New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 18

Bella's P.O.V

I grinned up at my family. I was so happy to see them all again. It didn't matter that I was lying in Edward's arms; that just made me happier.I was back where I belonged. I saw Edward smile then wink at me. Alice was jumping up and down grinning like a maniac.

'I told you they would get back together!'

I smiled back at her, rolling my eyes at how happy she was. I looked at each individual member of the Cullen family.Alice was still dancing happily, Jasper was smiling at us; probably happy that everyone was feeling happy, Emmett was grinning from ear to earand seemed to be thinking inappropriately as Edward was glaring at him, Rosalie to my surprise looked really happy,Esme looked like tears would be streaming down her face with happiness if it was possible and Carlisle was smiling at the situation.I looked back at Edward and he rolled his eyes at me but still had a smile on his face. He seemed to read something from everyone's minds as he let go off me.I pouted which made Edward chuckle.

'Love everyone's dying to greet you.'

I laughed then got off the bed. In a nanosecond Alice's arms were around me and she was laughing. It was infectious as I started laughing too.I noticed Edward had stood up too and was grinning at the sight of Alice and I laughing.

'Oh Bella I'm so glad everything's worked out. I have my best friend and sister back. We have to go shopping and now we can go shopping every day of eternity!'

'It's so typical of you Alice, thinking of shopping as always.'

'How well you know me!'

We laughed together then hugged again before Alice let go off me. The next thing I knew I was been spun around in the air.

'Oh Bellsie boo I've missed you. My little sister is one of us now, like it should be.'

I smiled at him but when he started talking my mind only concentrated on the first two words he'd said.

'Bellsie boo?'

Everyone laughed and Edward smirked at me.

'He kept calling you that in his thoughts during your transformation.'

I laughed as Edward said this. I was secretly thrilled Emmett had a pet name for me but I hoped he wouldn't use it for the rest of eternity.Emmett put me down and stepped back, winking as he did. A low growl erupted from Edward's chest making me giggle.I looked at Edward who rolled his eyes at me then smiled his beautiful crooked smile. I turned back to see Jasper step forward then took my hand.

'Bella I'm so sorry for what happened on your 18th birthday. It's all my fault everything happened.'

I took my hand out of Jasper's grasp and immediately he looked hurt. Before he could say anything I wrapped my arms around him and hesitantly Jasper hugged me back.

'I never blamed you for anything and was never mad at you. There's nothing to be sorry for. I hate the fact you blamed yourself when you did nothing wrong.'

To my surprise Jasper wrapped his arms around me even tighter than before.

'Thank you Bella.'

I could hear Alice squealing and knowing her, she was probably jumping up and down.

'See Jazzy I told you Bella was never mad at you.'

Jasper pulled away from me and grinned at me. I grinned back then Jasper kissed my cheek before going to stand next to his wife.Rosalie stepped forward and I tensed up. What was Rosalie going to say? Rosalie herself looked really nervous. Her eyes seemed to be full of apology.

'Bella I want to apologise for my behaviour to you. Instead of getting to know you like the rest of my family, I resented you due to your humanity and caused upset to everyone.I was stupid and jealous. I'm so sorry and I hope you can forgive me. I want to be your friend and your sister.'

'Rosalie, like I told Jasper, there's nothing to forgive.'

Rosalie immediately embraced me and I hugged her back feeling so happy she had finally accepted me as a member of the Cullen family.I could see both Edward and Emmett grinning at the sight of Rosalie and I hugging. She pulled away, smiled then moved back towards Emmett.I turned to Esme and Carlisle as it was only those two left. Without warning Esme rushed at me and embraced me.I wrapped my arms around the woman I thought of as a mother to me. I had missed her so much.We didn't need to say anything to one another; about how much we had missed one another. It seemed we had a mother-daughter bond.I loved that I had one with Esme. Esme smiled at me then kissed my forehead.

'Welcome home sweetheart.'

I smiled back at Esme and watched as she stepped back and Carlisle stepped forward, taking my hands in his.

'My daughter, I'm so glad to see you're okay!'

Carlisle, like Esme, leaned in and kissed my forehead before pulling me into a hug. I hugged the man I thought of as a father to me back.My family was complete. Carlisle pulled away then took my hands in his.

'How are you feeling?'

'Good. I have a slight burn in my throat but that's not uncomfortable.'

I noticed Jasper had a look of confusion on his face.

'Bella you are too controlled for a newborn. It's abnormal!'

'Jasper when have I ever be normal?'

Everyone laughed at my words and I waited for the blush that would never come. Carlisle smiled at me.

'That's good news. It shows you have some control already. I'm very proud of you my dear. Edward can you take Bella hunting?Esme and I have to go back to the Volturi. Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie, can you be ready to go in an hour. We'll meet at Florence airport.'

The four of them murmured yes and started to leave the room. Carlisle smiled at me then let go off my hands.Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and made a gesture for us to move. However I didn't move as I was still confused.

'Carlisle, why do you need to return to the Volturi?'

Carlisle sighed and looked at Edward, who sighed himself then nodded.

'Bella, I have to tell Aro that your transformation is complete and your name will be added to the records.As you know Aro collects talent and he is very interested in you, more than he is in Edward and Alice.The plan is for us to meet at the airport in an hour and we'll fly back to Washington before relocating. We don't want Aro to have access to you here.'

I felt Edward's grip tighten on my waist as if he was scared to let me go. I leaned into him and he kissed the top of my head.

'I understand Carlisle. Thank you.'

'Anything for you my child.'

Both Carlisle and Esme smiled at me then left the bedroom. Edward turned to me.

'Ready for your first hunt love?'

I nodded, filled with excitement. Edward gestured towards the window and immediately I realised we would have to jump out of it.I rolled my eyes at the man I loved who was grinning at me.

'Watch me if you're worried love.'

I stepped back and watched as Edward stepped out of the window and fell. A second later I heard a gentle thud indicating he had landed. It didn't look difficult.I tried to copy Edward as I stepped out of the window. My landing seemed as quiet as Edward's had been. I smiled at that fact.



'That was quite graceful – even for a vampire.'

I smiled at this remark. It was the first time I had ever been called graceful.

'Thank you.'

Edward took my hand and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back then we rested our foreheads against one another's.

'You look beautiful love. I'm glad you weren't entirely with it when Alice forced you into wearing this dress otherwise you wouldn't have liked it.'

Huh? I had been wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a cardigan beforehand. I looked down and saw I was wearing a knee-length pink floral dress with sandals on my feet.I looked at Edward with a confused expression and my eyebrows raised.

'She wanted to put you in high heels but we had to stop her. I helped dress you while you were changing. Alice said you couldn't start your immortal life looking a disgrace.'

'That's nice of her.'

'You know how seriously she takes what people wear. Now are we hunting or what?'

'Sorry let's get back to that.'

'See if you can keep up with me, the fastest vampire in the Cullen family!'

Edward's expression was teasing then he broke into a run. He was faster than me. I didn't know how he could move his legs as fast as he did.Due to my newborn strength I could easily keep up with Edward but knew once my strength died down, there was no way on this earth I would be able to keep up with Edward.The thrill of running was amazing. I started laughing as I ran, finally seeing why it was impossible for Edward to hit something when running.Vampires had the perfect balance between the speed and the clarity. My feet touched the ground so infrequently; it felt like flying instead of running.

'Bella love?'

I stopped and turned around. Edward was about a hundred yards behind me. I skipped over to him and kissed his cheek, making Edward chuckle. He put his hands on my shoulders.

'Close your eyes.'

I did as I was told and felt Edward stroking my cheek.

'What do you hear and what do you smell?'

I could hear and smell everything. Vampire senses made you aware for everything. I concentrated on something specific as I was sure Edward didn't want me to be vague.I picked up the sound of the loud thudding of heavy hearts and soft thuds of paws. I concentrated on the area I heard the heartbeats and warm smells; an appealing scent.


Edward smirked at me then nodded. I was pleased to have gotten it right. Emmett wouldn't be happy to hear I fed on a bear and he didn't.I hoped when we got back to Forks I would be able to feed on my love's favourite: a mountain lion.

'It's all yours sweetheart.'

'That seems unfair though.'

'There's another one around or I can feed on some elk. This is your first hunt.'

I kissed Edward quickly then ran in the direction of the scent. My eyes spotted the great bear; he was easily five times my mass.The bear hadn't spotted me so it was surprised when I launched myself at it wrestling with this beast.The bear's teeth or claws didn't have any effect on me as I was easily able to sink my teeth into it and drink its blood.The blood was hot and it soothed the burning in my throat. The warmth of the blood radiated throughout my whole body, heating even my fingertips and toes.When the bear ran dry I still felt a little bit thirsty. I was annoyed at this but happy I didn't seem to be as bad as all the newborns the Cullens had described.I shoved the carcass of me and jumped to my feet. I noticed Edward leaning casually against a tree, watching me with a thoughtful look on his face.

'I guess I could have done that better. I'm all bloody and my dress has been ripped.'

'It was perfect for a beginner. It's just it was more difficult to watch you do that than I thought; watching you wrestle with a bear much bigger than you. I was worried I'd have a heart attack.'

'Silly boy.'

'I know. Are you still thirsty?'

'Only slightly.'

'I'll feed with you this time. Do you smell that herd of elk?'

I concentrated in the direction Edward was gesturing and as he had said, I heard several hearts beating and a warm scent hit me again.It didn't smell as nice as the brown bear did. I wrinkled my face up.

'They're herbivores. Carnivores smell a lot better. Now concentrate love.'

Edward and I held hands as we ran towards the herd of elk. As I knew what I was doing now we hunted together. I brought down two elk, making nearly as much as I did with the brown bear. Edward had taken down three whilst I was draining two and he had no evidence on him to say he had just been hunting.

'You're much better at it than I am.'

'Centuries of practice love.'

'Just the one.'

Edward chuckled at this and cupped my face in his hand. His eyes were a lovely shade of honey gold showing that he had fed while I knew mine were still bright red.I would be so happy when my eyes were a normal colour.

'Are you done for today and ready to go to the airport?'

'I think so. Yes let's go.'

Edward rolled his eyes at me then pecked me quickly on the lips before taking my hand.

'I better keep hold of you before you end up running all the way back to Forks yourself.'

'I bet you're just using it as an excuse to keep me close.'

Edward laughed then brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it.

'You are definitely one of a kind Miss Swan.'

I giggled at Edward's saying then blew him a kiss.

'We better get to Florence airport.'

Edward nodded and we started running. The flying sensation started again and I wanted to laugh again. I felt so free. It was easy and natural.I loved running with Edward as we were both evenly matched with his speed and my strength. After several minutes Edward started slowing down and held onto me so I wouldn't continue running.

'We're here love. Now time for the human act.'

'Edward I'm a newborn. All these humans...'

'Love it's only for a minute. We have our own private jet. If it gets too uncomfortable just say and we'll be out of there in no time. I know you'll be fine.'

'Thank you Edward.'

I suspected Edward knew something I didn't as he would normally be overprotective and be worried about me being around humans.The words 'our own private jet' suddenly hit me. Of course the Cullens had their own private jet. I should have known this. I rolled my eyes at this thought.Edward was looking at me curiously but I shook my head and smiled. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and held me to his side.I could see the other Cullens in the distance standing next to a small plane. We started walking in their direction when the smell hit me.It smelt better than the bear had smelt, much better. I realised to my horror it was human.

'Edward, hold onto me.'

'Bella it's okay.'

Despite telling me it was okay Edward's grip tightened a little. We started walking a little quicker than we had been before. The scent of all the humans weren't that overwhelming.I realised it barely bothered but I still wanted to be cautious. We hurried over to the other Cullens who smiled at us as we approached.

'All ready?'

Everyone nodded and one by one made their way onto the plane until it was just Edward and I left.

'Coming love?'

'Of course. When did you get this plane?'

'We've always had a plane but this is a new one. We don't mind flying first class on airlines but sometimes your own privacy is more suited.'

I rolled my eyes and followed the man I loved onto the plane. My mouth flew open in awe when I looked at my surroundings.It looked more like a living room in a house than on a plane. There were sofas instead of seats, but I could see seatbelts hidden away just in case they needed to be used.There was even a bar and kitchen area. Alice skipped over to me and pushed my chin up.

'I guess you like it. Esme designed it herself.'

'It's beautiful.'

Esme smiled at this and I smiled back. Edward pulled me next to him on one of the sofas and Carlisle and Esme sat on a sofa opposite us.Alice and Rosalie sat together on another sofa while Alice pulled a few fashion magazines out of her bag and Rosalie started listening to her iPod.I was wondering about Emmett and Jasper when the intercom cackled.

'This is your captain Jasper speaking. Please remain seated for take-off then you are free to move around. Hope you enjoy your flight.'

'This is your co-captain Emmett speaking. Enjoy your flight as my co-captain Jasper said and Rosie babe I love you!'

I saw Rosalie smile slightly at then roll her eyes. I heard the engines start and felt the plane start to move. Not before long we were in the air. Edward turned to face Carlisle and Esme.

'What happened with Aro?'

I was immediately interested and hoped I would learn about my gift.

'Aro was pleased the transformation had gone smoothly and added Bella's name to the records. He saw when he took my hand that Bella had been quiet during changing which fascinated him.Aro obviously really wants to add Bella to his collection.'

'I bet Jane loves that.'

Edward, Carlisle and Esme all laughed at my words. Alice winked at me as she turned the page of Vogue.

'She wasn't very happy if I put it lightly.'

'What did you tell Aro Carlisle?'

Edward looked tense so I entwined our fingers together to calm him down which seemed to work.

'I told Aro that we were returning to our home in Forks. He tried to insist we stay longer and enjoy the sights of Volterra.I didn't have to be a mind reader to see that he wanted us to stay so he had a chance to get to Bella. I told him we had to get home. We said goodbye and we left.I don't think he'll bother us. He respects me too highly as a friend.'

'Besides Edward darling we would never had let that man take Bella. She belongs in our family.'

I couldn't stop myself from grinning at Esme's words.

'That means so much to me Esme. Thank you.'

'You're welcome dear.'

'I want to ask you about my gifts. Edward mentioned them briefly and told me you would tell me.'

Carlisle chuckled to himself then smiled at me.

'Bella my friend Eleazar was visiting Aro and he has the ability to vaguely identify the gifts of other vampires. He is a member of the Denali coven, a vegetarian family like us.I suspect we'll be seeing them as they will want to meet you. Eleazar said your main power was that you are a shield.'


'What does being a shield mean?'

'It's the reason Edward can't read your mind. It's a mental shield so it protects your mind from others.It's why Aro can't read your mind either or why Jane can torture you with her gift. Alice and Jasper's gifts still work on you as they are not mental gifts, more physical gifts.Eleazar thinks that you will be able to project your gift and remove your gift from your mind.'

Wow. I was not expecting that but I was glad I now knew why I was an exception to the mind reading vampire I loved.I suddenly realised something Carlisle had said about being a shield being my main power.

'Carlisle you said a shield was my main power...'

'It seems you being so self-controlled is another ability. As you were a calm selfless human, it meant that your nature wouldn't allow you to hurt a human.'

'I noticed when we hit the human scent, it barely affected me but I was cautious just in case.'

Carlisle smiled at me, with a look of awe in his eyes.

'That was the right thing to do my dear. Being a shield and self-control are the two powers Eleazar detected.'

'Thank you so much Carlisle.'

'It was nothing dear.'

He turned to Esme, who smiled at me, before turning to her husband. I looked at my own vampire who had a look of love and awe on his face.

'Wow look at you miss talented!'

I chuckled at that.

'At least we now know why you can't read my mind; a reasonable explanation.'

'I'm sure we can test your shield when we get home. Jasper will definitely want to help you, so will Emmett just for fun.'


I wasn't expecting to hear Emmett's booming voice and it made me jump, resulting in me laughing and Edward chuckling at my actions.I snuggled into Edward's arms and he kissed the top of my head.

'I love you Isabella Swan.'

'I love you Edward Cullen.'

The rest of the plane journey flew by. Before long we were landing at Port Angeles airport. Edward jumped to his feet and held out his hand to me which I took immediately.Carlisle and Esme walked over to the door when Esme turned to face us all.

'See you back at the house. Don't get into trouble on the way and yes I'm looking at you Emmett.'

We all laughed at this. I couldn't wait to go back to the Cullen house with Edward and our family. We exited the plane then everyone spilt up into pairs; with their mates.Edward and I once again held hands as we ran through the greenness that was Forks. I was so happy to be home.Italy had worn me out, not physically as I was a vampire but emotionally. So much had happened but due to me being stupid, Edward and I were reunited and I was a vampire.I suddenly heard the running of water and knew we were near the Cullen house. A minute or two later it came into my view. It was just as I remembered it.I smiled then looked at Edward. He was looking at the house too with a smile. We ran up to the door and of course Edward opened the door for me.

'Thank you Mr Cullen.'

'My pleasure Miss Swan.'

A few minutes after us Emmett and Rosalie arrived, then Jasper and Alice and finally Carlisle and Esme. Everyone was smiling, happy to be home.The last time I had been here was my eighteenth birthday party but I was much more breakable then. Esme started walking around the foyer.

'Well it's good to be home.'

'Hell yeah!'

I giggled at Emmett and he stuck his tongue out at me. Before I could reply a smell hit my nose that was so foul, I wrinkled my nose up in disgust.All the Cullens had the same facial expression as me. It smelled like an animal, like a wet dog or something....oh my god....... Alice was looking at me with a look that confirmed my suspicions.The wolves were outside.

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