New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 13

Edward's P.O.V

What had I done? Had I made the right choice? Would my love be okay? Will she join my family? Would she still love me?All these thoughts were rushing around my head; giving me a headache.I had always thought it was impossible for vampires to get headaches and I can read people's minds,but over thinking about something so important really does make your head whirl.When I was human I always hoped life would be easy but I know I wasn't thinking coherently at that time. Nothing in this life is easy or simple. Believe me, I should know.

I sighed as I looked upon my angel's still form. My hand was gripping hers tightly. Bella hadn't moved or made a sound in two whole days.48 hours had gone by and...nothing. Something had gone wrong; I must have made a mistake when I had bitten her.Normally during the change the person is screaming and thrashing around. Bella was lying there as if she was in a deep peaceful sleep with nothing wrong in the world.Suddenly it hit me: Bella was dead. She had to be. Alice's vision had come true and she was dead. I knew I couldn't live without her.I had to go to the Volturi and ask Aro to kill me. Fortunately for me we were already in Volterra so my death would be sooner than later.

'Edward, listen to me! Don't you dare go to the Volturi! That would destroy Bella. She is alive dear brother and getting clearly in my visions every second,so don't be all dramatic and commit suicide when she's fine!'

Alice had obviously had a vision about my decision to go to the Volturi. Annoying pixie as Bella called her.My lips formed a small smile as I thought of my beautiful Bella. If Alice was right there was only 24 hours to go.I sighed then moved closer to my angel to hear her heartbeat, and sure enough there it was. Alice was right; Bella was alive. I knew I could never go to the Volturi.

'Thank you.'

I chuckled to myself at this. All my family were sitting downstairs, keeping themselves busy.Carlisle had enforced that they all come to Volterra and wait for Bella's change to be complete. In that way we could all help her adjust to her new life together as a family.I decided to tune in downstairs and listen to my family's thoughts.

'When Bella wakes up we need to go shopping! I haven't been shopping with her for nearly eight months due to someone being an idiot. Yes I know you can hear me Edward.'

Typical Alice.

'It's a good thing I know all about newborns from being in that newborn army created by Maria. God that was a dark period of my life.I'll be here to help Bella when she wakes. At least now I won't be the weakest in the family when it comes to resisting human blood.Oops sorry Edward, no offence intended towards Bella.'

I sighed, knowing Jasper would be happy that he wouldn't be seen as the weakest in the family anymore and glad that everyone would be watching Bella intently now instead of him.

'Hopefully my Bellsie-boo will wake up soon and we can wrestle and have fun. I know everyone says newborns will be stronger but I doubt it.Bellsie-boo has been such a fragile human, she'll probably be a fragile vampire too. Shame she won't be able to blush anymore but I would love her to be a clumsy vampire.Now she's a vampire Edward and Bella can have sex. Shit Edward can hear me. Don't worry bro, I'll help you out and give you a sex talk. You know I have lots of experience!'

I growled softly to myself, knowing Emmett would hear it.

'Testy bro. Ha-ha testy!'

My brother was so immature. I ignored all his talk about sex and thought about what he had said about Bella not being able to blush or be the clumsy girl I knew.So many things I would really miss. Bella's blush when she was embarrassed, her clumsiness, the sleep-talking, the watching her sleep while cuddled up to her,her on my back while I ran at vampire speed.... so many little things started to add up.I decided to change my track of thoughts and think of Bella's and my life together for eternity.We could hunt together; I knew Bella always wanted to see me hunt and now she could.Emmett was right in thinking we could have a proper physical relationship and I didn't have to worry about resisting her blood or hurting her.Bella would now be stronger than me. I smiled to myself and knew I had to ask Bella to wrestle Emmett.Bella's and my life together would be perfect, as long as she decided to stay with me.

'When Bella wakes up I'm going to apologise for how I acted. I've seen how being apart from her tears Edward and my family apart.I want to be friends with I want to be sisters. Hopefully she'll understand and will forgive me.'

I was touched by Rosalie's train of thoughts. She wanted to be sisters with the woman I loved and that meant a lot to me.I hoped Rose and Bella getting along would make the family perfect.

'I hope my darling daughter is ok. She completes the family and I know how much Edward has missed her.Carlisle has had a necklace made especially for her with the Cullen crest on. If she doesn't want to stay we'll let her leavebut if she wants to stay we'll hug her and never let her go again. Edward and Bella complete one another and need one another. Their separation proves this.'

Esme's thoughts made me smile. I loved how my mother thought of my Bella. I was overwhelmed to hear they had prepared a Cullen crest for my angel.I knew Esme would be devastated for Bella to leave and hoped she would stay, not just for my benefit but for my family's.I realised Esme was right when thinking Bella and I complete one another. Being apart has proved that point.

'I wonder how Bella is doing. It is unusual for people to be quiet whilst changing but Bella has always been one of a kind.I know Edward will be panicking. Son, if you can hear me just try to relax and calm down. Everything will be fine. I wonder what gift Bella will have.Maybe due to the fact Edward can't read her mind will link in with her gift. I can't wait to see how my daughter is like as a vampire.I've never known a human who knows about vampires to be changed so this could be something extraordinary.'

I did as Carlisle said and tried to calm down. I had been wondering about Bella's gift as well.Surely Carlisle was right about linking a gift and me not being able to read Bella's mind. He was right in thinking Bella is extraordinary.She always had been and always will be. Bella knowing about vampires could have mentally prepared her for the change.I sighed to myself and wondered what we would do about Charlie. I wondered how he was taking her disappearance.When we returned from Italy the first time his mind had been frantic with worry. A day later Bella had gone missing again and now my family had disappeared too.I knew that we should return to Forks for a while so the suspicion isn't put on my family and the Quileute werewolves don't get suspicious.I knew we had to think of a story but we decided to put it off until Bella was awake and she could have a say in what would happen.I looked at my Bella then sighed softly. I squeezed her hand to let her know I was there for her.I wondered if she could feel the coldness of my skin through the fire burning her.Even though she wasn't moving or talking I felt the urge to talk to her and get all my feelings off my chest and out in the open.

'Bella are you ok? Please just squeeze my hand to let me know that you're ok. You're not moving, not screaming out in pain....I've never heard of anything like it. Please love, I need to know you're ok.'

Nothing. No movement of any sort occurred. I don't know what I had been expecting but I wanted something to know that my angel was ok. I decided to speak again.

'Bella I love you so so much but I'll understand if you're angry at me for taking away your human life and your family.I only want to be happy and I don't want you to feel obliged to spend eternity with me because you have to. I just want you to be happy. It's up to you love.'

There I had said it. I felt better for getting it off my chest but I still felt like I was in pain myself.I knew there was a chance Bella would leave me. What I did to her was unforgivable and I had no idea if she would forgive me and stay with my family.Reality hit me and I started sobbing. I held nothing back and just kept sobbing. To my astonishment, I felt something weakly squeeze my hand.I looked down and noticed Bella was squeezing my hand. She was moving and she could hear me. Impossible.


My angel was moving and showing signs of life. Happiness swept through me. I immediately stopped sobbing.I wanted to see what would happen next. Bella slowly opened her eyes and gazed into mine. I could see she was looking at the colour of my eyes and I did the same to her.Her eyes were still brown but her flicks of red in them. Bella tensed up and looked like she was preparing herself for something. I frowned, wondering if it was the pain making her frown.

'Ed...Edward, I love you. I...I only...want you. I mad Everything will be...okay. I can happy with you...and you're all...I want.'

I froze in shock. Bella had just spoken to me. She had just said a coherent sentence while her body was on fire and she was in agony.Best of all, she had told me she loved me. All my family had heard Bella speak too and were all astounded.

'Bellsie-boo is so cool!'

'This is not a normal change. Newborns are not supposed to act like this.'

'See Edward I told you my sister still loves you. Even after everything you put her through. I can't believe she's talking through her transformation. So cool!'

'Bella is amazing. I can't wait to see my new sister as a vampire.'

'My daughter and my son will be together again. Bella is astounding us all by talking when she is in agony. She is talking to tell Edward she loves him. Oh I'm so happy!'

'My son will be happy now once again and our family will be complete. Bella is incredible; I can't wait to see how immortality suits her.'

I ignored my family's thoughts and they were all mixing into one. I put my hands on either side of Bella's face and her eyes poured in mine.

'Shh...Bella it's ok. I just wanted to make sure you were ok. I can't believe you're talking normally. I've never heard of it happening before.I have no idea how you're doing it. You're so calm and still, normally everyone screams and thrashes about. I love you too. You're all I want love.I'm so sorry for causing you so much pain.'

'D...D...Don't be. How much...longer?'

I had no idea how she was doing it. She told me she loved me and wasn't mad at me. I felt like crying with relief.

'Twenty four hours maximum I swear my beautiful angel.'

'Will...I still be....'

I looked at her with urgency. I longed to know what she was going to say. I hoped she would be able to finish her sentences.


I felt pained as she finished her sentence. She was obviously worried about losing herself once she was a vampire.I could never let that happen to something so brave, so kind, so selfless and so beautiful and pure. I took a deep breath and knew I should summarise life as a newborn for her.

'Yes but you might not have control over yourself as much as you would normally have. The first year for a newborn is always difficult;plus you'll have red eyes for a few months until the human blood in your system is gone. You'll still be you my Bella but we're all waiting to see how you turn out.Everyone can't believe how you're behaving during your transformation and now you're talking normally.'

'It's easy looks.'

I chuckled humourlessly, knowing Bella was probably trying not to show weakness. She was so selfless.I leaned forward and pressed my lips to her forehead. I pulled back and smiled at her. I knew Bella couldn't resist my crooked smile.I heard her heartbeat slightly speed up. She was so beautiful.

'Love, try to relax. I know the pain is agonising but only twenty four hours. Close your eyes and I'll be with you all of the way.'

I had to keep her relax. 24 hours was left and I was going to be with her for every second. I leaned forward again and pressed my lips to her lips this time.Electricity flew me through me but I pulled away after a second and started to hum my lullaby.I saw Bella's body relax slightly and watched as her eyelids slowly closed. I prayed 24 hours would fly by.

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