New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 15

Edward's P.O.V

I glanced at the clock again. It was now six o'clock on a Thursday evening.In sixteen hours time Bella would open her eyes as vampire, meaning we could be together for eternity.Doubts swam through my mind as I thought about whether Bella would want to be with me for eternity, I had hurt her so much.What if she didn't like being a vampire and resented me for turning her?These thoughts swam around my mind continuously and I could feel myself feeling more and more agitated.

'Whoa Edward bro, calm down. Your emotions are all over the place and they're all negative.Take a deep breath and concentrate your thoughts on you and Bella being together forever okay?'

I mentally thanked Jasper for helping me calm down. He was right; Bella had already told me that she loved me when she was in agony.That definitely meant something. I looked at the beautiful girl lying on the bed and immediately my emotions turned to love.

'Now that's better Edward.'

I smiled to myself and leaned down to stroke Bella's face. She looked so peaceful despite the pain she must be going through.I hated myself for putting such a beautiful creature through pain but I knew she would have died otherwise and I couldn't have lived if she had not existed.I held Bella's hand in mine and kissed her forehead. I moved closer to her ear and whispered words of love to her.

'I love you Isabella Marie Swan. We'll be together forever my angel, I promise you.'

I watched over the woman I loved as time slowly passed by. I saw Bella grimace meaning she was in pain.I could see she was fighting to remain still as she had for the past couple of days during her transformation.I had no idea how Bella wasn't writhing in pain as the venom burned through her body.I remembered how much pain I had been in and also remembered Esme and Rosalie's transformations.They had screamed out, calling out to Carlisle and myself to stop the burning. Rosalie had even begged us to kill her to end the pain.Carlisle had just sat with Rosalie and comforted her. That was what I was now doing with Bella, except I didn't have to comfort her.I still refused to live her side and continued whispering my love for her in her ear.I could see Bella's frown deepening on her face which meant she was fighting to remain quiet.I mentally sighed hoping she wasn't in too much pain but knowing that my hoping was wistful.I watched as Bella clamped her lips together even more tightly than before. I stared down at them wishing I could make it all better by kissing her soft lips.Suddenly a whimper escaped from Bella's mouth; so quiet that even with my vampire hearing I just about heard it.I was filled with misery at the fact my angel was hurting. Despite her effort to not stop her pain, it was still too much for her. I had to know how much pain she was in.


I could hear, from my own ears, how pained I sounded. I knew my family would be able to hear it too and of course Jasper would be able to feel my pain due to his gift.To my surprise Bella slowly opened her eyes a second after I said her name. I gazed into her light red irises.Her eyes were full of love for me but I could see a hint of the pain she was desperately trying to hide.Bella opened her mouth and a small moan of pain rushed of it. Bella looked even more pained then she did before.I had to comfort her, to let her know she wouldn't be in pain for that much longer.

'Bella love I know it hurts so much but you only have sixteen hours left of your transformation.Eight hours have already passed by my love and the rest of the time will go by so quickly and soon the pain will be over I promise sweetheart.You're doing so well and you're so brave. I love you so much. I know it's painful but you're nearly there my love.'

I could see the surprise on Bella's face to know that eight hours had already passed. I mentally smiled to myself at this.I noticed Bella also looked slightly happier at what I had just told her. I started to think about how my life would be now that Bella was a vampire.I would never have to worry about hurting her again. If anything, after her transformation she would be stronger than me!I had to remind her to arm wrestle with Emmett as she could easily beat him. We would have the perfect life together and nothing would ever separate us.We could have the physical relationship Bella always deserved to have and I would the one to grant her wish.I would never have to push Bella away when we kissed ever again.It suddenly dawned on me how selfish I was being as I was feeling happy for myself when my Bella was in agonising pain. I felt sickened.

'Oh Bella I'm so sorry. I love you so much. You're nearly there, just hang on. I'm so sorry.'

Bella's eyes widened then she opened her mouth again, probably to tell me off for apologising as that was typical Bella behaviour.Instead of words, another loud whimper came tumbling out of her mouth. I immediately wanted to comfort the angel lying in front of me.I squeezed Bella's hand again and raised it up to my mouth then placed a loving kiss on it. Bella watched me as I did this with a loving look on her face.I leaned in and tucked a stray hair back behind her ear so there was nothing hiding her face from me.We gazed into one another's eyes for what seemed like hours; I sincerely hoped it was as I didn't want Bella to be in pain for that much longer.Bella was so beautiful I couldn't help but smile at her. As I did she gasped out loud, causing me to feel confused.Bella opened her mouth and nothing came out, suggesting she could bare the pain she was in. I watched as my love took a deep breath then smiled a dazzling smile at me.

' you so...much.'

I knew that if my heart could still beat, it would be beating a thousand times a second at Bella's declaration of love for me. I had to let her know how I felt.

'I love you so much my beautiful Bella. Everything's going to be ok.'

'What's... now?

It sounded like she needed reassuring of what eternity would hold for her. I didn't want Bella thinking that we wouldn't be together forever.

'First of all my love, you'll be a vampire from your transformation which has fifteen hours and forty five minutes left. You'll go on your first hunt then we'll be together forever more.'

Bella smiled at me and I winked at her playfully which caused her to giggle. Her laughter was music to my ears and her reaction to my wink made me chuckle.Suddenly Bella wrinkled her face up, letting me know I was in pain.I leaned in and kissed her forehead, taking my time to let her know I wasn't going anywhere and was here for her.I knew I had to distract her from the pain and the lullaby I had created for the woman I loved suddenly came into my mind.I hadn't hummed it for a long time but I knew it perfectly.

'Bella close your eyes and close your mind. Let yourself drift off. I'll be right here beside you and I'll hum your lullaby for you.'

Bella actually listened to me and closed her eyes. I immediately started humming my lullaby and it sounded right to be humming it again.

'I love you Bella.'

' you too...Edward.'

I started at Bella for a moment then sighed.

'Edward I can see her clearly now and she's perfect.'

Bella had always been perfect and will always be perfect.

I could hear Bella's heart beating faster and faster, getting stronger each time. This was it.The transformation would be over any second now and Bella and I would be together forever. I lay next to her with my arms wrapped around her, just waiting.My family were waiting downstairs. They had decided to let Bella wake up with just me there then they would come up to see her.They didn't want to overwhelm her as Jasper had explained newborn emotions would be out of control.I watched as Bella took a deep breath then opened her eyes, ready to start her immortal life; our immortal life together.

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