New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 14

Bella's P.O.V

I had never been religious. When I lived with my mother in Phoenix sometimes she would want to try out various things and I went along to support her.Renee tried out different religions a few times and being the doting daughter, I did as well.Not long after Renee had lost interest and moved onto something else meaning I did too. My mother was the reason I wasn't religious and I had never minded.Today was completely different. For the first time in my life I was praying to God.I prayed for the last twenty fours of the torture my body was experiencing to pass as quickly as possible.One thing helped me fight the pain and that was Edward. He clutched my hand in his tightly and constantly whispered sweet nothings of his complete love and devotion for me.Hearing these words come from Edward's lips made me feel peaceful and helped me push all my worries to the back of my mind.The pain flared up again and this time I couldn't hide my agony. I desperately tried to remind still but I couldn't handle the fire ripping through my body.I so badly wanted to scream out, releasing all my pain, but knew that would cause Edward extreme pain and I could never do that to him.All the pain he had caused me over the past eight months, I could never wish to inflict on anybody, even the smallest amount of pain.I tried desperately to keep quiet but the pain kept attacking. It was a battle between my willpower to stay quiet and the agonising pain.I fought as hard as I could; using my internal strength to stop screaming out in pain and paining Edward as well.Unfortunately I couldn't hold on my longer but I still refused to scream. I clamped my lips tightly together hoping I could stop all sounds coming out.The pain was so intense it broke down my barriers and it caused me to whimper slightly, showing I was in pain.Edward was next to me so he would hear me and so would the rest of the Cullens. I didn't want them to know I was suffering.I tried to make my whimper as quiet as possible but of course that plan failed miserably.I really wished Edward couldn't hear my pain, it would only make him hurt too and that was pointless.


Edward sounded extremely pained and concerned. I instantly wanted to comfort him and erase any worries he had at all.I slowly opened my eyes and looked into his beautiful topaz eyes gazing into my own; his eyes full of love, pain and concern.I opened my mouth to speak but instead of words, a small moan of pain rushed out. Great! That had definitely reassured Edward I was not in pain.

'Bella love I know it hurts so much but you only have sixteen hours left of your transformation.Eight hours have already passed by my love and the rest of the time will go by so quickly and soon the pain will be over I promise sweetheart.You're doing so well and you're so brave. I love you so much. I know it's painful but you're nearly there my love.'

I was shocked to realise eight hours had already flown by. Maybe it was God answering my prayer.I mentally smiled to myself how Edward was praising me, saying how well I was doing and how brave I was.He didn't see me as inferior to him despite him being a vampire and me a human, he was treating us as equals.I hoped this would stay once I was a vampire like Edward and the rest of my family.I could live the whole I had always wanted; together with Edward for the rest of eternity and never aging.It was a dream come true and now I knew Edward would never leave me again. I knew we'd have to have the talk about 'us' and where we stood in one another's heart.My heart belonged to Edward and would never, for as long as I existed, belong to someone else or would I feel as strongly for someone else as I do Edward.All I wanted from him was a full explanation of why he left and for him to love me for eternity.

'Oh Bella I'm so sorry. I love you so much. You're nearly there, just hang on. I'm so sorry.'

I opened my mouth to say something useful that would comfort the man I loved. However all that came out of my mouth that time was a loud whimper.The pain was becoming more and more intense; I suppose on some level that was a good thing as it suggested the transformation was almost complete.Edward squeezed my hand and I felt his lips gently kiss it. I watched as his other hand tucked hair behind my ear so he could see my face better.We gazed into one another's eyes for what seemed like hours; I sincerely hoped it was.Edward smiled at me; his beautiful crooked smile in front of me causing me to gasp.Edward looked confused and I decided to open my mouth again and try talking. I opened my mouth and no sound suggesting I was in pain came out.I took a deep breath then smiled back at Edward.

' you so...much.'

'I love you so much my beautiful Bella. Everything's going to be ok.'

'What's... now?

I had to know, I could sit in the dark for about sixteen odd hours with no indication of how longer I would have to endure the pain.I just had to remind myself that the pain was for Edward and knew it was worth it.

'First of all my love, you'll be a vampire from your transformation which has fifteen hours and forty five minutes left.You'll go on your first hunt then we'll be together forever more.'

I smiled at that and Edward winked back, making me giggle slightly and made him chuckle.The pain started flaring up again and I wrinkled my face up in pain. Edward kissed my forehead, taking his time as he did, showing me he was here for me.

'Bella close your eyes and close your mind. Let yourself drift off. I'll be right here beside you and I'll hum your lullaby for you.'

I listened to Edward knowing he was right. The second I shut my eyes I heard Edward start to hum my lullaby.It was such a beautiful tune and I couldn't he wrote it especially for me.

'I love you Bella.'

' you too...Edward.'

I could feel my heart beating faster and faster, getting stronger each time. I lay there surrounded by pain but lying in the arms of the man I loved.Suddenly to my sudden surprise my heartbeat started slowing down and I didn't know whether that was good or bad.After a few minutes it stopped beating altogether. No! I wanted to cry out and scream for Edward to save me. I couldn't die.I had so much to die for with Edward and the Cullens. I wanted to cry there and then, but then I realised vampires' hearts don't beat.I mentally gasped and realised I was a vampire. I could never have to indure that pain again and was finally immortal.I would be eighteen forever; every woman's dream. My senses felt like they had been asleep all my life and now had reawakened.I could smell Edward's scent as he sat next to me and could smell all the other Cullens downstairs.I could hear Edward's soft breathing and downstairs I could hear Alice and Jasper talking, Emmett and Rosalie browsing the computer and Esme and Carlisle discussing my change.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, ready to start my immortal life.

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