Oh Simple Thing, Where Have You Gone?


RIP Cory Monteith. I couldn't believe it when I heard he had died. I actually thought it might have been a hoax but was deeply saddened to find out it was true. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I'm praying for all of the Glee Cast, especially Lea. May he rest in peace. Even though it's going to be heartbreaking to watch the episode in season five when we learn of Finn's death, I think it's the right thing to do so the show can give Cory a proper goodbye.

Burt watched his son sleep for the rest of the day. Kurt had stirred at one point when the nurses came in to check his vitals and to see how he was recovering from his ordeal. Burt had leaned forward in anticipation, waiting and hoping for his son to open his eyes, but was sadly disappointed. He was so proud of Kurt for reliving what he had been through and telling the police as much as he could. He knew it must have been horrific for Kurt to let his mind think back to the time where he had literally been in hell, especially since he had only recently been saved. Burt couldn't believe what his little boy had been through: drugs, prostitution, murder... the list went on and on. Kurt was only seventeen years old and had already been through too much for a boy of his age. Ever since Kurt was little, he had suffered due to bullying, his mother dying and being taunted for his sexuality and being honest about who he was.

It pained Burt to think that the last time Kurt had been home, he had been an innocent sixteen year old boy. He hated the fact Kurt's innocence had been ripped from him and he hated the fact Kurt had missed out on celebrating his birthday with people who loved him, but instead had spent his day lying on a mattress in a filthy basement, scared of what was going to happen to him, or in a brothel forced into only God knows what. To be perfectly honest, Kurt probably didn't even know it had been his birthday due to the fact he had thought there was a slight possibility that he was twenty five years old without even knowing it.

Burt didn't know what he would have done if Kurt had been missing for over eight years, not knowing if his son was still alive. The father had barely survived seven months without his boy, not knowing whether Kurt was alive or not, and whether he was safe. Burt had had a dark moment when he had been convinced Kurt was dead and they were all hoping for nothing. He had been pulled out of his depression by his wife, stepson and his son's boyfriend who told him not to give up hope. Without hope, there was nothing. Rachel had wanted the New Directions to sing to Burt about not giving up, but Finn had gently turned her down and told her, while appreciated, it would just make Burt think of Kurt and the possibility that his son was dead. Burt had fantasised a few times that Kurt had simply run away. He knew that it wasn't possible due to the blood found in the alley that was Kurt's and the voicemail left on Blaine's phone where Kurt was clearly struggling and crying out for help. Burt had let his mind dream this scenario up as it was better than imagining his teenage son dead in a ditch somewhere. He had even come up with a little story of Kurt falling in love in New York and the two of them running away together.

Once again Burt knew this was impossible because Kurt was in love with Blaine and he was the last person Kurt spoke to before he was pulled off the streets of New York. He thought it was heartbreaking that the two boys were deeply in love with one another but had not had the chance to tell the other yet. Burt could clearly remember Kurt telling him after the Prom Queen fiasco that he was in love with his courageous boyfriend. He had experienced a similar situation with Blaine after Kurt had been declared missing. The boy had broken down in Burt's arms and told him how much he loved Kurt; plus that he had been planning to tell his boyfriend how he felt after he had got back from New York. Blaine's words just about broke Burt's heart even more. He knew there was a chance Kurt would push Blaine away when he returned to Lima; there was a chance Kurt would withdraw and push everyone away. His conversation with Kurt proved that his son didn't know how he would readjust to his previous life and wasn't sure if he would cope. Kurt had always been a stubborn boy who found it extremely difficult to accept help. Burt knew the challenge that lay ahead and how hard it would be. He was determined that he would not son his son, not again.


Burt had been awake for a couple of hours but there was still no sign of Kurt waking up. Burt had started to worry that his son had somehow slipped into a coma but the doctors had reassured him that Kurt was simply sleeping as his body needed a lot of rest in order to help his recovery process. He had tired himself out the previous day so was now making up for it. Burt had been sitting by Kurt's bedside for an hour, holding his son's hand but he was still in a deep sleep. Burt let out a sad sigh and let go of Kurt's hand. He knew Kurt would eventually wake up but they desperately needed to talk about what Kurt had said. Burt would do anything in his power to help his son. Burt removed his phone from his pocket and decided to give his wife a call. He stood up and leaned in to kiss his son's forehead, pushing his hair back, before stepping out of the hospital room. It felt weird to Burt to leave the room as he had basically spent every moment in his son's room. He walked along a couple of corridors before spotting an open fire exit door, leading to the outside. Burt stepped through the door and immediately rubbed at his eyes due to the brightness. It was so different in comparison to the dim pale hospital room. Burt dialled Carole's number and held the phone to his ear, listening to the phone ring.

Carole answered on the third ring, "Hello? Burt?"

Burt took a deep breath, "Hi Carole."

He heard Carole let out a gasp, "Oh Burt! How is he? How are you? What's happening?"

Burt chuckled weakly, "It's so good to hear your voice."

Carole joined in with the chuckling, "Same to you darling."

Burt's laughter turned to sobs, "Oh Carole!"

He just cried on the phone to his wife, unable to keep his emotions under check. He could hear Carole calling his name, the concern in her tone obvious.

Finally he was able to gasp out, "Oh Carole it's so bad! My poor baby! My boy's been through so much!"

"What's happened?" Carole was frantic, her words almost incoherent, "Burt what has happened?"

Burt paused for a moment, unsure what to say over the phone, "He's just been through so much and he doesn't know how to cope in the aftermath of it all."

Carole was quiet herself for a minute or two, "Burt... I know you don't want to tell me over the phone but it would probably be best so I can prepare the family for Kurt's homecoming."

Burt sighed at her words, knowing his wife was right.

"Kurt was... Kurt was taken by a group of men with their ringleader being a man called Thomas Manson," Burt began, willing himself to remain strong and to get through this, "He kidnapped young boys and girls then used them for his... for his... prostitution ring."

He heard Carole cry out, "Oh God no!"

Burt nodded, despite the fact his wife could not see him, "Kurt's been living in a world full of drugs, abuse and murder while forced to work as a prostitute, having his innocence ripped from him. He's a shadow of his former self, he's practically skin and bones and he has just lived through hell. He doesn't know how to adjust back to normality. I need to talk to him desperately. He's been asleep for just over twenty four hours but the doctors say he's okay and that he is just resting. Oh Carole, I just want my sweet little boy back!"

Carole was so silent to the point that Burt wondered if she was still on the phone.

Eventually she spoke, "Burt I... oh God I wasn't expecting anything like this at all. I don't know what I was expecting to be perfectly honest. I'd managed to convinced myself that Kurt was okay and that he was safe, that we would be a family again soon enough. Look Burt, I know no one of us can even begin to understand what Kurt has been through but I can guarantee that he will have all the love and support of everyone who loves him. He won't be alone."

Burt sighed and rubbed his eyes with his free hand, "I've told him countless of times that he'll have plenty of love and support but I think my words are going over Kurt's head. I've told him how strong and brave he is but he just feels weak and pathetic. Kurt said he might have had the strength to survive but what happens now? He's in his own personal hell."

"This reminds me of a book I once read," Carole said quietly, "It mentioned a labyrinth of suffering and how we seek to get out of the labyrinth. Kurt will find a way of his labyrinth of suffering. He is a brave boy, the bravest boy I know."

"It's just going to take a lot of time and patience," Burt replied, trying to wrap his head around what Carole had just said, "Kurt is stubborn and will try to do this on his own, especially since we can't relate to him in this situation."

He heard Carole sigh, "That does make it hard. Is there anyone Kurt will be able to relate to? Did he have anyone he was close to during the last seven months? Maybe they can help each other?"

Burt shook his head, even though he was on the phone, "He said he was only friends with a couple of the others there. He did have a close friend called Hayley but she actually died saving Kurt's life the night the police raided the place. She took a bullet for him and died in Kurt's arms."

Carole let out a sound that sounded like a sob, "His friend died in his arms after saving him? Oh my poor sweet Kurt. Okay... deep breath... Burt I promise you that we'll do everything in our power to help Kurt. What shall I tell Finn and Blaine? I didn't know what to say before but now... I... what do you want me to tell them?"

Burt thought for a moment, wondering what the teenagers should be told, "Tell them that Kurt was taken by a group of men who kidnapped teenagers and that... that he was treated badly. Don't tell Blaine about the prostitution ring as it should be up to Kurt if he wants to tell his boyfriend the whole extent of what went down in New York. You know that Kurt used to tell Blaine everything so I'm sure Blaine will be told. Tell Blaine what I said then say he'll need to talk to Kurt about the rest. As for Finn... it's up to you whether you tell Finn. I just don't want him telling everyone in the Glee Club, especially Rachel Berry. We both know that what happened to Kurt will spread around the school, even if they didn't mean it to. The time will come if Kurt wants to tell his friends. I know Kurt would hate it if he had to deal with his friends acting awkwardly around him when he didn't want them to know what had happened."

Carole was silent for a moment, "I understand. I will probably tell Finn that Kurt has had a horrific experience but I won't go too much into detail. It'll be addressed when you return home with our Kurt."

Burt smiled at his wife's words, feeling so much love for her for accepting Kurt as her own. She could have easily left when Kurt went missing to avoid the difficulties but she stayed as she loved both Burt and Kurt. They were a family.

"I agree," Burt replied, feeling worn out despite only being awake for a short period of time, "Everything will be discussed when I bring Kurt home. Oh Carole, I just want my boy home!"

"It's okay darling," Carole soothed, "He'll be home soon enough and we'll never let him go again."

Burt chuckled weakly at her words, his eyes glazing over with tears, "Damn right we won't! I had better get back to him Carole and see if he's awake."

"Send him my love," was Carole's response.

Burt smiled softly, "I will do. I love you Carole. I'll talk to you soon."

"I love you too Burt Hummel. Look after Kurt and I'll talk to you later," Carole said before they exchanged goodbyes.

Burt hung up and pocketed his phone, letting out a deep breath. He felt so much better after talking to his wife and being able to let out his frustrations and feelings. He headed back through the fire exit door and followed the familiar corridors back to his son's room. When Burt stepped into the hospital room, the sight he saw broke his heart. Kurt was sitting up in bed looking like he had been crying and as if all the happiness had gone from the world.

When Kurt saw his father, he let out a sigh of relief, "I thought I had scared you away."

Burt shook his head before taking his usual place at his son's beside and gently holding his hand, "Never."

Kurt nodded and closed his eyes, squeezing his father's hand as he did.

When Kurt didn't say anything Burt spoke again, "I was on the phone to Carole just now. She sends her love and says everyone is asking about you, especially Finn and Blaine."

The corner of Kurt's mouth twitched slightly as if a smile was threatening to break through but he remained emotionally dead otherwise.

Burt continued to speak, "I was so worried about you kid. You've been zonked out for over twenty four hours. I know teenagers like their sleep but I needed company bud. I was bored on my own."

Kurt's mouth twitched again, "I was tired."

Burt smiled at his son, "It's good that you got some sleep son. You need to rest and let your body and mind recover. I was just worried when you slept for so long and didn't show signs of life."

"I'm sorry," was Kurt's response.

Burt shook his head, "Don't apologise kiddo. You needed the rest. The doctors told me you were just sleeping so I knew you'd eventually wake up. I'm guessing you haven't slept a lot over the last seven months?"

It was Kurt's turn to shake his head, "Not really Dad. There were some nights that I was so tired that I didn't care where I slept but the fear stopped me from sleeping properly. It felt like I always slept with one eye open, always on the alert for Manson and his gang to try to hurt me."

"Oh Kurt," Burt said sadly, feeling so sorry for his son, "I guess that's why you slept for so long. Your body needed it, as well as recovering from everything you've been through."

Kurt shrugged, "I guess that too. Dad... you said you spoke to Carole. Does she know about what happened and has she told Finn or Blaine or anyone?"

Burt squeezed his son's hand, trying to stop him panicking, "Calm down buddy. Don't get yourself worked up over this okay? I've told Carole the basics as I didn't want to go into full detail over the phone. She knows about the... prostitution ring and that you've been living in a world full of drugs, abuse and murder. That's all she knows so far."

"What about Finn? What about my... Blaine? What do they know?" Kurt asked, still looking worried.

Burt smiled sadly at his son, knowing that he was going to call Blaine his boyfriend but stopped himself as he didn't know whether Blaine was still his boyfriend.

"Carole is going to tell them that you were taken by a group of men and you were treated badly. She has decided to tell Finn you had a horrific experience but won't go too much in detail. The issue will be addressed again when we get back to Lima and it'll be up to you what your stepbrother knows. As for Blaine, we thought it'd be best to let you speak to him. I know you used to tell him everything so we thought we'd let you decide what Blaine knows."

Kurt visibly relaxed after his father had finished speaking, "I'm okay with that. I will tell Carole, Finn and Blaine everything. Carole and Finn deserve to know as we're family. I'm not creating problems by keeping secrets and causing rifts."

Burt tried to interrupt and say that he wouldn't be causing rifts but Kurt continued to speak, "I want Blaine to know. I don't know when I'll tell him but I know at some point I'll talk to him about this whole experience."

"That sounds good buddy," Burt said, smiling sadly at his son, "Just remind we'll be there to support you, no matter what."

Kurt gave a small nod before moving down slightly in the bed. Burt knew that the mention of support had struck a nerve with his son. He needed to talk to him about what happened yesterday.

Before Burt could open his mouth, Kurt suddenly spoke, "I need the toilet."

Burt stared at his son in surprise before recovering, "Um... sure. Do I need to call the nurse?"

Kurt shook his head, "No I just need you to help me out of bed as I'm still quite weak. I might need some help walking to the toilet but other than that I don't need a nurse."

"Kurt you're attached to several tubes and machines. There is no way that I am attempting to free you from them as I don't want to cause any harm. Just keep me a second," Burt reminded his son as he reached across and pressed the buzzer by the bed.

Within a minute, the nurse Burt reckoned as Teresa came into the room and smiled at the pair of them, "Good morning. Oh Kurt it's lovely to see you awake. How are you feeling today?"

"Okay," Kurt mumbled slightly, "I really need the toilet."

The nurse nodded in understanding, "Ah well just give me a minute of your time and I'll free you from all these wires and tubes."

Kurt sat still as Teresa unhooked him from all the wires attached to his body. He just stared at the wall in front of him as he didn't want to see any needles being removed from his body. When he had been detached, Kurt slowly pulled the covers off him and swung his legs to the side. He took a deep breath and gently placed his feet on the hospital floor, not wanting to overwork his body before he'd even begun. The nurse came quickly to his side and helped him stand up, making Kurt lean on her. Burt watched as his son slowly made his way to the bathroom in the room, pausing every now and then. It was like watching Bambi learn how to walk again. Obviously lying in a hospital bed for the past couple of days had almost made Kurt forget how to use his limbs. The nurse helped Kurt to the toilet before leaving to give him some privacy. Kurt felt his body shake slightly as he stood over the toilet, ridding his body of urine. When he was done, he slowly made his way over to the sink, taking care not to fall. Kurt grabbed at the sink to support him before quickly washing his hands. He glanced up and caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. He stared at himself in shock. He had hardly seen his image of the last seven months but here it was in the mirror of the hospital bathroom. Kurt couldn't believe how sharp his cheekbones looked, as well as being slightly sunken. The dark bruises stood out against his almost transparent skin. He could see the cut on his head that he got after Hayley pushed him out of the way and took the bullet. Kurt looked away from his face, not wanting to remember, to his hands clutching onto the sink. His wrists and parts of his hands were bandaged up due to the cuts and bruises there. Kurt sighed to himself, knowing he would have to return to the hospital bed in a moment or two as his father would be getting worried. He knew he had to be strong and try his best to get better. He just didn't know which way to turn.

There was a knock at the door, "Kurt? Are you okay?" It was his nurse, obviously starting to get worried.

"Yes I'm ready now," Kurt called back, loud enough to be heard through the door.

The door opened and Teresa smiled at him, "I hope everything's okay?"

Kurt nodded and allowed himself to lean slightly on Teresa as they made their way back into his room. When Kurt caught sight of his father's face he immediately felt guilty as his Dad looked so worried. His expression changed to relief when he saw that Kurt was okay. Kurt let himself be helped back into bed and once again stared at the same spot on the wall as he was hooked back up to his IV drip, all the tubes and the wires. He heard the nurse say something to his Dad before leaving the two alone together.

Burt spoke first, taking Kurt's hand again, "You had me a bit worried buddy. You were in there a long time."

Kurt squeezed his father's hand, "I was staring at my reflection once I had washed my hands. I haven't seen myself properly in all this time and I was just shocked at how I looked. I look older, more worn out and definitely paler."

"You've been through a lot Kurt and it's changed you. I'm sorry I can't change the older part but I'm sure once you're home and cared for you'll be back on your feet in no time," Burt reassured his son.

Kurt took a deep breath, "You want to talk to me about something don't you Dad?"

Kurt's words surprised his father, "How did you know?"

Kurt shrugged, "I know you Dad. What do you want to talk about?"

"What you said yesterday after the police questioning," Burt said gently, taking in his son's response, "You were so broken yesterday and you said you don't know what to do now you're out of that hell. I felt like everything I was saying was going over your head and I know how extremely hard this is for you... I just want you to know, no matter what, you will always have love and support. I will do everything in my power to help you and so will everyone who loves you."

Kurt was quiet for several moments, "I know Dad. I just need time to accept that I'll have your love and support. Everything seems so surreal at the moment. I keep expecting to find that I imagined being saved and that I will wake up back in that basement on some germ ridden mattress, being screamed at by Man... him. I genuinely don't know what's going to happen when I go back to Lima but I know I'll have to take it one step at a time."

"And I'll be right beside you buddy," Burt said fiercely, wanting his son to know this, "I know you can be stubborn when it comes to accepting help. You have this need to protect everyone around you and not share the burden you have. Everyone wants to help you. Please don't push us away and withdraw from us."

Kurt's eyes filled with tears, "I'll try. I've never been very good at accepting help. Even when I was being bullied I put up this 'I'm better than you' persona to distance myself from everyone. I used excuses such as your heart attack as a reason for you not to know about Karofsky. I... oh my God Dad! How is your heart? I didn't cause another heart attack did I?"

Burt shook his head, "No kiddo I'm as fit as a fiddle. One good thing was I lost some weight which probably did me a lot of good. Hang on... cause another heart attack? You don't think you caused my first one, do you?"

Kurt sighed and looked down at his bedding, "We argued that day and then I was suddenly being told that you had had a heart attack, which had linked to you being stressed."

It was as if a light bulb had gone off in Burt's head. This explained so much. It explained why Kurt was always insistent on his diet after he had come home from hospital, why Kurt had refused to tell his father anything as he didn't want to stress him out and why Kurt had never really argued with him anymore. Burt moved so he was sitting on the bed and drew his son into his arms. He couldn't believe that Kurt had been carrying this burden for so long and that he believed he was responsible for his father having a heart attack.

Burt gently stroked Kurt's hair repeatedly, holding his son to him, "Kurt you listen to me. It wasn't your fault at all. I wasn't looking after myself very well and that is what led to the heart attack. It was just a coincidence we had argued that day, okay? It was not your fault at all. When we go back to Lima I want you to be able to come to me with any problems without being worried about my heart or causing me stress. Deal?"

Kurt let out what seemed like a sigh of relief and just clutched at his father even tighter, "I promise Dad. I will always come to you if I need you."

The father and son embraced for a little longer before Kurt pulled back and wiped away the few tears that had leaked from his eyes. Burt moved off the bed and sat back in his original seat, still clutching his son's hand.

Kurt sniffed once before he spoke, "So what's been happening in Lima in the last seven months? Did... did the New Directions win Nationals?"

Burt took a deep breath, "No they didn't. They came twelfth. They were all upset about you, plus Finn and Rachel kissed at the end of their duet. The judges apparently didn't like that."

Kurt smiled sadly at the news, "At least I'm not the only reason they lost."

"Hey!" Burt said, shaking his head, "You are not a reason for the Glee club losing. They all acted like professionals and performed in honour of you. Finn and Rachel's kiss was a big reason the club lost. It did lead to the two of them getting back together and they said that they realised life is too short due to you going missing and helped them find one another again."

Kurt shook his head slightly, "Oh dear. Well at least they have each other. I wonder how much Finchel drama I have missed. What about you Dad?"

"I ran for Congressman in Ohio against Sue Sylvester and won the election. I spend a bit of time in Washington DC as well," Burt said, wondering what his son would say to that.

Kurt's mouth dropped open, "Oh wow Dad! That's amazing. Congratulations!"

Burt smiled at his boy, "Thanks son. That means a lot. I wished I had you around as my campaign manager but maybe next election. I had to stop Sue Sylvester getting rid of the arts in public schools. I would have hated it if you had come home to find there was no Glee club for you to return to."

"Thank you Dad," Kurt said quietly, looking overwhelmed with everything that was happening.

Burt looked concerned, "Are you okay Kurt?"

Kurt sighed, "So much has happened at home and I've missed it all. I have so much to catch up on."

"Hey, hey, come on now," Burt tried to appease his son, "Everyone is willing to catch you up on their lives. They all can't wait to see you."

Kurt grimaced at his father's words before letting out a deep breath, "I wonder when I will be allowed to leave this place."

"Hopefully soon. I want you home for Christmas! I was not looking forward to Christmas at all without you this year. My first Christmas without you but it wouldn't be because you were at college or travelling the world. I'm just so glad I have you home for Christmas bud," Burt said, trying not to overwhelm his son with his emotions.

"I want to be home for Christmas too," Kurt said, smiling softly at his father.

The two Hummels sat in silence for a while, each leaving the other to their own thoughts. The both of them were imagining what Christmas Day would be like this year. Kurt could hardly believe that he could be back with his family to celebrate Christmas. He hoped they would all forgive him for not having presents to give to them.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Doctor Harrison and Teresa entered the room. They noticed Teresa was pushing the chair that would measure Kurt's weight. Once again Teresa removed all the tubes and helped Kurt out of his bed and into the chair. Burt still couldn't believe how tiny Kurt was. He had noticed the slightest change in Kurt's weight since he had entered hospital. He just hoped it was for the better.

Doctor Harrison checked the scale, "Kurt, for you to be a healthy weight you have to weigh eight stone nine pounds or one hundred and twenty one pounds for a boy of your age and healthy. The last time we checked you were six stone eleven pounds which is ninety five pounds. I'm happy to say you now weigh seven stone aka ninety eight pounds. You are definitely heading in the right direction."

Burt grinned at the doctor's words, "That's such good news."

The doctor and the nurse exchanged a glance, "It's brilliant actually as Kurt is definitely on the mend health wise."

"What does that mean then?" Burt asked, wondering why the doctor and the nurse kept smiling as if there was something more to say.

Doctor Harrison smiled, "We are so happy with Kurt's improvement that we are prepared to discharge Kurt later on today."

Burt and Kurt were both stunned in silence. Kurt was free to leave today. They could go back to Lima and be reunited with their loved ones. It was the twenty first of December so they would be home for Christmas.

The nurse smiled at them as well, "We know that you wanted Kurt home by Christmas and you have your wish."

Burt stood up and shook both the doctor and nurse's hand, "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

Teresa smiled at Burt before helping Kurt out of the chair and back into his bed. Burt watched as his son was attached to his tubes and drip for hopefully the final time. Teresa smiled at them both before wheeling the chair out of the room. Doctor Harrison looked at his notes for a few seconds, obviously quickly checking something. Burt looked at his son for his reaction. He didn't look as monotonous as he had the first time they said he could leave soon but Kurt definitely looked nervous and scared. Burt knew he would talk to Kurt once the doctor had left.

Doctor Harrison looked up from his notes, "There is just two more things I would like to talk about."

Kurt looked at his father with fear in his eyes, "What is it?"

The doctor noticed Kurt's panic, "Kurt it's okay. Calm down for me, alright? That's good now. Firstly what I wanted to talk about was the words carved into Kurt's right forearm."

Kurt shuddered as the memory of Manson carving the words 'slut' and 'fag' into arms over and over again hit him. He had screamed and pleaded for him to stop until he had eventually passed out. The last thing he heard before he blacked out was Manson's manic laugh.

"I'm so sorry Kurt but we cannot remove your scars. The other doctors and I have discussed several treatments but in this situation surgery would be the best often. Surgery can be used to change the positioning of the scar or change the shape of the scar. Having this surgery would leave a new scar that can take up to two years to improve in appearance," Doctor Harrison told them, looking at both the father and the son.

Burt looked at his son, "What are you thinking buddy?"

Kurt glanced down at his forearm before looking back at the two adults in the room, "I don't know right now. I just want to get home. I might decide in the future to have the surgery but I'll just wear a bandage on my arm."

Burt glanced at the doctor who nodded, "Ok that's absolutely fine Kurt. If you ever want the surgery, your local hospital would be able to sort it out for you. The second thing I wanted to talk is that I have the results of the STD test Kurt did."

The situation suddenly hit Burt hard. His son might have been given a disease by one of the filthy animals that used him for sex. Burt reached over and took Kurt's hand in his, ready to receive the results today.

"I can tell you Kurt is completely clean," Doctor Harrison quickly stated, knowing that there was no point in making the two Hummels worry even more, "I would recommend going for another check up in about six months or so, but he should be fine in that area."

"Oh thank God!" Burt cried out, letting the relief hit him.

"Thank you Doctor," Kurt said quietly, obviously feeling overwhelmed.

The doctor smiled at his patient, "You're welcome Kurt. I'm glad that you're okay and you're on the mend. Now I'll be back in a few hours to discharge you and then you're free to leave. I'm sure Teresa or another nurse will be in to discuss what Kurt needs to do at home or what is the best way of caring for him."

Burt thanked the doctor as he turned to leave. He smiled at the father and the son before exiting the hospital room.

Burt turned to his son, his eyes watering, "You're okay Kurt, I promise you. You're allowed to go home. Everything's going to be okay."

Kurt smiled sadly at his father, "I hope you're right."

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