New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 22

Bella's P.O.V

I felt so peaceful lying in Edward's arm; despite the pain in my torso. Edward was humming my lullaby to smoothe me.As the minutes passed by I could feel the rips Jacob had caused slowly healing. It was a weird experience. I guessed it was something to do with being a vampire.It was weird to think my former best friend had done this to me. Even though I had said I would never forgive him and would never speak to him again, I hated holding grudges.I decided that I would phone him when I'd healed. There was no way Edward would let me face 'that mutt' but then again, neither did I.He had insulted both me and my family in all possible ways, and then blamed me for causing him to hurt me.I would make a simple phone call to him and tell him that I didn't want to hold a grudge but he wasn't my best friend anymore.I wished him well in life but it no longer concerned me. I was brought out of my thoughts but Edward tapping my nose.

'Hello? Bella love? Bella can you hear me?'

I knew if I could blush I would be doing it right this second. Thankfully my cheeks would never feel that warm again.

'Sorry Edward I was just thinking.'

'Yes about that. Why has your future gone blank? Carlisle has promised me you will definitely recover. You're going to see that dog again aren't you?'

It hurt me to see Edward look pained. He obviously didn't want me to see Jacob. I raised my hand and rested it on his cheek.He sighed and closed his eyes, placing his own hand over mine to keep it in place.

'I decided I would phone Jacob as I hate holding grudges. It'll always be on the back of my mind. I want to move past it.I don't want to give him the satisfaction of Jacob thinking that what he said is always annoying me. I want to tell him that he isn't my best friend but I'm not holding a grudge.We both need to move on in our lives and accept it. If he can't he's just a pathetic mutt.'

I said the last sentence to please Edward, and it did as it made him chuckle.

'I want to move on my life with you. You're the man I love. Jacob was always just a friend to me who wanted more and would never get it.It doesn't help that I'm a vampire and he's a werewolf. Jacob is very prejudiced towards vampires due to the fact I always chose you.I'm not going to be held back by a werewolf in my life. I'm going to enjoy eternity with you and everything it brings!'

Edward was looking at me; his eyes smouldering with emotion. He carefully leaned down so his torso wasn't touching mine and kissed me so passionatelythe room could have set on fire and I wouldn't have noticed. He pulled away and kissed my lips softly several times again.

'I love you Isabella Marie Swan.'

'As I love you Edward Anthony Mason Cullen'.

'That's just the way it is.'

I smiled at Edward's words and carefully adjusted my body so I could kiss him without feeling pain. After a minute or two I pulled back and snuggled back into my love's side.Edward began humming my lullaby again. I turned my head to look at him. His eyes were closed with his gorgeous crooked smile on his face.He looked peaceful and content. I smiled to myself, happy with the knowledge that I had caused him to feel like this.I knew he hated the Jacob topic; him being a werewolf made the situation even worse. Some could describe it as a love triangle but not me.How could I when I only had love for one of the people involved in this so-called 'triangle'? Edward was my life and I was his.I rested my head on Edward's chest and listened to my lullaby that he had composed especially for me. Edward had just started stroking my hair when pains started stabbing at my torso.I let out a moan and hiding my face on Edward's face, covering the pain on my face.

'It's ok love. It's nearly over. You're so brave. One more hour. That's all. I know you can do it. We'll spend the rest of the time in here all alone.Carlisle is going to take everyone out for a hunt in forty five minutes. I'll be here with you all the way. I love you my sweet angel. All the pain will be gone soon.'

Edward sounded choked up as he told me this. I knew I could survive one hour if Edward was with me and he had just promised he would be.I lifted my head off of his chest and looked into his topaz eyes.

'I love you too. You're my angel. I hold you to the promise of us being alone for the rest of the day. Please don't blame yourself for this. Just hold me for the last bit of this.'

'Always my love.'

Edward kissed my temple and resumed stroking my hair. The last hour slowly came around. I cried out, muffled my screams in Edward's chest, sobbed tearless sobsand kicked out but Edward stayed with me the whole time and calmed me down. He announced when the others had left meaning I had fifteen minutes of pain left.Edward continuously hummed my lullaby to help me. If my arms and legs jerked out Edward would grab them and hold me until I calmed down.As the time counted down I could see my wounds closing.

'One minute left.'

I nodded and he kissed my nose. I slowly counted in my head, breathing heavily to take away the pain.

'Love it's over!'

I looked down and saw no evidence whatsoever that I had been attacked by a werewolf. I looked at Edward and kissed him passionately.He eagerly responded after holding back for what seemed like eternity. We rolled around on the bed until I was lying on top of Edward.I looked into Edward's eyes and saw they were glazed with lust and love. I started fiddling with Edward's shirt buttons and decided to start undoing them.Edward's left hand, I realised, was resting on my left breast. I noticed Edward looked extremely nervous.

'Bella are you sure about this? I mean...that'll mean we'll be mates...mates for life and what change your mind?'

I responded to this by kissing him, putting my emotions into the kiss and showing him how much I loved him.

'Edward you never see yourself clearly. I love you and I want to be with you forever. Of course we're mates. I will never ever change my mind you hear me Edward Cullen.I love you too much.'

'I love you too my Isabella.'

The kissing started up again, sweet and gentle at first but becoming passionate. Edward and I made love and became proper mates that day,showing one another how much love we had for the other.

After making love Edward and I just laid in one another's arms, both grinning like a mad man.

'I can't believe we did that.'

'I know. It's so strange to think how you are with me when I was human and how you are with me when I'm a vampire.'

'Well love you were so weak and fragile. You could have been hurt. Now you're a vampire you're strong.'

'Thanks for saying I'm not weak and fragile. Emmett would probably argue with that.'

'Speaking of Emmett, you know he's going to tease us horrendously.'

I shifted my body so I was propped up on my elbow looking at my mate.

'What do you mean?'

Edward caressed my cheek then ran his finger over my lips.

'Bella love I've been a virgin all my life. I know to the world I'm a 17 year old so it wouldn't matter if I was a virgin but in reality I'm 109.Emmett loves that film 'The 40 year old virgin' and loves taking the mick of me. The fact that I'm not a virgin anymore and the fact you aren't even will brighten up his entire worldand he will thoroughly enjoy taking the 'piss' out of the two of us.'

I sighed, knowing this to be true.

'Oh well we'll face him together like the couple we are.'

'Excellent idea Miss Swan.'

Edward cupped my cheek and kissed me softly but full of love.

'We better get dressed. The family will be back soon. How about watching a movie?'

'Anything but 'The 40 year old virgin' ok?'

Edward laughed at this and kissed me again. We slowly got dressed and put our clothes on that had been thrown about the room. I noticed Edward looking at the bed.

'What are you doing?'

'We did better than Rose and Emmett. They break bed, trash's awful. Plus the images in the brain...I really do not need.'

I couldn't help giggle at this. Edward faked a hurt look so I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his neck.

'Cheer up honey. Now let's go and watch a movie.'

'As you wish.'

Inspired by Edward's words I picked the film 'A Princess Bride' about Princess Buttercup and Westley with Cary Elwes and Robyn Wright.It had always been a favourite of mine. Edward put the DVD in and went to press play but I stopped him. I had decided now would be a good time to call Jacob.

'Edward I'm going to use the phone.'

Understanding flashed through his eyes.

'I won't eavesdrop.'

I rolled my eyes at this. He could promise whatever he wanted but I knew the curiosity would be too much for him.

'Sure whatever you say Edward.'

I winked at him as I left the room, taking the phone with me. I dialled Jacob's number and waited. A couple of seconds later I heard his husky voice.

'Hello Black residence.'

'Jacob it's Bella.'

'Bella! Are you ok? Have the wounds healed?'

'Yeah they've healed.'

'Good so I guess everything's fine again, except the fact you're a bloodsucker.'

'Don't hold back dog. Look Jacob I'm not one to hold grudges. I accept your apology but I don't want you in my life. We need to move on with our lives.We're mortal enemies. I'll be leaving soon and it'll just make our lives easier.'

There was no answer but only heavy breathing.


'Did he tell you to say this? Did that leech?'

'Don't you dare insult Edward! No he didn't tell me to say anything. I decided this. We need to move on. You used to be my best friend but all that has changed.I wish you well in life whatever happens but I won't be part of it.

'Bella you can't do this.'

'I'm with Edward and one day will be a Cullen. I'm technically a Cullen but one day it'll be official. You'll meet a girl one day and imprint on her but it's not me and it never will be.'

'Choose Bella.'


'Me or Edward and the other bloodsuckers.'


'Edward and my family.'

Jacob snarled down the phone.

'I guess I should have seen that coming when you became a bloodsucker.'

'I would have chosen them even if I was still human. You were never more than a friend to me but now that's over. Goodbye Jacob.'

'Goodbye Bella.'

I hung up and sighed. I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I walked back and sat on the sofa next to Edward who immediately lifted me onto his lap.

'How did it go?'

'Like you weren't listening?'

'I wasn't.'

I laughed at his obvious lie but snuggled into his lap. Edward picked up the remote and pressed 'play' for the movie.We enjoyed our time alone before his family came back from their hunt. I knew I should prepare for the interrogation that was coming.

A/N: I'm so sorry it's been so long. Since the summer I've been so busy plus I couldn't think what to write. Madagascar was absolutely amazing and I loved it out there. We helped in an orphanage called Akany Avoko and a village called Ifotaka. It was incredible to see how they lived and I really want to go back and help out again :) Hopefully there is still interest in this story so please review to show me this and to tell me what you think. Thank you xx

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