New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 27

Edward's POV

Lying in the grass with the woman I loved by my side made me feel extremely happy and that things were starting to go right in my life.I felt as if Bella and I had never been apart and that I had never lied to her about my feelings for her. I wish that it hadn't happened but I had to face reality and accept that I hurt my angel.The last few days had been full of action so it was nice to take some time for peace and quiet to reflect on the world. The past couple of days had had a massive affect on my life.I had the woman I loved back in my arms and she was now a vampire; meaning we had forever together. I knew down deep that she would have probably been changed had I not leftor had I done the right thing and not stayed away after Italy. I felt as if I was home lying in the meadow beside Bella. I hated that the last time she had been here waswhen her life was threatened by Laurent and the mutts saved her. There was always something to make me regret leaving my love the way I did. I wanted everything to be like it wasbefore so after we left Charlie's, I pulled Bella onto my back and ran with her there. This was how we used to travel when she was human.The meadow was mine and Bella's place and when we were there, it felt alive. The flowers had all blossomed and the sun was shining through the trees, making our skin glisten in the sun.I was fascinated seeing Bella's skin glisten. She looked radiant. Although I held my eyes closed I felt Bella's eyes on my face, which caused me to smile involuntarily.I suddenly felt her lips on my cheek. I opened my eyes and chuckled when I saw Bella lying next to me, looking all innocent with her eyes closed. I leaned down and kissed her passionately.She kissed me backed, deepening the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled us so my Bella was on top of me.I pulled away and moved a stray hair from her forehead and tucked it behind her ear. I moved my lips up to Bella's hair and kissed it softly.Bella pulled me back to her lips and we shared a passionate kiss. Bella pulled away this time and gazed into my eyes.I had no idea what my love was thinking and had to ask her the question I regularly asked.

'What are you thinking love?'

Bella raised her eyebrows at me and smirked.

'Wouldn't you like to know?'

I mentally chuckled at her answer.

'Yes I would. That's why I asked love'.

Bella giggled at my words and, just because of how cute she was, I leaned in and kissed her nose. I decided to turn on the dazzling charm Bella could never resist.

'Please tell me.'

Bella gazed into my eyes; my eyes pleading with her to tell me. I added the pout too as I knew my eyes and the pout were irresistible to my love. I was right as eventually she caved in.

'I was thinking about how peaceful it was here with you. I love lying here; just you and me. I was thinking how everything seemed like a distant memory or a bad dream,or even as if it was someone else's life.'

I reached over and caressed Bella's beautiful cheek.

'I hate myself for you.'

Bella reached over and caressed my cheek, mirroring my actions.

'I forgave you because I love you.'

I smiled and kissed Bella softly because pulling away. I loved this woman so much.

'How did I ever deserve someone as amazing as you?'

'You're amazing yourself.'

Bella leaned in and softly kissed me before pulling away. I started stroking her hair affectionately.

'I love you.'

'Yeah I have that effect on people.'

I just stared at Bella in shock. I could not believe she just said that. It was so unexpected. I was actually expecting an 'I love you' back. Bella burst out laughing at my expression I guessed.She jumped off me and stood up, laughing her head off. I sat up, still in complete shock.

'Would you like to change your answer there Bella?'

Bella paused for a second, looking like she was thinking, but then she shook her head. I growled playfully at her. Bella started giggling but turned and started to run.I immediately jumped up and started to chase Bella. I knew this was a race against my speed and Bella's newborn strength. I kept running until I caught up with her.I wrapped my arms around her waist and both of us fell to the ground. I manoeuvred us so I was on top of her. I placed my arms either side of Bella to support my weight.I leaned my head in closer and nuzzled Bella's neck.

'Well you do have that affect on men my love.'

Bella laughed at my words and ran her hands through my hair.

'I do not!'

I lifted my head away from Bella's neck and rested my forehead against hers. How could she not see how many other men were tempted by her?

'Love you definitely do cast that effect on men. I fell in love with you and I was enchanted by you the first moment I laid eyes on you. Although I am lucky enough for you to love me back,there are so many men that are infatuated with you. I can give you a list if you want.'

Bella just rolled her eyes at my words.

'Where do I start? I have an advantage as I can see how they think of you in their mind. I can obviously start with the mutt Jacob Black and Mike Newton.I can add Tyler Crowley, Erie Yorkie and pretty much every male that has encountered you. Both of my brothers think you are 'hot'. I believe this proves I am right.'

'I think you're exaggerating my dear man.'

'Exaggerating love? Me? I think not. I am insulted by the idea!'

Bella started giggling and I soon joined in with my laugh.

'Isabella Swan we all know you are a gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, adorable woman. The list goes on and on and I sit here talking about how amazing and loving you are forever.You attract every man in whether you want to or not.'

'Embarrassing much Edward?'

'Love its true. You can't deny it.'

Bella gave up arguing with him as you probably knew I was right. Bella has always been beautiful but being a vampire did suit her. She was perfection and the entire world to me.Bella laid back down in the grass and I copied her actions. I pulled her closed to me and she laid across my chest and closed her eyes. I just looked at her.I was so in love with this woman and I wanted to be there forever. I wanted to marry this woman and make her my wife. I had been thinking about this since we had been reunitedand had the ring with me just in case. I had decided to propose to Bella in the meadow as it was our place. I started feeling nervous and I started twitching and moving around.I saw Bella frown, but continue to lie on me. I did it a few more times so Bella sat up and looked down on me.

'Edward love, are you ok?'

I looked her, with so much love in his eyes.

'I am perfect.'

Bella smiled and I noticed she seemed to thinking of blushing. I smiled at that and jumped to my feet, catching Bella off guard. I held out my hand and she hesitantly took it,probably wondering what I was thinking. Once Bella was standing in front of me I kissed her forehead. Bella opened her mouth to probably question my actionsbut I started to lower my body to the ground. Bella gasped when I got down on one knee.

'Love you are my world and my forever. You are the only woman I could and will ever love. You make me the happiest man in the universe andI will spend the most of our existence trying to make you feel the same way. Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever.Will you do me the extraordinary honour of marrying me and becoming my wife?'

Bella just stared at me. I started to panic as she just stood there. I gazed into her eyes and saw they were filled with love. I stopped panicking and realised this was probably unexpectedand she was in shock. This was Bella's and my love story. The biggest smile broke out on Bella's face and she started nodded frantically.

'Yes...yes...yes of course I will Edward!'

My face had the world's largest grin on it. I jumped to my feet and got out the black velvet box that contained my mother's ring. I opened it and took the ring out.

'This was my mother's ring. Carlisle retrieved it for me after my change. I've wanted to see it on your finger for so long. I hope you like it.'

I slid it onto Bella's finger and she smiled down at it. It was a simple ring but extremely beautiful. I knew it was perfect for Bella. She seemed to like it.

'It's perfect Edward. I love it. I love you.'

'I love you too.'

I wrapped my arms around Bella and lifted her off the ground, spinning her round and round in the meadow. Our laughter rang out in the open space; both of us bursting with joy.I purposely fell so Bella landed on top of me. I captured her lips with mine and she kissed me back, full of love. Several moments later Bella pulled away and jumped up, smiling.I sat up and smiled back.

'I guess we better get back. Alice is probably going insane.'

'That she is.'

I picked my beautiful fiancée up bridal style and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

'Better start practicing soon-to-be Mrs Cullen.'

Bella smiled at her future and wrapped her arms around my neck as I started to run. My life was perfect now. I had my Bella forever and she had agreed to be my wife.Bella and I could move on from the past and live our happily ever after. We were barely a mile from the house when I caught the scent of another vampire.

'Guess who mind reader!'

I put Bella down and pushed her behind me, taking a protective stance. I knew Bella was a vampire but she hadn't had the proper fighting training and I just wanted to protect us.Bella held onto my arm to steady herself. I didn't know the outcome of the fight as I hadn't expected her to be here when we were so happy.I should have expected it as Bella is a magnet for danger. Bella and I watched as the vampire opened her mouth.

'Mate for mate!'

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