Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?

What went down in New York City

Burt had been woken up in the middle of the night by the nurse called Teresa who had come into Kurt's room before to check his vitals. He was terrified she was going to tell him to leave and was prepared to fight his corner, but the nurse simply stated it wouldn't be comfortable for him to sleep in the chair all night and that a cot bed was being brought in for him. Burt was extremely grateful as he didn't have to leave his son's side and could stay in the hospital until Kurt was discharged and able to fly home back to Lima. He had settled down on the cot bed and eventually managed to get some sleep, although he kept waking up to check his son was actually there and it hadn't all been a dream. That would have killed him. He had previously had dreams about going into Kurt's room and Kurt being asleep in bed, but then he would wake up and remember that Kurt was missing and he didn't know where he was. Burt really hoped that Kurt would be home for Christmas. It would be the most perfect Christmas ever if the family were reunited again. They had all been dreading Christmas without Kurt as Christmas was a family time for them. The holiday without his son there would have been unimaginable. He knew they were have all just spent the day thinking about Kurt and wondering where he was, praying that he was okay. Now he had his son back, he would never let him go. Burt was sure the rest of the family and all of Kurt's friends had similar feelings to this. Kurt had been missing for seven months and had been living through hell. Burt was determined that Kurt would never have to go through anything like that ever again.

Burt let out a groan and opened his eyes. He averted his eyes to look at his phone lying next to him on the floor. He saw it was just after seven o'clock in the morning, meaning he had got around ten hours sleep. It was the most sleep he had got in the last seven months, despite not sleeping in a proper bed. Burt picked up his phone and that was what had woken up. He glanced up at his son's sleeping form on the hospital bed and sighed in relief, glad that his son was actually there and his phone hadn't woken up him. He needed all the rest he could get to help him recover. Burt unlocked his phone to see he had a text from Carole.

From Carol 7:03

Morning Burt, I hope everything's okay in New York. That's brilliant that Kurt was awake and spoke to you! I'm so happy! I'm on my way to work now but please keep me updated with everything. I just want Kurt home. I know everyone here does. Blaine's been calling about Kurt. Let me know what I should tell him, if I should say anything at all. I'll text you throughout the day. I love you so much. Carole x

Burt smiled at his wife's text. She was such a loving woman. Kurt wasn't her biological son but she still cared for him as if he was. There was nothing really to update her with as Kurt was still asleep. Burt knew Blaine was dying to know what was happening with Kurt. He really loved his son. Burt thought for a moment before clicking reply.

From Burt 7:06

Morning Carole, everything's okay in New York. Kurt's still sleeping which is good as he needs rest. I want him home too. I'll talk to the doctors about him coming home. He is a state though, so it might be a few days. Tell Blaine that I've spoken to Kurt and when I mentioned Blaine, Kurt lit up like he always did when his boyfriend was mentioned. I promise you I will keep you updated. Have a good day at work. I love you so much too. Burt x

Burt pressed lock on his phone and slowly sat up on the cot bed. He swung his legs to the side, placed his phone down on the bed and rubbed at his eyes, getting rid of any traces of sleep. Burt picked up his phone before making his way over to the chair next to the hospital bed. He sat down on it, put his phone on the bedside table and picked up Kurt's hand.

Burt squeezed his son's hand gently, "Oh Kurt I am so happy you've been found. I was going crazy without you there. I promise I will never let anything like this ever happen to you again. I won't let you down again, I promise you son."

Burt could feel the tears building up in his eyes as they raked over his son's face and body. Kurt was so pale he basically looked as if he was a ghost. Burt shuddered at that thought. He didn't want to think of Kurt as being dead. Kurt had come so close to death and he was only seventeen years old. He didn't deserve any of what had happened to this; no one did. Burt wouldn't wish this on his worst enemy. He could understand why Kurt had stopped believing in God. His son was tormented because he was gay, had lost his mother at a young age, had had his life threatened by a bully, had nearly lost his father but when life was starting to look up for Kurt, he was kidnapped and had been through hell for seven months.

A little moan came out of Kurt's month, a sign that he was waking up. Burt focused his attention on his son's face, waiting to see those glaz eyes look at him. He had missed his son so much. He just couldn't believe they had been reunited.

"Kurt buddy?" Burt whispered, hoping he wouldn't startle his son.

Kurt opened his eyes slowly and blinked a couple of times. It was clear he was just adjusting to his surroundings. His eyes met with the white ceiling and he was confused for a moment. He had to remind himself that he was safe and was in hospital. He had been reunited with his Dad and he had been told everything was going to be okay. Kurt hated when people said that to him. They didn't know what he had been through and they had never experienced anything like that. He didn't know if everything would ever be okay again.

Kurt turned his head slightly and saw his Dad sitting there, holding his hand, "Hey Dad."

Burt smiled at him, "How are you feeling today?"

"Okay," Kurt whispered, his throat aching slightly, "My body just aches all over."

Burt reached up and ran a hand through Kurt's hair, "I know it does son. I'll buzz the nurse in so she can check on you now that you're awake."

Burt stood up, still holding Kurt's hand, and reached across to press the buzzer by the bed. As his hand got closer to Kurt, his son suddenly flinched as if he was expecting the hand to hurt. Burt drew back his hand in horror and stared flabbergasted at his son. Either Kurt had thought his Dad was going to be hit or was so used to being hit that it had become an automatic reaction.

"Kurt?" Burt cried, trying not to let his emotions overcome him.

"I'm sorry Dad," Kurt whispered back, struggling not to cry, "I know you're not going to hit me. It was just an automatic reaction. I know you'd never hurt me."

"It's okay Kurt. I promise no one will hurt you. Am I alright to reach across you and press the button?" Burt asked, not wanting to inflict anymore pain on Kurt.

Kurt nodded and Burt quickly leaned across his son to press the button, before quickly sitting down. Kurt didn't flinch this time as he just kept his eyes on his father's face. He knew his Dad would never hurt him and loved him. Kurt was worried what had happened to him would affect his relationships with his family and friends. He was terrified that Blaine wouldn't want anything to do with him as he was disgusting. They had been each other's first boyfriends and had planned to be each other firsts as well. All that had changed in the last seven months and Kurt wasn't the same innocent baby penguin he had been. Blaine wouldn't want him, he just knew it. Slowly but surely everyone he loved would leave him.

The nurse came in and smiled at the Hummel men, "Good morning you two. How are you feeling Kurt?"

"My body just hurts. I have a really bad headache and I just feel tired," Kurt admitted, knowing there was no point in lying to the nurse.

Burt frowned at hearing at how much pain Kurt was in. He had told him that he was okay. He hated how much his son was hurting.

Teresa the nurse nodded sympathetically, "Don't worry Kurt; I'll give you some pain medication that is stronger than your previous dosage."

Burt watched as the nurse made her way over to his son. He glanced down and noticed Kurt looking tense. Burt ran a hair through Kurt's hand and continued to stroke his hair, trying to keep him relaxed and not think about what was happening. It didn't take that long to up the dosage and check Kurt over.

"Okay your vitals look good. We're deeply concerned about how skinny you are but that's completely understandable. We're hoping you'll put on a few pounds before we discharge you," the nurse explained.

Burt's face lit up at that, "Discharge him? How soon? When can he come home?"

Teresa smiled at him, "We need to continue to monitor his progress and make sure Kurt is completely ready to go home... but I would say in the next couples of days, definitely before Christmas."

Burt grinned, "Thank you so much. That's brilliant, right Kurt?"

Burt glanced at his son and noticed he didn't look as enthusiastic, "Kurt?"

"Yeah that's... brilliant," Kurt mumbled with no emotion whatsoever.

The nurse and Burt exchanged a glance before the nurse bid them farewell. Burt took both his son's hands in his and squeezed them. Kurt weakly squeezed them back, not looking at his father.

"Kurt?" Burt began, wondering what to say, "Are you looking forward to going home?"

Kurt still didn't look at him, "Sure."

Burt's heart sank. He sounded so monotonous and sounded nothing how an excited Kurt should sound.

"Hey buddy you can tell me anything," Burt reassured his son, smiling gently, "I hear talking helps."

Kurt glanced at his Dad and took a deep breath, preparing himself, "I'm different Dad. I'm damaged goods. I'll be going home to a place where they expect this fabulous Kurt Hummel, a fashionable diva but I'm not him. I've changed due to what I've been through and I don't know if I'll be accepted the way I am. I know you say you love me no matter what but I... I just can't picture my life back home anymore. I remember my old life and I want that back so much Dad. I want it bad. I wish I could wake up and find this is all a dream. I wish I had no idea who Thomas Manson was and that I had been on stage with the New Directions at Nationals. According to the date, I should be in my senior year but I'm not. I've been in hell instead and I don't know what I did in a previous life to be punished as much as I have been in this life. I can't ever have a normal life after this Dad. I'll always be the boy who was kidnapped in New York. I don't know what to do."

Burt was in tears listening to his son, "Kurt Hummel you are not damaged goods. I know you think everyone has these expectations of you but all they want is you home. They just want you there. They may not know what has happened but they know you've been missing and something must have happened to you. You will be accepted no matter what. We all love you and will always accept you. Kurt you don't know how much I wish that too. I wish you could have gone to New York, competed in Nationals, come home and told me all about how you're going to college there. I don't know why this has happened to you either but you're the bravest person I have ever known and I have so much admiration for you. I'll admit you will be seen by some by that name but to those that love you, you're Kurt Hummel. Your friends and family in Lima will help you settle back into life there and look out for you. I can guarantee you that."

Kurt shook his head, a tear trailing down his cheek, "It would have been better for you all if I had never found or had been the one killed by that bullet. You have a family Dad. You have Carole and you have Finn, a proper manly son who can watch sports with you. The New Directions can get another member and Blaine will fall in love and I'd be a forgotten memory."

"Don't you dare say that!" Burt growled, not intending to scare his son but unable to believe what he was hearing, "It would not have been better if you hadn't been found! We would always be looking for you no matter what! If you had been killed... Kurt I can't imagine what that would be like. I was so overjoyed when I got the phone call telling me that you were alive. If that had been a phone call to tell me that you had been found but had been shot and died, I would have been inconsolable. You are my life Kurt and I can't imagine it without you. I need to see you graduate, get married, have children of your own and be as successful as you deserve to be. Yes I love Carole and Finn but you are my son. I don't care that you don't watch sports with me. I enjoy betting how long it will be before you pick up Vogue magazine to read instead. You are the perfect son and I will never want to replace you. The New Directions see you as an original member and have not replaced you. They all love you and miss you. As for Blaine... I doubt that very much. He... cares so much about you Kurt and has been ringing Carole trying to find out how you are. That doesn't sound like you've been forgotten. You will never be a forgotten memory Kurt Elizabeth Hummel. You are loved by too many people."

Kurt broke down at his father's last words after trying to hold back his tears. Burt moved to the bed and took his son in his arms, letting the tears out himself. It broke his heart to hear these gut wrenching sobs coming out of his son as his body shook. Burt held Kurt tighter and stroked his hair, trying to calm him down. It pained him to see the state Kurt was in.

Eventually Kurt pulled back, "I think I needed to hear that."

Burt weakly chuckled, before moving back to the chair, "I'll keep reminding you. I'll remind you for the rest of your life if I have to. I understand that what happened to you has affected you physically and mentally but hopefully one day you won't need me to say it to you as you'll already know you are loved."

Kurt's mouth twitched slightly, "Hopefully that'll happen. So is today December the nineteenth?"

Burt nodded, "Yes it is. Kurt... what did you mean when you said you're not twenty five like you thought?"

"During my... absence, I had no idea of time. I didn't know the date or the time. I was always in the dark. I didn't know when the day ended or began. I didn't know how long I had been missing. I could have been twenty five for all I knew. It was strange to hear it was December of the same year," Kurt muttered, looking down at his hands.

"You've been missing for seven months," Burt told his son, "The worst seven months of my life."

"I'm sorry Dad," Kurt whispered.

Burt shook his head, "Like I said yesterday kiddo, you have nothing to be sorry for. It wasn't your fault at all. You need to stop thinking like that. You have nothing to apologise for okay?"

Before Kurt could reply, there was a knock at the door. After a moment, a doctor came in who Burt had only seen briefly, followed by a nurse.

"Hello Mr Hummel, hello Kurt, I'm Doctor Harrison, we've come to weigh Kurt," the doctor informed them.

The nurse and doctor came over to the bed and helped Kurt to stand up. Another nurse had come in with what looked like a wheelchair. Burt watched as Kurt was helped over to this chair. He couldn't take his eyes off his son. This was the first time he had seen him standing up and he couldn't get over how tiny Kurt looked. The father had only really see his son's face and arms but seeing his body made him aware of what Kurt had been through. Burt could see how all the bruises and cuts on his son's body and could see how much he had been abused. The medical staff helped Kurt into the wheelchair before standing behind it.

"Kurt you are five foot eleven inches, is that correct?" Doctor Harrison asked.

Kurt nodded, "That's what the nurses told me when I was measured."

Doctor Harrison paused, "Kurt you weigh six stone eleven pounds, meaning you have put on two pounds since being in hospital. That's brilliant progress but you are still dangerously underweight. Eight stone nine pounds is considered the minimum healthy age for boys your age and height. However we are heading in the right direction and if you keep this up and we're happy you'll continue to improve, you will be discharged and able to go home."

"Thank you Doctor," Burt said as he took in all this information, unable to believe how underweight his boy was.

"You're welcome Mr Hummel. I've been told to inform you that the police are here and they have requested to speak to your son after I have seen to him," Doctor Harrison said, glancing between the father and son, "Shall I send them in?"

Burt glanced at Kurt who nodded, "Yes please."

Doctor Harrison and the nurse helped Kurt out of the chair and helped him back into bed. The nurse made sure he was completely comfortable before the three of them left the room. Before anyone could speak, there was a knock at the door and two police officers entered the room. Burt immediately recognised Sergeant Charlie Swift but he didn't know the other officer. Kurt on the other hand didn't recognise the first officer but recognised Officer Max Adams as the policeman who helped him.

Sergeant Swift spoke first, "Hello Kurt, my name is Sergeant Charlie Swift. I've had the pleasure of meeting your father already as I was the one who phoned him telling him that you had been found. You remember Officer Max Adams? Burt, if I may still call you Burt, this is Officer Max Adams. He was involved in the raid and helped your son here."

Burt stood up and shook their hands, feeling so much gratitude towards Officer Adams as he had helped save his son from that dreadful place.

"Please do call me Burt. Officer Adams, it's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you so much for what you did," Burt said, choking up.

"I was just doing my job Sir," Officer Adams replied, "I'm just glad your son is safe."

"How can we help you Sergeant?" Burt asked, turning his attention to the superior police officer.

Sergeant Swift paused for a moment, "We've come to talk to Kurt about what happened over the last seven months. We decided to come here instead of making you come down to the police station. The interview will be recorded. The sooner the interview is done, the sooner it is over with."

Burt turned to his son, "Kurt? Are you up for this?"

Kurt didn't answer, he just simply nodded. He was taking deep breaths as if he was preparing himself. He had to relive the nightmare of the last seven months. He just wanted it done with. Kurt knew that he'd probably have to talk about it again but here both the police and his Dad would learn everything. Kurt dreaded to think about how his Dad would react afterwards but he needed to do this.

Officer Adams set up a tape recorder, ready for the interview, "It's ready."

Charlie Swift nodded, "Shall we start Kurt? We need to ask you some questions and you need to be brutally honest. We won't be talking about absolutely everything but just what is crucial. Do you understand? "

"Yes," Kurt breathed out, knowing it just had to be done.

Sergeant Swift pressed record, "This is the statement of Kurt Hummel, age seventeen years old, from Lima in Ohio in reference to the arrest of Thomas Manson and the prostitution ring he operated. Kurt was kidnapped on May the twenty third two thousand and eleven. The time is eight thirteen a.m. on December the nineteenth two thousand and eleven. Kurt... what happened on May the twenty third two thousand and eleven."

Kurt took a deep breath before starting, "I was on the phone to my boyfriend Blaine Anderson, talking about my Glee club and Nationals. I was standing outside the hotel, in the shadows, keeping away from all the pedestrians. My boyfriend's friend Wes Montgomery hung up on me as he wanted Blaine to concentrate on their rehearsal. I rang Blaine back but the phone was turned off. I decided to leave a voicemail but as I was talking, I noticed two men walking towards me. It seemed like they were looking directly at me. I was sure I was imagining it. When they reached me one of the men grabbed my arm and pulled me into the alley. I don't think anyone saw me... well if they did they didn't stop to help. The other man grabbed me and they dragged me deeper into the alley. I started screaming for help but they hit me over the head with something, before covering my mouth to stop me drawing attention. I tried as hard as I could to stay awake but I couldn't. I could feel my body going limp and I felt my iPhone fall from my hand. I watched as the screen cracked on the pavement. I didn't know if Blaine would hear the voicemail and if he would know I was in trouble. That's the last thing I remember before blacking out."

"What happened next? What happened when you woke up?" asked Sergeant Swift, making a few notes in his notepad.

Kurt closed his eyes as he thought back to that day, "When I woke up, I was lying on some filthy mattress in a dark basement. I had been stripped off my designer clothes and was now wearing a simple black T-shirt and sweatpants. In the room there were nine other teenagers but the majority of them looked like they had been there for a while. There was a fifteen year old girl called Holly Sperrin who had been kidnapped the day before. I did try talking to her once but she didn't want to talk to anybody. She just kept to herself. It wasn't really the place to socialise. My head was throbbing and my body ached but I ignored that. I just wanted to get out of there. The door opened and in walked the two men who had kidnapped me and another man who I could tell was their boss. Everyone was completely silence; no one was talking before but it was as if everyone had frozen. They walked over to me and just stood over. The main man introduced himself as Thomas Manson and then introduced my two kidnappers as Lee Briggs and Paul Gladstone. He told me what I was there for. He explained what I was going to do and how I would be a good slut for him or there would be consequences. Manson said I had the look of an innocent porcelain angel and his customers would lap that up. I've been bullied for as long as I can remember and my defence system is my quick mouth, bitch glare and sarcastic comments. I can't really remember what I said as my head was killing me but the next thing I knew Briggs and Gladstone was beating the crap out of me. I tried to fight back but one held me down while the other hit me. Manson just stood and watched, until he told them to stop. He explained to me what would happen to me if I continued to be disobedient. He seemed to get a thrill of punishing me. He would also smile if I said something and then order me to be beaten to a pulp. The first time they beat me until I was barely conscious. Manson leaned in so his face was close to me and told me that I better not try anything funny and I didn't know what he was capable of. I remember trying to stay awake but I ended up passing out again, the pain being too much for me to handle."

Kurt paused there, trying to organise his thoughts. He hated thinking about that horrific day when he had been taken from his loved ones and thrust into a kind of hell. Burt was watching his son, unable to believe what he was hearing. He knew whatever Kurt said would be bad but his son had been beaten up on the first day and had had his life threatened if he didn't behave. Burt knew it was going to get worse.

"When I woke up, I could feel someone stroking my hair," Kurt said, clenching his eyes shut, "I opened my eyes and saw this girl looking at me. It was Hayley Morris and she was seventeen, a few months older than me. She was my best friend in that hell. She told me all about how the ring operated, what happened to us, what we did and how we had to act if we wanted to survive. Hayley and I promised one another we would help one another no matter what. Hayley promised me that one day I'd be reunited with my family..."

Kurt let out a few sobs as the thought of Hayley taking the bullet for him so he could be reunited with his family overwhelmed him.

"Kurt I know it's difficult but please continue when you are ready," Sergeant Swift said in a firm voice.

Burt turned to glare at the sergeant but he saw his son nod, looking determined.

Kurt cleared this throat, "Hayley told me all about how she was an orphan and was kidnapped near her foster home in Queens. She would always say she had no one to miss her and no one would care that she was missing. Whenever she said that, it broke my heart. For the first couple of nights I was there, she held me while I cried myself to night. She listened to me talk about my family, my friends and Blaine. At first I thought about my life in Lima as much as possible but as time went on, the hope I had of being rescued vanished and I refused to think about it. It just hurt more and I would convince myself everyone had moved on and was happy. On my... I think fifth night there, Manson came in when I was crying and yanked me away from Hayley and kicked her in the ribs several times. He backhanded me across the face before calling Gladstone and a henchman called John McIntyre in. I was told that crying was forbidden and anyone seen crying was going to get what's coming to them. He instructed his henchmen to beat the shit of me and said that the little fag needed to man up. You learnt things pretty quickly otherwise you were beaten within an inch of your life. We were referred to as 'sluts' and were constantly told to be good sluts for him. To survive in that place you had to obey those Neanderthals, not show any emotion and to never complain about your 'job'. Complaining received the worst beating, although crying still received a pretty good beating. "

Charlie Swift coughed slightly, "What happened the first time you were with a customer?"

Kurt shuddered as the memory hit him, "I don't know how long I had been there but it must have only been a few days in. I didn't know what to expect. Hayley had spoken about it but it was a sore topic. I had made friends with two others in there, a sixteen year old gay boy called James Carlton and an eighteen year old straight boy called Luke Shields. They just kept telling me that it'd be okay and that to just close my eyes and let it happen. I was terrified. Lee Briggs told me, Luke and that girl Holly in a taxi with him to a brothel somewhere. We always had the same taxi driver until the other day. He would always look terrified and give us look of sympathy and apology. We were taken into this brothel and as it was my first time, Briggs dragged me into a room and pushed me down on the bed. I was told to wait and he left the room, locking me in. I tried to plan an escape but the next thing I knew, a man who was nearly three times the age of me walked into the room. He was leering at me and told me Manson was right and I looked like an angel. I remember screaming a lot and trying to get past him. He kept trying to grab me and eventually he did. He threw me onto the bed and before I could get up, he pinned me down and climbed on top of me. I took the advice of my friends and closed my eyes, imagining I was back home and this was not happening. Closing my eyes didn't take away all the pain, the roughness of the man above me and the helplessness I felt. It dawned on me after he had climbed off me that this was my life now. There was a high chance that I would be feeling this way for a very long time. I... I didn't know what to do... I just... I'm sorry!"

Kurt couldn't control his sobs this time as the memories and feelings of that first customer hit him hard. He buried his face in his hands, ignoring the pain he felt from putting pressure on his bruises and the cuts on his hands. He suddenly felt arms gently wrap around him and found himself being held against his father's chest. Burt held his son tightly but made sure he wasn't hurting him. He slowly stroked Kurt's hair, letting his son cry and let it all out. He knew it must been horrific for Kurt to relive the hell he had only recently escaped from. He knew it was to ensure there was enough evidence to put the men responsible away for life but Kurt was in so much pain. Burt could imagine the terror on Kurt's face as he tried to escape from a man who wanted to basically rape him. He kissed Kurt's head, desperately trying not to cry himself. Eventually Kurt pulled away and slowly reached up to kiss his father's cheek. He glanced at the policemen who was just watching the two of them; the tape still recording. He pulled slightly away from his father, who got the hint and moved back to his chair but took hold of Kurt's hand.

"Are you able to continue Kurt?" Sergeant Swift asked Kurt, looking concerned.

"Yes," Kurt responded, knowing he had to do it.

The Sergeant nodded, "Very well. There are only a couple of questions left and that's it. Firstly, can you talk about life for you during the past seven months? How you were treated?"

Kurt shut his eyes and took a deep breath, feeling his father squeeze his hand, "I was in hell on Earth. We were all treated like we were scum. Manson sometimes said we should feel lucky that he had found us as we were all worthless. He made it seem as if our reason for being on Earth was to be a whore. We had several customers a day, both men and women, and we had to put up with it. Any complaints received a beating. In the end you learnt to shut your mouth and not say anything. Sometimes it would be so hard though. You were expected to keep going and you had no energy. We weren't fed very well... you can probably tell that from how my body looks. If those men remembered, we would get a piece of bread and some water. If you complained you would either be beaten up then forced to continue or... you would be forced to take cocaine as it gives you energy.

"Did you ever take cocaine Kurt?" Sergeant Swift asked, making a note of what Kurt was saying.

"Twice," Kurt whispered before clearing his throat, "I've taken the drug twice. I literally had no energy and couldn't continue. I hoped they would beat me to death but instead Briggs grabbed my hair, yanked my head back and practically forced me to snort the powder. I couldn't believe I had become a drug taking whore. At that moment, I couldn't believe what my life had become. The second time it was injected into my veins as I was refusing to leave the basement. I was too tired and starving but I just wanted to die. I couldn't do it anymore. I was pinned down and Manson injected the needle into me before slapping me and telling me to stop disobeying him. You had to obey Manson otherwise there were consequences. There was no way of escaping as the whole operation was too closely guarded. I tried to escape once but I was beaten up and had a gun pointed at my head. Manson tortured me that day. He carved the words 'fag' and 'slut' into my arm and kept going over them. I must have blacked out several times. I never tried to escape again and knew I just had to accept that this was my life. I had to try not to make comments when Manson or his henchmen said something. I couldn't cry and I couldn't complain. It was like I shut my brain down and became an emotionless robot."

Kurt fell silent as he couldn't take about it anymore. He wanted the interview to end now. He could see his father looking at his arms hidden by the hospital gown. He tried to ignore the memory of Manson carving those words into his skin and he screamed and pleaded him for him to stop.

"Final question Kurt," Sergeant Swift said, his voice full of pity, "What happened on the day you were rescued?"

Kurt let his mind wonder back to a few days ago, "It had been such a long day. I had been at the brothel the majority of the day and just wanted to get back to the headquarters. I wanted to become numb. I remember leaving the brothel with Briggs, James and Hayley. A taxi pulled up and Briggs pushed us in. I was surprised it wasn't our usual driver. I was sitting in the middle and as usual, we all held one another's hands with our eyes closed, offering one another comfort. I remember opening my eyes as I could feel someone looking at me and I saw the taxi driver looking at me. As he drove he kept glancing at me. I wondered if he knew who I was somehow or if he was just concerned. When we got out of the taxi, when Briggs grabbed my arm, I thought I saw the driver start a little and I thought he was going to help but I was wrong. We were dragged down to the basement and thrown in. I crawled over to my mattress and pulled my knees to my chest, pushing the tears away. I wasn't going to be rescued. I saw Hayley trying not to cry so went to comfort her, hugging her to me. Hayley and I promised we wouldn't cry, refusing to let the other be hurt. I remember Manson coming in and asking how his sluts were doing. I had to bite my tongue to not snap at him. He chucked a piece of bread at us all individually and told us we were all good sluts for him. The next thing I knew the police was in the room and a fight broke out. I held Hayley to me; feeling terrified and knew we would die. I watched as two teenagers were killed and saw Paul Gladstone run away, with Manson shooting after him. Officer Adams here came over to us and introduced himself. I knew I was going to be saved but I didn't feel any emotion. I felt numb. Hayley and I tried to make our way past the fight and get out but I saw Manson aiming a gun at me. Hayley pushed me to the side and took the bullet, causing me to fall to the ground and hit my head. I pulled Hayley into my arms and pleaded with her not to die. I realised Manson wanted to eliminate all the sluts so there would be no one to talk. Hayley told me... she had no one and I needed to go home to my family. I told her she had me. I could feel tears in my eyes but no tears came. I couldn't cry, even when my friend was dying. I was pulled away from her and saw Manson being handcuffed. He winked at me before being led away. I returned to Hayley's side and watched as she took her last breath. I wished I had taken the bullet, I wished I could cry for her and I hated Thomas Manson so much in that moment. I was taken to the paramedics and laid down on a gurney. I remember not being able to feel. My whole life had changed in five minutes. I remember thinking everyone at home could have forgotten me. I didn't know how long I had been missing. It could have been years for all I knew. I remember the paramedic inserting some anaesthetic into my drip and me blacking out, thinking I just wanted to go home."

Kurt stopped abruptly and let his body slump. That was the hardest thing he had ever had to do. Burt squeezed his hand but Kurt gave no indication that he felt it. He was trying to hold himself together.

"Recording finished at nine thirty seven a.m. on December the nineteenth two thousand and eleven," Sergeant Swift said as he pressed stop.

Kurt couldn't believe nearly an hour and a half had passed since they had started, but he knew that he had stopped a few times and he had probably cried longer than he had thought.

"Thank you very much Kurt. We'll be in touch. I suggest you get some rest, that was incredibly brave of you," Officer Adams said, smiling gently at Kurt.

Kurt watched as the two policemen spoke to his father and spoke his hand. They just smiled at him before leaving the room. It was like they knew to let him be.

Burt turned to face his son, "Kurt? How are you feeling buddy?"

"Tired," whispered Kurt, fatigue hitting him hard.

"You're so brave Kurt. You've been through so much and you're so strong," Burt murmured, stroking his son's hair gently, avoiding the stitches.

Kurt shook his head, "I don't feel strong Dad. I feel so weak and I don't know how to cope."

Burt took both of his hands in his, "Kurt you are strong. You're the strongest and bravest person I know. Many people would say the same. Hearing what you went through... it broke my heart son. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that but I'm so proud of you. You had the strength to survive in that hell. Not many people could do that but you did."

Tears were pooling in Kurt's eyes, "That's just it Dad. I might have had the strength to survive it but now what? I'm out of that hell but I don't know what to do. I'm in my own personal hell. I have to live with the fact that I was forced to be whore, I was forced to take cocaine and I was beaten up. I've had a best friend of mine die in my arms, I've... I just don't know anymore Dad."

To Burt's surprise, Kurt pulled his hands out of his grip and started rolling up the sleeve of his right arm. Burt tried to ignore how skinny his son's arms were and concentrated on Kurt's actions. He felt his breath leave him when he saw the two words carved into his son's right forearm. They weren't particularly big but he knew the damage they could do.

Kurt clenched his eyes shut, "I have to go around with the words 'fag' and 'slut' carved into my arm. Every time I see them... every time anyone sees them... they'll be a reminder of what happened to me. I heard the doctors discussing them, wondering what they could do. I doubt they'd be able to do anything."

Burt didn't know what to do or to say. His son looked so broken. Burt did the only thing a father could do. He gathered in his son in his arms and let him cry. It was like a barrier had broken in Kurt and the tears wouldn't stop. He just held Kurt and reminded him that he was loved. Eventually Kurt cried himself to sleep and Burt laid him gently on the bed. Burt moved back to his chair and buried his face in his hairs, letting the tears out himself. He didn't know how he could help his son but he was determined to love and support him no matter what.

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