Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

Father and Son Reunited

Sergeant Charlie Swift paused before he spoke, "Mr Hummel... it would be best if we talked about your son and what happened in private."

Burt's heart dropped. What on earth had happened to his son? He had known it wouldn't have been good at all since his boy was in hospital and had been missing for the last seven months.

"Please just tell me he's okay! I mean he's not going to die, is he?" Burt pleaded with the police officer, desperate to hear an answer but scared of the answer he might receive.

Charlie Swift nodded, "Your son is okay Sir, I can assure you."

Burt seemed to relax at the Sergeant's words so he continued, "Shall we go and talk about what's happened to your son?"

Burt nodded before following the police officer up the stairs and into a small office. It was a plain room with just a desk, two chairs and a computer whirring away on the desk. Burt sat down on the chair in front of the desk as Sergeant Swift sat down behind the desk.

"Mr Hummel..." The sergeant began.

Burt interrupted him, "Please call me Burt. This is going to be so hard no matter what so I'd rather not mess around with the formalities."

Charlie Swift nodded before he began again, "Burt... Kurt is safe now I promise you. He's been looked after by the best people in the country."

"Thank you," Burt whispered, feeling overwhelmed at the knowledge his child was safe and soon they would be reunited.

Swift continued, "Your son was found because a taxi driver called Jim Edwards called the police after he believed he had seen your son in his taxi. It was perhaps a coincidence that he heard about your son on the radio then moments later your son was in his taxi. He had to take a Mr Lee Briggs to West 34th street but this man had two boys and a girl with him; one of them was your son. He was horrified about the state of the three children. They all were extremely thin and covered in a large amount of bruises. After he dropped them off, Jim Edwards immediately rang 911 and told the police what I've just told you. He said he had to do something. He said he had to help the boy who looked like Kurt and hoped people would do the same if his daughter was missing."

Burt didn't know who this Jim Edwards was but hoped that he would get the chance to meet him so he could personally thank him for saving his son's life and bringing him back to his family.

"Of course the police headed to the address," Charlie Swift said, drawing Burt back in, "We burst into the address to find a group of men and ten young adults there. There was a fight... involving guns."

Burt gasped at that, "Was Kurt hurt in the fight?"

The Sergeant shook his head, "Kurt wasn't shot."

But that wasn't what Burt asked, "What happened!?"

Sergeant Swift took a deep breath, "The main leader, Thomas Manson, tried to shoot your son. His friend Hayley Morris... a girl it seems Kurt had become close to and someone he tried to protect, pushed him out of the way causing him to fall and whack his head. Unfortunately Miss Morris was shot and died in your son's arms. Five people were killed that night."

Burt put his head in his hands at what he had just heard. His son had nearly been shot by the main person who took him away from him, but his friend saved him. Burt couldn't bear to think how Kurt was coping after having a close friend die in his arms when she had saved his life. Burt knew how his son's mind worked and he would definitely blame himself. Kurt had dealt with the death of his mother and the near death of his father but now could add that someone he was close to had taken a bullet for him and died because of it. Burt knew he definitely didn't want to hear the rest but he had to; for his son he hadn't seen for seven months.

"Who is Thomas Manson?" Burt asked, "Where was he keeping Kurt?"

The Sergeant seemed to brace himself before speaking, "Burt... Thomas Manson was the ringleader of a prostitution ring."

Burt gaped at the policeman in front of him, "What!? That can't be true!"

Burt soon realised the Sergeant wasn't lying and let the anger overtake him.

"You mean my son... my innocent little boy was kidnapped for a prostitution ring!? You're telling me that my son, who was embarrassed by anything sexual, was forced to have sex with strangers!?" Burt yelled, unable to believe what he had heard.

"Mr Hummel... Burt, please calm down," the Sergeant pleaded, "I know this is hard to hear but you need to know everything. It'll help Kurt to recover if there are no secrets."

"How can you tell me to calm down and expect me to do so?!" Burt argued back, "Keep going Sergeant. I think you just need to get it all out."

The police officer nodded, "Very well. Thomas Manson was the ringleader of his little group and his prostitution ring. He and his men had kidnapped about ten teenagers from the ages of fourteen to eighteen and had pimped them out to men and women; both boys and girls. The teenagers were expected to perform a service for customers several times a day. They lived in a basement with a few dirty mattresses and were hardly fed; maybe getting some bread or water if they were lucky. Manson had forbidden them from crying or complaining otherwise they were beaten to a pulp. They were even forced to take cocaine, which is a stimulant drug, for energy."

"How do you know all this?" Burt whispered, unable to help himself.

"We've interviewed a few of the teenagers who weren't too badly hurt in the fight," explained Sergeant Swift, "All of them needed hospital treatment due to the condition they were in after we found them."

Burt swallowed loudly, "What about my boy? What condition is he in? I need to know so I can brace myself before I see him."

"Kurt is sleeping at the moment," Sergeant Swift said, "he had a nasty blow to the head that required stitches due to Hayley Morris pushing him to the ground. Your son is...the best way to describe is extremely underweight. His face and body are marked with bruises; some old, some new. A small amount of cocaine was located in his system and there was a mark in his arm, indicating the drug had been injected as well as snorted. There is no telling of your son's psychological state of mind as we haven't spoken to him but it doesn't take a genius to know it won't be good. That's everything I can tell you."

Burt nodded before closing his eyes. He let everything he had just heard run through his mind. His son had seen and been forced to do unspeakable things. How was he ever supposed to recover?

"Burt, Kurt needs all your love and support right now and for the unforeseeable future. It won't be easy but it'll get better. He needs all the help he can get," Charlie Swift told the distraught man in front of him.

Burt nodded, "I'll be with him every step of his recovery. He'll always have my full love and support. I know a lot of people who will do everything they can to help him."

The police officer smiled sadly, "That's good to hear."

Burt stood up after a moment, "Where is he? Where is my boy? I need to see my boy!"

Sergeant Swift nodded, "Of course. As you said, just brace yourself."

The two men left the office and walked along the corridor. Burt noticed as they walked, they were following signs to intensive care. His stomach clenched at the thought of his baby boy being in intensive care. With every footstep he took, Burt was getting more and more anxious. He didn't know what would happen. All he knew was that he was going to be reunited with his seventeen year old son.

They eventually stopped outside a room.

Burt took a deep breath, "Is he in there?"

The policeman nodded, "He is. I'll give you two some privacy before the nurses come in and check on him."

Burt nodded and thanked the officer before placing his hand on the handle to the room. His palm was sweaty; he could feel it nearly sliding off the handle. He gripped it tighter, feeling terrified to just open it. Burt squared his shoulders and opened the door. He quickly stepped into the room but turned around so he was still facing the door. He shut the door and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He couldn't allow himself to get in a state as he would be removed from his son's room. Burt turned up and he laid his eyes on his son for the first time in seven months. Kurt was lying in the hospital bed, hooked up to so many tubes. He had an IV drip in his arm feeding him some nutrients, due to his starvation and dehydration for the time he had been missing. He could hear the steady beeping of the heart monitor, ensuring him that his son was alive. Kurt had an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose to help him with his breathing. Burt raked his eyes over his son, taking every little detail in. Kurt's body seemed a little taller but his frame was basically anorexic. Burt felt slightly nauseous when he realised if he pulled back the sheets, he would see his son's ribs sticking of his body. He looked at Kurt's face and hated how sharp his cheekbones looked. Burt could see the stitches on his head where he had hit it on the ground when being pushed out of the way by his friend. Burt was incredibly grateful that there were people in New York willing to help his boy. Burt didn't know what he would do if he had got a call from Sergeant Swift telling him that Kurt had nearly been saved but had been shot by the ringleader of the gang. He wondered if that girl Hayley had any family who could be contacted. Burt continued to observe his son's face and noticed the bruises standing out against the pale skin. He hated how pale and sickly Kurt looked. Burt hated the people who had done this to his brave and perfect son. He never deserved any of this. Burt realised he was still standing in the doorway so he slowly moved closer to his son. He could hear his heart pounding his ears. His mouth felt extremely dry. He grabbed the chair closest to him and pulled it so it was right next to the hospital bed. He slowly lowered himself into the seat and grabbed hold of one of Kurt's hands. It pained Burt to see it was bandaged up as it just added to the number of injuries Kurt had and the amount of pain he had gone through. Burt reached out and caressed his son's face, taking extreme care as he didn't want to cause him further pain; even if Kurt was asleep.

Burt took Kurt's hand in both of his, "I love you so much Kurt. You're my baby boy. I'm so happy you're back with me. I've missed you so much. I'm here for you no matter what kiddo."

Burt leaned forward and placed a kiss to Kurt's forehead. He sat back in his seat, still holding Kurt's hand. Now he had his son back, he never wanted to let him go. To Burt's surprise, a small moan came out of his son's mouth. Burt leapt up in shock and delight.

"Kurt? Can you hear me?" He said gently, not wanting to shock his son if he was waking up.

Kurt moaned again before his eyelids started fluttering. Burt hated that his left eye had a purple bruise at the corner of it, knowing opening his eye would be hurting Kurt.

"Come on Kurt, I'm here. Can you hear me?" Burt repeated, desperate to his son's voice.

Burt watched as the eyelids fluttered once more and suddenly he was met with the glasz eyes that he hadn't seen in person for the last seven months. Kurt blinked several times as his eyes flitted around the room, taking in his surroundings. He had thought he heard his Dad's voice but he knew he was dreaming. He usually dreamt of his father's voice every night he had been in that hell hole. Kurt's vision slowly came to and he found himself gazing into his father's eyes, which was full of tears and love for his son.

"Da... Dad?" Kurt's voice came out in a croaky whisper and slightly

Burt completely broke down at the sound of his son's voice and collapsed back into his chair. Even though he sounded a little different, Burt had started to think that he may never hear his son called him 'Dad' again. To hear that word said by his son again was like heaven to him.

"Oh Kurt, I've missed you so much. I love you so much son. It's over, you're safe!" Burt sobbed, clutching onto his son's hand without hurting him.

Kurt used his free hand to remove the oxygen mask off his face so he could talk without it sounding muffled. His brain couldn't quite comprehend what was happening. He seemed to be in a hospital; although he didn't know where he exactly was. He wondered if he was still in New York or had somehow been taken back to Ohio. He let the memories of what happened sink in. He remembered doing his usual rounds, before being picked up in a taxi and hoping that the taxi driver would help as it wasn't their usual taxi driver. He remembered Thomas Manson talking to them all before the police came in. He remembered everything clearly; the gun fight, Manson aiming at him before Hayley pushed him out the way and took the bullet, dying in his place. He remembered some paramedics helping him but that was the last thing he remembered. His head was throbbing, his body ached and he just felt tired; despite sleeping for however long. His whole life had completely changed. He wasn't just Kurt Hummel, son of a mechanic, member of the New Directions and boyfriend of a Warbler anymore. Everything about him had changed and he couldn't reverse it, no matter how hard he tried.

Kurt focused his attention on his father. He looked different too. He had bags under his eyes and had lost some weight, probably due to the stress. Kurt seriously hoped his Dad didn't have any problems with his heart due to his disappearance.

"I missed you too Dad," Kurt said after a moment, "I'm so sorry."

Kurt didn't know exactly what he was apologising for. There was several apologises needed. He needed to apologise for causing his family and friends stress, he needed to apologise for not being strong enough to fight back against his attackers, he needed to apologise for not being strong enough to get away from Thomas Manson and his gang and he needed to apologise for his family and friends having to be involved with someone as damaged and scarred as he was. He bought shame to his family due to what had happened to him. They would all wish he had never been found and they could have just continued their lives without him. Everyone could move on. His Dad would still have a son as he had Finn, the New Directions could get another member and Blaine could fall in love again; maybe even another Warbler.

Burt looked at his son with a confused and concerned expression, "Kurt... why are you apologising?"

Kurt looked away from his father, willing himself to hold back his tears. He didn't want his Dad to hate him. He needed him.

"I'm sorry I let this happen Dad. I should have fought back, I..." Kurt stammered out, trying to ignore the pain attacking his body.

Burt interrupted his son immediately and wrapped both his hands around Kurt's, "You have nothing to be sorry for, my dear sweet boy. Don't you dare apologise! Don't you dare think you let this happen! Oh Kurt... I can't even believe you're apologising to me. You were grabbed when you least expected it, while you were on the phone, and were knocked up! You did struggle but there was nothing you could do. The only people to apologise are the ones who have hurt you. Kurt, I'm so happy you're home. I've missed you so much. I've missed you reprimanding me about my diet. I've missed you talking about fashion, musicals and your Glee club. I've missed your voice and just your presence in my life. You're my son and I love you so much. You're my whole world Kurt Hummel."

Kurt had tears overflowing and spilling down his cheeks; just like his father did. Both men were holding onto each other, afraid the other would disappear. Kurt knew he had to tell his Dad what happened to him. He might change his mind about what he said afterwards but he needed to tell him. He didn't keep secrets from his Dad.

"You might change your mind when I tell you what happened to me," Kurt cried, using his free hand to try and wipe away his constant tears, "I'm a damaged mess Dad."

Burt reached up and wiped some tears away for Kurt himself, "You are not a damaged mess. You've just been through a lot. Look Kurt, I know the basics of what you've been through. When I say basics, I mean I don't know the exact details but I've got the gist. I absolutely hate this happened to you and want to find those men and tear them to pieces..."

Burt was interrupted by Kurt's frantic cry, "You can't Dad! They'll kill you and I can't lose you again! I can't Dad! Please Dad!"

Burt got up from the chair and perched next to Kurt's tiny body on the bed. He wiped away more tears on Kurt's cheeks, before taking Kurt's other hand in his to calm his son down.

"I can't lose you again either Kurt," Burt told his son, wanting to cry at the sight of him, "You're my boy and I love you so much. I want to do that but I am not leaving your side. You're my number one priority and you will always have my love and support. I'm letting the police deal with him so they're locked away from society. I'll help you in whatever way I can Kurt."

Kurt was sobbing again, "Even though you know what I've done?"

"Even though I know what happened to you," Burt changed Kurt's words to, wanting his son to realise it wasn't his fault, "I'll love you no matter what. I'll be with you every step of the way, I can guarantee that. All your friends and family are waiting back home to reunited with you. They've all missed you so much and they all love you. They'll always support you. Everyone was so happy and overwhelmed when I told them I was flying to New York as you were found and in hospital. A Mr Blaine Anderson was ecstatic and couldn't wait to see the love of his life again."

Burt sighed mentally when he saw a tiny smile appear on Kurt's face. Obviously the mention of Blaine made him light up; no matter how small it may be. Suddenly the door opened, causing the two Hummel men to jump.

"Hello Kurt, I see you're awake. We have to check your vitals now so if you could please leave the room Mr Hummel," said the nurse as she came over to Kurt's beside.

Burt noticed how the panic grew in Kurt's eyes so he simply leaned in and kissed his son's forehead; hoping that his gesture of love and affection would settle Kurt.

"I'll just be outside son," Burt promised his son, "As soon as the nurse is done, I'll be back by your side."

Kurt nodded so Burt left the room. He glanced back at his son at the door; unable to believe his boy was the one in that bed. It had been an emotional and devastating seven months to get to this moment after being reunited with his son. He knew a long road lay ahead of them of Kurt's recovery but he would be there every step of the way. Burt sat down on one of the chairs outside and pulled out his phone discreetly. He turned it on and waited for it to load. He saw he had a text from his wife.

From Carole 15:53

Hope everything's okay. I hope Kurt's okay. Tell him how much I've missed him and love him. Finn wants Kurt to know that too, and that we can't wait for him to come home. Keep me updated on the situation. I love you so much. Love Carole x

Burt smiled at the text from his wife. It was so sweet and he could imagine her saying it. He knew how much she had missed Kurt; how much Finn had missed Kurt. He quickly clicked reply.

From Burt 20:35

Kurt's awake! He woke up and it was just so amazing. Seeing him and hearing him speak for the first time in seven months was just... I can't think of words! I will do, I promise. The nurse is just checking him over. I promise I will keep you updated. It looks like the nurse is just about done so I'll be reunited once again with my boy. I love you so much. Love Burt x

He clicked send and quickly pocketed his phone. The nurse came out of the room and nodded at Burt, letting him know he was okay to go back in. Burt scrambled to his feet and rushed over to the door. Kurt was glancing around the room; obviously looking for his Dad.

"Hey buddy," Burt said softly, letting Kurt know he was there, "How did it go with the nurse?"

Kurt nodded tiredly, "It went okay. She gave me some more medication for the pain and it's making me feel sleepy again."

Burt sighed, knowing that pretty soon Kurt would be asleep. He was perfectly content with staying with his son the whole time he slept and making sure he was okay.

"Oh Carole texted me, by the way. She sends her love and misses you so much. Finn also sends his love. They can't wait for you to come home," Burt told his son, hoping that it would make him happy.

Kurt smiled sadly, "I miss them too... so much. What if they think differently of me?"

"They won't!" Burt quickly stated, "They love you and will always love you."

Kurt nodded before letting his eyes close. Burt settled himself into the chair next to Kurt's bed, prepared to get some shuteye himself.

"Dad?" Burt heard Kurt say.

"Yeah son," Burt replied, watching as his son didn't even open his eyes.

Kurt paused, "What's the date today?"

Burt frowned for a moment, "It is the 18th December 2011."

There was silent before Kurt said, "Oh okay so I'm seventeen, not twenty five like I thought."

Burt didn't have any idea what Kurt meant when he said that.

Before he could bring it up, Kurt spoke again, "I'll be home for Christmas. It's like that song."

Burt smiled to himself, "It sure is bud. It'll be the best Christmas ever."

Kurt hummed in response before laying still. Burt shuffled in his chair but reached out and took Kurt's hand in his. He suddenly felt a gentle squeeze and he squeezed back as gently as possible. Burt shut his eyes, feeling so happy he had his son back but wondering what the future had in store for the Hummel family.

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