New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 11

Edward's P.O.V

I ran as fast I could, the image of Bella broken flashing in my mind. Alice was somewhere behind me as she wasn't as fast as me.I ran around a corner and a few metres away, there was my Isabella. She was sobbing hysterically, yet seemed to be trying to calm herself down.I knew she would be in an unbearable amount of pain. I ran over so I was by her side in a second. She didn't seem to notice my presence.I sat down next to her and slowly wrapped my arms around her, pulling my love closer to me. Bella again broke down crying.I wanted to cry with her but knew I had to be strong for her sake.

'Shh Bella I'm here. You're safe now, no one can hurt you.'

I would protect Bella; she would never be hurt again. I suddenly realised Bella was bleeding.The top of her head was right in front of me. Strangely I wasn't bothered by her blood. Maybe the thought of losing Bella made me know I could never ever hurt her.

'I was so stupid Edward, I'm sorry....'

'Love its ok. You're safe now.'

'It hurts Edward.'

These three words hurt me as if someone, preferably a vampire, had physically hit me.I remembered Bella using similar words when James attacked her last year.I heard inhuman footsteps and looked up to see my sister, a look of worry on her face. She silently handed me a cell phone.

'Call Carlisle, he can help!'

I nodded and looked down at Bella. She looked like she was in so much pain. Alice was right; Carlisle would know what to do.

'Bella, it's Alice. Edward is going to call Carlisle as he'll know what to do.'

'Thank you.'

The 'thank you' seemed to be aimed at both of us. I sighed then dialled Carlisle's number and waited for him to answer.Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bella turn her head slightly as she wanted to hear what was being said.

'Carlisle she's hurt!'

'Bella's hurt? Who did this to my daughter?'

'It was Jane's doing.'

Carlisle growled on the phone and I was tempted to join him. Carlisle never liked Jane despite being the compassionate man he is. It was probably down to her willingness to harm others with her gift of pain.

'Why son?'

'She was annoyed Bella couldn't feel the pain from her gift.'

'Always a sadistic vampire I'm afraid. The Volturi has turned Jane insane. In fact, all of them are.They've gone mad with power. Anyway back to business, what are Bella's injuries?'

'She is bleeding from a deep cut in her head, a shattered knee, a broken pelvis, a dislodged shoulder and a few broken fingers...'

I started dry-sobbing. Bella's injuries were obvious as bones were sticking out. My angel was in pain.I saw a hand coming towards me: Bella's hand. She wanted to comfort me despite the pain I've caused her.The pain from the broken bones held her back so she pulled her hand back, with a look of misery on her face.Bella sighed, making me wish I could read her mind, and Alice frowned at Bella wondering why she was sighing.

'Son I'm impressed with your control. Bella's bleeding yet you're staying close to her. Well done Edward.'

That's so typical of Carlisle, always praising me when I never deserve it.

'Carlisle what do I do?'

'Is there a hospital nearby?'

'I can get her to the nearest hospital?'

'Good idea, as long as you don't mind staying in Volterra.'

'I don't mind extending our trip in Volterra as long as my Bella's okay.'

'Of course Edward, you two deserve one another.'

I looked over at Bella and could hear her heart speeding up when I said that. A smile appeared on my face, making her heart beat even faster.My smile widened and I knew my heart would be beating as fast as hers if it could. Her beautiful blush appeared on her face making me chuckle quietly.

'I'll call you if anything happens Carlisle.'

'I'll be here if you need me Edward. It'll be ok.'


I didn't know what else to say. I hoped Carlisle was right.



'Goodbye son.'


I hung up and immediately tightened my grip on Bella. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and saw she was worried.Her hand moved towards my face but once again pain stopped her. Alice sat down carefully beside Bella, trying not to get her outfit dirty.

'This top is Gucci...I'm not getting anything on it!'

I tutted while Bella smiled then laughed. Her laugh wasn't her normal cheerful one. It was weak and pathetic.It immediately worried me. It sounded like she had no energy left or oxygen in her lungs.

'Shh, Bella love. Alice just be quiet for a moment.'

'Don't you dare tell me to be quiet Edward? I'm as worried about Bella as you are. That laugh didn't sound good did it? That still doesn't mean you can tell me to be quiet!'

I ignored my pixie of a sister and gazed at Bella instead.

'Oh Bella what are we going to do with you?'

'Nothing, there's nothing you can do.'

She started sobbing weakly and it was clear she was in pain too. I hadn't meant it like that.I meant what did she want me to do e.g. hospital etc. I hated that she was still insecure about my love for her.

'Bella don't ever say that.'

I kissed the top of her head, near to where she was bleeding but I didn't care.I saw her mouth flicker slightly as if she was smiling to herself. As I knew Bella so well I knew she was proud of my control like Carlisle.Why did people praise me when I definitely didn't deserve it? I saw Alice's eyes glaze over, knowing she was having a vision.

*Vision starts*

Bella was in a hospital bed with me by her side. She was given some anaesthetic and she fell asleep.The doctors discovered she had internal bleeding of the brain and by her being put to sleep;there was a tiny, slightly impossible chance of my love waking up.The vision changed to Bella being pronounced dead then me crying at her funeral, then finally me going to the Volturi and being killed.

*Vision ends*

I was in shock. If I put Bella in hospital, she would definitely die. Alice looked at me with a frantic expression.

'Edward! Bella's going to die if she goes to hospital!'

I saw Bella freeze at these words and turn to look at me. Shock filled her eyes as she took in my expression. I knew I looked lifeless.

'Sorry Alice I forgot you would have seen that but Bella needed to know too.'

'Alice I know I have a few injuries but I'll be ok and I won't die.'

Bella sounded scared and I was grateful she didn't have the ability to see Alice's visions.

'Bella you're my sister and I love you. I refuse to let you die. I don't care if Edward refuses to change you.Look Bella, you have internal bleeding of the brain which is causing your blood to clot...hence why your head won't stop bleeding.You're okay at the moment but you are slightly deteriorating and if you go to hospital, you'll go into a coma and be brain-dead then you'll die.'

'I'm going to die.'


I blurted it out before Alice could reply. I saw my expression in Alice's mind. I looked scared but determined.Bella turned her head slowly to look at me to see if I had actually meant that I wouldn't let her die. I knew I had to convince her I would never leave her again.

'Bella my beautiful angel, I can't live in a world where you don't exist. Twice in the last few days I have thought you to be dead.Those moments were the darkest time of my entire existence and that feeling is one I am not willing to repeat ever again.You bring me to life Bella and I can't live without you. If you actually die, I honestly don't know how I'll go on.'

I took a deep breath and waited to see how Bella would respond. I saw tears fill her eyes and I could hear her heart beating faster.The look in her eyes behind the tears was one of love. I wanted to kiss her as passionately as possible but I knew I couldn't in her fragile state.I leaned forward and brushed away the tears. I then gently kissed the tip of her nose.Alice handed me the cell phone again and I dialled Carlisle's number, wondering what to say.


'What's going on Edward?'

'Alice had a vision...'

'What was it off?'

'If we go to the hospital Bella will die. Alice saw she has internal bleeding of the brain and it will cause a blood clot and kill her.'

'Yes that would definitely kill her. I'm sorry Edward.'

'I refuse to live without her.'

'Are you going to change her?'

'Yes I am.'

'Despite going against what you believe?'

'She's everything to me Carlisle, I've been an idiot.'

'We're all idiots when we're in love Edward. We just want what's best for who we love.'

'I've been a bigger idiot though.'

'I strongly disagree son and I'm sure Bella does too. Now what are you going to do?'

'Where should I do it?'

'I'm not sure. I'm not familiar with Volterra that much nowadays. Your sister might know something.'

I pulled the phone away from my ear and turned to my sister who was watching Bella.

'Alice might know. Alice?'

She closed her eyes then opened them two seconds later.

'Yes I know where to go. Edward pick Bella up and follow me.'

'When you change Bella in my vision, you're doing it in a house in the countryside of Volterra. The owners have gone away for two weeks.'

I nodded to her feeling grateful then put the phone back to my ear.

'Carlisle Alice knows where to go. I'll call you later so the family knows what's happening?'

'Ok son. Good luck and I hope Bella's okay. Goodbye.'

I hung up then handed Alice the phone. I scooped Bella up into my arms as gently as possible.

'Bella I'm going to run with you in my arms. You'll be okay sweetheart I swear to you. Don't shut your eyes as if you fall asleep......'

I trailed off, praying that the scenario I was imagining would never happen to someone as beautiful as the angel in my arms.

'I promise I won't. I'll keep my eyes open for you.'

I smiled at Bella, feeling happy she was showing me love. Although I was smiling, on the inside I was panicking.What if I killed her? What if the venom didn't enter her body probably and it killed her? What if she closed her eyes en route?I knew I had to calm down so I leaned down and kissed Bella on the forehead.I took a deep breath and started running, making sure Bella wasn't jostled in my arms.I could sense Bella was getting dizzy due to the pain she was in. I looked down and to my horror, saw her eyes closing.


She blinked several times to keep herself awake then muttered apologies to me. I tried to run even faster, knowing I was running out of time.Everything was always against Bella and I, nothing was ever supporting her and making sure we lived our happily ever after that we deserved.I knew I didn't deserve it but Bella definitely did. I saw the house in the distance. I knew we were almost there.When we arrived the front door I saw a look of confusion linger on Bella's face.

'Owners have gone away for two weeks. Alice thinks it's perfect.'

I didn't stop when we entered the house. I ran as fast as I could to the master bedroom and gently placed Bella on the double bed, ensuring she wasn't in pain as I did so.

'I'm so sorry Bella. Please forgive me for what I am about to do.'

I had to apologise in advance. She had to know.

'I want this Edward. I'll finally be your equal.'

I wanted to rejoice at that moment. Despite the fact I had always been against Bella becoming a vampire I now knew I had no choice but to accept it.To hear Bella accept it and tell me we'll be equal made me the happiest man on earth.Bella had always been my equal, always better than me. I supposed she meant now she would be a vampire like me.

'I don't deserve you. You're too good for me.'

I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. I had been resisting the temptation of kissing her since I found her in the alleyway.I knew it was now or never, and I didn't have never so it was now. I moved to her neck and kissed it softly as well.

'Forgive me.'

Bella looked like she was going to reply but I was too quick for her.I leaned down once more and bit her, my teeth breaking the skin of her neck and my venom entering her bloodstream.I was worried I wouldn't be able to pull away and would kill her, but once the deed was done I was able to pull away.Perhaps it was the thought of Bella and I together forever that made me not get carried away.

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