New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 28

Bella's P.O.V

I stood there, grasping at my fiancé's arm, as he stood in front of me trying to shield me from the vampire who had plagued my nightmares during my separation from Edward.A rustle from the tree caught my attention and out walked another vampire. He was quite tall with brown hair and deep red eyes. He stood next to Victoria and snarled at Edward and I.I glared back at him, hopefully showing that I was not afraid of the two sadistic vampires that wanted me dead. I knew we would have a difficult job winning this.I didn't doubt Edward's fighting ability as I knew he was experienced whereas I was an inexperienced newborn.My strength could have helped me if Victoria's companion had not been a newborn too. I could see what was going to happen.Victoria and Edward would fight and the other vampire would go for me. I could also see Edward trying to protect me and getting hurt.

'She doesn't love you Riley. She never has. She only loves her mate James who I killed to save my own mate. She wants me to feel her pain by killing my mate. She is only using you!'

I could see Edward was trying to stop this Riley from fighting by using his thoughts against him. I understood what was happening.Victoria had convinced Riley she loved him while using him to get revenge for her true love James.

'Riley, I told you about the gold-eyed freaks. He's trying to turn you against me and ruin how we feel for one another. It has always been you baby.'

Riley looked at Victoria then at Edward and I. It was like you could see the clogs in his brain whirring as he frantically searched for the truth. He turned to face Edward and I;looking directly into my eyes.

'You're dead.'

Edward tensed at his words; probably due to the images Riley was broadcasting and that it was me being dead was Edward's worse nightmare. Victoria and Riley started running at us.Edward, in his protective stance, completely stood in front of me. As Riley was faster he reached Edward first. Victoria used this to her advantage and grabbed me,pushing me to the ground and holding me there. I heard Edward call out my name and heard noises that sounded like Riley whimpering.

'Mate for mate my dear Isabella Swan. Your mate killed my mate. It's only fair I returned the favour.'

My instincts immediately kicked in. If I got out of this situation alive I would have to ask to be trained how to fight. Victoria leaned closer; snarling as she did.I pulled my leg up and kicked her as hard as I could in her stomach. She flew off me and I immediately jumped to my feet. Victoria jumped up too and growled.

'Does the newborn wanna play? It seems she does. Oh Isabella if only you were human. You don't want to know what I had in store for you.'

'Laurent mentioned...'

'Oh yes...him...Laurent. He probably thought he was better than me for trying to become a gold-eyed freak like your precious Cullens. Of course he cracked and went running back to me.I'm glad those wolves killed him when he was with me otherwise I wouldn't get to kill you myself.'

She took a step towards me but was knocked out of the way by a blur. I turned my head quickly to see Edward in a crouch growling at Victoria.

'Laurent deserved to die and so do you! My only regret is that I didn't get to kill him myself but I will get to kill you! No one will harm my mate!'

Victoria laughed a high cold cackle. It reminded me of J.K. Rowling's description of the evil villain's laugh in her book about a boy wizard.

'There are two experience fighters against one. Speaking of which, what did you do to Riley?'

Edward smirked a little at her question.

'He now only has one arm and is a hell of a lot weaker. I can now completely focus on you. You will never threaten my mate again! You will never harm anyone else ever again!You want me to feel the pain you felt when I turned James into ash...into nothing. You want her. First you have to get through me!'

Victoria screamed and ran at Edward; who ran at her at full speed. I heard growling and I turned to see Riley emerging, looking a little worse for wear.

'You bitch! This is your fault!'

'Riley, listen to me! Have you ever wondered why Victoria is so desperate for get revenge for James if he wasn't her mate?'

Riley's eyes were full of pain and doubt for a moment, and then they turned into anger.


Riley ran at me but this time I was ready. His fist came towards my face but I quickly ducked and brought my own fist up to punch Riley in the chin.He growled and pushed me so I went flying. I quickly flipped over in the air to land on my feet. I couldn't believe how cool it was and how graceful I was. Riley growled even louder at this.I glanced at Edward and Victoria fighting; Edward being the stronger fighter. Edward looked at me and his eyes were filled with panic.


Before I could completely understand what was happening, Riley had his one arm around my waist as he rugby tackled me to the ground. Riley pinned me to the ground; his body trapping mine.His hand reached and grabbed my neck, squeezing it tightly. My hands flew to his as I tried to pull him off me.

'Isabella you cannot fight me! Despite the fact I have one arm I am much stronger than you as I have been trained to fight by the powerful Victoria.'

I took my hands off his and reached towards his face. Charlie had always taught me to poke attackers in the eye to blind them or to punch them in the nose.He had also told me to do this to sharks if I had ever been attacked. I was only told this due to my danger magnet status.This would be highly unlikely to happen now that I was a vampire and sharks would be scared of me. I would have to ask Edward about that.Following my father's advice, I pulled my fist back and punched him as hard as I could in the nose while using my other hand to poke him in both eyes.Riley screamed out and I quickly pushed him off and leapt up, leaning forward in a crouch. Riley ran at me but I grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground. I couldn't believe my strength.

'Bella grab his arm and hold it behind him!'

Knowing it was best to listen to Edward; I pulled Riley up from the ground by his arm and manoeuvred it so it was pinned behind him. Riley was squirming trying to get out of my grip.I watched as Edward threw Victoria aside and ran over to Riley and I. His hands gripped Riley's neck and before I realised what was happening,Edward twisted Riley's head and ripped it from his body. I opened my mouth in a silent scream at just what happened.I vaguely remembered Alice doing that to James when I was in the ballet studio. Edward looked at me with worry but I quickly smiled at him to stop his concerns.Edward smiled back and quickly spun round as Victoria was making her way over. Edward moved closer to me so his mouth was next to my ear and only I could hear his words.

'Love I need you to pull off her head when I have her arms behind her back.'

I nodded, wondering how on earth I would be capable of doing this. I glanced down at Riley's remains. It was obviously the only way to kill a vampire. I just had to suck it up and do it.Suddenly Victoria was right next to us and the fighting continued. I realised how much I loved vampire speed. Every time Victoria reached for me, I could quickly duck in a flash.Edward would just get more annoyed each time she tried it and would hurt her even more. Eventually he had her where he wanted.Edward grabbed Victoria's arms and pinned them behind her back.


I ran over to Edward and stood in front of Victoria, placing my hands on her neck. She was growling at me but Edward was holding her so tightly there was no way Victoria could attack her.

'Ok love. Try and twist her head from side to side. After a couple of times just rip it off her body. I know you can do this.'

I nodded and concentrated on my task at hand. I began twisting her head from side to side quickly. Victoria started squirming and growling at me; still trying to lunge at me.I made sure I had a firm grip before ripping her head off her body. Victoria's head fell to the ground, shortly followed by her body as Edward loosened his grip. I fell to my knees gasping for air.I couldn't believe what had happened since I had become an engaged woman. Edward fell to his knees and cupped my cheek with his hands.

'Bella love, are you ok?'

'Yeah I'm just trying to get my head around it. The fact Victoria isn't coming after me anymore and that I just helped behead two vampires.'

Edward hugged me to his chest and whispered comforting and loving words in my ear. After a moment or two he stood up with me still in his arms.He slowly set me down but kept one arm around my waist. He pulled a lighter out of his pocket and after it had lit, he threw it next to Victoria's body so both Victoria and Riley went up in flames.

'Why do you have a lighter on you?'

'It's easy to have one. Just in case.'

'Fair enough.'

Edward chuckled and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

'Are you ok?'

'Yes Edward I'm fine. Just a bit of a shock. It's over now.'

Edward smiled and we met halfway for a kiss. The kiss was full of love and passion. When we pulled away Edward rested his forehead against mine.

'We better get back. I can already hear Alice's thoughts screaming at me to ensure we're ok and asking if she can plan our wedding.'

I laughed at that and allowed Edward to scope me into his arms as he ran back towards the house. The family were waiting on the porch.I could see the cars were packed up meaning we were ready to leave. Carlisle stepped forward.

'Are you two ok? Is Victoria dead?'

'Bella and I killed Victoria and her accomplice Riley.'

Emmett stepped forward, looking confused.

'Bellsy-boo? Really? Edward bro you don't have to lie.'

'Actually Emmett Bella was the one who ripped off Victoria's head.'


Emmett winked at me as he wrapped an arm around Rosalie's waist. Alice skipped forward and hugged the two of us.


After that we were greeted with hugs and kisses from the rest of the family. Alice kept begging to plan the wedding and I told her we'd discuss it when we got to our new home.Esme smiled at me then looked at the white mansion.

'It's time to go. I'm going to miss this house.'

'I'm sure we'll be back one day darling. We still own that.'

Carlisle kissed his wife before turning to the rest of the family.

'Esme's right; it's time to go.'

Edward took my hand and led me to the Volvo. He opened the door for me and helped me into the passenger seat. A millisecond later Edward was sitting beside me. He smiled at me.

'I have plenty of Debussy for the journey. To start it off, we have Clair de Lune.'

I smiled at Edward and kissed his cheek. As the music filled the car I glanced back at the house.

'Goodbye Forks'.

It was the start of my life as a vampire and a soon-to-be Cullen.

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