's heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach. What was happening to his beloved Kurt a thousand miles away in New York?"

Kurt's teary voice continued, "Let me go! Help! Help! Somebody please..."

Kurt's voice was cut off as they heard a massive thump and a muffled sound; as if Kurt was being silenced. Suddenly the call was cut off leaving the Warblers sitting in silence. Blaine heard the options listed for the voicemail and quickly grabbed his phone, pressing two and saving the message. He went into his contacts on his phone and pressed 'Finn'. It rang for a few moments.

"Hey dude what's up?" Finn said, sounding as if he was eating something.

Blaine had to try, "Is Kurt with you?"

"No," Finn replied, causing Blaine's heart to shatter, "He went downstairs to phone you."

Blaine didn't know how he was going to tell Finn what had happened but he had to say it, "Kurt left me a voicemail after my friend hung up on him. He said he was out the front of the hotel leaning on a wall by the alley. In the voicemail he starts sounding panicked after a while then starts calling for help and yelling let me go."

Finn had gone silent. Blaine couldn't blame him. He still couldn't believe it himself. Suddenly Blaine heard yelling. Finn was alerting the New Directions.

"Blaine?" Finn's voice sounded panicked and breathless, "Blaine I've told them quickly and we're all running outside now."

"Please stay on the phone with me," Blaine begged, needing to know of Kurt's welfare.

"Wouldn't dream of doing anything else," Finn replied, his words comforting Blaine.

Blaine listened to Finn running and listened to him ordering the New Directions around when they were outside. He waited for Finn to talk into the phone and tell him what was going on, hoping they'd find Kurt.

Finn coughed down the phone, "Blaine... Santana found his phone in the alley. The screen is cracked but it's still on. It's definitely his as the two of you are the background. You know, the prom picture he loves so much," Finn sounded like he was trying to suppress sobs, "We ran to the end of the alley but there's no sign of him. It led to the back of the hotel, a public car park there. They obviously drove away. Near where Santana found his phone... there was a little bit of blood but I don't know if that's his."

"He's gone," Blaine whispered, trying not to break down.

"Blaine I'm calling the police okay. After that I need to call Burt and Mum to tell them. Oh God Burt will die. He loves Kurt more than anything and I... I need to call Mr Schue as well to tell him he needs to be here now."

"Wait," Blaine interrupted, "Where is Mr Schue?"

"He's filling in some paperwork for Nationals. Blaine I'll call you back straight after."

With that, Finn hung up. Blaine dropped his phone and sunk into the sofa behind, burying his hand in his hands and then he finally broke down. He wondered if he would ever see his boyfriend again and would ever get the chance to tell him he loved him.

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