Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

Burt Hummel Goes To New York

Burt Hummel heard his alarm go off at eight in the morning and simply sat up and switched it off. There was no moaning about having to get up as Burt felt like he hadn't slept at all. He felt like he hadn't been sleeping for almost seven months. He swung his legs off the bed and sighed, rubbing his eyes. He watched as his wife of a year got out of bed and came over to stand in front of him. She just smiled at him sadly before placed a gentle kiss on his lips. He kissed her back for a few seconds, before they pulled away and rested their foreheads against one another's with their hands entwined.

"What are your plans for today sweetheart?" Carole asked as she pulled back, keeping their hands entwined.

Burt sighed to himself, thinking of the possibilities. He could go and do some work at the garage to keep him occupied for a while, he could do some of the paperwork he needed to do as a Congressman or he could sit on his sofa and watch mindless TV.

Burt shrugged, "I'm not sure yet. How long you working for today?"

"Actually I'm at McKinley all day. There's doing a blood drive there so I'll be there. I'm also going to sit in on a Glee club practice as it's both the New Directions and the Warblers today," Carole explained as she placed a kiss on her husband's forehead.

Burt nodded at the mention of the two Glee clubs. He thought it had been such a good idea for both clubs to get together every now and then. Kurt had been a member of both and singing was such a passion of his. He remembered Kurt singing some song about a turn at his school after he had been going through a straight phrase.

"That'll be nice to go to," Burt finally said after a while.

Carole smiled sadly at him before heading to the bathroom to get washed and dressed. Burt watched her go before picking up the photo on his nightstand. It was a photo of Burt with his late wife and a younger Kurt. He ran his finger over the image of his little boy; the one he had no idea if he was alive or where he was. His son had been the last connection he had had to Elizabeth and now there was a possibility he was dead. Burt took a deep breath, trying to stop himself from crying. He didn't want Carole to the state he was in. He usually waited until he had the house alone before crying and thinking about his little boy. He put back where it was and got up to make his and Carole's bed. He couldn't bear to look at one of the other photos on his nightstand right now otherwise he'd just collapse to the floor in tears. It was a picture of him and Kurt a couple of months before he disappeared; both of them wearing overalls at the garage, arm in arm. It always reduced him to tears without fail. His son looked so happy in the picture and there was a chance he might never see him grow up. Burt shook his head and pushed away the thoughts of Kurt.

Carole came out of the bathroom in her dressing gown, "Bathroom's free."

"Thank you my love," Burt kissed her cheek as he passed her on his way to the bathroom.

He did his usual morning routine before jumping in the shower. He let out a few tears in the shower as no one could hear them or see them, but he pulled himself together. He turned off the shower and dried himself off with his towel. He wrapped it around his waist before exiting the bathroom. Carole was just brushing her hair; already wearing her nurse's uniform. Burt quickly selected his clothes for the day; jeans, a plaid shirt and his usual baseball cap. He quickly dressed himself and turned around to find Carole putting her coat on. Burt quickly went to the bathroom and hung the towel up before addressing his wife.

"Have a good day with all those teenagers," Burt said as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Carole smiled at him, "I'll try. And I want you to try as well. Kurt would hate to think of you just sitting around doing nothing."

"If Kurt saw me doing that, he'd probably force me to do that Pilates or yoga he did," Burt joked; although his heart clenched at the talk of his boy.

Carole placed a kiss on his lips, "I love you Burt Hummel."

"I love you too Carole Hudson-Hummel," He replied as she moved away to pick up her bag, "You had better make sure Finn is actually awake."

She swatted his arm with a smile on her face as she left the room. He heard her go to Finn's room and tell him he was running late. He chuckled to himself but suddenly felt guilty. How could he feel happy when Kurt was gone? Burt felt useless in helping to find his son. The police had told him to leave it to them and they would do everything they could.

"Bye Burt!" he heard Finn yell from downstairs.

He smiled sadly and called back, "Bye Finn! See you later buddy!" wishing he could hear a higher pitched voice yell, "Bye Dad!"

Burt made his way downstairs as the front door shut. He walked into the kitchen and put two slices of bread into the toaster. He got a glass, opened the fridge and pulled himself a glass of orange. A minute later the toast was done and he grabbed a plate for it. He made his way into the living room and sat down on the sofa, before switching on the news. Burt knew he couldn't stop paying attention to what he was eating. He knew Carole was keeping an eye on him; in case he stopped eating altogether or just ate junk food. He didn't want to have another heart attack. If Kurt ever came home and he hadn't been taking care of himself, he'd never hear the end of it. He knew he had lost quite a bit of weight but anyone would in his situation. He watched the news for anything about Kurt but there was nothing. He wondered if people had stopped caring about it as it had been seven months. For the first three months Kurt had constantly been on the news and people doing everything they could to find his son. Over the last four months Kurt had been mentioned occasionally on the news. Burt supposed it helped that he was now a Congressman. He sighed to himself as he finished his breakfast and took the plate and glass back to the kitchen, putting it in the dishwasher. He made his way back to the living room and looked through the family's DVD collection. He pulled out 'The Sound of Music' and inserted it into the DVD player. This was one of Kurt's favourite films and he felt like it would bring him closer to his missing son. As the film loaded, Burt picked up the picture of his son and Blaine on the mantelpiece. It was the two of them at Kurt's Prom, where he had been crowned Prom Queen. When Burt had heard what had happened he was furious. Kurt assured him it was okay and told him what he did. He had never been prouder of his son and was also so grateful to Blaine for stepping up and dancing with Kurt in front of everyone. He knew how hard Kurt's disappearance was on Blaine. It showed how much Kurt meant to Blaine and how much he loved him. Blaine was one of the people who gave Burt hope in finding Kurt.

"The hills are alive... with the sound of music," sang Julie Andrews, jolting Burt's attention to the TV.

He remembered Elizabeth watching this with Kurt when he was his sweet little boy. That seemed so long ago. Burt put the picture of Kurt and Blaine back on the mantelpiece and sat down on the sofa. He wished he was watching this with Kurt but knew it wasn't a possibility at the moment; he didn't know if it would ever be a possibility.


Burt smiled sadly at the footage of the family walking through the mountain. He had gotten through the whole of 'The Sound of Music' on his own. Kurt would have been proud. Burt was debating what to do next when the phone rang. He glanced at the clock to see three hours had passed and it was coming up to midday. It was probably Carole checking on him.

Burt got up and picked up the phone, "Hello?"

It wasn't Carole, "Hello is this Burt Hummel?"

Burt frowned, "Yes, yes it is. Who is this?"

"Mr Hummel I am Sergeant Charlie Swift from the New York Police Department," the man informed Burt.

Burt had received calls from the New York Police Department nearly once a fortnight over the last couple of months, updating him on the search for Kurt.

Burt sighed, knowing they were going to tell him they were still searching, "How can I help you?"

Sergeant Swift paused, "Mr Hummel... we found your son Kurt."

Burt dropped the phone. The police officer's words sounded something like they had found his son. He couldn't get his head around it. He suddenly felt terrified. What if they had just found Kurt's body? What if his little boy was dead? He glanced down at the phone to realise the man was calling his name. He quickly picked up the phone.

"You found my boy? You found my Kurt? Oh God where is he? Where do I need to go? Is he okay? Is he alive?" Burt stammers out, terrified what he could hear.

"Sir you need to take a deep breath," Sergeant Swift tells Burt, "You need to calm down. We have found your son Kurt and he is alive."

Burt lets out a scream of happiness, "My boy is alive! Oh my sweet baby is alive! Is he okay? Is he hurt? Is he safe? Where is he?"

Sergeant Swift quickly replies, "Mr Hummel, please take a deep breath. Your son is alive and he is safe now. He's been taken to hospital to recover there."

Burt frowned at the last words, "My boy's in hospital? Why? What happened to him?"

The sergeant paused, "Mr Hummel I'm not the liability to tell you over the phone but I'll be able to tell you everything once you get to New York."

Burt felt frustrated that he wasn't being told what had happened to his son but knew it would be better to be told face to face. He knew he had to get the next flight out to New York as soon as possible; no matter how much it cost.

"I understand. How is my baby boy now though?" Burt asked, praying Kurt was okay.

"He's fast asleep. He's being looked after I promise you Mr Hummel," Sergeant Swift replied.

Burt breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank you Sergeant. Right I'm going to go to New York as soon as possible. Where am I going?"

"You need to go to Lennox Hill Hospital. It's on East 77th Street," Sergeant Swift told him, "Tell the receptionist your name and I'll be called down to meet you."

"Thank you so much. Thank you for finding my boy. I'll be in New York as soon as I can," Burt replied before bidding the officer goodbye and hanging up.

Burt immediately ran to the study, knowing his laptop was in. He quickly boosted it up, trying to encourage it to load faster. He went onto American Airlines and booked a flight from Port Columbus International Airport at twenty past three that would get to New York LaGuardia Airport at ten past five. Burt ran to his room and quickly packed a small bag of clothes. He had no idea how long it would be in New York for but he didn't care. He was getting his son back. He grabbed some important documents of Kurt's such as birth certificate and any other paperwork he might need. Burt took a deep breath and went into Kurt's room. It was exactly the same as it had been since before he went to New York. The only change was Burt had put away the clothes Kurt had taken to New York as they had brought his belongings home. Burt went into Kurt's wardrobe and pulled out a comfy pair of pyjamas and some T-shirts and sweatpants; mostly Dalton or McKinley ones.

Burt packed them into his bag before glancing away the room, "You'll be home soon kiddo."

He shut the door on his way out. He ran back downstairs and grabbed his phone, keys and wallet. He thought about leaving a note for Carole and Finn but knew he had to tell them in person. He turned off the TV, grabbed his bag and car keys, before leaving the house and heading to his car. He threw his bag in the back and turned the engine on. He quickly reversed off the driveway and drove for about fifteen minutes to McKinley High School. The last time he had been there was about two months after Kurt had disappeared. Burt parked the car and switched the engine off. He practically ran across the parking lot to the school building. He made his way to the choir room and quickly opened the door. Mr Schuester was addressing both the New Directions and the Warblers; he noticed Blaine was sitting close to Finn. He spotted his wife sitting by the piano. Without thinking he ran over to her. Carole looked up at the noise and panicked at seeing her husband.

"Burt!" Carole cried out as he rushed over to her, standing up to grab hold of him, "Burt what's wrong?"

Burst just burst into tears, pulling Carole into a hug. Carole hugged him back; feeling worried of her husband's wellbeing. She could see the Glee clubs looking at them over Burt's shoulder but could see Mr Schue telling them to talk amongst themselves.

Carole pulled away but kept her arms around Burt's neck, "Burt sweetie what is wrong? Please tell me!"

Burt sniffed a little then finally whispered, "I got a call from the police and they... they... found him Carole. Kurt's alive. My baby's alive!"

Carole's eyes immediately filled with tears. She couldn't believe her eyes. She had been praying for the day to hear that Kurt had been found. She thought of him as her own son and longed for him home.

Carole could barely speak, "Oh Burt! That's... I can't believe... Oh my god!"

Burt and Carole embraced tightly once again, overwhelmed with emotions.

"Umm... Burt? Mum?" said the voice of Finn, sounding worried and confused.

Burt and Carole pulled apart to see Finn standing up looking at them anxiously, "What's happened? Why are you both crying?"

Burt took a deep breath and addressed everyone in the room, "I got a call from the NYPD in regards to Kurt..."

Burt noticed the look of terror appeared on everyone's faces. They had obviously assumed that since both Burt and Carole were crying, Kurt had been found dead or that the police had called off the search.

Burt quickly continued, "They told me... they told me Kurt... my boy... Kurt has been found and he's alive!"

Burt watched as all of the New Directions and Warblers immediately jumped up, started screaming and hugging one another. Finn immediately ran towards his Mum and Burt and pulled them back into a hug, sobbing as well. The family clung to each other, knowing that their missing member would soon be returned to them. They pulled away and Finn immediately was hugged by Rachel; the two of them sobbing together. Burt glanced around for Blaine and found him being hugged by both Warblers and the New Directions. Blaine met Burt's eyes and fought his way over. Immediately the two of them hugged, the smaller boy crying.

"He's coming home," Burt heard Blaine whisper.

Burt hugged him tighter, "You were right Blaine. You always had hope and you were right. Kurt's coming home!"

The two eventually pulled away and Blaine was hugged by Carole. Burt felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He turned to see Will Schuester standing there, looking nervous.

"Burt I'm so happy Kurt's been found. I'm so sorry..." Will started, wanting to apologise.

Burt shook his head, "Will we know even if you had been there, you wouldn't have been able to help Kurt."

Burt surprised the man by pulling him in for a hug briefly before pulling away. He turned to find all of his son's friends looking at him expectantly.

Blaine spoke first, "So what happens now?"

"I'm going to New York. I have a plane to catch in about three hours. I go from the airport to Lennox Hill Hospital," Burt replied, knowing he would have to leave soon.

"Hospital?" He heard Quinn question, "You mean he's been hurt?"

Everyone looked at Burt for answers, "Guys I don't know. The police officer couldn't tell me over the phone. He said Kurt's resting and is asleep at the moment. He'll tell me everything when I get there."

"When Kurt gets home can we throw a surprise party?" He heard Puck yell.

Burt shook his head, "I don't think we could try and surprise Kurt. We don't know what he's been through. He's been gone for seven months and when he finally comes home, he'll need to rest, not party."

The kids looked disappointed so Carole jumped in, "I'm sure you'll all be able to see Kurt as soon as possible but his wellbeing is our number one priority. I'm sure we'll eventually have a homecoming party."

"I'm sure we will," Burt said, smiling gently at his son's friends, "Right I had better head off. I have to go to Columbus."

Burt kissed his wife and hugged both Finn and Blaine before leaving the choir room. He could hear the excited talk as he walked away, smiling to himself. His baby was coming home.


Burt couldn't sleep at all on the plane. There was no way on earth he could relax himself and clear his mind to the point of falling asleep. His mind was too buzzing with the news his son was alive and that in a short period of time, he would be setting his eyes on his beautiful seventeen year old son. After the hour's flight, Burt clenched and unclenched his fists several times as the plane came into land. He felt the gaze of the man sitting next to him and glanced to see the man was staring at him as if he was a lunatic. He didn't care what anyone thought of him; despite being a Congressman. He just wanted to hold his son in his arms. As soon as the flight attendants gave the all clear to unfasten seat belts, Burt was out of his seat and reaching for his bag stored in the overhead compartment. He was on the first people of the plane and he was so grateful he didn't have to deal with luggage collection. Burt hurried through the airport as best as he could, quickly passing through security. He exited New York LaGuardia Airport and jumped in the first taxi he saw. He quickly pushed the memory of Kurt telling him how he always wanted to go in a yellow New York taxi out of his mind.

"Hello Sir," the cab driver said smiling at Burt, "Where to?"

"Lennox Hill Hospital as fast as you can please," Burt replied, hoping the driver would see the urgency on his face.

The cab driver seemed to understand Burt did not want to mess about so quickly started the engine, put the cab into drive and pulled away from the airport. Burt couldn't appreciate his first time being in New York City; being in Manhattan when he was on his way to see his little boy for the first time in seven months. That was all he cared about. He just closed his eyes and let the memories of Kurt when he was a little boy play in his mind. All Burt wanted was his son to come home. He had been dreading Christmas when he realised it was his first one without both his former wife and his son. Burt and Kurt had always promised one another to be there for each other during Christmas as it was a difficult time for both of them. Somehow Kurt had kept his promise. All Burt wanted for Christmas was his son to come home and it looked like he was getting his wish.

About twenty minutes later the cab driver pulled up in front of a hospital, "That is twenty eight dollars, eighteen cent please."

Burt pulled three notes from his pocket and handed over thirty five dollars, "Thank you very much."

The cab driver smiled at Burt, "I hope everything is okay. Merry Christmas to you Sir. Only eight days away now."

Burt smiled back, knowing he'd be spending Christmas with his boy, "Merry Christmas to you and thank you."

Burt got out the taxi and shut the door. He squared his shoulders and walked into the hospital reception area, gripping his bag.

The receptionist smiled at him, "How may I help you Sir?"

Burt took a deep breath, "My name is Burt Hummel and I believe my son Kurt has been brought in."

The receptionist's smile faded, "One moment please Mr Hummel."

Burt took a step back as the receptionist spoke to someone on the phone. He only had to wait about a minute before he heard his name being called. A police officer walked over to him and held out his hand, which Burt took and shook.

The police officer introduced himself, "I'm Sergeant Charlie Swift. We spoke on the phone."

Burt nodded but before he could contain himself, he blurted out, "Where is my boy? What's happened to him Sergeant?"


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