Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

Christmas With Loved Ones

Kurt watched as Blaine reversed off the driveway, giving him a small wave which Blaine immediately returned before blowing Kurt a kiss. Kurt stood at the door watching Blaine drive off until he was out of sight. Despite initially wanting Blaine to leave when they had first been reunited, Kurt was so happy that Blaine had stayed and fought for them and their relationship. He needed Blaine, despite downplaying that fact at first. Kurt still felt that he was incredibly overwhelmed by everything and didn't know what to do but Blaine had always made him feel safe. Kurt did kind of wish that he didn't need Blaine as much as he did. He didn't want to drag his boyfriend down with him or hurt him. He had a long road ahead of him to getting over what happened to him and Kurt knew he did need a lot of help, he just struggled to accept it. He knew that Blaine wanted to help him and wasn't going to let him struggle with his demons on his own. Kurt let out a sigh before stepping back and shutting the front door. He glanced around the living room, taking in all the Christmas decorations and the magnificent tree. It felt so bizarre to him that it would be Christmas tomorrow. Blaine had come home after their emotional talk but had returned the following day, wanting to spend as much time as possible with Kurt. Kurt himself didn't come out of his room after the first time Blaine had left, wanting to just have some time to himself. His family had left him alone but had briefly spoken to Blaine when he had left. Burt had been extremely surprised to see Blaine the following day but was happy as that meant his son was letting someone in.

Kurt walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water before heading back to his room and to try and get some sleep. When Blaine had been here, they just curled up in bed together and watched 'Love Actually', seeing as it was Christmas Eve. Kurt opened up a little more to Blaine about what happened in New York but they mainly tried to keep it not too depressing and just enjoy being back together after so long. When Kurt walked into the room, he didn't expect to see his Dad sitting in there staring at a bottle of beer.

"Should you be drinking that?" Kurt couldn't help but ask, startling his Dad in the process.

Burt couldn't help but chuckle, "You don't know much I've missed you lecturing me about what I can and can't eat or drink."

Kurt shook his head as he grabbed a glass from the cupboard and headed over to the sink, "I didn't lecture you that much."

Burt gave his son a look, "If you say so Kurt."

Kurt placed his glass of water on the table before taking a seat opposite his father. He felt bad for just keeping to himself since he had got home but he just didn't know how to act. The whole thing was completely surreal. Kurt wished that he wasn't so private and was capable of bearing his soul as he knew he desperately needed to. He could feel himself withdrawing from everyone already and he had only been back in Lima a few days.

"I'm guessing it went well with Blaine?" Burt said, startling Kurt this time around.

Kurt nodded in reply, "Yeah it was amazing to see him again."

"What happened yesterday if you don't mind me asking?" Burt asked, using a gentle tone as he didn't want to upset his son."

"I told him everything," Kurt said, making eye contact with his father, "I kind of forgot myself at first and just let myself reunite with Blaine. When he commented on my stitches I freaked out and wanted him to leave. Of course Blaine refused and somehow we ended up confessing our love for one another and reaffirming that we were still boyfriends. I thought Blaine wouldn't want to know when he found out what had happened to me but he said differently. I wanted to tell him as he's my best friend as well as my boyfriend and we've never had secrets. He of course was horrified but said he was going to there for you and didn't want me to struggle with my demons on my own."

"Well hearing that has made me happy," Burt smiled as he took off his hat to scratch at his head for the moment, "I'm glad you two finally got to tell one another that you love each other as I remember when you told me how you felt after your junior prom and Blaine told me that he loved you the first time I saw him after you had been declared missing. I felt so bad for the kid."

"I didn't think that Blaine and I could ever recover after everything but I'm so happy to be proven wrong on this occasion," Kurt said honestly, his eyes shining with happiness.

Burt smiled at his son and watched as Kurt took a swig from his glass of water. Something on Kurt's left hand immediately caught his attention and his eyes zoomed in on a particular finger.

"Kurt?" Burt knew he had to remain calm and not jump to conclusions, "What on earth is that on your finger?"

Kurt looked at his father with confusion before glancing down at his left hand, "Oh that! Blaine gave it to me and he made it himself! I love it so much. Isn't it amazing?"

Burt had to agree with Kurt, given that Blaine had made it himself, "Yeah I really like it. Say Kurt, what kind of ring is it?"

Kurt immediately caught onto the meaning behind the question, "Dad… it's not an engagement ring. I am in no state for that kind of commitment, even if it is Blaine. I can just about cope with being in a relationship. It's a promise ring that Blaine made for me a while ago and wanted to give me this year for Christmas. Since I'm finally home and it's Christmas, he gave it to me when we reunited."

"Ah well that's really nice," Burt mentally sighed with relief, "Look bud I wanted to speak to you about tomorrow."

"What other than it's Christmas?" Kurt asked, wondering what his Dad could have to say.

"Tomorrow can either be just you, me, Carole and Finn," Burt began, not knowing how his son would react, "Or we could have a few guests over. It's completely up to you and only if you feel up to it."

Kurt narrowed his eyes with suspicion, "Who are the guests?"

Burt cleared his throat, "Well Blaine and I were discussing Christmas and he said his parents have invited our family over for Christmas as they're obviously delighted you've been found and want to see you. They understand you might not be up to it and just want you to feel comfortable. I told Blaine that I'd discuss it with you as it might be better for them to come home so you're in the safety of your home."

Kurt deliberated for a moment, "I'd like to see the Andersons again. It'd be nice to have them here for Christmas."

Burt smiled at his son, "I'll make the call then. Oh I should say now, Blaine's older brother Cooper will be joining us."

"Oh I finally get to meet Blaine's mysterious brother who he refuses to talk about," Kurt thought aloud, wondering why Blaine was so reluctant to talk about his sibling.

"I guess you'll find out tomorrow," Burt said, his thoughts similar to his son's, "Now Kurt, if at any point tomorrow you feel overwhelmed or worried or even scared, please tell me. You can retreat to your bedroom at any time you like okay."

Kurt nodded, grateful that his Dad had said this. He liked that he had an 'out' option just in case he started to panicked or felt like he was being overwhelmed. He liked the Andersons but was worried that they might press for details about what had happened. He wondered what his Dad had told them about his ordeal.

Burt guessed what his son was thinking and wanted to reassure him, "I spoke to Blaine about what he had told his parents. He said that he had just repeated what Carole had originally told him about you being kidnapped by a group of men and were treated badly. He didn't want to betray your trust by telling his parents the whole truth and not knowing whether you were okay with it. They understood and left it there, just happy you were home and safe."

"Thank you Dad," Kurt whispered, not really knowing what else to say, "I wouldn't be comfortable with so many people knowing about what happened."

Burt reached out and placed his hand over his son's, "I know kiddo. I promise you I'll do everything within my power to ensure that the news doesn't get out. It shouldn't be reported as they only know you've returned home but Manson shouldn't be linked to you as you're a minor and they can't use your name when reporting the story."

Kurt tried to smile at his father but failed as he thought back to everything that had happened to him.

"Thank you Dad. I'm off to bed now as I need some rest," Kurt told his Dad, pulling his hand away and standing up.

"How are you feeling?" Burt asked, his voice full of concern, "I can see your bruises are slowly fading but how do you physically feel?"

Kurt pondered for a moment, "I always feel tired, even if I spend all day in bed. When I eat, my stomach always aches and I feel nauseous. I just constantly feel tired and achy."

Burt stood up and made his way over to Kurt, examining his face for a moment before pulling his son into a gentle but loving hug. Kurt closed his eyes and hugged his Dad back, revelling in his presence. Eventually he pulled back and bid his father goodnight before heading out of the room.

"Goodnight son," Burt called after his retreating form, "I love you."

Kurt turned around at that, "I love you too Dad."

Kurt slowly made his way upstairs, knowing he could just head to his room and that he wouldn't be disturbed. He had seen Carole wrapping presents in her room earlier and Finn had been playing video games all day. He could hear the loud noises coming from Finn's room that sounded like gunshots so quickly ran to his own room, not wanting to be reminded of Hayley and how she died. Kurt quickly stripped off and got into his pyjamas. He hated the fact every single item of his clothing was too big for him. He knew his boyfriend was extremely concerned how skinny he was and couldn't believe it when Kurt said he had actually put on a few pounds since he had been found. No matter how much he tried to eat, his body seemed to reject it in some shape or form, not used to so much. It was wistful thinking that he would fit into his clothes sooner than later. It would take a long time to recover so it was most likely better for Kurt just to buy a whole new wardrobe. In the past this thought would have delighted the teenager but now Kurt would have preferred if everything could have just gone back to normal when he returned to Lima after seven months. All this new additions were just reminders of a change that occurred because of what had happened to him in New York.

Kurt put his clothes in his laundry basket before glancing at his vanity desk and eyeing the skin products sitting there neatly. He hadn't touched them since he had arrived home. He desperately wanted to as they would make him feel normal but he didn't want to aggravate any of the bruises or marks on his face. Kurt told himself that he would try in the morning after his shower but he knew deep down that he would probably avoid doing his skin routine and would tell him another day. Kurt took off his ring and placed it on his bedside table. Kurt crossed his room and switched off his bedroom light, before running back to his bed and jumping under the covers. He snuggled down and willed his body to relax. He felt extremely nervous about the following day as the boy didn't know what to expect. He longed for a day of normality where he would feel that his future was not full of dark clouds and difficult times ahead. After tossing and turning for a while, Kurt eventually drifted off in an uneasy and troubled sleep, full of nightmares.


"It's Christmas!" came a loud voice, cheering and whooping, "It's Christmas! Everyone get up!"

Kurt stirred slightly at the noise but decided his bed was too comfy and sleep was welcoming him. He snuggled further under his covers and let himself fall back to sleep.

Suddenly the door burst out and Finn came charging into the room. He spotted his brother still fast asleep despite him shouting the roof off and knew he had to change that.

Finn jumped onto the bed before jumping on Kurt, "Wake up sleepy head! It's Christmas!"

Finn remembered doing this the previous year and knew Kurt would be annoyed at him for a few minutes before forgiving him and getting up for Christmas. What he didn't expect was Kurt's reaction this time around.

Kurt let out a scream that Finn knew would haunt him forever. Kurt's back arched as he struggled against Finn's weight on top of his. Finn immediately jumped off his brother, feeling incredibly guilty and completely stupid. He had let the excitement of it being Christmas overrule his judgement and now he had hurt Kurt. He couldn't believe what he had done to Kurt.

Kurt's cries broke Finn's heart, "Please don't hurt me! Please! Help! No! Stop!"

Finn immediately realised that his jumping on Kurt had triggered either a nightmare or Kurt was stuck in a memory. He had no idea what to do. Luckily at that moment, Burt and Carole came running in the room looking frantic.

"Finn what's going on?" His mother cried, staring at her son before focusing her attention on her stepson.

Burt immediately run to Kurt's side and was trying to calm him down, failing to do so.

"I'm so sorry!" Finn exclaimed, feeling like he was about to cry, "I was so excited about it being Christmas Day and I came in here to find Kurt had ignored me and was still asleep so I jumped on him like I did last year. He started screaming and panicking. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt him!"

Carole rushed over to Kurt's side, joining her husband, "I know you didn't sweetie. Just give us a minute."

Finn didn't know what to do as he stood and watched his parents try to wake his brother. It seemed that Kurt was trapped his nightmare and despite their best efforts, he wasn't able to be saved.

Without warning Kurt shot up, startling everyone in the room. His hand clutched at his chest as he tried to calm down and control his breathing, despite the fact he was choking back his sobs. Burt wrapped his arms around his son and let him cry, comforting him as much as he could.

Carole stroked Kurt's hair several times before leaving the father and son together. She made her way over to her own son who was standing in the room staring at Burt and Kurt, looking anxious and close to tears.

Carole touched her son's arm, "Finn don't blame yourself. You weren't to know."

Finn shook his head, "I should have Mum. I should have known it was stupid to jump on Kurt when he was sleeping after everything he has been through. I immediately knew that it was a stupid idea but of course I didn't realise that until I had already done it. I just want to help him and protect him but I keep screwing it up."

Carole just pulled her son into a hug, "Oh Finn, it shows what a great brother you are at the fact you want to help Kurt and look after him. You don't mean to hurt him and it's just unfortunate. Kurt will be fine okay? Yes he might have had a nightmare this morning but sweetie, he's been having those ever since he got home. He probably would have had one anyway. Don't beat yourself up over this Finn. Just be careful when it comes to Kurt."

Finn let his mother's words sink in as he hugged her back, "Merry Christmas Mum."

"Merry Christmas Finn," Carole said back before kissing the tall boy's cheek.

"Finn?" came a small voice from the bed, causing Carole and Finn to pull away and whirl around to face him.

Kurt gave Finn a soft smile, "Finn please don't blame yourself. I was already having a horrible night's sleep and I think the nightmare would have most likely happened anyway. Let's not let this ruin our Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!"

Carole and Finn rushed over to Burt and Kurt and jumped in with their hug. It was strange how when the two adults got engaged and Burt initiated a family hug, Finn was reluctant but now he loved every single member of the Hudmels and would always happily join in with a family hug. The family eventually pulled apart and Carole instructed the men to get washed and joined and a small breakfast would be ready in about half an hour.

Kurt waited until everyone had left his room and his bedroom was shut before breaking down once more. The nightmare had been triggered by Finn's weight on top of his but he knew Finn meant no harm so didn't hold it against him in any way. Kurt was worried what would happen the first time he had Blaine's body on top of his. Would he freak out and unintentionally hurt the boy he loved? Or would he even scare Blaine away with his actions? He tried to calm down at that thought and remind himself that Blaine loved him and wasn't going anywhere. Kurt dragged himself off the bed and into his bathroom for a shower. The loud sound of the water running meant that Kurt could let his emotions go without the fear of someone hearing him. He didn't want to disappoint his family on today of all days and just wanted the attention off him. He hated that the family had already seen him struggle with a nightmare and break down once again. Kurt hated feeling like he was the weak one in the family who the others had to look after and care for. He knew he was hardly in a position to take care of himself or cope on his own but he still hated it.

Kurt got out of the shower and dried his body, pulling on his dressing gown. He headed into his bedroom and sat down at his vanity desk, staring at his face in the mirror. Kurt had always prided himself on his appearance but now he hated it. He was extremely pale, covered in bruises and his cheekbones were still extremely prominent. He just looked like a different person and he hated it. Everything was so different. Kurt looked at his skin creams before picking up one and opening it. He barely dipped his finger in it and retrieved a tiny amount of cream. He gently smoothed it onto his face, taking care not to hurt himself. Kurt managed to do both sides of his face before he had to stop. He got up and looked in his wardrobe. He wanted to look nice as it was Christmas Day after all. Kurt pulled out a pair of old black skinny jeans and a dark blue shirt. He glanced at his bowties and broaches but just couldn't bring himself to include them in his outfit. He grabbed a pair of boxers and pulled them on before putting his jeans on. Of course they were too big for him so Kurt had to try a belt to see if that helped. It ended up with Kurt having to pierce a new hole in the belt so it would actually fit around his waist. He pulled on the dark blue shirt and sighed when he saw it was too big. He had even chosen a shirt that should have been more likely to fit him as it was an older shirt. In the end Kurt decided to tuck in his shirt and just leave it like that. He picked up the ring Blaine had made him and slipped it onto his finger, feeling so loved every time he looked at it. Kurt glanced at his reflection in the mirror, let out a sigh and left the room, knowing that breakfast would be ready and knowing that he would only manage a small portion of it, no matter how hard he tried to eat more.


Kurt's eyes were glazing over as he tried to focus on the television screen. Carole had insisted that he rest and that she was perfectly capable of managing the Christmas dinner on her own. Instead he had to try to pay attention to a basketball game his Dad and Finn were engrossed in. Suddenly he found something being placed on his lap. He glanced down and noticed it was the December edition of Vogue. He looked up to see his father smiling sadly at him.

"It's not right for you to not be sitting there pretending to watch the game while reading your fashion magazine," Burt said, hoping to put a smile on his son's face.

Kurt did indeed smile at that, "I always thought I had gotten away with it."

Burt just laughed, "You're not exactly subtle Kurt!"

Burt focused his attention back to the game and let his son read the magazine he had gone so long without. Kurt kept smiling to himself as he read through the magazine, feeling so happy that his father had kept up a Christmas tradition, even though he thought he had gotten away with reading Vogue rather than watching the game.

When Kurt had finished with the magazine, he looked up and focused his attention on the perfume bottle hanging out on the Christmas tree. He had added it this morning after breakfast. Burt had got it out for his son to hang on the tree as it was something that was always on their tree after Kurt's Mum had died when he was eight. Kurt had kissed the perfume bottle before hanging it on the tree, missing his mother so much and wishing she was there. He loved Carole and Finn but he wished he had his Mum, especially after everything recently. The whole morning had been lovely with everyone opening presents. Kurt had received new clothes, books, CDs and DVDs with his father and Carole promising that they would get some of the clothes changed to a smaller size. Some of the clothes were recently bought gifts so they should fit him. Kurt actually perked up at the prospect of wearing ideas that fit him. Everyone shot down Kurt's attempt at apologising for lack of gifts on his behalf. His family just told him that the fact he was there celebrating Christmas with them was everything they ever wanted. Kurt had nearly cried at that but had managed to hold it back, not wanting to upset anyone. Christmas dinner was nearly ready and all they were waiting for now was the Anderson family to arrive.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and Burt jumped up to get it. Kurt could hear him greeting the Andersons and for some reason Kurt found himself holding his breath. He felt nervous to see Mr and Mrs Anderson again and to meet Blaine's brother Cooper. He didn't know what to expect. Kurt focused back on his magazine on his lap, not knowing how to act. Suddenly the sofa dipped next to him and something wet was pressed to his cheek. He turned his head to find Blaine smiling at him, his hazel eyes lit up.

"Hello my love," Blaine said, smiling at his boyfriend, "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas Blaine," Kurt replied, returning his boyfriend's smile. He was so happy to see him.

Kurt made the first move as he wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck and pressed his lips to his. Blaine quickly wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist and returned the kiss. The kiss didn't last for too long as the boys were suddenly very aware that their family was in the room with them and most likely watching. The boys pulled apart and smiled at one another before Blaine jumped up and held out his hand to Kurt. Kurt immediately accepted it and entwined their fingers together. They walked over to Blaine's waiting family.

Kurt smiled nervously at Blaine's parents, "It's so lovely to see you again Mr and Mrs Anderson."

Suddenly Kurt found himself in Blaine's mother's embrace as she kissed his forehead, "Oh Kurt it's brilliant to see you. I'm so happy you're okay. And how many times have I told you? It's Sarah!"

Kurt let out a nervous laugh as she pulled away, "I'm sorry Sarah; I promise I'll try not to forget."

"The same goes for me too young man," Blaine's father said as he pulled Kurt into a quick hug as well, "Call me Richard Mr Hummel."

Kurt couldn't help but smile at his boyfriend's parents, "I'll start again. It's so lovely to see you again Richard and Sarah."

Sarah Anderson laughed as she leaned forward to kiss Kurt's cheek, "Oh how I have missed you. I've missed seeing Blaine smile but ever since he learnt you were coming home he hasn't stopped."

Kurt glanced at his boyfriend out of the corner of his eye and saw that Blaine was blushing which he immediately thought was adorable. He loved Blaine's parents as they were such nice people. They weren't always around as they were away on business trips quite a lot but they tried to always be there for Blaine and now Kurt. Blaine had told Kurt his mother had accepted him when he came out but his father initially struggled. Blaine had resented him for it and kept thinking his father was trying to turn him straight. When Richard Anderson asked his son to build a car with him, he thought he wanted him to get his hands dirty. A few days in and Blaine had demanded to know what his father's problem was. His father had told him he wanted to do things with his son as he felt that he had let Blaine down by not accepting him straight away. Since that moment, the father and son had had a strong relationship. The Andersons had met Kurt when he was just a friend of Blaine's and had loved him. When they had found out the two were dating, they were both thrilled and said they were so happy for the two of them.

A young man in his late twenties stepped forward and grinned at Kurt, "So this is the famous Kurt? Hi I'm Cooper Anderson aka Mr Hollywood but you probably already know that."

Kurt's eyes widened at what the man was saying and he glanced at Blaine for help.

Blaine let out an irritated sigh, "Cooper we've been over this. Kurt won't have seen your advert as he hasn't had the chance to watch television for the past seven months. Just let it go."

Cooper ignored his little brother, "Oh well then Kurt you are missing out! I am the face of the fastest growing international credit rating website and I am becoming extremely famous. I am an incredibly talented actor and I live in LA. I've just done an audition for CSI and it looks like I'll be auditioning for the new Michael Bay movie in a couple of months."

Kurt just nodded, not knowing what to say in response to this man who seemed to just excel in confidence. Kurt glanced at Blaine to see he looked annoyed and he immediately knew why Blaine refused to talk about his brother who was ten years older than him.

Luckily Burt called them all to sit down for dinner. Kurt gave Blaine's hand a squeeze as they headed into the dining room. Carole had arranged a seating plan and there were cards with all of their names on it. Kurt was sitting next to Blaine and he had Finn on the other side. Burt was at one end and Richard was the other. Opposite Kurt, Carole was sitting next to her husband, followed by Cooper and Sarah. Burt helped Carole serve the food and make sure everyone had a drink. Before any crackers were pulled, Burt raised his glass.

"I would like to make a toast," Burt said as everyone else raised their glass, "I am so happy that we could come together on Christmas. It's such a great thing that the Hudmels and the Andersons can come together and get along, especially since we all know how much Kurt and Blaine mean to one another. I know they're only young but I can see us all being family one day."

There were several chuckles and laughs at Burt's comment and the two boys blushed, causing more laughter. Blaine just leaned in and pressed a kiss to Kurt's cheek before turning his attention back to the man making the toast.

"I just have to mention that I am so incredibly grateful that my son is home for Christmas. These last seven months have been hell for everyone involved and all I can say is that I am so so happy that my boy is safe and sound. I won't go on about it otherwise we'd be here all day but I just want to say I love you Kurt and you've made my Christmas wish come true. On that note, Merry Christmas everyone!"

Everyone around the table clinked their glasses together and wished one another a 'Merry Christmas'. Kurt had once again held back the tears when he heard his father's words. He didn't want to cry and have everyone's attention on him. He wanted Christmas Day to be about everyone there. Everyone picked up their crackers and all of them were pulled; some around the table exclaiming about their victory while others moaned at their loss. Kurt tried not to flinch at the loud bangs of the crackers but he saw Blaine looking at him sadly. He just smiled back and pulled out his Christmas hat from the cracker. He noticed Cooper eyeing him curiously but quickly glanced away. Once everyone had their hats on, Burt declared that they could all enjoy his wife's amazing cooking. Kurt glanced down at his plate and knew there was no way on earth he could eat everything on it. He didn't want to make a scene so knew he would try his best. He just hoped that he wouldn't end up being sick in front of everyone. Everyone was chatting away and Finn had gotten up at one point to start playing a Christmas CD. The whole situation felt so Christmassy and just normal that Kurt was loving every second of it.

"I'm so happy I could celebrate Christmas with you," Kurt told Blaine as he watched his boyfriend load his plate up with more parsnips.

Blaine turned to look at Kurt, his eyes shining with love, "Me too baby. I feel that I just want to be with you as much as I can after not seeing you for so long. If I hadn't been able to see you today, I would have probably been sulking and planning to sneak out and see you."

Kurt couldn't help but giggle at that, "Oh Blaine I can definitely imagine you trying to use the puppy pout on your parents."

Blaine mock glared at Kurt, "Hey! You love my puppy pout!"

Kurt shook his head, "I never said that. You love it as you know I can never say no to you when you use it."

Kurt saw that Blaine was beginning to pout so he quickly looked away, a smile still on his face.

Suddenly he felt a kiss to his cheek and a mouth against his ear, "I love you so much."

Kurt turned back to look at Blaine, unable to stop the smile from spreading across his face, "I love you so much too."

The two boys grinned at one another before they turned back to their dinners. Kurt managed to eat a little bit more but his stomach was starting to hurt.

"So how long have you been together?" Kurt heard a voice say and he glanced up to see Cooper looking at him and Blaine questioningly.

"I swear I told you Cooper," Blaine answered, sounding exasperated.

"I don't think so Squirt," Cooper replied, a gleam in his eye, "You might as well tell me again Kid Brother."

"Don't call me that!" Blaine exclaimed angrily, causing the adults to turn their attention to their conversation while Finn just continued to keep filling his plate with pigs in blankets.

"Cooper stop trying to wind up your brother," Sarah said sternly as she glared at her eldest son, "You're ten years older than him and you should know better."

"I only asked a simple question Mum," Cooper whined before turning back to Kurt, not Blaine, "So Kurt how long have you been with Blainers here?"

Kurt smiled sympathetically at Blaine who was growling before turning back to Cooper, "We started dating in March of this year."

"Ah nine months then," Cooper replied before he look confused, "Or would you say you've only been dating for two months as Kurt wasn't around for seven months?"

"Cooper that is enough!" Richard exclaimed, glancing between his two sons, "We told you to behave when you came here which is shocking that I have to tell my twenty seven year old son to behave!"

"It's a reasonable question," Cooper argued back, "I'm just curious. Don't tell me you're all not?"

"Nine months," Kurt suddenly interrupted causing everyone to look at him, "I don't know about Blaine but I say we've been dating for nine months. I may have not physically been with Blaine but I was mentally and emotionally. I never stopped calling him my boyfriend and my feelings for him never changed."

Kurt glanced at Blaine who was grinning at him with tears in his eyes, "I agree with Kurt. Kurt's it for me and no matter how far we were apart, we were still together and he was still my boyfriend. I just had to wait until he was found to be reunited with him."

Kurt and Blaine locked eyes and both leaned in for a quick and chaste but loving kiss. They smiled at one another after they pulled away and turned back to their dinners.

"You two are adorable," Sarah smiled as she gazed lovingly at her son and his boyfriend.

Kurt blushed at that as the adults chuckled again. Everything seemed to calm down after that and normal conversation resumed. Everyone was happy and having a good time. Kurt could feel his guard lowering as he allowed himself to have fun and enjoy himself.

Suddenly Cooper spoke up, "I have a brilliant idea! Obviously I'm already famous so if I wrote a screenplay in which I would also star, I would most likely win an Academy Award for both!"

"What would it be about?" Finn asked, sounding confused and mirroring how everyone felt.

"About Kurt of course!" Cooper exclaimed, causing all eyes to dart between the man talking and the boy whose face was getting redder by the second, causing a complete contrast to the rest of his extremely pale skin.

"What about Kurt?" Burt asked, trying to keep his voice steady but he could feel his anger rising.

"It'd be about what happened to Kurt of course!" Cooper cried, sounding so proud of his idea, "It'd be about him being missing for seven months and I'll also say his love story with Blaine and I promise to keep it as realistic as possible. I probably won't be able to get away with playing Kurt so another main character would be the guy who kidnapped you. I'd play him. Now Kurt I may need to set up an interview with you to get all the details about what happened."

Everyone in the room had frozen. No one could believe what Cooper had just said. Burt snapped to life and started rising out of his chair, ready to just grab Cooper and throw him out of his house but the youngest Anderson beat him to it. Blaine had leapt to his feet and was yelling at Cooper.

"How dare you!? Are you so insensitive that you'd try to make money off a traumatic incident that happened to your brother's boyfriend, to a guy you just met!? Cooper I literally feel like punching you right now! I get that you're always critical of me and that all you care about is acting but I would not let you try to use Kurt for fame! He's been through so much and there is no way in hell you are writing a screenplay about him. The fact you've also said you want to play his kidnapper shows what an insensitive dickhead you are!" Blaine yelled, letting out all of his frustration.

"Well said Blaine," Burt interjected, nodding at Blaine before glaring at Cooper, "If you even dare to try to write this screenplay, I will take you to court. I don't care that you are my son's boyfriend's brother and you might be family one day but I swear to God there is no way in hell you are doing this!"

There was a moment of silence before Cooper let out a reluctant sigh, "Look I'm really sorry. I just want to get to the top of my fame and thought Kurt's story would help me. I'll just focus on CSI and the Michael Bay movie."

Blaine groaned in frustration at his older brother, not able to understand why his brother couldn't apologise properly like a normal human being.

"I'm so sorry about this," Sarah said sadly, "I'll definitely be talking to him later."

Carole just smiled sadly at her, "How about we just forget about it for now? It's Christmas Day and it's a time of celebration. How about I clear the plates and bring out the desserts?"

The Anderson parents smiled gratefully at Carole and Sarah jumped up to help their host.

Burt turned to his son, "Hey buddy, do you want some dessert?"

Kurt shook his head, "I think I might go upstairs for a bit. I promise I'll come back down but I just feel a bit overwhelmed and you said…"

Burt stopped him there, "Kurt it's absolutely fine. Blaine can go with you if you want?"

Kurt nodded and stood up. Blaine stood up as well, knowing that Kurt needed him and he had overheard what Burt had said, despite all his efforts not to eavesdrop.

Kurt turned back to his Dad, "Don't be too hard on Cooper. He doesn't know everything and he doesn't mean to hurt me, he just has his priorities wrong."

Burt sighed but gave his son a smile, "You truly are your mother's son. Now off with you two. Come back down when you feel ready."

Kurt and Blaine made their way hand in hand to Kurt's bedroom and once in there, Kurt just laid down on the bed. Blaine stood at the end of the bed just watching his boyfriend.

Kurt glanced up at Blaine, "Are you okay?"

Blaine just growled, "I should be asking you that! I can't believe Cooper! He's just a selfish prick! I seriously hate him at times!"

Kurt smiled sadly, "Is this why you've never talked about him?"

Blaine nodded, looking downhearted, "He always criticises me. He has never praised me for anything and thinks he's better at everything. He always think of himself and doesn't care how others think. Mum says one day he'll meet someone and they'll be 'his Kurt', I promise you she said that. Mum said they'll show him how he needs to change his ways."

Kurt opened his arms to Blaine and gestured him to lie down on top of him. Blaine didn't even think anything of it and just positioned himself so he was basically straddling Kurt before lying down on Kurt and snuggling against his chest. Blaine noted that Kurt had frozen for a moment before wrapping his arms around Blaine.

Suddenly it dawned on Blaine, "Crap! Oh my God Kurt are you okay? Is this okay? I can get off you!"

Kurt held Blaine tighter, "Finn jumped on me this morning and I basically had a panic attack or it triggered a memory. I wondered what would happen if you laid on top of me."

"And?" Blaine asked timidly, worried about what Kurt would say.

Kurt smiled softly at Blaine, "I panicked at first, remembering those men… anyway I just had to keep taking deep breaths but then your scent hit me and my brain managed to associate the fact it was you lying on top of me and I could relax."

Blaine smiled at that and relaxed into Kurt but suddenly Kurt spoke abruptly, "I think we need to take this one step at a time. I'm sorry Blaine but can you please get off me?"

Blaine jumped off Kurt at lightning speed, checking that his boyfriend was okay. Kurt just looked a bit freaked out and Blaine could see he was trying to calm down.

"I'm sorry," those two words broke Blaine's heart.

Blaine knelt down in front of Kurt, who was now sitting up, "Do not apologise. You have nothing to apologise for. I love you so much and I'm here to help you. I don't want to push you too far. We need to communicate and you need to let me know that you're comfortable so I can be comfortable."

Kurt leaned forward to kiss Blaine, "I love you too. You're amazing Blaine."

Blaine kissed Kurt again before standing up and offering his hand to Kurt. Kurt took it and Blaine pulled him into his arms.

"I was thinking that since last year we sang 'Baby It's Cold Outside' and you're home for Christmas, that we should sing something this year. I kind of like the idea of us having a Christmas duet tradition," Blaine said, smiling lovingly at Kurt.

"What song are you thinking of?" Kurt questioned, trying not to get lost in Blaine's eyes.

"Well this year the New Directions and the Warblers were nearly in a Christmas Holiday episode directed by Artie. He told me his idea was that everyone was visiting Kurt and Blaine's for the holidays and the opening duet would have been 'Let It Snow'. It wouldn't have worked without you, plus in the end we all sang at a homeless shelter," Blaine explained, "What do you think?"

Kurt just smiled and nodded so Blaine opened his mouth to sing, "Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful…"

The two boys continued to sing and Blaine managed to get Kurt up dancing as they sang the Christmas song. They ended up developing a little routine as they danced around one another, always staying close to one another and always touching. Blaine was just so happy to see a smile on Kurt's face and hear the occasional giggle. When they finished the song they collapsed onto the bed, giggling still. Kurt sat up slightly before leaning down and kissing Blaine. Blaine eagerly kissed and the two lovebirds lost themselves in the kiss, taking their time and deepening the kiss. Eventually they pulled apart and just lay there smiling at one another.

After an hour or so in his room Kurt felt like they should rejoin the others. He felt guilty for keeping Blaine away from his family and making the day about him. This time Kurt was the one to stand up and offer Blaine his hand who immediately accepted it. They straightened their clothes out before heading downstairs. Everyone turned and watched the boys walk into the living room and smiled at them.

"Glad you boys have joined us," Burt said happily, "We're watching 'It's a Wonderful Life'."

The two boys settled down on the sofa and snuggled up together, settling down to watch the film.

Kurt turned to Blaine, "Merry Christmas Blaine. I love you."

Blaine's smile was so wide as he replied to Kurt, "Merry Christmas Kurt. I love you too. With you in it, it's a wonderful life."

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