New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 9

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Edward's P.O.V

I ran at full vampire speed through the deserted alleys of Volterra. I was praying to God I would get there before Felix took Bella.With Alice's help I found the alley and there was no one there. Felix and Bella's scents were still strong.I instantly fell to my knees gasping for air. The Volturi had my Bella. The sadistic, human blood-drinking vampires had my beautiful angel.They would kill her. I growled with rage and despair. Alice appeared beside me and her expression turned to horror.

'We're too late.'

'I'm going to the Volturi....'

'We're going to the Volturi. God Edward, of course I'm coming.'

'Thank you Alice. Now we better follow their scent. Let's go.'

Running as fast as we could, we sprinted after the scents of a Volturi guard member and the woman I love.Alice and I followed the same route we had gone to the Volturi just only a few days ago.Not long after we had started running, we were in the lobby of the Volturi. The human receptionist Gianna was standing behind a desk.Other members of the Volturi were standing there, watching us with an evil glint in their eye.They obviously recognised us from the other day. They were more like bodyguards than important leaders of the vampire world.Alice and I ran past the desk to the doors.

'Excuse me Sir and Madam, you can't go through there without an appointment.'

I turned and growled at Gianna, causing her to flinch back. Alice put her hand on my arm.

'Don't attack her; she might be able to help us.'

I nodded then turned back to Gianna who was watching me with wary eyes.

'I'm sorry for alarming you. Has Felix past by here?'

'Yes in fact he has Sir. He was carrying a human girl. May I ask why you require after Mr Felix?'

I took a deep breath, trying to keep myself from fearing the worse.

'I want to know because that human girl is the love of my life. Where is Felix taking her?'

'He's taking her to see Aro. He was set up in the feeding chamber.'

I saw her cringe.

'I hope I never go in there, unless I'm a vampire.'

I ignored her thoughts and turned my attention to what she had said. I felt as if my world as if my world was crashing down around me.My Isabella was in the feeding chamber of the sadistic vampires, the Volturi.

'I need to see Aro immediately!'

'I'm sorry Sir; you'll have to wait until he's available.'

'Look you stupid woman, that's my sister in there and if anything has happened to her, I will kill you!'

I turned to Alice with a look of shock and admiration.

'What Edward? She's pissing me off.'

I chuckled quietly; Alice really did have a temper. I turned back to Gianna, who looked extremely nervous.

'We need to see Aro now!'


The bodyguards standing in the lobby started advancing towards us.


If Jasper was here, he would have his work cut out trying to calm Alice down. I was beyond being calm downed.I was furious beyond words. I tried to run past the guards but they grabbed hold of me. Three of them had Alice in a headlock.The two of us were being dragged of the lobby when we heard something that ripped my heart out there and then: a scream....Bella's scream.She was obviously being hurt and was in agony.


I didn't know if she would hear me but Aro and the other members of the Volturi certainly would.

'You're dead!'

Alice was yelling at Gianna. Volturi guards jumped in front of the human receptionist and leaned forward into a crouch. I didn't care. I just wanted Bella.


The guards threw us out and bolted the doors, laughing as they returned to their positions.


I fell to ground, dry-sobbing my heart out. Alice wrapped her arms around me, dry-sobbing as well.We stayed there for a few minutes then Alice pulled me to my feet.

'Don't even think of returning to the Volturi to die.Carlisle and Esme never want to feel what they did again and neither does the rest of our family. God how are we going to tell them about Bella?'

I couldn't answer. I felt numb. My mind was refusing to accept the fact that my one true love was dead.I had no reason to live when I had left her. When I had thought she was dead I wanted to die immediately.Now she was truly dead and there was no way she was coming back. I wanted to die; I couldn't live without my angel.Alice held my hand tightly as she led me through the alleyways of Volterra. I could sense she was scared if she let go I would run off to die.She wouldn't be able to catch up with me as I was faster than her.


I sighed, knowing that getting away from Alice would be difficult. We reached the alleyway where Bella and I had had our confrontation.I fell to the ground again, breathing in her scent. I suddenly could smell her scent coming from the direction Alice and I had just come from.I gathered that it was from earlier. I sighed then I heard someone speak. They were right by the Volturi. Thank God for vampire hearing.

'Edward I need you. Please help me!'

It was her. She was alive! Alice had heard Bella too as her expression was full of joy.

'Edward, she's alive! See I told you not to go to the Volturi to die!'

I jumped up and started running towards the alleyway where Felix had taken Bella from before, knowing my love would be in my arms again soon and there she would stay forever.

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