New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 31

Fifty two hours had passed since we had left Forks and we still had a couple of hours or so to go. The speed I was driving at meant we cut off a lot of time if we had just kept to speed limits. The rest of the family were all driving at similar speeds to me. It was just something we had grown use to over the years and it would have felt abnormal to us if we went at a slower pace. Emmett still wasn't found of walking at a human pace; he compared it to more like a snail's pace. I knew that if Bella had still been a human she probably would have been so uncomfortable at the speed. She probably would have been uncomfortable at all the aspects of this journey as we would have been driving for a much longer time. Bella had told me it wasn't the easiest thing to do when you had to sit in a car for a long time for a long distance. Legs would probably go numb then you would get pins and needles would be really make it worse. Luckily for us Bella was now a newborn vampire meaning she could sit still for hours on end, just like the rest of us, and not get even the slightest bit uncomfortable. If she had been human, we would have constantly been stopping for bathroom breaks or food stops plus she would have been completely bored and would be exhausted. I was quite content with the hunting Bella and I had done before the trip and knew we would be hunting again when we reached Alaska. For the whole of my vampire life I was always content when driving; able to drive for hours in silence, alone with my thoughts. For the past thirty six hours Bella had just been listening to music, playing the game 'Draw Something' against Emmett and Alice, texting Rose and occasionally Emmett and Alice, and playing games on her iPhone. I knew Bella was grateful I had a car charger otherwise her phone would have been long dead by now as she kept having to charge it. When we had left Forks, I put on my Debussy CD to the two of us to listen to as it had such significance but after it had been played for what left like the fiftieth time Bella had lowered the volume and put in her headphones. Of course she had only put in one ear so she could still talk to me. I knew Bella would want to show she wasn't being antisocial and ignoring me; letting me drive in silence despite my love for it.

"I'm so bored! Rosie is sleeping. Ooo I'll call Belly! We can play games over the phone!"

I chuckled mentally at Emmett's thoughts. I glanced over at Bella to see her putting her iPod on shuffle and letting the music play. I was pleasantly when she quietly sang along. Of course this was interrupted when Emmett called Bella with the ringtone playing: 'I know a song that will get on your nerves'. I knew Bella saw my eyebrow rise and my lips move into a smirk. I could tell Bella knew what I heard and she knew who was calling her. I was right when she answered the phone.

"Emmett what do you want!"

"Bellsy boo I'm so bored! Alice is reading that boring magazine of hers; Vogue something, Jasper is driving and my Rosie is asleep. This sucks! I'm so bored and I've noticed you're not sending back your drawings on 'Draw Something'. Please talk to me Smelly Belly!"

Bella groaned in frustration and I couldn't help but chuckle at her agitation. Bella obviously heard me and had turned to glare at me but I just smiled lovingly at her. I knew this look would eventually stop her being mad and I obviously succeeded when Bella stopped glaring and turned her concentration back to what Emmett was sleeping.

"Emmett, find some way to entertain yourself!"

"But I tried that and failed! Please Bellsy boo, I need you!"

I thought back to Emmett's early words.

" know that vampires can't sleep right? I mean you've only been one nearly eighty years but I'm sure you knew that. You must have realised you've been without sleep for nearly a century right?"

There was a pause on the other line.

"Oh god I'm such an idiot! Of course they can't sleep! That's why we can easily have all night sex!"

"Of course I knew that Bella! ROSALIE, WAKE UP! I MEAN OPEN YOUR EYES! YOU'RE NOT ASLEEP! Thanks Bella."

"My pleasure. Bye Emmett."

"Bye Bellsy boo."

I watched as Bella pressed the end call bottom and put her heads in her head. I just laughed at her reaction as Bella groaned.

"I don't know how you've put up with him for so long."

"Me neither love, me neither."

"My respect for Rose has dramatically increased!"

"Anyone's respect for me increases every time Emmett does something stupid!"

A second later, Bella's phone vibrated in her hand. Bella opened the new message from Rosalie.

Thanks girl! I need all the help I can get at times ;) xxx

Bella laughed to herself before hitting reply.

I'm here for you Rose! Xxx

Bella pressed send and clicked the music button on her phone, selecting shuffle. 'Somewhere Only We Know' by Keane started playing. I started smiling to myself when an image of the meadow came into my mind; mine and Bella's place which only the two of us knew. Memories of the two of us just lying in the meadow entered my mind. They were some of the best memories from my life and probably Bella's human life. The lyrics started with: 'I walked across an empty land; I knew the pathway like the back of my hand'. It completely fit with the description of the meadow and how Bella would ride on my back to get there. I looked over to see Bella with a smile on her face. It was times like these I wished I knew what she was thinking.

"A million dollars for your thoughts my love?"

Bella turned and smiled at me. Of course I could never use the phrase with the word 'penny'. Bella's thoughts were more than worth a million dollars to me.

"I'm just thinking about the meadow."

I smiled at my love before reaching over and taking her hand in mine and bringing it up to my lips to place a kiss there.

"I'm guessing you're thinking the meadow is the somewhere only we know then?"

Bella frowned for a moment before obviously remembering, no matter how low the volume she had, vampires had excellent senses including hearing so he would be able to hear the song perfectly just as well as I could.

"Well it's true. The meadow is the place just for the two of us. It's the place where we really showed our true selves to one another and let 'us' happen."

I smiled at Bella, feeling so much love for this woman.

"You know when I showed you how I sparkle in the sunlight? I agree about showing our true selves. It was the first time we could really just talk without having to worry about who was listening. I had wanted 'us' to happen but I guess the time in the meadow did help me reflect on whether it would be right or wrong to be with you."

Bella frowned at my words; causing me to wonder what I had said wrong. I had just been telling the truth.

"Right or wrong?"

"Yes Bella. I had to decide to whether our relationship was right or wrong for us to consider."

"That's the difference between us Edward. Our relationship to me was just about love."

Oh God I had screwed up. I could see I had hurt Bella by stating I had to decide and that I took it upon myself to make that decision. Bella's love for 'Pride and Prejudice' had caused me to re-read it, as she often compared us to Elizabeth and Darcy. In 'Pride and Prejudice' Elizabeth Bennett had been furious when Mr Darcy first proposed and basically insulted her by stating it went against everything he had wished for. By the end of the novel he had realised his mistake and he wanted to be with Elizabeth because he loved her; not caring about whether it was right or wrong to be in love. I looked at Bella to see she was clenching her fists and furiously blinking. I knew that if Bella was anger her eyes would be filled with tears and her face would be turning red due to her anger. I had to make this right.

"Edward I will hunt you down! You've hurt Bellsy-boo!"

"Such an idiot Edward! Such a self-righteous prick!"

"Fix this Edward! Now! The future doesn't look good if you don't!"

"Edward, Bella's emotions need to change now!"

"I hope my son and daughter are okay."


"I bet you're happy now I'm a vampire. You don't have to worry about right and wrong or maybe you still are. Hang on...the night of my my room; you said you were thinking about right and wrong. I'm guessing that's what persuaded you to leave me."

I had to stop the car. I just had to reassure Bella of my love for her. I was such an idiot. I quickly pressed on the brake and, screeching slightly, brought the car a complete stop. I reached across and pulled Bella to me, sitting her in my lap, hands holding her body and head to my chest, never wanting to let her go.

"Isabella Marie Swan I love you with all that I have. I made a stupid mistake by letting right and wrong rule my life. I was a masochistic boy who let the fact I was a vampire rule my life and try to keep me away from the one woman I could I ever love. I'm so sorry love."

Bella slowly wrapped her arms around my neck and held herself close to my body. We just absorbed one another's presence for a few minutes before I leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips. Bella slowly responded and we kissed for another few minutes, sharing our love for one another. Bella pulled away and smiled at me.

"I guess we better get back on the road."

I chuckled and helped manoeuvre Bella back to her seat. She watched as I started the engine and once again we were hurtling down the road at over one hundred miles an hour. I saw Bella pick up her phone up from the floor where it had fallen from when I had picked up her. I looked at the screen to see she had some messages from my family. They were from Esme, Alice, Rosalie and Emmett.

Carlisle and I hope you're all right dearest Bella xxx

Ignore my stupid brother! I'm sorry I couldn't get him to stop talking. It's okay as I've seen a vision of you guys kissing so all good xxx

Edward is such an idiot. If you feel like punishing him, don't put out for a period of time. Works a treat with Emmett ;) xxx

Edward's full of shit Bellsy boo. Shame vampires can't go to the toilet ;) and I know we can't sleep! Love you little sis xxx

I saw Bella smile at the texts but she obviously didn't want to get into the whole issue again as she didn't reply. I was glad Bella thought of me as her Mr Darcy as I knew I was wrong and that love conquers all. Bella slotted one of her headphones back in her ear and smiled to herself when 'Forever' by Chris Brown came on. Bella and I were forever. I saw Bella turn and look of the window, watching as the surrounding countryside zoomed by us. I just focused on the road. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bella glance over to see the speedometer was at one hundred and twenty miles an hour and roll her eyes before looking back out of the window.

"We'll be there soon love. We'll be able to go for a hunt once you've met our extended family."

"Edward Bella has been wondering about the Denali coven. She's going to ask you questions. Good luck!"

"Edward, can you tell me about them? How many are there? What are their names?"

"Tread carefully Edward; especially when it regards Tanya. What am I talking about? Tread carefully just around Tanya. All else is fine."

I tensed slightly at her question but hoped Bella hadn't seen me. I quickly smiled at Bella, hoping to reassure her.

"Well there are five members of the Denali coven. There's Eleazar and Carmen, who are mates and three sisters Kate, Irina and Tanya. Eleazar has the ability to vaguely identify gifts of other vampires so seeing you in person he will be able to one hundred percent tell you what you gifts are."

"Oh right. Hang on, wasn't Irina Laurent's mate?"

"Yes I heard that the two of them were mates. Bella don't feel guilty in any way. The wolves, dare I say it, did the right thing by killing him. He was trying to kill you and was in league with Victoria."

"I suppose you're right."

Bella had a look of concentration on her face and I gathered she was trying to remember what I had previously informed her about the Denali coven. I longed to know what she was thinking. I hoped she wasn't thinking about Tanya; I knew I had mentioned her and I didn't want Bella to feel threatened.

"So what about Kate and Tanya? Do they have mates?"

I tensed up even more at her words and of course Bella noticed.

"No, they haven't found anyone yet."

"Has either of them ever thought they've found their mate?"

She knew about Tanya's feelings for me. I glanced at Bella while she tried to give me an innocent look but completely failed. She knew I knew what she knew. I had to explain.

"Bella, Tanya used to have feelings for me and as we were both single and alone thought we could be together. I never gave her any impression that I returned those feelings. When I went to Alaska after I ran away from you the first time we met, she thought I was finally returning those feelings but I quickly and gently let her down. She actually encouraged me to go back and face whatever made me run from my family and Forks."

"I believe you Edward. Does... does she know about me?"

I felt shocked at Bella's question. Of course knew. I once again reached for her hand and brought it up to my lips, kissing her knuckles individually.

"Of course she does. The moment we were together I felt like shouting to the world that I was in love with Bella Swan and that she was mine. I informed the Denali coven about you and all of them, including Tanya, expressed their congratulations for the two of us. I did ask them not to spread the word about the two of us to the Volturi as I knew what would have happened the moment if they had found out a vampire was dating a human. Well you saw that for yourself in Italy."

"I love you Edward."

"I love you too my Bella."

She leaned in and kissed me lightly on the cheek. I smiled in surprise. We kept our hands entwined as I continued to drive. Bella just sat back in my seat and closed my eyes, seemingly letting her mind wander. I drove for another twenty minutes, occasionally glancing at Bella 'sleep', before we arrived at our destination. I saw the rest of the family were already parked and out of their cars. I turned to Bella and kissed the hand that was still entwined with mine.

"We're here my love."

Even though Bella had been 'sleeping' I could tell she was glad she didn't feel the human experience of waking up as she would have felt groggy. I saw Bella look at the scenery in front of us, taking it in. I spotted the Denali coven and noted Bella had too. Time for introductions of my fiancée to our extended family.

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