Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

New Year, New Start

Christmas had come and gone and the Hudson-Hummel family were taking it easy and getting ready for the New Year. Kurt hadn't seen Cooper since Christmas Day but had seen Blaine and his parents. They had profusely apologised for their eldest Anderson son's behaviour and had said that it would be best if he kept his distance for a while. While Jonathan and Sarah Anderson was apologetic and insisted that Cooper did not mean any harm, Blaine was apologetic but furious as he knew that his brother was selfish and always thought of how to make his life better rather than caring about other people's feelings. Blaine had always gone around to Kurt's to see him and Kurt had yet to leave the house. He was still feeling drained and overwhelmed and didn't know what to expect when he ventured out into Lima. Blaine had told Kurt he'd happily go anywhere that Kurt wanted to go but the elder boy had simply ignored his boyfriend and had just chosen another film for them to watch. Blaine was worried about Kurt as if he just seemed to be hiding away from everything. He had received so many texts over the last couple of days from the New Directions and the Warblers asking whether he'd seen Kurt and when he would be up for them visiting him. Blaine knew that Finn was being pestered by the New Directions, especially Rachel, but they just didn't know what to reply as Kurt seemed reluctant to talk about seeing his friends.

"Kurt can I ask you something?" Blaine said as they lay cuddling in Kurt's bed, watching 'When Harry Met Sally'.

Kurt turned his head slightly to look at his boyfriend, "Of course you can."

Blaine took a deep breath, "Why are you avoiding seeing your friends? They're all so happy that you're safe and home and they just want to see you. What's going on Kurt?"

Kurt moved his head back down so he was once again lying on Blaine's chest, "I don't know what you mean."

"Bullshit Kurt!" Blaine exclaimed, trying to keep himself from getting worked up, "It's driving me insane how many texts I'm getting from people asking to see you and I feel so rude not replying. Why don't you want to see them? Don't you miss them?"

"Of course I do!" Kurt snapped, lifting his head up and moving his body away from Blaine's, "I miss them all! I desperately want to see them again."

Blaine manoeuvred his body into a sitting position and moved himself closer to Kurt, wrapping his arm around Kurt's tense form, "I'm sorry Kurt. I didn't mean to upset you. I'm just concerned that's all and I know your family are. I don't understand why you won't see your friends?"

"I don't know what I'll tell them," Kurt finally whispered after a few moments after awkward silence, "I don't know what to say."

"Oh Kurt," Blaine's heart broke for his boyfriend, looking all lost and upset, "You don't have to say anything."

Kurt just shook his head, "I will though Blaine. I'll be reunited with all my friends and for several moments it'll be amazing. I'll catch up with everyone and it'll be just like old times. All it'll take is for one person to ask me what happened to me and then everything comes crashing down around me. I can't tell them what happened, I just can't."

Blaine pulled Kurt closer to him and rested his head on Kurt's shoulder, trying to offer him some comfort, "Kurt, try not to worry about it. You told me about what happened and that was fine. It could be the same with your friends."

Once again Kurt shook his head, "It won't be. Blaine I told you as we'd always had an honest relationship. You are my best friend, my boyfriend and the love of my life. It would have torn me apart if I hadn't have told you the truth. I can't tell them. So far only you, Dad, Carole and Finn know. The more people that know, the more the story gets out and before you know it, the whole school knows and then the whole town."

"Kurt that won't happen. If you tell your friends not to say anything I'm sure they won't," Blaine tried to argue, knowing that Kurt needed all the love and support he could get.

Kurt actually scoffed at his boyfriend's words, "That's just the thing about the New Directions… they can't keep their mouths shut to save their lives. When Mercedes found out Puck was the father of Quinn's baby, she immediately told everyone but Finn. When Rachel found out, she went and told Finn almost straight away. Of course she did have an ulterior motive as she wanted Finn to dump Quinn for her. Rachel is notorious for not being able to keep her mouth shut. If she did find out, she'd probably turn it into her drama and probably do something similar to Cooper by wanting to write a song about how my disappearance affected her. I'd be surprised if Rachel hadn't already. I do love the girl and we definitely became closer over our junior year but… Rachel wouldn't be able to not blab about this. None of them would be able to keep it a secret."

"You might be underestimating your friends," Blaine said, wanting to get through to his boyfriend that the support would help them, "I'm sure they'd keep something like this secret."

"Even if they did, the rest of the school could easily find out," Kurt sighed sadly, knowing what a disaster it would be if McKinley High found out about the truth of New York, "Jacob Ben Israel… you've actually seen him before. He was one of the kids heckling at the Night of Neglect; the one with the afro. He is the school's gossip queen so to speak and he seems to find out everything. He would find out and would spread the news. I've also known circumstances where the choir room has actually been bugged. Rachel got Lauren Zizes to bug the choir room so she could hear who was actually singing during practice in our sophomore year. It's not just that however. It can be something as simple as someone overhearing the New Directions talking about me and repeating what they heard. Someone from the New Directions could mention it to their parents who repeats it to a friend. I want to keep what happened to me contained and I don't want people knowing what happened to me."

Blaine wrapped his other arm around Kurt's waist and snuggled up against his boyfriend. He could see what Kurt was saying but hated that it meant that Kurt was isolating himself from having the support of his friends. He knew that the New Directions could be irritating but he also knew that they all loved Kurt and would do anything for him. They had all been beside themselves when they had found out that Kurt was missing and the last seven months had been hell for them too. The New Directions desperately wanted to be reunited with their countertenor. The Warblers had loved having Kurt as part of their Glee club and had been sad to see him go. Of course Kurt had visited regularly after he had returned to McKinley but it wasn't the same. The Warblers had been so worried about Kurt when he had gone missing and couldn't wait to see him. Hopefully Kurt would let his friends see him soon before they just turned up to the house, demanding to see Kurt.

Blaine couldn't help but smile but Kurt rested his head against Blaine's and let his body relax, letting go of the tension he had previously felt. He was happy to help Kurt in any way possible as he knew Kurt was still extremely overwhelmed and finding life difficult, despite not voicing those feelings out loud very much. Blaine knew Burt and Carole were so grateful for his presence in Kurt's life. He hated to think that Kurt would just be locked up in his room all on his own, not opening up and continuing to have the feeling that he was drowning. He knew Kurt was still struggling with this but hoped he was helping Kurt.

There was a knock at the door and the door slowly opened, with Finn sticking his head around.

"Am I okay to come in?" The taller boy asked as he surveyed the situation in front of him.

Kurt just nodded in reply, staying where he was but not being able to move due to Blaine's arms around him. Finn walked into the room and stood in front of his stepbrother and his boyfriend, taking in the position they were in and hoping that Kurt was doing okay.

"I've come in here to talk to you about seeing the New Directions and the Warblers," Finn explained, hoping he didn't upset Kurt with what he was saying, "Blaine's probably told you but they all keep asking to see you. I was wandering if it would be a good idea to have a New Year's party at our house and invite both Glee clubs? That way they can all see you and have a reunion as well as celebrating the New Year together. What do you think about that?"

"Would Dad let us have everyone over?" Kurt asked, his voice sounding monotone.

Finn nodded in reply, "I spoke to my Mum and Burt and told them about the party idea. They thought it was a really good idea as you obviously don't have to leave the house and your friends can come to you. But Kurt, we want you to be one hundred per cent okay with this. If you don't feel up to a party, the party won't take place."

Kurt's face displayed no emotion, "Can I think about it for a while? I'll let you know later on."

Finn nodded, feeling slightly encouraged by the fact Kurt hadn't immediately dismissed the idea. Blaine let go of his boyfriend and stood up, gesturing to Finn that he wanted to talk to him outside.

Blaine leaned down and kissed the top of Kurt's head, "I'll only be a few minutes baby. I just need to talk to Finn."

Kurt knew that they would be talking about him but he just nodded in reply to Blaine. He laid back down on his comfy bed and pondered about what was the best thing to do. He did really want to see his friends but hated the fact he was slightly dreading a reunion with them. At times he felt overwhelmed with just his Dad, Finn and Carole around him and now he would have to be in a room with about twenty five people at one time, plus all the attention would be mainly on him. Kurt couldn't help but notice that he had never felt overwhelmed when he had been in Blaine's presence. His boyfriend seemed to have a calming influence over him and helped him to keep a grasp on reality. Kurt knew that he couldn't stay in his house forever and would need to venture out into the world and see other people eventually. He had to start living his life. If he hid away from the world and let what happen define him, Kurt was letting Thomas Manson win. That vile human being would be ruling Kurt's life and he couldn't let that happen. The only thing was that it was easy to say that he wouldn't let being part of a prostitution ring define him but taking action was a lot harder, especially for Kurt. He knew he had to start somewhere and by somewhere that was letting his friends see him for the first time in seven months and celebrating the New Year with the people who loved him.

Finn and Blaine left Kurt's room and shut the door, not wanting Kurt to hear them discussing him. They moved further along the landing just to make sure he couldn't hear them even though his bedroom door was shut.

Blaine turned to Finn, "I wanted to give Kurt some time to think about your suggestion but I did need to talk to you about it. He admitted to me that he's been avoiding see his friends as he's worried about what to say to them and what to tell them about what happened in New York. Kurt says that with the New Direction's past history, what happened to him wouldn't exactly remain secret among the group. I tried to suggest that his friends love him and would keep this a secret but Kurt was stubborn with his opinion and said that if he told everyone, soon the whole school then the town would know."

To Blaine's dismay, Finn let out a sigh and nodded, "I see Kurt's point there. The New Directions don't have the best track record with keeping secrets. Kurt probably mentioned this but once people found out that Puck was the father of Quinn's baby, not me, it wasn't too long before I knew and Rachel practically told me as soon as she found out. I'm sure everyone would try to keep it quiet but someone at McKinley, namely Jacob Ben Israel, would overhear and everyone would know within the next half an hour."

Blaine pinched the bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes, "Kurt said about that and mentioned that Jacob Ben Israel. I'm pissed off as this means that less support for Kurt."

"But all the New Directions and Warblers will support him?" Finn questioned, trying to work out what Blaine meant.

"I know they will," Blaine replied before letting out a sigh, "They'll offer him support but they won't know how much support and help Kurt truly needs. You and I both know why Kurt keeps to himself, gets overwhelmed and has low self-esteem as we know the truth and the seriousness of how bad it was for Kurt. The others won't know and I just wish Kurt had more people he could open up to, rather than just you, me and his parents."

"I know but we can't force him to tell people dude. That'll just cause him to close up on everyone, including you!" Finn exclaimed, hoping that Blaine wasn't going to force Kurt to open up.

Blaine looked alarmed at what Finn was suggesting, "I would never force Kurt to do that! I would never force him to do anything. Look I'm just worried about how the New Directions will react when they're not told about what really happened to him. I know some of the club will accept it but what about those who desperately want to know and push Kurt to tell them. That'll cause him to snap or push them away. Some also might take offense by Kurt not opening up to them and pushing them away. I'm just worried."

Fin nodded in understanding, "By some, it's probably mainly Rachel. The others can let things go. I love her and everything but she can't keep her mouth shut and hates when she doesn't know what's going on. I'll talk to her before the party, I promise. I might actually message everyone coming and say not to push Kurt on the subject of what happened. I know it's inevitable that it'll be brought up but I'm hoping everyone will let it go."

"Kurt did mention Rachel and he even said something about her doing a Cooper and writing a song or something about how it has affected her," Blaine said as he gave Finn a sympathetic smile, "I hope she hasn't and won't try to make something as horrific as this about her."

"She initially wanted to but I called her out on being selfish and using my brother's disappearance to enhance her own career," Finn replied, frowning as he thought back to the moment Rachel told him about the song, "She didn't see it that way and said she was doing it for Kurt but it was obvious it was about her. The song was going to be about her feelings. I actually got really angry about it and made Rachel see that she had to stop trying to make everything about her. She doesn't feel the consequences of her actions at times but thankfully after seeing how I reacted, Rachel promised that she wouldn't use what happened Kurt as any excuse to get her way in anything or to enhance her chances of going to New York or being on Broadway."

Blaine let out a sigh of relief after that but still felt slightly angry at the Jewish girl, "I know she's your girlfriend Finn but if she upsets Kurt in any way at this party, I will happily kick her out. The same goes to anyone of course."

"I know dude," Finn said as he hoped his girlfriend wouldn't upset his brother by pressing him for details, "I'd totally understand and I will have Kurt's back at this party. Right let's go back in and see Kurt to see if he's had any thoughts about this party."

Blaine agreed so the two boys made their way back along the landing to Kurt's bedroom. Finn gently knocked on the door before slowly opening it, not wanting to startle Kurt in any way. The boy in question was just lying on the bed with his eyes closed but cracked one open when the door opened to reveal Finn and Blaine standing there.

"You can come in you know," Kurt said as the two boys continued to stand in the doorway.

Blaine smiled and made his way to sit next to Kurt on the bed, looking down at his boyfriend's relaxed form and happy to see he looked peaceful. Finn took a few steps into the room but stopped there, not wanting to intrude too much.

"So Kurt have you decided anything?" Finn asked, not wanting to upset his brother, "It's totally cool if you haven't decided anything and there's no rush."

Kurt couldn't help but smile at the taller boy's anxiety, "I know that Finn but I have decided that the party can go ahead. I do want to see my friends and it would be nice to see in the New Year with everyone I love."

Both Finn and Blaine grinned at Kurt, happy with his decision. They were glad Kurt was allowing himself to open up and see his friends, despite his reservations.

"That's awesome dude!" Finn exclaimed happily, still grinning at the youngest member of the family, "I'll go and create a Facebook event immediately!"

Finn waved at the two boys before running out of the room and shutting the door behind him quickly, causing it to slam and making Kurt flinch at the sound. Blaine reached down to stroke Kurt's arm to help him calm down. Blaine quickly laid down next to Kurt and pulled his boyfriend against his chest.

"I'm happy that you want to see your friends," Blaine said as he placed a kiss to Kurt's forehead, avoiding the stitches in his hairline.

"You so sick of me already that you want other people around as well?" Kurt joked, although he was slightly worried that this was the truth.

Blaine's eyes softened, "Of course not. I could never get sick of you. I've been without you for seven months, I never want to leave your side again for as long as we both shall live. No I'm just happy that you're reuniting with your friends who I know you have missed and who have missed you so much."

Kurt smiled sadly, "It has been too long. I just hope everything will be okay at this party."

"I promise you that if at all you feel overwhelmed we can retreat to your bedroom. I promise that I will not leave your side all night and will be there to hold your hand at all times," Blaine said as he pulled Kurt closer to him."

"I love you," Kurt whispered as he snuggled against Blaine's shoulder.

"As I love you," Blaine whispered in reply, nestling his face against Kurt's hair.


New Year's Eve had arrived and Kurt was staring at himself in the mirror and growing more and more frustrated with himself as he was struggling to tie his bowtie. It used to be a second nature to him but he hadn't worn one in such a long time and it seemed like his fingers couldn't remember the correct way to tie one. Suddenly Blaine's reflection appeared in the mirror and his hands moved so they were covering Kurt's and tying the bowtie correctly.

"Hey go easy on yourself sweetie," Blaine said as he finished tying his boyfriend's bowtie, "It's been a while and you need to practice. Don't get mad at yourself."

"I hate that everything has changed," Kurt replied as he stared at himself in the mirror, hating that he saw a pale underweight boy staring back at him, "I hate that I look and feel different. I suppose I'm just grateful that these clothes actually fit me since I got them at Christmas."

Kurt glanced down at his outfit before checking his reflection in the mirror once again. He glared at the bowtie looking back at him, hating how it looked on him. He used to also love wearing them and adding them to his outfit but now he seemed to remind him of the person he used to be and was now long gone. He undid the bowtie, pulled it off and chucked the accessory onto his vanity desk.

"Whoa sweetie what's wrong? The bowtie looked perfect," Blaine said as he watched Kurt glaring at himself in the mirror with concern.

"I just changed my mind about wearing one," Kurt replied as he smoothed a crease out of his shirt.

Kurt let out a sigh as he decided his outfit would do. He was wearing his Paul Smith Graffiti Jacquard shirt with a grey Rag and Bone waistcoat, dark red jeans and his Paul Smith boots. If it wasn't for how frail and skinny he looked, he was finally wearing something that could be deemed worthy of the fashionable Kurt Hummel. Kurt turned around and looked his boyfriend up and down. Blaine was wearing a blue striped Oxford Brooks Brothers dress shirt and some jeans. He looked so handsome and dapper.

"You look really handsome Blaine Warbler," Kurt said as he turned around to face Blaine, smiling at his boyfriend as he did.

Blaine stepped forward and placed his hands on his boyfriend's hips, "So do you baby. I'll definitely be staying by your side tonight as I need to remind people you have a boyfriend."

Kurt couldn't help but roll his eyes, "Oh Blaine, what am I going to do with you? But on a serious note, you won't leave my side unless it's an emergency, right?"

"I promise you I won't leave your side, no matter what" Blaine said as he rested his forehead against Kurt's, "Even if you need to use the toilet, I'll wait outside the bathroom for you."

Kurt let out a chuckle at that, revelling in Blaine's presence. He closed his eyes and focused on the feeling of Blaine holding him. He was incredibly nervous for what was about to take place. In a few moments he would be going downstairs to find a room full of people he hadn't seen for so long.

Blaine nuzzled his nose against Kurt's, "Are you ready to do this?"

"I think so. I'm so glad I have you to support me," Kurt whispered, wishing they could stay in the moment forever.

"I'll always be there to support you," Blaine whispered back before pulling away from Kurt, "Right sweetie it's time to head on down."

Kurt and Blaine pulled away before Kurt reached out to entwine his hand with Blaine's. Blaine gave his boyfriend a smile and gave his hand a squeeze. Kurt took a deep breath and prepared himself for the New Year's party.


Finn was keeping an eye on the stairs, as were Burt and Carole. The New Directions and the Warblers were already there, all mingling and waiting to see Kurt. Katy Perry was currently blaring out of some speakers with a few people dancing. Finn had messaged everyone to tell them that it would be appreciated if they didn't bring up any questions about what had happened to Kurt in New York. Burt and Carole had told Finn to tell everyone what he had originally been told by his mother so Finn had told the two Glee clubs that Kurt was taken by a group of men who kidnapped teenagers and that his stepbrother was treated really badly. He knew that they would probably come up with their own theories of what happened to Kurt after he went missing before Nationals. Also everyone had respected what Finn had said and had promised not to ask questions or upset Kurt. He had had a few problems with a few members. To be honest Finn had expected Santana and Puck to demand answers but they had told him that they were more concerned with the fact Kurt was home and that he was alive. The people that caused him trouble were Rachel and Mercedes. Sebastian had also tried to cause some trouble but all the Warblers had banded together and told the new Warbler that if he tried to hurt Kurt in any way or cause upset, there would be hell to pay. Santana had also threatened to go all Lima Heights on his ass if he tried anything. Mercedes had been hurt that she didn't know what happened as she was Kurt's best friend. Finn had explained that Kurt wasn't withholding information to hurt anything. Santana had told Mercedes to stop making it about herself and that she hadn't really been Kurt's best friend since before he had moved to Dalton as she had been preoccupied with tater tots and other things. Rachel had tried to push Finn several times to let her see Kurt but of course he had not budged. She had been furious when she heard Blaine was regularly seeing Kurt and didn't see why she couldn't see the boy she deemed her 'Best Gay' and his boyfriend could. This had led to several arguments between Finn and Rachel. Finn had told her what he had told everyone else and tried to explain that it was really serious. He told her in the nicest possible way that she couldn't make it about herself and that she couldn't go all 'Rachel' about this and demand to be told what happened.

Finn heard a door open upstairs and he knew Blaine and Kurt were coming down. He caught his stepfather's eye and gave a nod to signify that Kurt was on his way down. Burt and Carole had decided to stay downstairs for the first part of the party just to make sure everything was okay when everyone saw Kurt again. After that they would head upstairs and ring in the New Year up there.

Kurt and Blaine made their way down the stairs and into the living room. Immediately everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at the new arrivals. Kurt had frozen and was gripping onto Blaine's hand, needing all the support he could get. Blaine was watching Kurt, worried how his boyfriend was coping. Kurt's eyes were wide as he surveyed the room in front of him. There was so many people just staring at him. He hadn't been around this many people for such a long time and it was bizarre to be in the same room with all his friends again. He didn't know how to act and what was the first step to take in reuniting with his friends. Burt was watching his son standing there, resembling a deer caught in the headlights as he clutched onto Blaine's hand. He could see all the members of the New Directions and the Warblers just staring at Kurt, taking in how he looked now and how much he had changed. Kurt looked like his old fashionable self except for the fact he was now extremely skinny, looked even paler and had sustained several injuries from the last seven months. Everyone was just staring at Kurt and no one was moving. It was as if everyone was frozen and didn't know how to act.

Suddenly Brittany stepped forward and made her way over so she was standing in front of Kurt. Everyone's eyes were on the former couple, wondering what was about to happen. Kurt's eyes were wide as he waited to see what Brittany would do.

Brittany suddenly threw her arms around Kurt, "Kurty I've missed you so much! I'm so sorry that those bad men took you away from me and your Dolphin! Lord Tubbington told me that you would eventually come home and I waited so long. I'm so happy you're home! I love you Dolphin!"

Everyone in the room waited with bated breath as Kurt just stood there, looking terrified as Brittany clung onto him and buried her face in his neck. Kurt glanced at Blaine and gave a little nod. Blaine let go of Kurt's hand and took a small step back. To everyone's surprise and delight, Kurt slowly wrapped his arms around Brittany's waist and pulled her closer.

"I missed you too Brittany, I missed my Boo," Kurt whispered as he held Brittany to him, "I'm happy I'm home too. I love you Boo."

Brittany let out a sob as she clutched Kurt tighter to her. He reached up to stroke her hair and comfort one of his close friends as she cried. Eventually Brittany pulled away and leaned in to press a kiss to his lips. She smiled at him before moving back to stand with Santana. This seemed to trigger everyone finally be able to move and one by one they pulled Kurt into a hug, cried and told him they loved him. Santana sobbed into Kurt's shoulder and told him if he ever pulled anything like this again, she'd go all Lima Heights on his ass. Puck tried to act all macho at first before breaking down and telling Kurt that he had really missed his boy. Mercedes had just stared at Kurt for a while before breaking down and crying. Kurt had been the one to wrap his arms around one of his best friend and hold her as she cried about how much she loved him and had missed him. Jeff had practically been hysterical as he clung onto Kurt and refused to let him go. It had taken Blaine, Nick and Thad to finally get the Warbler to let go off Kurt. Kurt had also been introduced to a few new members of the New Directions. He had met an Irish boy called Rory and a girl with self-diagnosed Asperger's called Sugar. They had told him they had heard a lot about him and were happy that he was home.

Rachel stepped forward and pulled Kurt into a tight hug, "Oh how I have missed you Kurt Hummel. It hasn't felt right without you here. You're my Best Gay and I love you. I'm sorry for whatever happened to you. Of course I don't know as you don't want me to and Finn has refused to tell me, no matter how many times I ask…"

"Rachel…" Both Finn and Blaine said, watching her with a wary eye.

"Sorry," Rachel muttered before focusing her attention back on Kurt "I just want you to know that I'm here for you and if you ever need to talk, I'm here. I promise it will be about you and not about me."

"Thank you Rachel," Kurt said, knowing it was probably hard for the diva to say that, "I appreciate your support."

Rachel smiled and kissed Kurt's cheek before letting go of him. Kurt stepped back and grabbed hold of Blaine's hand once more.

Blaine leaned in and pressed a kiss to Kurt's cheek, "I'm so proud of you baby."

"I couldn't do it without you," Kurt replied as he leaned into Blaine.

"Kurt?" The couple's attention was drawn to a nervous looking Head of the Warbler Council.

"Hey Wes what's up?" Kurt asked, wondering why the Warbler looked so nervous and upset.

Wes took a deep breath, "It's just so brilliant to see you here. I'm so happy that you're home and safe. Blaine has been so worried and lost without you. I just wanted to apologise for taking Blaine's phone that day seven months ago. I was the one who cut you off from speaking to Blaine and the next thing we know there's a voicemail of you being grabbed from the streets of New York and I… I just wanted to say… I'm so incredibly sorry Kurt."

Kurt let go of Blaine's hand and pulled Wes into a hug, "Wes it's not your fault at all. There's nothing to apologise for. If you think about it, the fact Blaine had a voicemail from me on his phone helped the police as they could listen to it as many times as they want. Please don't feel guilty as there is nothing to feel guilty about. I promise you Wes."

Wes hugged Kurt back and whispered, "Thank you so much Kurt. I'm still so sorry and I'm so happy you're home. We've all missed you so much."

Kurt and Wes smiled at one another as they pulled apart. Wes gave Kurt a pat on the shoulder before grabbing David to go and get a drink. Kurt turned to Blaine and entwined their fingers once more.

"Thank you for staying by my side," Kurt said as he nudged Blaine with his hip and smiled lovingly at his boyfriend.

Before Blaine could say anything, they were interrupted by the presence of a new Warbler named Sebastian Smythe.

"So you're Kurt?" A voice said, startling Kurt and drew his attention away from Blaine.

Kurt turned to look at the boy who had interrupted them. He reminded him of a smirking meerkat.

"Err yes I am. Who are you?" Kurt asked, observing this boy with some interest.

"I'm Sebastian Smythe, a new member of the Warblers. I've heard a lot about you Kurt Hummel. I have to say it's good that you're home safe and sound," Sebastian said, smirking a little as he spoke.

Kurt frowned as he looked at Sebastian. He realised that this must have been the boy that had hit on Blaine. He was the one he had told Blaine to forget about him as he had moved on or was dead. Kurt knew the boy was no threat to their relationship as Blaine had given him a black eye,

"Nice to meet you Sebastian. I'm happy I'm home as I'm finally reunited with my Blaine," Kurt replied, flashing a fake smile at the meerkat in front of him.

"You do make a nice couple; the hobbit and the gay face," Sebastian laughed as he took a swig from his drink.

Before Kurt could utter a comeback, Blaine had moved in front of Kurt and Finn, Puck and a few members of the Warblers had gathered around. Burt had appeared as well, glaring at the Warbler who had offended his son and his boyfriend.

"I don't know who you are but I don't want you in my house any longer. How dare you come to my house and insult my son at a party to welcome him home?" Burt yelled, fuming at the teenage boy in front of him.

"It was a joke. Jeez I swear people who didn't go to a private school don't have a sense of humour," Sebastian laughed again, just rolling his eyes at the people surrounding him.

"For God's sake Sebastian we warned you!" David yelled, attracting more attention, "Kurt used to be a Warbler and once a Warbler, always a Warbler. We've missed him and been worried to death about him for seven months. This is the first time many of us are seeing him and we wanted to have a nice evening! For once in your life try not to be a complete douchebag!"

"This party sucks anyway, I'm off. I'd see if I can find a warm body at Scandals," Sebastian scoffed before putting down his drink and heading out of the house.

Burt glared after the boy as he left, "What a nasty piece of work. Good thing that he's left. I don't want him in my house. Right son, Carole and I are heading upstairs but just call us if you need us. I'm serious, if you need anything at all."

"I'm sure we'll be fine Dad. If I need you, I'll get you," Kurt promised, wanting his Dad and Carole to have a good night.

Dad pulled his son in a tight hug, "I love you kiddo."

"I love you too Dad," Kurt said as he hugged his father back.

The father and son pulled apart and Burt placed a kiss to his son's forehead. With one last smile, Burt and Carole headed upstairs to the privacy of their bedroom with some food and drink to ring in the New Year while the kids were downstairs having a party.

Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt from behind, "I'm so sorry about Sebastian. He was invited because all the other Warblers were invited. I really wish I could have given him another black eye."

"It's not your fault sweetie," Kurt said as he leaned into Blaine's embrace, "Come on, we better join in this party and celebrate the New Year."

"Ooo Kurt! 'Teenage Dream' is playing!" Blaine exclaimed, sounding extremely giddy, "Dance with me!"

Kurt could help but laugh as Blaine pulled him in for a dance to the song that they deemed as significant to their relationship. He allowed himself to have fun and dance with his boyfriend, surrounded by his friends.

After Burt and Carole had gone upstairs, Puck had brought out some alcohol he had snuck in with him. Mainly everyone was drinking apart from a few. Kurt was definitely not drinking and nor was Blaine.

"Blaine sweetie it's okay if you want to have a drink, I won't mind," Kurt said as he danced with his boyfriend to some Rihanna.

Blaine just shook his head and continued to dance, "I'm okay baby. The last time I got drunk I ended up kissing Rachel and that was bad for everyone, including those involved."

Kurt couldn't help but laugh at his boyfriend. He was grateful that Blaine wasn't drinking as he didn't want to be surrounded by a room full of drunk people. He remembered clients that had come in drunk and had been incredibly handsy and forceful. Even though he was surrounded by people verging on being drunk, Blaine was keeping him safe and grounded so it was an incredibly good thing Blaine wasn't drinking.

"Drinking games!" Rachel suddenly yelled out, "Never have I ever! Everyone grab a drink and sit in a circle!"

Everyone did as Rachel said and looked expectantly at both Kurt and Blaine. The two boys just grabbed a Diet Coke and squeezed in between Quinn and Brittany. Brittany immediately wrapped an arm around Kurt's waist and snuggled up to him. Blaine was snuggled up to Kurt and the boy in the middle couldn't help but smile at the love he felt for the two cuddled up to him.

"Okay everyone knows the rules," Rachel was yelling again, "Drink if you have done it. I'll go first. Never have I ever been in Glee club?"

There were groans throughout the room and everyone drank.

"That was crap Berry! I'll go. Never have I ever been skinny dipping?" Santana asked, shaking her head at Rachel

A few people drank at that, including Brittany, Jeff, Puck and Tina. Kurt noticed how subtle Tina tried to be with her drinking despite the fact she was giggling heavily due to how drunk she was.

"I've got one," Brittany called out, "Never have I ever laughed so much I wet myself?"

Quite a few of the Warblers drank at that, causing laughter around the room. Kurt was snuggling up to Blaine, feeling relaxed and enjoying hanging out with his friends.

"I've got a good one this time," Rachel announced, pausing for everyone's attention, "Never have I ever had sex?"

Kurt watched as lots of people in the room drank at that. Rachel herself drank at that, meaning she had lost her virginity in the last seven months. Suddenly it dawned on Kurt that he had had sex. He may have not wanted to have it but all the same, he had had sex. He had to drink but that would cause questions. Kurt turned to look at Blaine for help, panic all over his face. Blaine looked at his boyfriend and it broke his heart to see how scared and worried Kurt looked. Blaine just gave a subtle shake of the head, meaning that Kurt didn't have to drink if he didn't want to and also implying that Kurt could say he hadn't had sex as he hadn't wanted it at all. Kurt relaxed slightly but unfortunately their little situation had been noticed.

"Oh my God! Kurt was checking with Blaine to see whether he should drink! Have you guys had sex?" Rachel yelled out, once again drawing everyone's attention and then causing them to look at Kurt and Blaine.

"Rachel please just shut up," Blaine said firmly, wanting to close the conversation.

"When did it happen?" Rachel continued, not noticing the looks on either Kurt or Blaine's faces, "Kurt we made a deal to tell each other! I would have told you about mine but you've been gone for seven months so I have an excuse. I can't believe you didn't tell me!"

"I have to agree Kurt," Mercedes jumped in, looking angry and hurt, "I can't believe he didn't tell me!"

"Rachel, Mercedes, just let it go!" Finn said loudly, glaring at his girlfriend and his friend.

"No Finn!" Rachel shrilled as she glared at her boyfriend, "Kurt has had sex and he didn't tell me! We promised to tell one another. I know he didn't drink but the look on his face suggests otherwise!"

While Rachel was speaking, Santana was watching Kurt and Blaine. She understood Blaine's anger but it pained her to see Kurt looked so terrified and hurt.

"Shut your snozz Berry! Hummel didn't drink. Did it ever occur to you that maybe he was talking to Blaine about something else?" Santana demanded, needing to get Rachel to back off from Kurt, "Also congratulations for making it all about you. You're such a hypocrite! You've just yelled about Kurt not telling you if he did actually have sex but you didn't tell him when you have. I suggest for once in your life you keep quiet RuPaul!"

"Thank you Santana," Blaine said as he gave the girl a grateful look, "I'm glad that someone sees how ridiculous you are being Rachel, and you too Mercedes. We wanted to have a good night tonight and celebrate the fact that Kurt is back with you. We asked Sebastian to leave and if you both don't shut up, especially you Rachel, I'll ask you both to leave."

"Finn…" Rachel started, expecting her boyfriend to back her up.

Finn just glared at her, "I spoke to you before the party about this kind of behaviour Rachel. I agree with Blaine. For now the game's over. I suggest in the future when Rachel dictates a party game, we all ignore her and continue what we were doing."

A few members of the New Directions laughed at that, remembering Rachel's Train wreck Extravaganza party. Everyone stood up and continued what they were doing before whether it was drinking, eating, talking or dancing. As people passed Kurt and Blaine, they smiled at them or touched Kurt's arm for a moment before continuing on their way. Kurt smiled sadly at Blaine before excusing himself and heading into the kitchen. Blaine glared at Rachel for a moment before following his boyfriend. He was startled to find that Kurt wasn't in the kitchen and Blaine frantically looked around. Blaine went back into the living room and searched the downstairs of the house. He hadn't seen his boyfriend go upstairs but he wasn't anywhere in the house. Blaine went back in the kitchen and glanced around for clues before gathering Kurt must have stepped outside. Blaine opened the back door and stepped outside, spotting Kurt standing on the patio and gazing into space. Blaine made his way over to him and Kurt glanced over his shoulder to see his boyfriend there.

"Do you think I should have drunk?" Kurt asked, breaking the silence, "Technically I have had sex. I didn't want to drink as it would have brought on a lot of questions, especially if you didn't drink, but I wasn't ready for that. It was against the rules of the game but…"

"Kurt…" Blaine interrupted his boyfriend, stepping over to him and entwining their hands, "There was no obligation for you to drink. You said so yourself, you weren't ready for the question and it's just a stupid drinking game. You could also say technically that you haven't had sex that you've allowed so you were right so in not drinking."

Kurt couldn't help but smile softly at that, "You always manage to find a way to make me feel better Blaine Devon Anderson."

The two boys smiled at one another before they heard the sound of counting down coming from the house behind them.

"It's almost midnight," Kurt whispered as Blaine and him faced one another and gazed into each other's eyes.

Neither of them said a word until they heard the final counting down and suddenly Blaine's watch beeped signifying that it was midnight and it was the New Year. Kurt and Blaine smiled at one another before they leaned in for a kiss. Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck and Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist as their lips met. They kissed for several long moments, pouring all their love for one another in the kiss before pulling away and resting their foreheads against one's another.

"Happy New Year Kurt," Blaine whispered as he held his boyfriend.

"Happy New Year Blaine," Kurt whispered back as he pressed a quick chaste kiss to Blaine's lips, "What's your New Year's resolution?"

"To appreciate every moment I have with you and to do my best to support and help you through the hard times," Blaine said as he breathed in Kurt's scent, "How about you honey?"

Kurt took a deep breath, "It's to do my very best to let people in and not let what happen define me. It's a new year so it's a chance for me to start over."

"I love you Kurt Hummel," Blaine smiled at his boyfriend, trying his very best not to cry,

"I love you too Blaine Anderson," Kurt replied, unable to stop the tears, "I guess we had better return to the house and wish the others a Happy New Year."

The two boys pulled apart but joined hands as they made their way back inside. They joined their drunken friends singing 'Auld Lang Syne', celebrating the fact it was a New Year. Kurt knew that difficult and challenging times were in front of him but he just had to remember the fact that he had his family, friends and the boy he loved and that the New Year signified a chance for him to move on from what happened in New York and start afresh.

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