Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

Love is a Battlefield

Kurt absolutely loved being at the same school as Blaine again. There was no longer any worries about the distance in miles between them and it meant that Blaine was no longer spending his days constantly worried how his boyfriend was doing or when he would next see him. They did always make the effort to see each other every day but now it just made things a lot simpler. Kurt had worried that he maybe would get overwhelmed by Blaine’s constant presence and that he would feel suffocated by all the attention. It turned out that he had been worried for nothing as Kurt loved being joined at the hip with his boyfriend and he knew Blaine did too. It reminded him of the fond memories of their time together at Dalton Academy and when they first started dating. They didn’t object to spending so much time together as they had been forced to be apart for seven months due to unforeseen circumstances and now they wanted to spend as much time together as possible. Blaine was Kurt’s rock and he knew how lucky he was to have such an amazing boyfriend. Many people would have run away a long time ago but Blaine had stuck by him through thick and thin.

Kurt was really trying to open up more but he was still struggling with letting his walls completely down. He had really taken what Doctor Morgan had said to him into account but it was still hard. He knew that keeping things bottled up inside of him was adding to the stress and causing more hurt, but how could he easily talk about what had happened? The memories from New York constantly traumatised the young boy and probably would for the remainder of his days. Kurt was constantly being told that he was so strong and so brave but he didn’t feel like he was at all. It was as if there was a mental block stopping him from beginning to move past what he had been through in the previous year. He was still unable to sing and he had somehow managed to get away with it in the Glee club. Rachel must have caught on the fact that he wasn’t singing due to her ‘perfect’ hearing but she hadn’t mentioned it or called him out on it. He had mentally prepared himself for Rachel confronting him in front of all the other New Directions but nothing had happened. The Jewish diva had actually apologised for Kurt when he called her out on her harassment after she had asked about New York again. Rachel had gotten upset and she had tried to make out that he was being really mean by accusing her of harassing him. Kurt had stood his ground by making his so-called friend see that she was the one in the wrong and that there was no way in hell that she could play the victim card. Rachel’s apology hadn’t been anything special but Kurt had deemed it better than nothing. The small girl had backed off to an extent but he knew he would always be wary of her. Kurt knew that his stepbrother’s girlfriend was the sort of person who’d do anything to be a star, suggesting that she’d probably use what had happened to write a song or something along their lines, despite Finn’s warning. Kurt knew that Cooper Anderson and Rachel Berry would definitely get on like a house on fire.

Kurt shuffled over slightly in his seat so he was leaning more against Blaine as they sat down at the back of the choir room. The word ‘love’ had been written on the board earlier in the day and when he had seen it, Kurt had let out an internal groan. He had known that the week would have been all about love and the build up to Valentine’s Day as it was that coming Friday. It wasn’t that Kurt didn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day and his love of Blaine, he just didn’t have the energy and the patience to see all the loved up couples at McKinley and all of the displays of romance. It angered him that he constantly had to put up with couples making out in the corridor but he or Blaine so much as glanced at one another with a loving look on their face, there seemed to be a jock or some homophobic arsehole nearby sneering at them or making some horrible remark. Kurt just wanted his Valentine’s Day to be about him and Blaine and by that, he wanted to celebrate with a quiet night in for just the two of them.

Sugar skipped into the room looking extremely happy and stopped in the middle of the room, capturing everyone’s attention, “Hey guys! I have some amazing news! My Daddy is throwing me a party to celebrate Valentine’s Day as it is my favourite holiday of all time. It’ll be called ‘The Sugar Shack’ and it’ll take place at Breadstix. It’ll be a private party just for all of my friends. I expect to see everyone there and as it’s a day of love, you have to have a date!”

Kurt barely heard Santana question Sugar on the fact she was single and didn’t have a date herself due to Blaine’s lips being right next to his ear, “Do you want to be my date for Sugar’s party? We can go for a little bit then have our quiet night in together afterwards?”

Kurt smiled softly at his boyfriend, “Of course I do. That sounds perfect to me.”

A party with the New Directions could be fun, although Kurt hoped that there wouldn’t be as much drama as there had been at the New Year’s Eve party at his house. He hoped that he and Blaine would just make an appearance at the party for a little while, just to show their faces, before heading to Blaine’s house for a romantic night in for two.

As Sugar handed them all a box of chocolates each, Mr Schue finally strolled into the choir room looking like he was on top of the world. Kurt had never actually seen his teacher so happy in all the years that he had known him. He guessed that it was something to do with Ms Pillsbury, given that the man was so eager to celebrate love and Valentine’s Day.

Sugar quickly took her seat and Mr Schue turned to address the Glee club “New Directions, I have a big announcement to make! To my utter amazement and delight, I have to tell you that I proposed to Ms Pillsbury and she said yes!”

Every member of the Glee club cheered loudly and congratulated their teacher, feeling so happy for him. Kurt knew that Mr Schue deserved this happiness with Ms Pillsbury after all the mess with his ex-wife and the whole fake pregnancy drama.

It seemed that some other occupants of the room were thinking along those lines as Santana called out in a loud voice, “Congrats Mr Schue! Let’s hope this one isn’t a gold digger and pretend to be pregnant so you don’t leave her!”

The members of the Glee club all stared at Santana, mostly in shock and slight awe that she dared to say that to their teacher. Kurt wasn’t completely surprised as Santana had always prided herself on being outspoken. Mr Schue’s cheeks were tinged with a slight pink colour, due to his obvious embarrassment, and his expression was one of utter shock.

Thankfully Finn decided to speak and break the awkward tension that had filled the room, “Well we all know that Ms Pillsbury is nothing like that. Congratulations Mr Schue! I think I speak for all of us when I wish you a lifetime of happiness. So tell us, how did you propose? Did you serenade her?”

Mr Schue’s face lit up at the thought of his proposal and the fact Emma had said yes, “No I didn’t serenade her. I did think about it and I did have the idea to sing to her with the help of the Glee club, but I decided to propose with just the two of us present. I cooked her favourite dinner and then we danced to some Neil Diamond songs. During the evening, I got down on one knee and I asked Emma Pillsbury to be my wife. And for some reason, she said yes!”

The New Directions cheered again and congratulated their teacher once more. Kurt smiled as he watched Mr Schue practically glow with happiness. He was certain that his teacher had finally found his happy ending. The boy wondered if he would find his own complete happy ending himself. That didn’t mean that he didn’t love Blaine Anderson with all his heart. Blaine was the love of his life and Kurt knew that if they ever did break up for some reason, he would probably never find someone who made him feel so safe and loved. There was a chance that maybe one day he might fall in love again but Blaine would always be the love of his life. He had found his fairy tale ending with Blaine but Kurt knew that for him to achieve his true happy ending, he had to be happy with himself. He couldn’t rely on Blaine all the time to try and make him happy as that would lead to resentment and that could lead to a nasty break up. Kurt could never live with himself if he caused Blaine to resent him due to his inability to be an equal partner in their relationship. Kurt had fought so hard to happy before and even though there had been a major setback, he was determined not to let what had happened define him.

Kurt snuggled up against Blaine as they all watched Finn and Rachel sing a duet of ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You’ as the couple gazed into one another’s eyes. The youngest member of the Hummel family took note of the loved up couple belting out the song by Michael Jackson and Siedah Garrett. Something was different about them and it seemed to Kurt that something had really changed between them, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He knew that he could talk to Finn later and find out what was going on between the two. Finn and Kurt had been having quite a lot of nightly chats while drinking a glass of warm milk. They had done this several times before New York and now it seemed to be something that Finn was very eager to continue with, in the hope that it would strengthen their brotherly bond and that it would help to encourage Kurt to open up.

Everyone clapped as Rachel and Finn sung the last note, before kissing in the middle of the choir room. Kurt rolled his eyes at the sight of Finn and Rachel once again kissing in front of them all. Mr Schue quickly put an end to it and asked the other members of the club if they would like to sing next.

“Kurt? Blaine?” The teacher asked, looking in the boys’ direction, “Would either of you like to sing? Or maybe do one of your famous duets?”

Blaine immediately sensed his boyfriend’s panic so he answered for them, “No thank you Mr Schue, not today. We might sing later this week but I wouldn’t hold us to it.”

Before anyone could argue, Artie revealed that he wanted to sing a love song to Sugar as he wanted to be her date to the Valentine’s Day party. Sam and Mike stood up and danced behind the boy in the wheelchair as he started to sing ‘Let Me Love You’ by Mario. Kurt let out a shuddery breath as he had once again managed to evade singing or basically attempting to sing and failing. He hadn’t tried to sing since that pitiful attempt at singing along to ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ with Finn a couple of weeks ago. He was stressing out about performing at Regionals as it would become obvious to everyone then that he could no longer sing without literally choking. For once Kurt was glad that the New Directions basically chose their competition songs last minute, unlike the Warblers who would have realised Kurt couldn’t sing a long time ago. He wondered if he would still be able to perform if he couldn’t physically sing. Kurt still desperately wanted to participate at Regionals as being with the New Directions was giving him some sense of normality, even if it was the tiniest amount. It would crush Kurt if he wasn’t allowed to perform with his friends, even if he was just mouthing the words.

The clapping in the room pulled Kurt back to the present and he watched as Sugar jumped onto Artie’s lap and he wheeled them away. He could see Rory glaring at the couple, which caused him to roll his eye for a second time that Glee club as he guessed that Rory would probably sing a song in the next Glee club to try and win Sugar over. The New Directions drama was slowly but surely becoming predictable.

Mr Schue dismissed the group and Kurt jumped to his feet, before turning around and offering a hand to his boyfriend. Blaine raised his triangular eyebrows but accepted and let himself be pulled to his feet. The two boys let the choir room hand in hand and started heading in the direction of the cafeteria to have some lunch.

“Blaine!” The couple turned around to see Sam running after them, “Blaine I need your help man!”

Blaine hesitantly glanced at Kurt, who let out a sigh. It looked like he would be eating alone that day. He didn’t know how long Blaine would be. He smiled at his boyfriend, letting him know that it was fine. Blaine kissed his cheek, before running off with Sam.

Suddenly an arm was wrapped around Kurt’s shoulder, “Come and Princess, come and sit with us.”

Kurt glanced up at Puck’s smiling face, “I hope by us, you just mean people from Glee. I’m not comfortable sitting with the non-Glee jocks.”

Puck scoffed at that, “I know that Kurt! Give me some credit! It’ll be some of the Glee guys and girls. I know that you and Blaine like to keep to yourselves but come and sit with your friends.”

Kurt found himself nodding in agreement. He obviously didn’t want to sit on his own as it would have made him more of a target for any of the homophobic jocks at the school. He walked with Puck into the cafeteria and they headed over to a table where Artie, Rory, Tina and Mike were already sitting. Tina gave Kurt a huge smile, which he tried to return. As he sat down, he could hear Rory and Artie arguing about which one of them was taking Sugar to her Valentine’s Day party and how it was on between them. Kurt just mentally scoffed as he pulled out his lunch and unwrapped his chicken salad.

“What on Earth?” Mie said, looking bewildered.

Kurt suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to see someone standing there. That someone was wearing a gorilla costume and clutching a heart-shaped balloon and a card.

The pale boy glanced around, “Is that… is this for me?”

The gorilla gram nodded and handed Kurt the balloon, along with the card. The person in the gorilla costume stared at the boy that he admired for a few moments before quickly exiting the room. Kurt put the balloon to the side, grateful that there was a weight attached to it, and opened the card:

“To Kurt. You make my heart sing. From your Secret Admirer.”

Kurt smiled down at card, immediately knowing who it was from. He felt so much love towards his boyfriend. He thought that it was so cute that Blaine was sending him Valentine’s Day cards and also using the term ‘secret admirer’.

Puck leaned over to look at it, “Secret admirer? Hummel, you have a secret admirer?”

“Sure. I wonder who that could be?” Kurt said with a smirk, causing Puck to let out a laugh and to nudge the pale boy’s shoulder with his.

“Hey guys,” Everyone at the table glanced up to see Blaine and Sam heading over towards them. Sam took a seat next to Rory while Blaine sat down next to his boyfriend and leaned in to kiss his cheek, “Sorry about that baby. I just had to help Sam out with something to do with Valentine’s Day. He’s planning a surprise for Mercedes. Oh wait, what’s all this? Someone got a Valentine’s Day card? Who got the heart balloon?

“Kurt did!” Puck exclaimed, sharing a smile with his friend.

“What?” Blaine just looked utterly confused.

Kurt simply rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s question, “Really? You’re going to play the ‘act clueless’ card? Blaine, I know you’re the one who sent me the card and the balloon. I know that you’re my secret admirer!”

Blaine’s eyebrows knotted together in confusion, “What? Secret admirer? I… I… what? I don’t understand! Baby, I… I… have no idea what on earth you’re talking about. Wait… the card and the balloon are yours?”

Kurt stopped at that, his stomach dropping slightly, “You’re not my secret admirer? You didn’t send this?”

“What? No?” Blaine grabbed the card, “Who the hell is this from? ‘You make my heart sing’? Only I can say those sort of things. Who thinks that they can romance my boyfriend by sending a romantic card and a heart shaped balloon?”

“And the gorilla gram,” Rory added, not noticing that everyone was glaring at him, “You missed the guy who came here and was dressed in a gorilla suit. He was the one who gave him the card and the balloon.”

Blaine looked absolutely furious, angrier than Kurt had ever seen him. Of course Blaine had been furious when he had found out what his boyfriend had been through in New York but at the same time he had been devastated and heartbroken. Now the former Warbler was raging that someone else was trying to mess with his and Kurt’s relationship. Who had sent the gorilla gram? Blaine wanted to find this guy and tell him to back the hell off.

Kurt placed his hand over Blaine’s hand in an attempt to comfort him, “Sweetie you’re the only one for me. The reason that I got a little excited about the card was that I thought it was from you. You’re the one I love you and that will never change. Let’s just forget about this. I’ll throw these away as I don’t care about them or want you if they’re not from you.”

Blaine let out a sigh, “I’m sorry I got so angry Kurt. It’s just… I can’t bear the thought that there is someone trying to steal you away from me.”

“You’re aren’t going to lose me,” Kurt whispered, giving Blaine a sad smile, “No one is ever going to steal me away from you. I won’t let them.”


Valentine’s Day had finally arrived and to the annoyance of both Kurt and Blaine, the cards and the gifts had just kept arriving. They literally had no idea of who the secret admirer could be. Kurt didn’t particularly want to know as he just wanted to focus on his own relationship with Blaine. The gorilla gram had made an appearance a couple more times but he always refused to answer questions or he would disappear before Blaine could catch up to him. Kurt just wanted the whole thing to be over.

Rachel and Finn were stood in front of the New Directions, both looking extremely happy and both being extra affectionate with one another. Mr Schue had told the group that the couple had asked to speak to everyone as they had an announcement to make.

Finn took a deep breath, “Rachel and I want to you guys that… we’re engaged to be married!”

A silence filled the room as everyone just stared at the newly engaged couple in shock. The oblivious pair just had eyes for each other as Rachel held up her left hand to show off her new addition. Kurt just watched his stepbrother with shock and bewilderment as he tried to wrap his head around what he had just been told. How on Earth did this happen? How were Finn and Rachel engaged? It was just preposterous! They were both so young and they didn’t really know what they were going to do after graduation. Rachel wanted to go to New York but Finn had completely no idea. It was pretty obvious that the lovebirds hadn’t really thought about this in the long term.

Mr Schue couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He was a man in his early thirties who had just gotten engaged whereas these two were basically still children and they were engaged. He just couldn’t get his head around it. He guessed that they hadn’t told their parents as there was no way that they would be okay with it. Burt and Carole would not let this happen and Rachel’s parents… well they were convinced that no one was good enough for their daughter and they definitely would not let her get married at such a young age when she had such a promising future.

Mr Schue just had to speak up, “Wow… right then… this is a bit of a shock. Okay you two… have you thought about this? And I mean really thought about all of this? Marriage is a big step and you’re both so young. I know it’s often romanticised in films and Broadway musicals but please don’t rush into anything.”

Rachel let out a shrill cry, “We don’t care if you don’t accept us getting married!”

“That’s not what I was saying,” Mr Schue tried to interject but to no avail.

Rachel continued with her outrage, “You don’t accept us! We don’t need your blessing! Finn and I love each other and we’re going to get married before we go to New York! You’re all just going to deal with that! I hoped that you would all be happy for us and everyone would be involved in the wedding but obviously not! You’re all just probably jealous that you’ll never find a love as true as ours!”

Rachel turned on her heel and she stormed out of the room. It wasn’t the best of her storm outs from over the years, but it certainly was dramatic. Finn just stood there looking at his friends with a sheepish expression on his face, before slowly shuffling out of the choir room after his new fiancée. Kurt just raised his eyebrows at his boyfriend in a reaction to the news. The two boys exchanged a shocked look, both still in disbelief at the fact Rachel might one day soon become Mrs Rachel Hudson. It just seemed so bizarre that Finn and Rachel were engaged, especially since they were a couple who often argued over the most pointless thing and had broken up quite a number of times. In Kurt’s opinions, they would argue then sing a song to make things okay rather than talking it through. If Kurt could still sing and he sang a song about what happened to him in New York, it might have temporarily made him feel better for a moment or two but of course it wouldn’t have solved the problem in anyway shape or form. It seemed to him that Finn and Rachel sang more than they talked. It was true that the only people who knew what was going on in a relationship were the people in it, but the whole engagement thing was still so weird.

The Glee club moved onto Rory telling them that he might be deported at the end of the year and that he’d have to go back to Ireland. He then sang Michael Buble’s ‘Home’ to Sugar and of course that won her over. No one could resist Michael Buble! Kurt did feel a bit bad for Artie but in his opinion, it seemed that he was more annoyed at the fact he lost this little competition rather than losing Sugar. He hoped that Artie would one day find a nice girl and not have to battle it out to get her. Mr Schue dismissed them for the weekend and he told them that he would see them Monday to get ready for Regionals. Kurt decided that he would try to work on his singing as he couldn’t bear the thought of being shown up or embarrassed in front of everyone by choking. He would then probably have to explain why he couldn’t sing as no one would let it go that the countertenor could no longer sing.

Kurt and Blaine discussed the engagement between Finn and Rachel on the ride home. Blaine seemed to think that they were both getting nervous about graduation and whether or not they’d last beyond graduation so they had rushed into this engagement and then would rush into a wedding.

“Do we think we’d last beyond our graduation next year?” Kurt asked quietly as Blaine turned into the road where Kurt lived.

Blaine didn’t reply until he had pulled onto the Hudmel’s drive and stopped the engine. He cupped Kurt’s face with one hand, “Of course. Now there is no question about it. If we got engaged before we finished high school, it wouldn’t be about either of us being nervous about us lasting but it would be because we are soul mates and we are meant to be together, in every life we have ever lived.”

Kurt blushed at Blaine’s words, “I can never get enough of all of your romantic speeches. They take my breath away.”

Blaine leaned in to kiss Kurt and was shocked when he felt Kurt’s tongue run along his bottom lip. He parted his mouth and let out a deep moan as the tongue slid into his mouth. The dapper boy found it so hot that Kurt was the one taking control in the kiss. When he had kissed his boyfriend, he was expecting a short and sweet chaste kiss. Now they were making out in his Prius!

Eventually the two boys pulled apart and Kurt gasped, “You take my breath away with everything you do. I’m so happy I’m with you.”

“I hope so. I want you to be,” Blaine replied, feeling himself get slightly choked up.

The young boys smiled at one another, staying in the moment for so long as possible before they had to get out of the car and go inside the house.

Once inside the house, the couple walked into the kitchen to find Burt and Carole sitting at the kitchen table seemingly having an argument. Carole looked exasperated while Burt looked angry.

“Hey Dad, hey Carole,” Kurt said slowly, glancing between the two adults in the room.

“Hey kiddo, hey Blaine,” Burt replied as he turned away from his wife to look at the boys in the room, “Sorry if you heard us arguing. We just received that quite frankly has angered us.”

“Is that about Finn and Rachel being engaged?” Kurt couldn’t help but blurt out, despite his boyfriend shaking his head at him.

Both his Dad and Carole’s heads shot up to look at him, “What?”

Carole stood up, “Kurt? What did you just say?”

Kurt glanced between his boyfriend and his parents in panic, “I thought you knew!”

Carole shook her head, “We just found out that Finn has a credit card and it looks like he spent quite a lot of money that I doubt he will ever be able to pay back. I guess now we know what he spent the money on.”

Burt gestured to the two boys to sit down at the table as he slowly helped his wife sit back down, “When did you find out?”

“Literally about an hour ago,” Kurt explained to his Dad, “Finn and Rachel made an announcement at the end of Glee. Everyone was shocked and Rachel stormed out after Mr Schue dared to suggest that maybe they hadn’t really thought about it and that marriage was a big step. Finn eventually went after her but we haven’t seen them since. I guessed they hadn’t told you but when you said you had heard some news, I just assumed that you had been told.”

“My son is engaged? My barely eighteen year old is engaged to be married? Finn can barely take care of himself, he can’t be engaged!” Carole exclaimed, looking like she was going into shock, “He hasn’t thought this through. He’s bought an engagement ring and hasn’t thought about how he’s going to pay it off. This is just ridiculous! First the baby drama, now this! What is he trying to do to me?”

Kurt felt slightly awkward at the fact Carole was stressed out at this when he knew all his drama must have stressed her out a thousand times more. He hated to think of what he must have put her through, and his Dad as well.

Carole stood up and grabbed the phone from the wall, “I’m going to call Mr and Mr Berry. I doubt that they know but maybe the four of us can put our heads together and figure out how to make our stupid children understand how big this is.”

Burt let out an exasperated sigh as Carole started speaking on the phone, “Boys I suggest you go upstairs and keep out of the way. I’m sure Finn will be home soon and there will most likely be some yelling. I know you have your party soon but just stay in your room until I come up and speak to you. Oh by the way Kurt, there is a letter for you on your bed. It was delivered here this morning.”

Kurt and Blaine left the adults to deal with the fallout of the news of the engagement and headed up to Kurt’s room. There was some sort of tension between them as they prepared to see what exactly the letter for Kurt was. They both knew that it would be a card from his secret admirer. It was very worrying that they knew where Kurt lived.

Kurt walked over to the bed and picked up the letter. It was clearly a Valentine’s Day card. He ripped open the envelope and pulled out the card.

“Can you read it to me?” Blaine said as he sat down on the bed and watched Kurt intently.

The pale boy nodded and opened the card, “Dear Kurt. Happy Valentine’s Day. I think I love you. Please meet me at Breadstix tonight before the party there? Please come. Your Secret Admirer.”

“What are you going to do?” Blaine said quietly, sounding defeated.

Kurt threw the card away as he weighed up his options, “I’m going to go to Breadstix before the party to see who is this secret admirer and to tell him that I am not interested and I am in love and happy with my relationship. Would you mind being there but let me deal with it on my own? I don’t know who this person is and I’m not going to be an idiot and deal with it on my own.”

Blaine stood up and pulled Kurt into a hug, “Thank you for asking my help. Of course I’ll be there and I promise I’ll be a figure in the background, letting you deal with me. Do you have any idea of who it could be?”

Kurt shook his head, “No idea. I did very briefly think that maybe it was someone who… from New York who found me but then I realised that it wasn’t really possible.”

“You’re safe Kurt, I promise you,” Blaine said as he kissed Kurt’s hair, “We’ll find out who it is tonight and then it’ll all be over.”

Kurt nodded as he settled himself into Blaine’s embrace, wishing his boyfriend would never let him go.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly with the boys just catching up on some episodes of ‘New Girl’ curled up in bed together. Finn had obviously come home at one point because suddenly they heard yelling. The argument seemed to last a long time but did finally die down. Eventually the time came for them to get ready for the party. They had to get there a little earlier to meet with the secret admirer. Blaine had brought his chosen outfit with him, wearing just black jeans and a white shirt but paired with a red bowtie and a light grey blazer. Kurt was wearing dark blue jeans, a white shirt, a black waistcoat, a black tie and a red blazer. He was glad that they were only going to the party for a little while before leaving. He wasn’t in a party mood.

There was a knock on the door and Burt stuck his head around the door, “Hey boys. I just thought you should know that Carole and I are going out now. We are having dinner with Hiram and Leroy Berry tonight, with Finn and Rachel. The engaged couple might pop by your party later. Rachel’s dads are not happy about the engagement so we’ll see what happens. You two are staying at Blaine’s tonight aren’t you? Blaine, your parents are home aren’t they?”

Blaine nodded, hoping Burt wouldn’t know he was lying, “Yeah of course they are. We’ll be back here tomorrow early afternoon.”

Burt nodded then smiled at the two boys, “Okay boys have a good night. I love you Kurt, see you tomorrow.”

“I love you too Dad,” Kurt replied, “See you tomorrow Dad.”

Kurt watched as his Dad smiled at him again before shutting the door. He double checked his outfit in the mirror before grabbing his phone, wallet and keys.

“You ready honey?” He asked Blaine, who was just straightening his bowtie.

Blaine nodded and they headed out of the house hand in hand. They got into Blaine’s Prius and the owner drove them to Breadstix. Neither of them said anything during the journey as they were both nervous about what lay ahead. The secret admirer would finally be revealed. Once there, Blaine parked the car and the boys got out. They headed out into the popular restaurant, hands entwined as they offered one another support. The party hadn’t started yet and the staff were still getting everything ready but there were a few couples taking advantage of the empty restaurant before the party.

“Hey boys, there is a private party here soon,” Sandy the waitress called over to them.

“Oh we know,” Kurt replied, “We’re just early birds. It’s our friend’s party.”

Sandy nodded before continuing to hang up all the pink paper chains around the room. Kurt glanced around the restaurant and there was no sign of a gorilla gram or someone who could be his secret admirer.

“I’m going to take a seat in one of the booths right at the back so I’m out of the way,” Blaine explained as he pointed to where he would be sitting, “I’ll be right there if you need me. Good luck baby.”

Blaine kissed Kurt’s cheek before he made his way over and sat in the booth, slightly out of sight. Kurt watched him go before turning around and facing the door. There stood the gorilla gram, holding a box of chocolates. Kurt felt himself tense up as the gorilla started walking towards him. The person in the costume put the chocolates down on the nearby table and pulled off the head of the costume.

“David Karofsky?” Kurt stammered in shock, unable to believe that this boy was his secret admirer.

Karofsky just smiled at Kurt and sat down in the booth, gesturing for the latter to sit opposite him. Kurt slid into the seat opposite the gorilla.

“So you’re my secret admirer?” Kurt asked, unable to wrap his mind around what was currently happening, “You bullied me, you shoved me into lockers, you called me horrible names, you hate kissed me and basically made my life hell. Now you think you love me?”

Karofsky reached out and placed his large hand over Kurt’s, “When I was at McKinley, I hated who I was. The reason I was so horrible to you was that I was jealous of you. You were so proud and you were out. I couldn’t be brave like that. I wasn’t sure of my feelings for you but I knew I did have some kind of feelings. When you went missing, I was distraught. I thought of you every day and I just hoped you would be found. I couldn’t stay at McKinley with you not there so I asked to transfer. It had too many horrible memories. When I found out that you had been found, I realised the extent of my feelings. It’s taken me awhile but I’m trying to be honest about what I feel. I knew I couldn’t just approach you so I decided to go along this route and surprise you in time for Valentine’s Day. I want to be with you Kurt.”

Kurt just stared in shock. He had not been expecting this. David Karofsky thought that he was in love with him? It couldn’t be true.

Kurt slowly pulled his hand out from underneath Karofsky’s, “Look David, I’m flattered but you don’t love me. You just think you do.”

Karofsky interrupted him, “You helped me so much Kurt. With you by my side, I know I can do anything. I could even come out at school or after I’ve graduated.”

Kurt had to stop this, “David I am so proud of you for coming so far. You deserve to be happy and you will be happy. Just not with me. I’m with Blaine and I love him. He’s my rock and he’s the one for him. I do like you, but just as friends. I’m here if you need to talk but only as friends. That’s all I can offer you.”

“I should go!” Karofsky muttered as he quickly slid out of the booth.

Kurt quickly stood up too, “David you don’t have to go.”

Karofsky turned around and look at Kurt with a sad smile, “I hope you like the chocolates. The butterscotch ones are my favourite.”

Before Kurt could reply, another voice interjected into their conversation, “Mine too. Hey Karofsky.”

Kurt could only watch in horror as a guy from a nearby table sat there grinning at a suddenly pale Karofsky. He could only guess that this blonde guy had heard everything. He briefly heard Karofsky refer to the guy as ‘Nick’.

“So you two on a date?” This Nick said, smirking at the pair of them.

Kurt quickly shook his head, “No, we used to go to the same school. We just bumped into one another and were catching up. It’s been a long time.”

The boy in front of them scoffed, “Yeah… that’s exactly what it looked like, especially when you were holding hands.”

“I’ve got to go!” Karofsky called out, before running out of the restaurant.

“David!” Kurt yelled after him but it was useless.

The pale boy turned back to look at the boy who knew Karofsky. He was still smirking at him and Kurt didn’t like it one bit. He turned away from him and noticed his own boyfriend was standing a few feet away watching him with concern. Kurt couldn’t help himself as he ran over to Blaine and let himself be engulfed in his arms.

“I’m so sorry sweetheart,” Blaine whispered as he held his boyfriend close, “I’m here. It’s okay.”

The two boys stayed like that for a while, not letting go until Sugar arrived to start the party. They sat down at one of the nearby tables and smiled and greeted their friends as they arrived. Kurt really didn’t feel like celebrating or partying but he tried to act like everything was okay. He could feel Blaine’s eyes on him every now and then, obviously concerned for his welfare. Kurt tried to making eye contact with his boyfriend as he knew there was a high chance of him breaking down. He didn’t really understand his emotions anymore. He didn’t want anything to set them off.

The party involved a lot of people getting up to sing. It was basically a Glee club party. Finn and Rachel had turned up at one point, still grinning and looking loved up. Kurt guessed that anything his and Rachel’s parents had tried hadn’t particularly worked very well. Blaine had gotten up at one point and sang ‘Love Shock’ with Mercedes, Rachel and Brittany singing the backing vocals. Blaine had gotten Kurt up to dance with him, which was actually quite a lot of fun. He actually felt happy for a short while. All of his friends seemed to having an amazing time and Kurt just sat back and watched them all dancing and having fun. Why couldn’t he just be like that? Why couldn’t he just dance and sing without a care in the world? It just seemed so unfair.

After being at the party for over an hour, Blaine suggested to Kurt that maybe they should head back to his. Kurt was instantly relieved and glad to be leaving. He still felt extremely bad for David Karofsky, not for rejecting him but he hoped that he would be okay and that that guy wouldn’t do anything.

Blaine drove them back to his house, serenading Kurt through the journey with the likes of ‘Teenage Dream’, ‘Your Song’ and ‘It’s Not Unusual’. Kurt just smiled as he watched his boyfriend dance as he drove, getting really passionate as he sung to him. He hoped that moments like this would never end.

When they walked into Blaine’s house, Kurt realised that Blaine had set up a date for them. The lights were dimmed and there were candles lit in the living room, with rose petals scattered everywhere. Blaine had laid out a blanket and pillows for the two to relax on. There were two champagne flutes and bottle of sparkling cider. There were some chocolates and other treats laid out for them to snack on. He had also put out a few DVDs so they could curl up together and enjoy a quiet night in.

“Oh Blaine, this is perfect!” Kurt exclaimed, giving his boyfriend a kiss, “This is exactly how I pictured our Valentine’s Day.”

Blaine grinned happily, glad that he was making his boyfriend happy. He would have been an idiot to notice that Kurt hadn’t really enjoyed the party and wasn’t particularly happy. He was thrilled that Kurt could his planned night perfect. He poured the two of them a glass of sparkling cider before settling down on the blanket up against the pillows. He patted the space next to him and Kurt came and sat next to him. He handed him a glass and couple clinked glasses before drinking.

Kurt selected ‘Moulin Rouge’ to watch so the lovebirds settled in to watch one of their favourite films. They were lying down on the blanket with Kurt resting his head on Blaine’s chest. It was exactly what Kurt had wanted for Valentine’s Day. They were just curled up together, having a quiet night in with just the two of them.

“Hey Kurt, can we talk about something?” Blaine suddenly said, getting the courage to say something that he had wanted to do for a little while, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable so just tell me if you don’t want to talk about it.”

Kurt sat up, feeling apprehensive, “Okay…”

Blaine sat up and paused the film. He had been wondering how to approach this conversation for a while but he didn’t know how to word it. Blaine took Kurt’s hands in his, making sure

Blaine took a deep breath, “I love you so very much and you’re it for me. I see you as my future. I don’t want you to view this as me trying to rush you or pressure you in any other way but recently I’ve been thinking about… about sex. I know you went through something horrific and I would completely understand if you never wanted to have sex as you couldn’t associate it with anything other than what you went through. I just want you to be comfortable so I can comfortable. I’ll go with whatever pace you want. I just wanted to tell you that.”

Kurt was silent for a few minutes. He was trying to take in what Blaine had just said. He should have known that they would have had to talk about sex at one point. It was ridiculous to avoid it and let it be the elephant in the room.

“Thank you for bringing this up. It is a bit of an awkward subject,” Kurt said, letting out a humourless chuckle, “If we were a normal teenage couple, we could easily discuss sex or talk about places we’ll let the other’s hands go. The thing is I still freak out sometimes when you roll on top of me. I try not to but sometimes it just happens. I’m not ready for sex Blaine. I can do kissing and I think I can do roaming of the hands with clothes on. I’m still working on separating the idea of sex with you to what people forced me to do. I have thought about sex with you Blaine. I do want it but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. We can explore a bit more but I still need to work on dealing with everything before we can take the final step.”

Blaine smiled and leaned in to kiss Kurt’s lips before nuzzling his nose against his boyfriend’s, “Thank you for telling me. You are doing a lot better at opening up and I know how hard it is for you. I don’t know if I’m totally ready for sex myself but I like the idea of us taking it slow and exploring together. We love one another and we both know the other would keep us safe. There is also something else I wanted to talk about.”

Kurt tensed up slightly, wanting what Blaine was going to say, “Sure, what’s up?”

“Kurt I’m worried about you,” Blaine said simply, “You may be opening up more but it’s as if you have been putting on this front. Recently there have been cracks in your demeanour and I feel like I’ve been an idiot for not realising earlier. We all thought you were doing so much better but you’re not really. I mean you are doing better and I’m still so proud of how well you’re doing. You’ve come so far and but I think that you think you have to be doing better so you’ve been acting like you are. It’s hard to put on a front all the time baby and I can see you’re struggling.”

Kurt felt tears start to seep down his cheeks as he tried to control his emotions, “I’m so sick of this. I want everything to be fine. I hate feeling this way! I can’t do this anymore! I just want it to stop!”

Blaine gathered Kurt into his arms and held his boyfriend to him, rocking him as the boy’s sobs grew louder. He just whispered reassuringly, hoping that Kurt could hear what he was saying.

Eventually Kurt pulled back, his eyes red rimmed, “I’m sorry. I didn’t realise I could cry that much. It’s been a long time since I cried like that.

Blaine’s heart broke for his boyfriend, “Don’t ever apologise for that. I’ll always hold you if you want to cry. I think it’s good to cry. I’ll most likely be crying during ‘Moulin Rouge’ at some point!”

Kurt let out a giggle, “Yeah me too. Come on, let’s watch the movie and you can go back to cuddling me as I like that.”

Blaine grinned at that before pressing play on the DVD. He pulled Kurt back into his arms as they laid down on the blanket once more.

“I love you Kurt. Happy Valentine’s Day,” Blaine whispered, kissing Kurt’s forehead.

Kurt smiled at that, “Happy Valentine’s Day Blaine. I love you too… so much. I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

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