New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 24

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Bella's P.O.V

Emmett was the first to run through the door. He came to a stop in front of Edward and I cuddled up watching 'A Princess Bride'.We had just got up to the part where Buttercup discovered Westley was 'the man in black' when we were interrupted.Emmett looked like all his Christmases had come at once as he stood there grinning at us. He pointed at us and jumped up and down.

'YOU HAD SEX! Alice had a vision of you two deciding and sex is radiating off your scent. Plus you two have sex hair! EDDIE GOT LAID!'

Rosalie came up behind and slapped his head.

'You're an idiot Emmet'.

'Yeah but they had sex!'

I glanced away from the arguing couple and saw the rest of the family there smiling; Alice bouncing up and down.

'I'm so happy for you guys.'

I smiled back at Alice. Emmett looked like something very important had just occurred to him.

'What is it Emmett?'


I didn't have to be a mind reader to know that Edward was seriously embarrassed and wanted to kill Emmett.Carlisle came over to us and looked down at my stomach.

'All healed I see?'

'All healed. There's no evidence at all.'

'Vampires power my dear.'

I giggled at Carlisle's words, smiling at Edward's father when I suddenly remembered my own. Charlie! I felt guilty for forgetting about him and being selfish.I had been too involved with myself and becoming a vampire.

'Hang on, what's happening with Charlie?'

Suddenly everyone was sitting down, in couples, on the loveseats.

'I mean I was gone for three days in Italy, came home, then went back to Italy and I know a vampire change takes three days,meaning I must have been gone another four days, and now I'm a vampire. What's the story?'

Edward leaned down and kissed my forehead. Alice's eyes were full of sadness and the rest of the family seemed tense. Carlisle stood up and stood in the middle.

'You woke up after Italy and went to see Edward. He was scared he'd to move and leave you again so you two ran away to be together.Edward had never wanted to leave in the first place but had been forced to go with the rest of his family.We got rid of the note you wrote to Charlie and replaced it with another one saying you were running away.Esme, Charlie and I were looking for you until we got a phone call from Seattle police saying a car had been found crashed into a tree with signs of a fire due a petrol leakage.The police discovered two bodies that were unidentifiable due to being burnt. However copies of jewellery you two are known to wear were found alongside plus some hair.Charlie identified you and I identified Edward. We've told the town we're going to stay with family in Alaska but will be back for the funeral as you are having a joint funeral.Charlie has been staying with friends and talking to Renee. He needs all the supports he can get as he's going through a difficult time.'

My head fell into my hands in despair. I hated myself for hurting my father like this and causing so much trouble.I felt two hands tug on mine to pull them away from my head but I refused to let go. I heard the person groan.Edward pulled me onto his lap and hugged me tightly, tucking my head into his neck and rested his cheek on the top of my head.

'Bella I can feel the pain and hatred radiating off you, plus the hint that you slept with Edward.'

I glanced up at Jasper and he winked at me. I gave a weak smile back.

'Please don't hate yourself love.'

'Darling please don't hate yourself. None of this was your fault.'

I saw Edward and Esme looking at me with worry and concern in their eyes.

'I'll be ok. Can I go and see Charlie tonight?'

'I don't think that's a good idea love.'

'I want to be able to say goodbye. I won't let him actually see me plus I can get a few items from my room.'

Carlisle came up and stood next to his son and his wife.

'That's a good idea. Go now, Esme and I will join you shortly and the others will continue packing.'

'Thank you for everything.'

'You're welcome dear.'

I turned to Edward. He was standing there with his hand held out, which I immediately took.

'Ready for this?'

'No but I need to this.'

Edward nodded then led me outside.

'Carlisle and Esme are going to see Charlie and speak to him. We can sit in your old bedroom and listen.'

I nodded then we started running in the direction of my human home in Forks. We ran in silence, giving me time to think about my father.What condition would he be in all because of me? We arrived at Charlie's and hid between some trees.I shivered as I realised we were standing near to where Edward told me he didn't want me. Edward must have realised too as he squeezed my hand reassuringly.A few minutes later Carlisle and Esme arrived and knocked on the front door. I held my breath and waited. The door opened and there stood Charlie.He looked broken and a mess. My heart broke when I saw what had become of my father.

'Hello Charlie.'

'Hello Carlisle, Esme. Would you like to come in?'

'Thank you Charlie.'

The three adults went inside and shut the door. Before I could do anything a rush of air passed by and Edward was holding me bridal style in my old bedroom.Without saying a word he laid back on the bed and cradled me against his chest while we listened to the conversation downstairs.

'How can I help you two?'

'We just wanted to see how you're doing before we leave.'

'When do you leave?'


At hearing this I looked up at Edward. He nodded at me to confirm this and caressed my cheek to comfort me.

'Oh I guess it's good that you're with family during this difficult time.'

I heard Esme let out a sob and could picture Carlisle wrapping his arm around his wife to comfort her. I heard Carlisle clear his throat.

'Charlie I feel this is my entire fault. If I had just stayed in Forks instead of deciding to go to LA and making Edward leave behind the woman he loved.If I had stayed, Bella and Edward wouldn't have run away together and sadly lost their lives.'

'Carlisle, don't blame yourself. There is no one at blame. I just hope my little girl is happy with Edward.'

I felt like running downstairs and hugging my father. Edward held me tightly and whispered loving words to calm me.

'Are you ok with us leaving? We can stay.'

'It's fine. I have my friends here. I'll keep in touch and we can discuss the funeral. I agree they should have a joint funeral.'

I felt Edward move underneath me.

'We have to go love.'

I nodded and went around my room, taking possessions I wanted to keep hoping Charlie wouldn't notice they had disappeared.Edward swept me into his arms and jumped out of the window. We watched from afar as Carlisle and Esme embraced my father and turned to leave.Once Charlie was inside they hurried over to us. Esme pulled me into a hug.

'Are you all right darling?'

'I should be. Thank you for that.'

'You're welcome Bella.'

Edward took my belongings from me and handed them to his parents.

'Can you take these back to the house? Bella and I will be back shortly.'

Carlisle and Edward made eye contact and I saw Edward nod out of the corner of my eye. Carlisle and Esme hugged us both before running off back to the Cullen mansion.

'Well that was weird.'

Edward chuckled and smiled at me.

'Where are we going?'

'It's a surprise love.'

'I hate surprises and you know that.'

'You won't hate this one.'

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