New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 29

Edward's P.O.V

I stood there unable to believe who was standing in front of Bella and I. My eyes quickly darted to look at my fiancéeand I noticed how tightly she was clutching at my arm. I longed to reassure her but knew I shouldn't get distracted from the vampirethat longed to avenge her mate. I knew Bella was scared as she had been terrified about Victoria's return during the months...Another scent hit my nostrils and suddenly the thoughts of another vampire entered my own mind.

'I will do whatever my sweet Victoria wants. After these freaks are dead, we can be together forever. I love her, like she loves me.'

A rustle from the tree signified the arrival of Victoria's accomplice. He was quite tall with brown hair and deep red eyes; suggesting that he was newborn.He stood next to Victoria and snarled at Bella and I. I glared at him, showing I could not be intimidated by some pathetic newborn.I saw Bella glaring at him too and couldn't help but feel proud of my girl. Both of the vampires' thoughts entered my mind.

'Wow that brunette is stunning. Such a shame Victoria wants her dead. I would happily get rid of the male and keep the girl for myself. Oh god!Victoria would kill me if she heard these thoughts! Stupid Riley! You love Victoria and she loves you. That's why she chose you to change when she saw youin Seattle and that's why you're her right-hand man, instead of any of the others. She's truly amazing.'

While attempting not to growl at the vampire, I was interested to learn that his name was Riley. His thoughts about Victoria were peculiardue to the fact he believed Victoria loved him. It was odd how he kept convincing himself that Victoria and he were in love.I never had to convince myself of Bella's love; I just knew.

'Why is that bitch a vampire? This has messed up my plan! I was supposed to kill her, leaving her mate devastated then leave with Rileywho I'd use to my advantage until I got bored of him. That naive idiot thinks I love him; pathetic! The only man I will ever love is James.I need to avenge him. That's the least I can offer him. I suppose I can still fight. Whatever happens, that bitch is going down!'

I had new information which could save Bella's and my life, or at the very least stall the attack on us. I knew that we would have a difficult job winning this.Bella's strength would have helped if it had not been for Riley. I could predict what was going to happen even without reading their mind.Victoria would fight me and Riley would go for Bella. I knew I would have to protect Bella no matter what.I decided to try the process of stalling Riley by distracting him with his feelings for Victoria.

'She doesn't love you Riley. She never has. She only loves her mate James who I killed to save my own mate. She wants me to feel her pain by killing my mate.She is only using you!'

I knew Bella had guessed what I was doing. Riley, on the other hand, looked so confused. The doubt was there in his mind.He had been wondering who this James was that she kept talking about avenging. Victoria glared at me; getting angrier at the facther plan was being completely ruined.

'Riley, I told you about the gold-eyed freaks. He's trying to turn you against me and ruin how we feel for one another. It has always been you baby.'

'He better not believe them. If I go down, he's going down with me that gullible piece of shit.'

Riley looked at Victoria then at Bella and I. It was like you could see the clogs in his brain whirring as he frantically searched for the truth. He turned to face Edward and I; looking directly into my eyes.

'You're dead.'

I tensed at his words. Riley was broadcasting images of him attacking Bella and ripping her head off. The only thing to finish her off would be to burn the pieces.I could never let that happen to my beautiful Bella. I couldn't live in a world where Bella didn't exist and I would go to the Volturi;especially after just having got Bella back and her agreeing to be my wife. Suddenly Victoria and Riley started running at us.I moved into a protective stance, completely stood in front of Bella. As Riley was faster he reached me first.I grabbed his arm and threw him as hard as I could go to ground. Victoria had used this to her advantage and had grabbed Bella,pushing her to the ground and holding her there.


Riley tried to get up but I pounced at him and grabbed his hand, pulling as hard as I could. Riley whimpered in pain; trying to be brave and not scream in agony.I reached down and bit down into his neck and I yanked his left arm off. Riley cried out in pain as I tossed his arm to the side then kicked him in his abdomen,sending him flying into a tree. I turned to see Victoria holding Bella down.

'Mate for mate my dear Isabella Swan. Your mate killed my mate. It's only fair I returned the favour.'

I was amazed as Bella's instincts kicked in as she pulled her leg up and kicked Victoria as hard as possible in the stomach.I saw Victoria fly through the air and Bella get up. Victoria got up after a moment, angrier than ever.

'That fucking bitch must die!'

'Does the newborn wanna play? It seems she does. Oh Isabella if only you were human. You don't want to know what I had in store for you.'

'Hours of just torturing you leaving you begging for death; killing you would have been the nice thing to do.'

I was horrified and furious when I saw what Victoria had planned. She had to die. I would not let her leave this alive.

'Laurent mentioned...'

'That bastard...'

'Oh yes...him...Laurent. He probably thought he was better than me for trying to become a gold-eyed freak like your precious Cullens.Of course he cracked and went running back to me. I'm glad those wolves killed him when he was with me otherwise I wouldn't get to kill you myself.'

I knew she was going to attack my love. I kicked Riley again who was curled up on the ground. The moment I saw Victoria take a step towards Bella I charged at her.I completely knocked her off course, leaving her confused. I leaned forward in a crouch and growled at the vampire that wanted to harm my mate.

'Laurent deserved to die and so do you! My only regret is that I didn't get to kill him myself but I will get to kill you! No one will harm my mate!'

Victoria laughed a high cold cackle. It reminded me of J.K. Rowling's description of the evil villain's laugh in her book about a boy wizard.I had once been compared to the character Cedric Diggory in the fourth film. However that is neither here or there.

'There are two experience fighters against one. Speaking of which, what did you do to Riley?'

I had to smirk a little at her question. That boy was a pathetic fight; full of talk but no action.

'He now only has one arm and is a hell of a lot weaker. I can now completely focus on you. You will never threaten my mate again!You will never harm anyone else ever again! You want me to feel the pain you felt when I turned James into ash...into nothing. You want her.First you have to get through me!'

Victoria looked maddening and screamed, running at me as she did. I met her half way as I ran at her at full speed. I ducked; avoiding her fist aimed at my head.I grabbed her arm and threw her into the nearest tree. I heard growling and I turned to see Riley emerging, looking a little worse for wear.

'This wouldn't be like this if that girl Victoria wants out of the way is dead.'

'You bitch! This is your fault!'

'Riley, listen to me! Have you ever wondered why Victoria is so desperate for get revenge for James if he wasn't her mate?'

I turned to concentrate on my own battle.


I saw Riley run at Bella and had to resist the urge to join in and defend my mate when I heard my own sadistic vampire to worry about.I knew Bella could do this without my help. I ran over to Victoria and yanked her up. Our own fight continued; me being the strongest one andhaving the advantage of being able to read her mind, knowing every move she would make. Out of the corner I saw Bella punch Rileyand couldn't help but smirk at how amazing my girl was. To my horror the next thing I saw was my love flying through the air; thankfully she landed on her feet.Riley growled loudly at seeing Bella unharmed.

'I'm going to kill that bitch!'

I saw Bella look at me and I looked back at her in panic.


Before I could move, Riley had his one arm around Bella's waist as he rugby tackled her to the ground. Riley pinned Bella to the ground, his body trapping hers.His hand reached and grabbed her neck, squeezing it tightly. Bella's hands flew to his as she tried to pull him off her.I continued my own battle with Victoria; ducking and swerving as she battled for her life. I knew the outcome of our battle.I began to fight harder, desperate to help Bella with Riley.

'Isabella you cannot fight me! Despite the fact I have one arm I am much stronger than you as I have been trained to fight by the powerful Victoria.'

I saw Bella's hands reach towards Riley's face. For a moment I wondered if she was going to caress his face like she always did to mine.I pushed that thought out of my mind and watched in amusement and shock as Bella pulled her fist back and punched Riley in the nosewhile using her other hand to poke him in both eyes.

'That stupid bitch!'

Riley's thoughts angered me as I saw Bella get up and start fighting with Riley. I knew I had to get him away from her and destroy him once and for all.Victoria seemed to be getting tired but pretended she wasn't and I hit her over and over again, throwing her around.I turned to see Bella throw Riley to the ground.

'Bella grab his arm and hold it behind him!'

Bella pulled Riley up from the ground by his arm and manoeuvred it so it was pinned behind him. Riley was squirming trying to get out of her grip.I quickly threw Victoria aside, knowing I would have time in her weakened state, and ran over to Riley and Bella.My hands gripped Riley's neck and before Bella realised what was happening, I twisted Riley's head and ripped it knewBella had seen Alice doing that to James when she had been lured to the ballet studio by that brute.I looked at Bella with worry but she quickly smiled at me to stop my concerns. Bella knew me so well; she properly knew what I was thinking.I smiled back at my love.


I quickly spun round as Victoria was making her way over. i moved closer to Bella so my mouth was next to her ear and only she could hear my words.

'Love I need you to pull off her head when I have her arms behind her back.'

Bella nodded and I could basically hear her thoughts as she wondered whether she could do this. Victoria ran at us as fast as she could and I grabbed her.The fight continued with Victoria frantically reaching for my love, snarling as she did. Bella would quickly duck and I would just get fuelled with more anger at this sadistic bitch that deserved to die. I refused to let her near Bella and would just cause her more pain. Eventually I had her exactly where I wanted;Victoria's arms were pinned behind her back.


Bella ran over to me and stood in front of Victoria, placing her hands on her neck. She was growling at Bella but I was holding Victoria so tightlythere was no way the bitch could attack Bella.

'Ok love. Try and twist her head from side to side. After a couple of times just rip it off her body. I know you can do this.'

'No! I need to break free! I cannot die!'

Bella nodded and concentrated on the task at hand. She began twisting Victoria's head from side to side quickly. Victoria started squirming and growling at me;still trying to lunge at Bella. I made sure I had a firm grip as I watched Bella ripping the head off the body.Victoria's head fell to the ground, shortly followed by her body as I loosened my grip. Bella fell to her knees gasping for air.I was horrified to see the woman I loved looked so terrified. I fell to my knees and cupped Bella's cheek with my hands.

'Bella love, are you ok?'

'Yeah I'm just trying to get my head around it. The fact Victoria isn't coming after me anymore and that I just helped behead two vampires.'

I hugged Bella to my chest and whispered comforting and loving words in her ear. After a moment or two I stood up with her still in my arms.I slowly set her down but kept one arm around Bella's waist. I pulled a lighter out of his pocket and after it had lit,I threw it next to Victoria's body so both Victoria and Riley went up in flames.

'Why do you have a lighter on you?'

'It's easy to have one. Just in case.'

'Fair enough.'

I chuckled and leaned down to kiss her forehead.

'Are you ok?'

'Yes Edward I'm fine. Just a bit of a shock. It's over now.'

I smiled and we met halfway for a kiss. The kiss was full of love and passion. When we pulled away I rested his forehead against Bella's.

'Edward are you two okay? We're all worried and I think you should come home. Esme's frantic. By the way, if you two are okay, can I plan your wedding?You can't really say no to me can you? Please! I can make your wedding perfect!'

'We better get back. I can already hear Alice's thoughts screaming at me to ensure we're ok and asking if she can plan our wedding.'

Bella laughed at that and allowed me to scope her into my arms as I ran back towards the house. The family were waiting on the porch.I could see the cars were packed up meaning we were ready to leave. Carlisle stepped forward.

'They seem unscatched'.

'Are you two ok? Is Victoria dead?'

'Bella and I killed Victoria and her accomplice Riley.'

Emmett stepped forward, looking confused.

'My little sister?'

'Bellsy-boo? Really? Edward bro you don't have to lie.'

'Actually Emmett Bella was the one who ripped off Victoria's head.'


Emmett winked at Bella as he wrapped an arm around Rosalie's waist. Alice skipped forward and hugged the two of us.


After that we were greeted with hugs and kisses from the rest of the family. Alice kept begging to plan the wedding andI told her we'd discuss it when we got to our new home. Esme smiled at Bella then looked at the white mansion.

'It's time to go. I'm going to miss this house.'

'I'm sure we'll be back one day darling. We still own that.'

Carlisle kissed his wife before turning to the rest of the family.

'Esme's right; it's time to go.'

I took Bella's hand and led her to the Volvo. I opened the door for her and helped her into the passenger seat.A millisecond later I was sitting beside Bella and I smiled at her.

'I have plenty of Debussy for the journey. To start it off, we have Clair de Lune.'

Bella smiled at me and kissed my cheek. As the music filled the car I saw Bella glance back at the house.

'Goodbye Forks'.

It was the start of my life with Bella for the rest of eternity.

A/N: I'm sorry it's been a while since I updated. I've been so busy with my AS level exams. I've had an amazing past couple of months as I saw Glee live at the O2 in London, I saw Take That live at Wembley Stadium twice and now I've seen the new Harry Potter movie twice! It was so amazing but I can't believe it's over. Post-Potter depression indeed lol. I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I will do my best to update as soon as I can. I really want to get this story finished. Please review!

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