New Moon Alternate Ending

Chapter 33

I smiled at the sight of my extended family. I was so happy that I had the chance to introduce the woman I loved to them. I opened the car door and got out, eager to greet the Denali coven. I made my way to the passenger seat to open the door for Bella. I was happy Bella would now wait in the car and let me open the door. I wanted to behave like a gentleman around my fiancé and was happy when Bella let me do so. I had been raised as a gentleman and was determined to act like one. I held out my hand to Bella and helped her out of the car, knowing she didn't need help especially now she was a vampire but wanting to. Even though I couldn't read Bella's mind, I liked to think I knew her pretty well to know she was probably comparing her new vampire life to her old human one. I noticed a small smile appear on my love's face. I glanced around, seeing there was nothing to catch her eye to make her smile in an amused manner. When I caught Bella's eye, I gave her a look trying to get her to convey what was on her mind. To my dismay, Bella just shrugged to dismiss the matter. I knew I would never know so I would just have to let it go. I took Bella's hand in mine and led her over to my extended family; excited that they could finally meet the woman I loved. The rest of our family was standing to the side of them; having obviously already greeted them. I let go of Bella's hand and went over to the head of the Denali coven: Eleazar and Carmen. They both pulled me into a hug together and I hugged them back so happy to see them.

"I'm so happy the Cullens have come to Alaska to stay. It's good to see them."

"It's good to see you."

"Aww sweetheart I've missed you."

"You too Edward. We're glad your family have decided to come and live in Alaska."

I pulled away from Carmen and Eleazar and turned to Kate. She was watching me in amusement, smiling with happiness at the sight of me. I hoped Bella was okay with me hugging these women. I knew after she had been introduced to them she would be fine.

"Look whose back in town. It's my favourite Cullen boy. Don't tell your brothers!"

"Hello Kate, wonderful to see you again."

"Likewise Edward. So glad you're here."

I turned to the remaining two women after pulling back from Kate. Irina was smiling at me; despite her sad thoughts about Laurent, whereas Tanya was beaming at the sight of me. I immediately felt uncomfortable and hoped Bella wouldn't read into anything.

"Irina, Tanya, good to see you."

I pulled the two women in for an embrace but when I and Irina pulled away, Tanya was still holding onto him.

"I wish I could stay in his arms. I hate that he has a fiancé but I know I have to accept it."

I quickly pulled away from Tanya, feeling awkward. I knew Bella would be raging with jealousy as she had always been self-conscious about Tanya. I quickly turned back towards Bella and walked over to her, pulling her to my side and presenting her to my extended family.

"Everyone this is my Bella, my love and fiancé."

Kate stepped forward first and hugged Bella first. I was relieved when Bella immediately hugged her back.

"Welcome to the family Bella. It's so good to meet you."

"You too. Thank you Kate."

"Edward I like this girl. She's a keeper. And you know that's saying something coming from me!"

Bella was hugged by Carmen and Eleazar next. They were very welcoming as well. I watched as Irina stepped forward, worrying as all her thoughts were focused on Laurent. I hoped she wouldn't bring him up but that looked unlikely. I noticed that Tanya was just staring at Bella and analysing Bella in her mind. I was extremely uncomfortable with what she was doing. I focused my attention back on Bella as Irina pulled her in for a hug.

"Good to meet you Bella. I don't blame you for what happened with Laurent."

"It wasn't her fault those mongrels killed my love."

"You too Irina. I'm still sorry for what did happen."

"She's so sweet."

"It's not your fault. I blame those werewolves."

I knew Bella would have to let it go there. She wouldn't want to talk about what happened in the meadow or those mongrels she used to love. I watched as Irina stepped back and Tanya stepped forward.

"Edward I'd like to speak to your fiancé privately. I need to apologise. I promise I just have good intentions. I want there to be no ill feeling between us as she's now a member of the family."

I decided to give Tanya a chance so I stepped away from Bella, causing her to give me a confused look.

"I'll just be getting the stuff out of the car and taking it inside love."

I kissed Bella's forehead and quickly left her side, hurrying with the rest of the family out of their view. I wanted to listen to their conversation but knew I had to respect Bella. I was happy I could still hear Tanya's thoughts. Emmett and I grabbed the bags out of the Volvo and took them inside the house.

"Ha bro it's like your girlfriend and your ex are having a showdown."

"Tanya isn't my ex. Emmett, it's not like that."

"Let's just say it is. I sure hope it leads to a cat fight. Things certainly will have changed Eddie. You'd have gone from a one hundred year virgin to two hot girl vampires fighting over you."

"Emmett shut up will you? You're so annoying!"

I quickly moved away from Emmett and stood by Alice and Jasper.

"Edward, relax. I just sure the future and they hug. It's all splendid so stop worrying!"

"Alice is right Edward. Tanya's moods show that she is sorry for the way she has acted and just wants to make things right."

I nodded as I tried to concentrate on Tanya's thoughts and ignore Emmett's about Tanya and Bella fighting in underwear.

"I really hope she accepts my apology. I feel so bad."

"Emmett will you stop picturing Bella like that! Rosalie wouldn't be happy to find out."

"Edward, what's Emmett doing?"

"Nothing Rosie. I love you so much!"

I watched as my sister rolled her eyes and swatted her husband on the arm. I paid attention to Tanya's thought again; happy Emmett was now thinking at how beautiful his wife was.

"Bella is a truly nice person. I'm so happy she forgave me!"

I was relieved to hear things were settled between Bella and Tanya. We all returned to our previous positions outside to see Bella and Tanya hugging; just as Alice foresaw. I appeared at Bella's side as she and Tanya pulled apart and smiled at one another. I frowned as I saw Emmett trying to take a photo of the two girls hugging and was happy to see Rosalie slapping him for trying to; whereas Bella just rolled her eyes.

"Ah damn!"

"Yes everything's fine. You lot can stop hovering now."

"Good to know Bellsy boo!"

I took Bella's hand as we all started to walk towards the Denali household. I had always liked this place as it was very similar to our house back in Forks; a place where I had so many wonderful memories with Bella. Once inside we all made our way to the living room and settled down on various love seats. I pulled Bella onto his lap to make room for Emmett who had Rosalie seated on his lap as well. I couldn't help but notice Bella glance at Tanya and her sigh of relief as she saw Tanya was looking at me. I knew Tanya was serious about what she said. Bella just leaned against my chest and sighed when I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer. Eleazar and Carmen stood in front of all of us, with a smile on their faces. .

"I'm so glad you're all here. Carmen and I have been looking forward to this since you announced you were moving to Alaska. I'm sorry about the circumstances you're moving in but glad you're here all the same."

"I was unsure whether to bring it up as it is probably the elephant in the room, but I guess it had to be said."

Ah that immediately reminded me of my poor love's unpleasant situation. Poor Charlie and Renee believed that Bella and I had tried to run away together after I had returned and had been in a car crash; leaving our bodies unidentifiable because of an explosion that occurred due to a petrol leakage. It physically pained me to know Bella was distraught at this I knew she was worried about the welfare of her father as he didn't have anything. Her mother had her own husband to help her but Charlie was all alone. From what Bella had told me, he couldn't even cook. I wondered whether his friends from La Push would look after him; even though they knew Bella was a 'monster'. I hated that they thought my love was a monster. She was far from it. My mind wandered to the mongrels in La Push and I had physically had to stop myself growling. The one I hated the most was that Jacob Black, who was constantly trying to manipulate Bella and make her feel sorry for him. He was just a pathetic mongrel who wanted Bella for himself. I couldn't fault Black for loving Bella but I could fault him for trying to tell her away from me. I wanted to rip him to pieces when he had physically harmed my Bella. He was such an idiot to think Bella would choose him when he gave her the ultimatum over the phone. Bella and I were meant to be; everybody knew it.

"Yes they are sad circumstances Eleazar. Esme and I will be heading back down to Forks in a few days for the funeral of Bella and Edward. I'm letting Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie decide if they want to come or not. They can come and pay respects to their deceased siblings or if not, I can simply say they found it too traumatic to come. Your family are welcome to attend. It may show people we actually have family."

"I am dreading this funeral. To have to mourn my children is not something I should ever have to do. Poor Charlie; he must be distraught."

"Eleazar and I might attend Carlisle. It might cause too much suspicion if Forks is overrun with gold eyed freaks like us."

Everyone laughed at that and I even heard Bella have little chuckle; despite the fact she was upset thinking about her family and the fact her eyes were ruby red due to her being a newborn.

"You're right Carmen. Besides I doubt the werewolves would be happy with more vampires."

At Carlisle's words, Irina jumped to her feet.

"This is the time for me to get revenge! The mutts are near Forks! I will also be able to see the place my Laurent was killed."

"I must go to Forks! This would be the perfect time to get revenge!"

Kate and Tanya stood up and made their way over to their sister. They both took her hands and led her out of the living room. I glanced at Eleazar and Carmen who both seemed saddened.

"Our poor daughter."

"Please forgive Irina. She finds the loss of her mate Laurent difficult to bear with."

I saw Jasper frown at Bella and I out of the corner of my eye.

"Edward she feels guilty. She obviously thinks it's her fault."

I nodded at Jasper and began stroking Bella's arm and placing a kiss on her forehead to comfort her. Carmen obviously saw this and panicked.

"Oh no! I wasn't suggesting it was Bella's fault!"

"Oh Bella I wasn't blaming you! Not in the slightest! If it was anyone's fault it was Laurent's. I do not mean to speak ill of the dead but Laurent's actions led to his death. He wasn't following his new diet and was intending to kill you, on the orders of that Victoria. I hate werewolves but they did the right thing by saving you. Don't tell Irina I said this but you are a much better addition to our family than Laurent ever was."

Bella looked like she had cheered up slightly at Carmen's words and the encouraging smiles from the rest of the family.

"Thank you Carmen. That means a lot."

Carmen smiled at us as I leaned in and kissed Bella's cheek. Carlisle coughed slightly, drawing the attention back to him.

"Sorry son."

"I just want to say that could people make up their minds about the funeral by tomorrow night. We'd have to leave the morning after tomorrow to get to Forks in time for the funeral."

"Oh boy another fifty five hour car journey! Shame Bellsy Boo won't be there to distract me again and remind me that my Rose can't sleep!"

"Emmett you don't have to come if you wish."

"No I'll come and so will Rosie."


Bella laughed as we watched our family communicate. I raised my eyebrow at her when hearing her laugh, happy she was happy, and she just nodded her head in the direction of the family. I couldn't help but smile. Eleazar just turned to us, slowly shaking his head with a smile on his face.

"It's getting late so everyone's probably retiring to their rooms. Edward you remember which one is yours?"

"Yes, thank you Eleazar."

"It's been redecorated to suit the two of you, rather than just be Edward's bachelor pad."

"Thank you."

I took Bella's hand and led her out of the living room as the rest of our family were seemingly talking gibberish. I led Bella up the stairs, not saying anything as I knew Bella was taking it all in. The house was stunning. It was obvious the number of girls living there outweighed the number of boys. Everywhere was beautifully decorated. We finally reached the door of the bedroom that I always stayed in on the second landing. I opened the door, letting Bella walking in it. I had missed this room. It was a lot bigger than the one I had in Forks. The room had a bed, sofa, television, mini library and a walk in wardrobe. There was a door leading off the room into an en suite bathroom with a bath that was probably big enough for four people. I saw no reason to ever leave this room; besides hunting and seeing the family. Bella immediately jumped onto the bed and spread out like a starfish, shutting her eyes and sighing in contentment. I just watched her in amusement, deciding to disturb her peace.

"Oh no you don't!"

Bella opened her eyes to see me pouncing at her. She screamed as her fiancée flew through the air and landed on the bed, trapping her with my arms. I leaned down to nuzzle my face in her neck, causing her to gasp. I pulled away from her neck and rested my forehead against hers.

"I love you Bella."

"I love you too Edward."

"This is the start of our forever."

"It truly is."

I captured Bella's lips in a kiss and she eagerly kissed me back, knowing that we were both living the life we were meant to live.

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