New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 20

Bella's P.O.V

Edward quickly appeared at my side and wrapped his arm tightly around my waist. He looked tense.I glanced around the room and noticed all the other Cullens had a similar expression on their face. I knew that the werewolves hated vampires which meant they would hate me.I remembered Jacob mentioning the fact they had enjoying tearing Laurent apart. I shuffled closer to Edward; feeling worried what the werewolves would do.The fact I was a vampire now meant the treaty had been broken. I hoped that the fact Jacob had told me about werewolves and vampires would also mean that he had broken the treaty.It was the tiny bit of hope I was clinging to that a fight wouldn't break out. Carlisle looked at all of us and smiled; but the smile was obviously forced.

'We best go outside and greet the wolves.'

Everyone nodded, myself included. Carlisle and Esme led the way with Emmett and Rosalie following, Alice and Jasper after them and finally Edward and I.Edward let go off my waist and took my hand in his. He kissed my forehead and smiled at me, but like Carlisle's it was forced. I knew no one knew how this would turn out.Alice couldn't see the wolves in her visions, meaning the rest of us were blocked out too. I knew the wolves, I could try to make them see that Edward changed me because I was dying.I was nervous about seeing Jacob again. He would be furious. Edward and I stepped out onto the porch after his family then a few steps in front of the house.The eight of us were standing in a line; Edward and I in the middle with Carlisle and Esme. Alice and Jasper were on our side whereas Emmett and Rosalie were next to Carlisle and Esme.I looked away from Edward and saw seven men and one woman walking towards us. I instantly recognised Sam, Quil, Embry, Paul and Jared.I realised the woman was Leah Clearwater, the daughter of Harry who had recently died of a heart attack. I also recognised another wolf as Seth Clearwater.The last person I looked at walking towards us was Jacob and he looked furious. I again shuffled closer to Edward and he wrapped his arm around my waist.Sam stepped forward and Carlisle did the same, with Esme at his side.

'Dr Cullen you know why we are here?'

'Yes I do. I hope we can discuss the events to stop violence taking place.'

All the wolves scoffed at that and Jacob actually snarled, making Edward tighten his grip on me.

'We wish to speak to Bella Swan.'

All eyes turned on me. I sighed but I took a step forward. Edward walked with me, standing by my side as I stood in front of Sam.

'Bella who changed you?'

'Edward did. He only changed me because I was going to die. I was badly hurt.'

'The treaty has been broken then.'

Sam started to turn towards the rest of the wolves and I knew what was coming: a fight.

'Stop! Sam I wanted to be a vampire.'

Sam's expression turned into one of shock. There were several gasps when behind him as well and Jacob looked even more furious than before.

'You wanted to become an evil monster?'

'Bella is not an evil monster mongrel!'

Edward growled at Sam and Sam started shaking as snarling as he did. I quickly put my hand on Edward's chest to calm him down.Since Edward was calming down, Sam calmed down as well.

'Sam I don't believe I am an evil monster and neither are any of the Cullens. Ever since I met Edward I wanted to be changed. It was my decision.The Cullens have done nothing wrong. Edward simply followed up on my decision. He saved my life by changing me showing he is not an evil monster as you said we are.'

Sam just stared at me for several minutes, making me feel uncomfortable. He looked at the other wolves then back to me. He eventually sighed.

'Since it was your decision to change and since Edward saved your the Alpha of this pack I say that the treaty is still in place.However you must leave Forks and never bite another human.'

Carlisle walked over to Sam and they shook hands. Sam walked towards the other wolves and muttered something about going back to La Push.I relaxed in Edward's arms, feeling happy everything was now okay. We turned to walk back to the house when I heard someone storming over to us.We turned around again and I saw Jacob marching over, a look of anger and determination on his face.


Jacob was shaking furiously. Sam, Seth, Embry and Quil ran over and tried to calm him down. I knew I had left things unsaid with Jacob and now was the time to clear them up.

'Jacob I didn't do anything. I wanted this; I always have. I haven't done anything to you. If I wasn't a vampire now, I would be rotting away in a cemetery.'

I felt Edward winch next to me so I moved closer to him, trying to comfort him.

'Being dead would be better than this!'

I felt like he had slapped me. All the Cullens growled at him; Edward's being the loudest.

'I completely disagree. I'm happy like this. If I was dead it would mean so many people would be hurt.'

'What about me Bella? This now means you're my enemy. You know how I feel for you.'

'I'm sorry that I've hurt and I'm sorry that I was oblivious to the fact you had feelings for me. Jake you're like my brother and I love you like family, nothing else.I only love Edward. I'm sorry Jacob.'

Jacob looked like he was going to cry and it was all because of me. I stepped out of Edward's embrace and moved towards Jacob. Edward tried to pull me back but I shook my head.This was something I needed to do.

'I just want you back with me Bella. Like all the times in my garage fixing those motorbikes.'

'Jacob I was never with you. You were my best friend, nothing else.'

Jacob's anger flared up again.

'So you used me! How do you think that makes me feel Bella? Huh? To hear you don't return my feelings?'

'I'm sorry Jacob but I never gave any indication that I was in love with you. I enjoyed spending time with you but that was because you were my best friend and like a brother to me.'

Jacob stepped away from his pack members and towards me, glaring as he did.

'So are you and Cullen back together now? After all that heartache he caused; with you practically a zombie? Have you forgiven him?'

I glared back at him.

'Yes I have. We love one another.'

Jacob turned to glare at Edward. I suddenly saw Edward cringe and his eyes were full of pain. I looked at Jacob and saw he was smirking.

'Stop it! Stop it now Jacob Black!'

Jacob looked away from Edward and back at me.

'So that's it? You're just going to run off with Cullen and his family, whilst I'm left here.'

'I'm sorry Jacob but that's the life I've chosen. You can live your life and I can live mine.'

Jacob started shaking furiously and before Sam or anyone could get to him to calm him down, he had changed into a wolf; the wolf I had seen once before.Before I could do anything or before Edward could grab me to pull me away, Jacob lifted his paw and swiped me across my stomach. I gasped as the pain hit me.My body felt like it was exploding. I could feel venom oozing out of the three wounds in my stomach. I no longer had the energy to stand and collapsed; Edward catching me in his arms as I did.

'Love? Can you hear me? Oh god Bella love can you hear me?'

'Yeah I can hear you. Edward I'm fine.'

'Bella love please don't say that when you're not. Don't try to spare me any pain.'

'To be honest with you, it hurts like hell.'

Edward beckoned Carlisle over who began examining my stomach. Esme and Alice hurried over and sat by my side, all with a worried expression on their faces.Rosalie, Jasper and Emmett were leaning forward in crouches, ready to protect us. I looked over at the wolves and saw Jacob was now his human form.I was expecting a smug smile on his face but instead he looked pained and bitter. Quil and Embry were holding him back just in case he tried to attack again.Sam looked saddened at the turn of events. I had been friends with the wolves before I was changed so they knew me as a human.Sam probably found it strange seeing their once human friend, now a vampire, lying on the ground hurt due to another werewolf.I winced and gritted my teeth together once Carlisle started examining the injuries.

'Bella, when vampires get injured, the venom repairs the injuries. It won't last for very long but as the venom starts to repair it will be very painful.I can't offer you anything but it will be over soon as you'll be fine.'

'Bella I can see you'll be fine so don't worry about anything.'

I nodded and smiled at them all, wincing again when Carlisle continued examining the wounds. Esme turned to Edward.

'Edward darling why don't you take Bella to your room so she can rest on your bed?'

Edward nodded at that and smiled at me. All I kept thinking about was his bed. When did he get a bed? He had never had one before. They must have ordered it whilst I was changing.Edward carefully picked me up bridal style and cradled me against his chest.

'You'll be okay, I promise you love.'

I smiled back at him and he kissed my forehead. I watched as Carlisle walked over to Sam with Emmett and Jasper.

'I'm disappointed in the violence that took place here after we had decided the treaty was still in place. We are not going to fight you due to the fact Jacob harmed a Cullen.'

'She's not a Cullen, she's a Swan.'

I saw Jacob glaring at Carlisle and even more wolves holding him back, fearing what he would do.

'I know that Jacob Black but she belongs to my family and one day she will be a Cullen. We will be leaving once Bella has recovered and we have sorted out other errands.I will let you know when we are leaving. I suggest until then we stay away from one another and you don't come onto our land.'

Sam bowed his head and nodded. Edward started turning around but suddenly he stopped and turned back to face the wolves.

'Bella I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. It's kind of your fault as you made me angry by becoming a leech and reuniting with Cullen instead of being with me. Do you forgive me?'

I started feeling angry myself. Jacob Black was annoying me so much.

'Forgive you for what? For hurting me, for insulting my family and I or telling me you wish I was dead instead?'

'Obviously for hurting you, duh. I meant everything else.'

'Well then. No I don't forgive you.'

Everyone's mouths dropped open in shock. I mentally giggled and used my hand to close Edward's mouth. He smirked at me as I did this.

'Why not?'

'Jacob you told me you want me dead. You're being selfish by telling me I shouldn't be with Edward but you. I don't love you, I love Edward. You've insulted what I am and what my family is.I won't stand for it. Ever since you've become a werewolf you've tried to manipulate me and I'm for once putting a stop to it. So no Jacob Black, I don't forgive you. Goodbye.Edward can you take me inside please?'

'Of course love?'

As Edward carried me inside I couldn't help but glance at his face. He looked so smug and happy. He saw that I was looking at him and grinned at me, causing me to giggle.He kissed my forehead and I tried to reach up to kiss his lips but a pain appeared in my stomach causing me to gasp. Edward ran at vampire speed to his room and laid me on the bed.

'Oh god love I shouldn't have made you laugh.'

'Edward it wasn't your fault. It was because I moved to kiss you.'

'Well you don't need to move.'

I mentally giggled again as Edward hovered over without pressing his body to mine then kissed me softly. I tried to deepen the kiss but he pulled away.

'Love as much as I want to continue kissing you, your wounds will start to heal and you will be in agony.'

'Ok then. Please stay with me.'

'I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. Of course I'll stay with you Bella. I'm never leaving you.'

I smiled at Edward and caressed his cheek, as I waited for the agonising pain to come.

A/N: Hope you like this chapter. I wanted to get rid of Jacob as he annoyed me how he always tried to manipulate Bella and make her feel sorry and guilty about choosing Edward. Please review and let me know what you think. I will be updating in a week's time and should be able to update more quickly as I have finished school and it's now my summer. Please review.Thanks x

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